Gun Permit Applications Doubled In This State

Background checks for concealed handgun permits in Washington, D.C. doubled last month, according to federal data.

Some 365 residents submitted applications to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System in November. Approximately three quarters of those checks represented licenses to carry, federal data shows.

It’s the second significant spike in permit applications following city council’s Oct. 5 decision to drop its appeal in the ongoing legal battle of Wrenn v. District of Columbia. Two-thirds of the 217 residents who submitted to NICS checks in October also sought permits — the single biggest month for the city in FBI history, until now.

A U.S. District Court of Appeals panel said in October it would not reconsider the July 2-1 decision in Wrenn blocking enforcement of the city’s requirement that residents demonstrate “a good reason” for needing a concealed handgun permit. The ruling deemed parts of Washington’s permitting system — one of the toughest in the nation — unconstitutional. The Washington Post reported the city denied  77 percent of permit applications based on the “good reason” rule.

Officials said they backed away from the case amid fears a loss at the Supreme Court could further loosen gun regulations across the country — just as the landmark decision in District of Columbia v. Heller did a decade ago.

With or without the city’s appeal, however, gun rights activists secured a major victory Wednesday when the U.S. House of Representatives approved the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 on a vote of 231-198. The measure includes language from Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn’s proposal — called the Fix NICS Act — to bolster the federal background check system’s effectiveness through creating incentives for states and federal agencies that upload disqualifying criminal and mental health records.

Cornyn lamented earlier this week combining the two bills threatens the passage of his legislation. Fixing NICS remains a Capitol Hill talking point in the weeks since a former Airman gunned down 26 people at church in Sutherland Springs, Texas with a rifle his domestic assault convictions barred him from owning.

“Because the information had not been uploaded by the Air Force into the NICS background system, it simply wasn’t available to prevent him from purchasing these guns,” Cornyn said during a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting Wednesday. “It is simply unacceptable when you look across the United States Department of Defense, and the failure to upload this essential information, this required information, in the background check system. And I hope if anything good comes out of this tragedy, it will be that we finally fix, on a bipartisan basis, this broken background check system.”

It’s unclear if the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act has enough Senate votes at this time.


  • Alan404

    Mixing apples and oranges is poor procedure. There are two different topics, there should be two proposals.

    • Rick

      Sorry but that’s not a poor procedure It’s the only way some bills get passed Most of our reps don’t have the stones to do whats right for us because they will be portrayed as blood thirsty savages ” AKA NRA members “

      • Alan404

        With positions of power and influence, sometimes comes, justified or not, criticism. Also the following old saw. Sticks and stones will break my bones, buy words will never harm me. This last might not be entirely correct, however I would think that the point comes cross.

  • Lee Hauenstein

    Who was the idiot that wrote this story???? Some Communist who is trying to make everyone believe that Washington DC is and should be a STATE. Washington DC is not a STATE, it is THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. The Founding fathers were very adamant that the NATIONS CAPITOL SHOULD NOT BE LOCATED IN ANY STATE. So they CREATED THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA JUST FOR THAT PURPOSE. They were a lot smarter than TODAYS POLITICIANS WHO HAVE ONLY ONE AGENDA, and that is to PROMOTE THEIR OWN PARTY AHEAD OF THE COUNTRY. That is the Reason why George Washington Did NOT BELONG TO ANY POLITICAL PARTY. George Washington said that when a person belongs to a POLITICAL PARTY HE WILL PUT THE INTERESTS OF THE PARTY AHEAD OF THE INTERESTS OF THE OUNTRY AND THE COUNTRY WILL SUFFER. That is the same thing that the BIBLE TELLS US AS WELL. The Bible says that Man Cannot serve TWO MASTERS, He will Love one and Hate the Other.

    • George Cullen

      Well said, Lee!
      There are many layers of trouble with the passage of that reciprocity bill. Now, I must say, loud & proud, what grand superstars the Founding Fathers were in the Constitution & Bill of Rights they left for us, upon which to grow up our magnificent United States. I am 2A all the way!
      BUT- this bowl of minastrone barf that we got this past week is one badly flawed conglomeration of puke. The NRA had input, because they have political buying power, just like about a bazillion other special interest groups on BOTH sides of the aisle do. Altho, I’m not sure where the “aisle” really is anymore, or if there even “is” any aisle anymore. Both Houses are home to more Democrat/Socialists & RINOs than anything else. Very, very few “Trey Gowdy/Ronald Reagan” type of true genuine Republican/Conservatives.
      That’s why when the original reciprocity H.R. bill was introduced in the House, instead of the Republican controlled House passing it as a clean bill with no riders or junk bills attached to it,
      the RINOs/gun-grabbers let other anti-gun bills get attached as riders. One of those riders calls for a law levying huge financial fines on states that do not supply to the federal NCISX background database of gun owners, buyers, and those who are restricted from gun ownership. Forced registration leads to confiscation. Nothing good comes of it in the long run.
      About 92% of people listed in the system as *non-eligible* for gun ownership due to mental issues, felons, or other reasons are WRONGLY ENTERED INTO THE SYSTEM AS INELIGIBLE. 92% error rate!!! Its crazy!!!
      There is no hearing. No appeal. No system to fix the error and remove a name. No public access to information, or even notification to the person who is put on that list!!!
      All a big secret. A person does not know they’re on the “No Buy/No Fly” list until they go to buy a gun.
      They find out because they are denied an ok to buy a gun, or to have a permit. Currently, it takes avg. 3 yrs and several thousand dollars in legal fees to “try” to get off the list when added wrongly, or when a restriction has expired.
      There are no automatic fixes.
      This whole system was another one of Obama’s great failures.
      He so hates gun owners that he enacted the system as screwed up as it is. Sadly President Trump has not taken action on fixing this.
      Also, the NRA was aware of the bad rider attached to the reciprocity bill being what it is, yet they supported passage. RINOs and gun grabbers are euphoric at the passage of the rider. Its one big step closer to eventual confiscation.

  • Juanito Ibañez

    “Gun Permit Applications Doubled In This State”

    The District of Columbia is a federal enclave: not a “state.”