Gun Toting Serial Killer Strikes Again

A serial killer prowling the streets of Tampa’s Seminole Heights neighborhood claimed victim number four Tuesday.

Ronald Felton, 60, died just steps from the food bank where he volunteered twice a week. A witness described the person who shot and killed Felton as a thin, black male with a light complexion, approximately six feet tall, wearing all black and carrying a large black pistol. He attacked Felton as he crossed Nebraska Avenue toward New Season Apostolic Ministries around 4:50 a.m. Tuesday.

“This has got to stop,” Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn told reporters Tuesday. “We will hunt this person down until we find them.”

Investigators believe the suspect lives in the neighborhood. A reward for information in the case increased to $41,000, according to a report from the Tampa Bay Times.

Felton’s slaying breaks a month of relative calm in Seminole Heights as police continue piecing together evidence from the cases of the shooter’s three other victims: Benjamin Edward Mitchell, 22; Monica Caridad Hoffa, 32; and Anthony Naiboa, 20.

Naiboa was found Oct. 19 near 15th Street N. and E. Frierson Avenue, about 200 yards away from the Ellicott Street bus stop where Mitchell was shot Oct. 9. Residents discovered Hoffa’s body Oct. 13 in a vacant lot six blocks away. She was last seen walking through the neighborhood two days earlier. Felton’s murder falls within the same 1-mile radius, though investigators have yet to discuss what other evidence points to the cases being linked.

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said during a press conference Oct. 26 the department secured video of a person of interest in the case. The footage, patched together images from multiple security cameras, includes a nearly 2-minute sequence of a person in a black hooded sweatshirt walking down the street toward the bus stop where Mitchell was shot and killed. He encouraged neighborhood residents to study the footage and come forward with any identifying information.

“We need everyone’s cooperation,” Dugan told reporters Tuesday. “We need everyone to pay attention to whats going on in their neighborhood … I can only imagine how they are on edge right now. We need to talk to everyone who heard anything about this time or who saw anything that may seem suspicious.”

Anonymous tips can be submitted online through Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay or by calling 1-800-873-8477 (TIPS).



    I hope that if and when they capture this criminal they just go ahead and put one center chest and one in his head. Save court cost, save prison space and save tax payer dollars.

    • I agree totally but that’s too fast as this needs to be PAINFUL and take some time for him to die . May be some water boarding before the bullets .

  • luckymegc


    • L Cavendish

      how many did Jack the Ripper kill…without a gun?
      Jeffrey Dahmer?

  • James Clooney

    the democrats have no way or ideas as to how to stop a person from killing someone–so they take the easy way out and blame it on the tool —the gun did it—what about a car–truck–knife–club and so on–they don’t have the intelligence to come up with the real problems to try and correct a horrible action

  • Terry Butts

    People need to start traveling in groups of at least two and know how to defend themselves and BE ARMED so they can that would be the quickest way to make sure the next victim he goes after is the last one the criminal attacks.

  • markypolo

    Democrats are the killers. Stop allowing them to buy guns. Problem solved. Surprised to see they finally admitted it is a negro suspect ( not likely a Trump voter).

  • spirit

    execute the subhuman.

  • Dennis Anderson

    People keep going on about the crazies killing people. See if we take all the guns this will never happen? Oh really what it means law abiding citizens will have their asses hanging waiting for the ambulance to show up. You noticed I didnt say anything about the police? They usually show up 1/2 hour after the crime goes down you left wing dumb asses. Wait until it happens to you then you will be talking out of the other side of your face. Hey hows those gun free zones working out. Kind of draws the gun nuts to them doesnt it.

  • L Cavendish

    It could be copy-cats, too. have they said all the bullets match a single weapon?