Illinois Governor Makes Controversial Move

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner on Monday reworked a gun control bill to include a number of proposals including one to reinstate the death penalty for some crimes.

The bill that was vetoed, HB-1468, would mandate a 72-hour waiting period for some semi-autos as well as .50 BMG caliber rifles. Current state regulations have a 24-hour wait on longarms with sponsors of the move arguing more time is needed for guns classified as “assault weapons.” Not only did Rauner reject the proposal as not going far enough, but recast it to include a host of additional measures.

“Gun violence has rocked the nation and our state,” Rauner said. “This is a responsible, bipartisan approach to the problem that will help ensure the safety and security of our children, our peacekeepers, our families, and our communities in Illinois.”

Rauner’s counter-proposal would expand the 72-hour wait to all guns in the state, ban bump stocks and trigger crank devices, and institute a Gun Violence Restraining Order system to take guns temporarily from those thought to be at risk to themselves or others. Going further, it would require judges and prosecutors to explain when plea agreements are negotiated with violent offenders in gun crimes and move to fund additional school resource officers and mental health professionals to tackle violence on campus.

The most controversial measure, especially for pro-gun control urban Democrats in the state legislature who may consider the otherwise sweeping gun regulation package as proposed by Rauner a big political victory, would institute a “death penalty murder” statute under Illinois law that would apply to cop killers and those who kill two or more people. In 2003, Republican Gov. George Ryan blanket commuted the sentences of all 167 inmates on the state’s death row, an act that Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn followed up on with in 2011 by abolishing the practice altogether.

The rewrite, which some question the legality of under the state constitution, could carry enough poison pills on each side of the aisle to bar any consideration, especially with lawmakers set to wrap up the current session at the end of the month. Sponsors of the bill called it grandstanding by Rauner.

“The governor has prioritized his own politics over saving lives,” said state Rep. Jonathan Carroll, D-Buffalo Grove. “My legislation to create a 72-hour waiting period when purchasing an assault weapon received bipartisan support in the House and Senate. And without any word from the governor, he decided to veto it and change the language putting politics ahead of good policy.”

Second Amendment advocates welcomed the move by the Governor. “While not everything we had hoped for, we applaud the Governor for taking a thoughtful first step in tackling the issue of violence that torments our state,” said Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association in a press release. “The Governor understands it’s not law-abiding gun owners that terrorize our state with violence, criminals and those that should not have guns are the root of gun violence problems.”


  • Alan404

    Re”more time needed for guns classified as Assault Weapons”, what’s the source of this classification, and also on precisely what is it based. In other words, whose Wet Dreams are involved in this entire Assault Weapons fiasco? By the way, Assault Rifle is a legitimate military/technical term relating to a Selective Fire Capable Rifle Chambered for Intermediate Cartridge. Such arms have not been readily available to “civilians” since enactment of the National Firearms Act of 1934 in-so-far as federal law is concerned. State laws vary.

    • Terry Butts

      To liberals any gun with the COSMETIC appearance of a military weapon is an assault weapon. Remember under CLINTON’S cosmetic attachment ban (falsely called an assault weapons ban) they even included the knife some had on the end commonly called a bayonet as defining a gun as an “assault weapon” guess they did not understand that even muskets had them. In fact very few modern weapons have them because the intended use was in hand to hand combat when they did not have time to reload during a battle.

      He even through a fit on national television over the fact gun makers COMPLIED with the law and removed the banned attachments. apparently he expected them to just throw away millions of dollars in inventory because they were prohibited from selling it with an easy to remove cosmetic attachment installed.

      Basically they want to ban every existing firearm several times the ones trying to disarm law abiding US citizens have openly stated their goal is to ensure that “no civilian can put up an armed resistance” the of course neglect to say what horrific act they are planning that they are afraid the people in the US will feel compelled to resist much less take up arms to do so.

      To every tyrant that wants total control of the people an armed populace of civilians is a roadblock they must destroy.

      • Alan404


        If gun makers, gun owners, and everyone else opted to fully comply with the desires of the moment issuing forth from the anti gun set, they would likely still complain. That being the case, how to address, or deal with this lot? As some Irish acquaintances of mine were won’t to note, “The back o’ did hand to you”.

        • Terry Butts

          The sad fact is with all the nations we can look at that have in most cases a complete 100% ban on civilians owning guns we see the same crimes at much worse levels because in those nations the criminals know they are the only ones who have the guns, bombs, knives etc. that the government of those nations took away from the people the anti gun groups and politicians continue to lie and claim all we need is more restrictions on legally owning them to stop the crimes.

          Just look at London they have moved from gun bans to bans on just about anything they can claim is able to be used like a knife because they still focus on the inanimate tool misused by the criminals instead of the criminals or cause of the crime.

          The most their gun laws did was increase the number of bombs, knives, and other objects being used to kill people while still having the same gun crimes they had before because only the law abiding were disarmed.

      • Alan404

        Duly noted

  • Rodney

    While I don’t agree with all the Gov. has put into his version of the bill, I agree strongly with the Death Penalty. Without strong deterrents, the chances of criminals thinking they will never be killed for killing others they will not hesitate to continue their mayhem.

    • RightWriter

      I agree with YOU, but does RAUNER MEAN IT? Or is he using the death penalty (which Illinois hasn’t had for YEARS) as a WEDGE to open the door and capture some conservative votes that he’d NEVER get if he was honest about his own positions? BE VERY CAREFUL — sounds to me like he’s taking Illinois conservatives for a RIDE.

      • Rodney

        Could be. Never trust a politicians words, just their actions. I thank God everyday I live in one of the most conservative states in the union.

    • Leslie Cavanah

      I think that the death penalty should be mandatory for shooting a Cop, With no appeals. Once convicted it is off to the death house, and 24 hours later the sentence to be carried out. May be harsh, but it would make someone with the intent to murder a cop think twice. I am getting hard hearted about all this killing.

      • Rodney

        Anyone, cop killer or general population killer IF caught dead to rights being a murderer should be dispatched at the earliest time. The cost of maintaining a worthless human is hard on the taxpayers and of no use as a detriment. If for some reason, there is no concrete evidence of guilt and just a juries perception of circumstantial evidence as guilt I can understand a life sentence.

  • Mike Deverich

    I’m sure I am in the minority of Conservatives that doesn’t approve of the death penalty. My reasons are 2 fold, I believe in the right to life and the cost of going thru the entire death penalty process is exorbitant. I also don’t believe of the manner in which prisoners are treated, with TVs and radios im their cells, 3 good meals a day and a comfortable bed to sleep on. Prisoners need to be treated as prisoners not hotel guests.
    The term “assault weapon” is used to describe firearms that are nothing more than a semi-auto rifle with some easily removed furnature. An actual assault weapon has the ability to fire 3 round bursts or fully automatically, no fully automatic firearm, manufactured after 1986 can’t be legally sold to the public, they are sold only to the military and police forces. The more we let states chip away at our 2nd amendment the closer we get to eliminating the right to bear arms. The state of NY is passing legislation that would make it illegal for NY based banks to deal with firearm manufacturers and ammo producers. The anti-gunners will attempt to make the purchase pf firearms and ammo as difficult as possible if WE let them. Strand firm when it comes to the ownership of firearms, don’t give another inch.

  • RightWriter

    I don’t live in Illinois, and I don’t know Rauner TOO well, but i have a suspicion that he has offered this as a “poison pill” amendment, intended to turn OFF enough people to KILL the bill in the State legislature. He’s against gun control, but he’s FOR the Death Penalty? I AM FOR THE DEATH PENALTY for major crimes, but I find it hard to believe Gov. Rauner agrees. Has he done anything to ENACT one in Illinois, with or without a connection with gun rights? For that matter, WHAT (if ANYTHING) has he actually done FOR gun rights?
    If I did live in Illinois I would be VERY careful about this guy — get him ON THE RECORD on the individual ISSUES (guns, death penalty, abortion, whatever) not just on this jumble of legislative game-playing. I DON’T THINK HE MEANS A WORD OF IT.

    • Terry Butts

      Frankly it just seems to be political maneuvering to make it look like he supports whatever side someone looking at the legislation does.

      Is it even legal for a governor to create legislation in that state I was under the impression that the legislative not the executive branch was tasked with creating the laws the executive branch simply vetoed them or signed them into law.

  • generalJed

    Anyone who believes in the U.S. Constitution, especially in Illinois, should join the Illinois State Rifle Assn., the finest State organization in the U.S.. They and the NRA and the people Downstate are the only reasons that Illinois has any gun rights, or rights, at all! 101 Counties out of 102 are full of decent people, yet corrupt, vile Chicago rules the State of Illinois by sheer numbers. 101 Counties need to be Sanctuary Counties for the Second Amendment. We are even looking at that here in White Pine County, Nevada!

  • SG

    I agree with the death penalty but not a 3 day waiting period. That is stupid. The criminals will not wait 3 days so why should law abiding citizens. Also, I’m sick and tired of people calling long guns assault rifles. They are not, they are hunting and target rifles. Instead of griping about guns let’s go to where the real problem is, that being violent video games. Ban those to anyone under 21 and the problems we see will go away.

    • Terry Butts

      ” Instead of griping about guns let’s go to where the real problem is, that being violent video games.”

      1) Studies have irrefutably proven that the claim video games caused it to be false. IF video games claimed to be “VIOLENT” by those demanding such censorship were the cause there would have been 7+ million columbines (one for each copy of the game doom they tried to blame the shooting on plus the unknown number of pirated copies) just like the 250+ million shootings that would have to happen each day if guns were responsible instead of the CRIMINAL.

      2) Laws already exist that PROHIBIT minors from buying such games like movies games have a rating system the issue is PARENTS who ignore that and buy games just because their child wanted it, PIRATE sites where they can steal them without having to comply with any laws about them, and the ACLU who think any law restricting the age to purchase a game violates their rights (strange how they do not feel the same about ADULT books/videos just M rated games).

      Frankly you might as well blame violent movies for criminal behavior in fact the same ones now blaming games for the crimes started by blaming movies.

      You should be aware that the movement against “VIOLENT” video games was actually started by anti gun individuals upset that many showed “REALISTIC” reloading and operation of the guns in the game (fact is very few did this until recently).

      It was about trying to conceal any knowledge whatsoever about how guns are used more than it was about any actual violence they contained or inspired in impressionable people.

      If we go down the list of things blamed for violent acts we would have to start by banning all religious books because numerous serial killers claimed that the books TOLD them to do the horrific things they did despite the fact they did not.

      In fact the list of things blamed for “VIOLENT” acts over history.

      1) Scrolls (anything written that did not promote the state)
      2) Books (again any that did not glorify and promote the state)
      3) Music
      4) Radio
      5) Theaters/movies
      6) TV

      Basically I can fill the entire allotted space if I continue as somewhere in history everything that conveyed speech or ideas has been blamed for “criminal” behavior. (criminal in quotes as the definition varied by location and era in history)

      • SG

        We must remember that guns are not the problem. Children watching violent video games and movies no longer see killing or robbery as wrong. There is also a major problem with parents that do not take their children to church. These kids are not receiving the proper upbringing required to let them know the difference between right and wrong. Studies by democrat socialist are wrong. There is no other way to explain violent behavior by children. Although, I agree that not every kid that watches violence becomes violent and in the same respect over 99.9% of firearms are not involved in any violent behavior. The solution is to teach children correct behavior, make sure they spend at least an hour a week in church, limit video and movie time to not more than a couple hours a week, teach them the proper use of firearms. Where I live kids are taught firearm use from a very young age and they understand while firearms are fun to use they are also dangerous when used incorrectly. Thus we have no problems. Of course these children are also taken to Church on Sunday, prohibited from playing video games daily, have limits on social media and go outside to play with other children to learn how to interact socially.

        • Terry Butts

          “We must remember that guns are not the problem. Children watching
          violent video games and movies no longer see killing or robbery as

          I have never thought guns were the problem when I was raised we were taught that we are the ones responsible for our own actions blaming guns, games, movies, music etc. has been a means liberals have used to placate criminals into thinking that just about anything but themselves is to blame for their actions. We hear the media spout it all the time how the POOR CRIMINAL was a VICTIM of how he was raised ignoring the fact that there are millions raised the same way that never become criminals or even think of harming others.

          As for Children watching violent movies or playing violent games that is what the ratings systems for them is supposed to prevent but as I said we have parents that foolishly think of their children as just a smaller version of a fully developed adult so they circumvent the protections place decades ago to protect children while they are still impressionable learning how to act based on what they observe others doing.

          In fact there was a case where an “ADULT” (in quotes because they did not act like one) that assisted their child in lying about their age when they singed up for that hulu video service thus allowing them to have access to adult content prohibited from children since children are still developing their minds and learning how they should act in normal society they then SUED hulu blaming them for the CHILD having access to shows allowed to be watched by people the actual age they lied saying the child was. As if they were supposed to limit the child’s access to children’s programs despite the profile (the only thing hulu could count on to make such a decision) they created showed them to be an adult.

          ” Where I live kids are taught firearm use from a very young age and they
          understand while firearms are fun to use they are also dangerous when
          used incorrectly. Thus we have no problems. Of course these children
          are also taken to Church on Sunday, prohibited from playing video games
          daily, have limits on social media and go outside to play with other
          children to learn how to interact socially.”

          This is perhaps the best solution for these problems as it worked for generations until the liberals started pushing their PC nonsense even trying to remove any publicly visible indication that religions that do not change to be PC at the whim of government dictate exists. This coupled with their attempts to remove any sense of morality from being taught has directly led to those who have been raised by TV programs rather than parents thinking that what they observe on fictional TV programs is how they are supposed to act.

          I think the statement that sums up the governments attitude best was when the judge ruling the ten commands be removed from the walls of the school stated his reason was that he feared “Children might be inclined to obey them” to those who actually know what the commandments are and that only the ones that would force someone to worship God were not codified into the very laws of this nation it meant the judge wanted children who lie, steal, murder, etc. because that is what happens when a judge, politician, lawyer etc. who is afraid children would obey a code of morality that prohibits those acts has the power to prohibit children from even seeing a copy of it.

          For a tyrannical government to exist it needs at least

          1) Disarmed citizens

          2) an army that has no moral grounding that is willing to follow any order no matter how horrific

          3) People who allow them to create these things by ignoring the slow process of their rights being removed on the grounds it is “for the safety of” insisting it cant happen here again because some paper written by the founders after they kicked out the previous tyrannical government forbids it.

          I guess they either forgot or never learned that the likes of Hitler started in nations as politicians who once they got in power slowly removed in the name of safety or “for the sake of the children” what rights the people had. While many of the gun laws like registration that Hitler used were in fact made before he took office he made the law that specifically disarmed all Jewish people to the point they were not even allowed to work in a place where they might have access to a gun. We all know what happened after that unless we ignored actual history.

  • PXXAT5

    I agree with his death penalty revision, any crime entailing two or more deaths should get an automatic death penalty, with no plea bargaining reductions.. you’ve only got one life, you can use it for “life in prison”…but when you take more then that, you have nothing left to bargain with, GOOD-BYE.

  • tpaliotti

    i am with you Rodney, i think the people better make a educational decision on were they live and what they want their taxes to pay for i live in New York you think you Gov is Liberal, stay away from this state, this states Gov is being sued he is trying to shut down the NRA from coming here and supporting the 2nd amendment some of these Gov think they should get free passes in who and what groups should come to their states. time to take out the trash in Nov . what i don’t understand is why these Gov think making more regulation will stop bad people from doing bad things. i think its about shutting the Gun shops down and making them go else where. no problem i would say i don’t know about Illinois, Taxes here in New York are staggering and now because of Trumps tax bill New Yorkers pay more in Pay roll tax to off set what they will pay in April. i Like Trump however some of his decisions little Baffling at times.

  • Tony

    Gun control is a big farce!! Name one gun law that has worked………….. I’m waiting……… oh that’s right NONE HAVE !!! All gun bills do is make stupid people think you are doing something!!!!! Gun laws only infringe on FREE CITIZENS RIGHTS!!!!! Guess what we the FREE are getting ready. The facist left is starting this .