Gun Store In This Anti-Gun State Takes Security Seriously

In an attempt to provide an additional layer of security, and prevent the criminal element from targeting his store, a California gun store owner recently installed K-rails in front of his establishment. Unfortunately, the city of Rocklin has an issue with this addition.

City zoning officials and Rocklin Police Chief Ron Lawrence are at odds with the decision which they feel encroaches on parking spaces and is not aesthetically pleasing.

“I understand the emotional reaction to plop down a cement barrier in front of the store to prevent this type of crime, but it sends the wrong message,” said Lawrence.

Fortunately, store owner Rob Adams has seen overwhelming support for his business, Sacramento Black Rifle. Customers have showered him with supportive messages, applauding his decision to take an extra step to keep illegally obtained guns from getting into criminals hands. The K-rails, which weigh in at roughly 4 tons each, were donated to Mr. Adams,and are a welcome supplementation to his already top-notch security system.