How One American Company Reacted to Pressure from this Radical Gun Control Group

A year ago, the anti-gun activist group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America attempted to force the grocery chain, Kroger, to ban guns in its stores. Kroger refused to comply, however, and the company has stood fast in its resistance.

Western Journalism reports:

…Kroger stood up to protests and demands by activist group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a Michael Bloomberg-supported organization that hoped to convince the grocery chain to ban guns at its locations.

The efforts were stymied, however, by corporate leaders who recognized the group’s position is antithetical to Kroger’s mission.

“Millions of customers are present in our busy grocery stores every day,” explained corporate spokesperson Keith Dailey, “and we don’t want to put our associates in a position of having to confront a customer who is legally carrying a gun. We know that our customers are passionate on both sides of this issue and we trust them to be responsible in our stores.”

Kroger Chief Financial Officer Michael Schlotman further expounded on the company’s position, stating during a recent appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box that anti-gun activists “were opposed to the fact that our policy is to adhere to the local gun laws.”

Schlotman explained that Kroger’s policy is to leave decisions regarding gun policy up to local lawmakers. Despite the alarmist predictions offered by Moms Demand Action, the Kroger spokesman said the company hasn’t “had any issues inside of our stores as a result of that.”

Moms Demand Action announced its campaign against Kroger on August 18. That same day, Kroger subsidiary Fred Meyer stated it would not alter gun policy, and as reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer, Kroger announced just days later that they would not change their policy, either.

Supporters of the Second Amendment have rallied around the company. In fact, the company has experienced a 21 percent increase in corporate profits since the confrontation with the activist group and the announcement of their decision.

  • b4k9zp

    Too bad there isn’t a Kroger’s in my hometown. I’d go there if there was one. The only grocery stores we have are United and Wal-Mart.

    • tinkerunique

      Many businesses freely allow guns. They are some of the safest places to shop = FACT . Crooks know this and stay away from them.

      • don

        most crooks are afraid of the armed citizen

      • b4k9zp

        Agreed. But then there are those, like Chipotle’s, Starbuck’s, and several others who have made their businesses into gun free zones and magnets to attract would be murderers.

    • Pam Dunn

      Wal-Mart doesn’t kick you out for Concealed carry; They don’t even ask.

      • Candice Hiler

        How in the world would they even know? That’s the purpose for the word CONCEALED.

      • Vincent Marcantelli

        Ha, I didn’t know that…….saw a few people who were Open Carrying…….Oh crap, wait on the Concealed Carry, sorry was not thinking to clear.

      • b4k9zp

        Did I say that Wal-Mart did kick people out (or bar people from their stores) for concealed carry. NO. All I said was that where I live, there isn’t a Kroger’s. We only have Wal Marts and United supermarkets. Both of which are fairly gun friendly (it is Texas, after all). But the local Wal-Mart franchisee quit carrying firearms in every store because it was too expensive for him to have a separate FFL for each store, and train the personnel in each store for the requirements for selling guns according the unconstitutional laws. So only one of the six or seven Wal-Marts where I live still handles guns., and their selection is limited.

    • Rail Car Fan

      Seeing you brought up “Wally World”… they allow firearms in their store. In fact, the nearest “W-M” to me sells firearms, ammo, gun safes, hunting gear, etc., etc.

      Rail Car Fan

      • b4k9zp

        Some Wal-Marts where I live don’t sell guns or ammunition any more. The local franchise owner, IIRC, did n’t want to go to the expense of training personnel in every store to comply with the idiotic unconstitutional requirements that the Gun Control Act of 1968 and other laws like the Brady law put on licensed firearms dealers.. So only one of the Wal-Marts where I live still sells ammunition and firearms, and their selection is quite limited.

  • hankster6

    If the store management were to turn against gun owners, those people would quit shopping at that store!!

    • Linda Shelton

      I won’t go into Target anymore for that reason.

      • sharon

        I hate Target, I worked for those scums, they treat employees like trash, I won’t shop there at all anymore for any reason.

        • jim

          sharon I knew a former HR person from Target man she wa a really ass.

          • sharon

            I was an older displace worker, they hire mostly younger workers, I was told I was slow, even though my production was the same as everyone else’s, I was yelled at by the supervisor for being one minute late and I was told if I was late more than once I was fired. I finally quit after three months, couldn’t stand it anymore. They are owned by the French who have no use for American to begin with. I will never shop there again.

        • bobtherebuilder

          So I have heard, it’s amazing what morons will put up with in the name of P.C. huh?!!!

      • hankster6

        Neither will I! Thanks for your input!

        • bobtherebuilder

          Me three!! 🙂

    • Frank W Brown

      And that 21% increase in sales would disappear pronto!

      • hankster6

        There is a high price to pay when we are dealing with a lack of COMMON SENSE! It used to be just he young folks. Now, those young folks are adults!

  • tinkerunique

    The ability to HAVE a gun is guaranteed by this countries Constitution and supported by several separate Bills and Acts. WHY does some “special group” dedicated to disarming the population because of a few criminals and thugs ?. It seems the “politically correct” thing to do is submitting to the few whiney minorities while restricting the lawful, moral majority. FACTS ARE, that a lawful “gun” can/will stop a crime before the police are even called but the media ignores that fact except for the local news papers. ANY crime-stopping citizen gets ignored by the media because the act cannot be sensationalized into blood and gore that gets splashed all over the front page.

    • WilliamHarrington

      The groups such as Moms Demand Action….. Are shills for Bloomberg and the gun confiscation crowd

      • Francisco Machado

        I cannot but suspect that the anti-gun politicians and citizen groups are covertly supported by criminals and criminal organizations (including the current administration) as I can see no benefit to any other segment of society or business that is “protected” by anti-gun laws. It is already illegal to possess a weapon for criminal purposes, so the laws do not change the status, legally speaking, of the criminals but do protect them from retaliation from armed law abiding citizens.

      • don

        guns in the hands of law biding crizens are a threat only to crooks an tyrands in goverment in fact where ever carry is allowed crime dropes

      • sharon

        Bloomberg is a stinking progressive communists who works for Obama and Islam.

      • bobtherebuilder

        NOW ya’ know where the term “Filthy, Stinking Rich” came from!! 😮 😉

        • Jack

          LOVE IT !!!!!

      • robert

        i have mailed these groups like moms demand action and others,and have told them all that if you really are anti-guns then let us send each one of your groups and each person a sign to put in your car window,your house windows,and especially a big sign for your front the world you really mean it.and the sign will say gun free zones.think what a great addition these signs will make to your homes cars and front lawns,

    • George Cahonna

      Very Well Stated!

    • Carolyn

      I have two sisters that live in Colorado where Kroeger is very strong. aka Kings Soopers Grocery. These sisters are left leaning idiots that join into anything that looks like a Social Club for liberals.. If only they would read the Constitution and find the truth…SMALL MINDS..

      • bobtherebuilder

        Nothing personal girl…but, they can read?!! :-O

      • Ronney

        Good One

      • Jack


    • bobtherebuilder

      Hey tink, how ya’ been girl….spot on per usual…you know what they say; “When SECONDS count, a cop is just MINUTES away”!!
      But, you couldn’t pound THAT into the rocks on the shoulders of the prog/lib, leftist loons, and that is IF they were even interested in hearing it!!!


        think of it like this …as kids we are conditioned to not get involved in any sort of hostile situation. ex. at school the local bully is doing his everyday normal routine by terrorizing the kids, as usual no ones says anything and you finally realize its gotta end someone has to stand up for the rightious. As you end up confronting/fighting the bully, the outcome of the situation is you both are suspended as punishment for fighting. even if the purpose was justified by you and your peers, the matter of the fact is adminstrators dont care about the truth they punish you the same as the terrorizor/bully. so what do you take from this to never fight again… conditioning your mind to not stand up for justiced

        • bobtherebuilder

          Agreed Sir, I’ve noticed that same exact, twisted “ideal”!!
          Btw…What are you doing since your days on Full House…I LOVED that show!! 😀


            u know me just living the bachelor lifestyle touring with the beach boys nothing to big

          • bobtherebuilder

            Aaaahh, the simple life huh…good to know…why thank ya’, thank ya’ very much! 😀

    • Ronald Fischer

      Tinkerunique,this is all about Obama trying to take our Guns away and change our constitution but that isn’t going to happen he doesn’t know nothing about our laws and Obama doesn’t have the right to make any laws under our constitution.He just wants to take our guns away so we cant fight this corrupt Government like it says in the 2nd amendment to keep and bear arms against our Enemies and also if there is a corrupt Government trying to take over our country which is called TREASON against our NATION,and that is what is happening in the last 6 years Obama did a lot of Damage to our country he never did a dam thing to help us he gives our Enemies our money and weapons and is making is own Army that are in training in 7 of our states,why do you think he fired over 200 of our top commanders and a lot who were Generals here and over seas and but is own people in place here and over seas.This man is a Pathetic liar and he was never born any part of the U.S.A.and he should have been check out before he ever ran for President but no one was doing there job to investigate this person then this man would have never been heard or seen again he is the Devil himself and also the Enemie within our country.And I think he is a Illegal Immigrant from KENYA and is half brother said he was born in KENYA and is father stills lives there and I never hear about any other family that live in this country just him and is wife,and I heard that his too daughters may not be there children but that may be hear say I don’t no.But never give up your Guns you have every right to own one and i have a bad feeling about this guy he is commenting Tyranny against the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that is why our forefathers but that into the constitution to protect us from the Enemies within our COUNTRY meaning a corrupt Government that is trying to dictate this country and that is called a DICTATOR that is why he is trying to take our Guns away so he can control the people and then you cant do anything about because the people cant fight him back that’s because he knows that there are at least 100.000.000.people that own Guns in this country,that means the criminals can have guns only does Obama really think that we are that Stupid to let the criminals carry a Illegal gun on them there would be Thousands of people dead if they took our weapons away to defend our self from thousands of deadly criminals roaming our streets and Obama couldn’t care less if they killed innocent people because he knows they have the weapons not you to defend yourself against them and they would kill you anyway and still take what you have.Let me ask you Obama why do you need so many agents with guns to protect your butt are you that scared to have all those agents with guns what makes you so different to have man with guns,well if you can have your people with guns i have every right to carry one for my protect just like you have man to protect you I fought in Vietnam in recon Infantry and was wounded and i saw a lot of my buddies with there heads and legs laying in the boonies after we were ambush by the Vietcong there did you ever see combat like that, you make me sick you are nothing but trouble making everyone go against each other and before I forget you are a RACIST man you and your friend AL SHARPTON that you invite to the White House over 70 times what is that all about Obama.

      • tinkerunique

        Ron Fischer _ I did spend time in “Nam” and left a few “brothers” there. Later, I served with the Seabees. I have two Honorable Discharges, ( years spent between Active Duty and Reserve Duty.) Many kids and a few grown-ups think it’s “COOL” to be a soldier , but to actually be IN close quarters combat is anything but macho. It is noisey, dirty, bloody and just plain scary. IF you do not think so, there is something wrong. It’s HOW you handle it that makes you stronger or breaks you. Special effects are nothing like actually seeing a buddy walking about 35 feet in front of you stepping on a land mine.< That is just a small part of it.] Like I said, it's how you deal with it. Pray to God, train like hell, and keep plenty of ammo.

  • Bob

    Go get’em Kroger’s in honoring our God given right to protect ourselves and family under the 2nd amendment.

  • oat21

    Support them, wish there was one near me……………….

  • Tids1960

    Kroger stays true to the Constitution…
    And I’ll stay true to you

    • QuisPercusit

      Yea! Kroger! Yea, Yea

  • WiSe GuY

    The right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

  • Get Real

    I don’t go to places that ban guns… The criminals know where the unprotected easy victims will be.

    • Steve Harmon

      Now that I’m retired and plan on doing a lot of traveling, I can tell you that anti-gun states will see no money from me.

    • bobtherebuilder

      THAT’S “Real” enough friend!!!

  • Mo

    I wish Kroger would expand into the area in which we now live. My wife and I shopped at Kroger where we lived before and it was one of our favorite stores to shop. Always had what we wanted or needed at a reasonable price and a wide selection to choose from. Their employees were always helpful and courtious. We miss Kroger! While Kroger has stores in the stste we now live in but, the closest store is 2 hours away.

    • Steve Harmon

      Maybe you can do some online shopping with them?

  • survivor33

    Good for Krogers. If we had a Krogers in my area I certainly would shop their every day. These stupid idiotic activist groups ought to be disbanned or put in jail for a few days for disturbing the peace and and disrupting business.

    • Pam Dunn

      We have PUBLIX here in Florida and they don’t care either.

      • bobtherebuilder

        Good for them…frequent them!!

  • scott

    demand america get rid of the liberal whores calling themselves moms.ask them how many abortions they had.

    • don

      they have no chlidren

    • sharon

      You can bet plenty, they are whores of Obama’s.

  • Oscar Pearson

    The general public feels a lot safer where there are guns allowed versus gun control. Thank you Kroger.

  • darylj46

    Great for kroger and if we had some here that they would get my business

  • This is the major reason I avoid as much as possible traveling to the big liberal states, IL, WA, OR, CA, NY, CT, MA, I would much rather spend my vacation money in conservative states.

  • Mr.Mopar

    Goofy gun grabbers. It’s always the same with them. The Constitution means nothing to those knuckleheads. They figure if they make enough noise and attract the attention of the leftist media, they can force their minority will on the majority and circumvent the Constitution. It’s encouraging to see companies like Kroger taking a stand against that foolishness.

    • xandersaml

      Isn’t it amazing how progressive idiots can find the right to abortion in the constitution but find no right to bear arms?
      No, that’s not what it says… libtards will be the death of USA, unless stopped.

      • bobtherebuilder

        I believe they’ve already targeted the jugular…YES they MUST be STOPPED!!!!

  • nunya

    I shop at Kroger’s daily with my gun on my side concealed and had it pop out from under my shirt. A lady with her children saw it and thanked me for being armed. Hey mom’s demand don’t you have a cake to bake,dishes to do,diaper to change?Bloomturd is making a bunch of fools out of you. Hey mom’s demand how many abortions have you had?

  • peter

    I will always shop at this grocery store and support all pro gun establishments exclusively

  • Ruckweiler

    All Kroger is wanting is for their customers to be responsible when in there stores. What a concept. Hope it spreads.

    • bobtherebuilder

      Amazing what a little common sense can accomplish huh?!!!

  • KayO

    Very proud of Kroger for this.

  • charles flemming


  • Howard Last

    We shop at King Sooper in Cheyenne which is owned by Kroger. About a third of the time I carry open and the rest of the time concealed. When I carry open I have gotten two type of comments. The first, Is that a Kimber? The second is that a .45? I have never had anyone say please don’t carry a gun.

  • snowyriver

    It pisses me off when any news station announces “president obama” he is NOT the president ! ! ! He is only a liar that has usurped the presidency of the United States.

  • sharon

    Obama and his dirty fascists will not stop until they have all our guns, be dam if they get mine, the only way that scum or his Nazis will get mine is by force out of my cold dead hands like Charles Heston said.

    • Rail Car Fan

      Confiscate my guns? What guns..!..? Lost mine (and a whole bunch of ammo) in a couple hundred feet of water when the canoe I was in tipped over. (wink.. wink..)

      Rail Car Fan


    Way to go KROGER !! We all need to stand up to these PATHETIC COMMUNIST organizations. Remember, they don’t give a damn about the citizens of this nation. They care about their AGENDA of taking all our rights away. Make no mistake about that !!

  • sharon

    Obama surrounds himself by his own king Islam they are planted in our government, have been since day one of Obama’s fascists rein. Americans will have to again fight for they’re freedom in our own country.

  • Fred Underwood

    Good to know we still have corporations who do not knuckle under to every off the wall demand by leftist,liberal groups who do not recognize what are every persons rights under our Constitution and bill of rights. these people should move to a nation where they would learn how wonderful our country is when it comes to freedom.

  • Candice Hiler

    While I applaud the current stand by Kroger on this issue, don’t forget that they fired a store manager for subduing a perpetrator who tried to shoplift and had a knife. They also didn’t do anything to retain the employ of a manager in an Indiana store who killed a perpetrator who tried to hold up the store. They have a policy that their employees are NOT permitted to be armed while on site. Seems they are talking out of both sides of their mouths.

    • Vincent Marcantelli

      So what, if they had ANY stores around me, I’d be there in a heart beat!

  • ajax7

    Does the reaction to the boycott of Chic Filet ring a bell?

  • brianalisa

    Good for them. I will have to revert some business to them. At least I know my family will be safe in there. If you do not support the Constitution, it also makes you anti-American in my opinion. At least they saw the rhetoric for what it is- lies. It’s sad how many still don’t see that.

  • Frankie3D

    The thing to do is ban all carry permits, and educate all Americans to the real, as it was written over 200 years ago, meaning of the 2nd Amendment, NOT THE NRA’S VERSION. By the way, someone should ask the NRA why they don’t include the first part, “A well regulated Militia…”, of the 2nd Amendment that mentions Militias, as they existed back then.

    • Keith Hatch

      Sounds like you’re the one who should be educated about what the word freedom means…

  • Cbt_Engr

    There’s another way to spell “Bloomberg” — c-o-m-m-u-n-i-s-t — He and his followers cannot take-over and destroy America while their are so many armed American citizens. He doesn’t want us known as American citizens; he wants us known as “comrades”.

  • dan miller

    It about time. some one wouldd stand up to these nut casess

  • dbdy

    I shop at Kroger with my weapon. Of course it is concealed the way it should be. I for one will not allow other people force me to be a victim one day without my weapon. So unless the establishment is on the governments restricted list I will carry into stores even if they have a policy that restricts firearms.
    I will not be a victim period.

  • John Redmond

    Moms demand action = anti constitution and anti American=TREASON

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America = Marxist Mom’s Demand Gun Confiscation & Government Control.

  • Obama, the unConstitutional POS wants to disarm We the People. If he wants to be like Lincoln then he’ll start a Civil War. He needs to go to Ford Theater for the matinee.

  • TomH135

    The anti-gun groups don’t seem to know, what or how, they want things to be. They yell about how “cars are registered”, blahblahblah.

    But when you flip things around such as, “if a person is drunk or just careless and kills someone, with an auto, they aren’t screaming to ban the make of the auto”. They look at you as if you are the dumbest thing on two feet. However, for them its straight logic that when ANYONE uses a gun, whether for good or evil, guns should be banned and anyone that owns a gun…its them…the guy and/or gal are evil just by owning a gun.

    Look at how stupid gov. coumo and his NY (UN)Safe act is. The rifles that are now registered with the state, will be collected upon the death of the owner, to be destroyed. No passing it on no selling it, all because its a “deadly BLACK gun”. The most popular rifle in the country because its adjustable and can be made to fit anyone correctly, capable to easily to

    change scopes, and/or red-dot sights. And that is what everyone is afraid of.

    Because it’s black and it shoots the most deadly rounds to be found. But mostly because its black and scary. The moron anti’s believe every thing they are told about the MODERN SPORTING RIFLE (the AR-15 & AR-10 rifles).

    And let’s not forget the even scarier and bigger .50 cal. BFG. the very SAME round used in WWII. Then it took an average of 1,000 rounds of .50 cal. to bring down an enemy fighter plane. But NOW, because its 2015 and someone tells them so, just one .50 BFG round will bring down a 747. Because they believe everything they are told by the liberal left freedom hating crowd.

  • Nikita63

    The damned governments , both national and most states’ are in constitutional violation of the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. When I was a kid, recess in the ELEMENTARY schools resounded with the gleeful sound of cowboy and Indian battles with cap pistols. no one died, no one was hurt, no one cared and it was fun to play! Today, a kid, a 6 year old or LESS, points a finger he is a freaking Terrorist. Well, it is my considered opinion that we have a country FULL of them but, they are not FROM here and most are NOT Christians or abiders of our Constitution, make outrageous demands about what foods public restaurants may serve and observance of pour holidays and a plethora of OTHER outrageous demands and behaviors Those are the people whose loyalties and inimical behaviors SHOULD be investigated and when adequate ground found; IMMEDIATELY DEPORTED. AS A THREAT TO AMERICAN INTERNAL SECURITY. It is the prudent thing to do and there is no doubt about “probable cause,” after Ft. Hood, TWICE, The Brooklyn Navy Yard and the Boston Marathon.; not to mention (9/11/01)! HOW DOES THAT GRAB YA?

    • American Me

      Yes Nikita63 the rules of today keeping kids from being kids are ignorant.I grew up fighting the Indians in the school yard too,and as you said no body died.Although toy guns these days look like the real thing.They should be made to look like they use to so you can tell they are fake.But suspending kids from school for pointing there finger and going bang bang is really dumb.I read where one little boy had a toy gun about an inch or two long in his back pack and got suspended due to their zero tolerance policy.Really Really Dumb.

      • Nikita63


  • Busdriver Bill

    Professional victims, recruiting more victims – what absurdity. And the obviousness that the criminal has no intention of following laws and restrictions never gets the consideration it deserves. And, the obviousness (to me, at least) that the ultimate perp – the government – wishes an unarmed victim – the populace – is totally lost on them.

  • Alan404

    There is no Kroger outlet convenient to where I live. If there were any, I would certainly consider shopping there.

    • bobtherebuilder

      THAT is EXACTLY what we ALL NEED to do…start patronizing the businesses that support the rights of WE THE PEOPLE, and start picketing the ones that don’t…on a MASSIVE scale!!!!

      • Alan404

        Just had a thought. If “Moms” don’t get their Bloomberg Inspired way, think we might all be treated to the spectacle of a Mass Burning of Bras, or some other form of temper tantrum?

  • buesswg

    These people must be the people of the Communist/Democrat party. Very stupid Ladies? Do not know what they are doing.

  • bobtherebuilder

    We all KNOW hat these liberal, leftist whackos WILL come back with “comments” such as ; “Well, these establishments (big word for them) will “use” this to garner more business for themselves”, OR “They are only doing this in an attempt to increase their bottom line”, OR something along that asinine line!
    Ummmmm, IF that WERE the case, exactly WHY is it your going after these fine patriots? Seems to me, or anyone with any REAL thought process, or just common frigging sense, that IF you were to stop and think about these “consequences”, you MAY just say…”Hey, we’re kinda’ cuttin’ off our nose to spite our face”!!!

    • American Me

      It’s all about Control BTB.They want us unarmed and dependent on the gov so they can tell us what to do and when to do it.Just shut up and do as you are told and we might give you those things you need to survive.If you don’t you might get a visit in the middle of the night or just shot down in broad daylight.Just like a Communist country.We are getting too close for comfort to that day.
      I congratulate Kroger for standing up for the Rights of Law Abiding Americans.I feel very safe in a Kroger Store because I am carrying.

  • joespenthouse

    The folks at King Soopers have the right attitude, and obviously respect capitalism, idiots like Bloomberg came to this country to make their millions, and now they think they own the country and everyone in it. NOT!

  • Ovomit1

    ..moms demand gun confiscation- shut up nasty skanks

  • Douglas DeViney

    The second amendment is ALL we need, to carry a gun anywhere. More guns, less crime.

    • American Me

      Obama is determined to violate or destroy the 2nd.We must fight with all we have to keep our rights until Obama is out of office.Don’t give him any reason to put us under Martial Law so he can kill us and stay on as Dictator.If that were to happen then Lock and Load…….and give them hell.

  • Raymond

    All Gun Bans Do Is Make Places Like KROGER , & ALL OTHER PUBLIC PLACES , A SHOOTING GALLERY & When A Person Who Carries A Gun In Such A Public Arena The Violence Is Ended Before It Gets Serious , As All Such Studies Has Shown Any Place That Guns Are Banned It Has Become A WAR ZONE (Like Schools, Shopping Malls , Restaurants , And Other Such Public Areas !! As a Public Official In Australia
    Has Admitted A Country Wide Gun Ban Has Made Australia “A NATION OF VICTIMS” !!! As The Old Saying Goes “When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Guns ” !!!!!!

  • William Duncan

    Gums are NOT the problem, people are the problem !!

  • Ronald Hagler

    While there are varying reasons why some groups continually clamor for more gun control and less gun freedom for law abiding citizens, one reason for this malcontentedness is obvious: these malcontents are driven by emotion, while being ignorant of the facts. There is not one incident where “Gun-Control” legislation has dampened crime, much less stopped it. In fact, just the opposite is true. This group of “Moms” is demanding more action for gun sense in America, but are overlooking the basic flaw in their demands: “Gun-Control” only serves to remove, or seriously hinder, the rights for sensible, law-abiding citizens to acquire and carry legal firearms. That being said, it is senseless to promote such demands.

    Since criminals, by their very nature, are law-breakers, what logic deems gun control against honest, law-abiding citizens to be feasible? Since criminals break existing laws with regularity, what genius thinks they will obey any “Gun-Control” law?

    Should any company bow to the demands of groups such as this group, they could, unwittingly, send an “Open-Invitation” to criminals in the area to frequent their stores. When a “No Firearms” notice is posted on an establishment’s door, every law-breaker in the city/town knows there will be no armed resistance to any crime they choose to commit in said establishment. You can be assured that an armed criminal will not leave his/her firearm at home simply because he is going to a store which has banned firearms. It would be nice, almost serene, should people against firearms get the facts before giving their demands.

  • Nomemen Nescio

    Perhaps Moms Demand Action should be appraised of the facts in regard to gunplay in supermarkets. Historically there were armed robberies of markets in the past. That was when markets took in a lot of cash at the checkouts. Then came the credit card, and people paying in cash became a shrinking minority. I do the family shopping and I rarely see a customer doing any more than using his or her credit card. So super markets became far less enticing for the criminal. But, you say, the stats say that supermarket holdups have been steadily increasing. Yes, it would appear to be true until you look a little closer. Supermarkets have become divided into two classes: Those with banks in them and those without banks! Those with banks get robbed. The bankless ones, not so much. Introduction of banks into supermarkets makes those venues more attractive. The solution is simple. Take the banks out of the supermarkets, literally. Put them on the outside of the supermarket like a drive up teller teller window, but for people on foot. Unlike the ‘open-plan bank inside the store, the outside window bank is a far less attractive target because it is hardened. If the Moms are being honest about their claims, instead of using them as a front for their anti-gun agenda, they will back off. But we know super market crime is not what this is all about, don’t we?

    BY the way, if you are still unconvinced, look up the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports and see for yourself.

  • Albert Lowenstein

    Costco in Albuquerque has posted no firearms signs. Can you day Sam’s instead!

  • David

    You know how it is that special needs groups are…pat them on the head and send them on their way….

  • gmhunt4

    Outstanding decision by Kroger Corporation. That is the grocery store that gets most of my money.

  • Sylvester Jones

    Get rid of Soros and his puppets Obama, Holder, Sharpton etc.

  • 4Bill_O_Rights

    Gun control is not about guns, it’s about control.

    These people think you should be able to own guns:
    George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison,
    Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr.

    These people think you shouldn’t:
    King George III, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin,
    Mao Zedong, Kim Jong Il, Barack Obama.

  • Upaces

    I wish I had a Kroger near me!!! GREAT GOING, KROGER!!!

    • ramtuff

      For all of you wishing you had a Kroger near you. Go to Krogers web site. They own a vast aray of stores by other names all across the country. Food-4-less, Mega Foods, ect.

      • Upaces

        They are all too far away from me. However! THANKS FOR LETTING US KNOW!!

  • Alan

    Second amendment supporters will support companies that support us.

  • Spoony

    This anti-gun group forgets the fact that if it were not for guns, of all sizes and shapes, and those who carried them into battle; would not have the freedom to stand around and bitch about their unrealistic position! Guns themselves are not evil! Only the human being who uses them in the wrong manner is the problem! Evil has no boundaries! Therefore, in todays world the law abiding citizen has no other alternative than to edify, train, and prepare to combat evil with whatever means chosen to legally protect himself, family, privacy and property as stated in our Constitution under the Second amendment! Some people just don’t get it!

  • ZO666

    Ban Bloomberg!

  • ZO666

    Krugers and Fred Meyers has my business!

  • Frank W Brown

    Hopefully, many more companies will tell the MOMS to take a long walk on a short pier!

  • Allan Stark

    As a regular shopper at Kroger stores I now feel even better knowing Kroger’s position on this issue, just as my neighbors and I feel safer knowing just about everyone in the neighborhood has that kind of protection in their homes. This just gives me one more reason for liking the Kroger chain, and I’m gonna show your article to friends.

  • Teddy

    They’re right, they shouldn’t have their employees approaching people who are carrying a firearm. An employee might approach someone who isn’t legally carrying, maybe a bad guy just shopping. The bad guy gets nervous and now you have a problem, thank you “Mothers who sound like they need some action”

  • crab apples

    The 2nd Amendment clearly states that “well regulated militia” properly trained and capable can then indeed have the right to bear arms. THAT IS how it is phrased and how it SHOULD be interpreted by SCOTUS. GUN manufacturers have had a lot of influence on SCOTUS to get them to ignore ALL of the first clause for some strange reason. In MInnesota we have a law that ANY
    business has the right to BAN any firearms from their private operations.

    MOST like hospitals. any medical care operation, ALL retail merchandisers Walmart included , Target, MAcy’s, Grocery stores like locals Cub, Byerly’s, Lund’s the Supervalu chains ALL BAN GUNS from their businesses.3M, Hormel, Honeywell INtl, General Mills, INsurance operations of ALL kinds and on & on & On choose to BAN weapons…… NOw why on Earth would they not want to permit gun CRAZED morons to carry the assault rifle types of weapons around like has happened in a few Walmarts int the DUMB Ass RED states where all foi this crap goes on?

    Why are northern, cultured, sophisticaTED AND Educated states so ANTI gun carrying up here? Why is hunting so much MORE regulated than any dimwit that wants to buy a gun somewhere? ? ? Why is hunting animals much more strictly enforced than the murderous psychotic killings that go on every DAMN Day in this country? ? ? . Explain ALL of these simple observations GUN KUTURA KLUBBS morons of the South. WHY, why are guns unlimited in their distribution now? ? ?

    There is NOTHING to stop the mentally ill or felons from getting the weapons that they so passionately want to do harm and malice that they envision improving their lives and situations. SERIOUSLY GUN TOTERSZZZZZ??? This is the best that America can do to follow the 2nd Amendment written by the hallowed Founders of this Constitutional Republic. REALLY??? . What happened to RULE of LAW in America Jack asses of RED dimwitzsss ville’s everywhere in the SOUTH ? MORONSzzzz . . . . . . .

  • ScranunSlim

    Ya know we’re winnin’ when Hillary Botox Sniperfire goes from claiming she’s a “Million Mom” to spinnin’ a yarn about bein’ The Great White Duck Huntress o’ Lake Winola.


    Kudos to Krogers for not caving in to a very small minority to take away one of our Constitutional rights.

  • Gea

    Good for Kroeger! While I do not own a gun, the Second Amendment is important to America Freedom as is the First Amendment which politically correct cultural relativists are trying to destroy with the help of Barack Hussein Obama who need to go and live in Saudi Arabia with his king..

  • QuisPercusit

    Neither my ass nor my money will ever go where my gun cannot.

  • kkraven4384

    i am so glad Krogers stood up to them,,, may GOD bless yall

  • JacktheFAC

    This banning of guns is just asking for someone to get killed. The only ones who love “gun control” (disarming of the people) are dictatorial marxist politicians and bullying crooks. GUN CONTROL really has nothing to do with guns; it is really about CONTROL–period. CONTROL of the helpless SHEEPLE who cannot defend themselves from thieves, murders and liberal politicians.

  • Phillip Ray

    I am glad to see someone standing up to the groups. I am proud to say that I would shop in Kroger’s and will support them as long as they stand up to these groups and help defeat these groups trying to take our rights away from us. Thank You Kroger.