Illinois Passes Gun Control

The so-called “Waffle House” law and a resurrected gun dealer licensing act were approved Wednesday by lawmakers in the Land of Lincoln.

The proposal associated with the breakfast joint, SB 2387, would make it a felony to transfer a gun in Illinois to someone without checking to see if they had a valid Firearms Owners Identification card. The bill passed 42-10 and came about after the case of 29-year-old Travis Reinking, who shot six people at a Nashville area Waffle House in April. Reinking had been an Illinois resident and police had confiscated both his FOID card and guns after a run-in with the Secret Service in 2016, but his father had later returned his firearms.

“While we, unfortunately, cannot take back what happened, we can ensure our laws are modeled to prevent this from ever happening again,” said state Sen. Julie Morrison, D-Deerfield, the bill’s sponsor.

Those transferring a firearm would have to fill out an affidavit acknowledging the state law and turn it over to the state police and area prosecutors. Violators could face a year in prison.

Gun dealer licensing

The second measure, SB 337, a fresh attempt to add another layer of government oversight to already regulated federal firearms licensees, passed the chamber 35-18, picking up more votes than a similar bill’s 30-21 performance last year, including a few Republicans who crossed the aisle to support what they term as a compromise measure built to win Gov. Bruce Rauner’s signature.

“We have refocused the gun dealer safety legislation to address our most important priorities—requiring gun dealers to follow common-sense safety practices and cracking down on businesses that are enabling or engaging in gun trafficking, said state Sen. Chris Nybo, R-Elmhurst, who signed on to the new bill. “And we have done so without creating too much of a burden for local businesses.”

If signed into law in its current form, state police would issue certifications to gun shops on a sliding fee, and dealers would have to meet a series of new requirements including annual staff training, instituting a gun storage plan and allowing inspections by local law enforcement.

Although national big name gun control groups including Giffords and Mom’s Demand Action quickly celebrated the win, Second Amendment groups pointed out that the measure is just more of the same controversial legislation, and in some ways is even worse than the two previous proposals that have failed to make it into law.

“This newest version increases fees from a $1,000 per license to $1,500 per license with a retail location,” said the Federal Firearms Licensees of Illinois, a group of gun dealers in northern Illinois. “This bill continues the efforts by gun control advocates to shutter local small business with expensive mandates that only the largest of retailers can comply with or afford.”

The group contends the measure is also filled with vague terms and new rule-making authority for the state police that could be interpreted in ways lawmakers never intended. “For example, the State Police could determine that it is not ‘responsible business practice’ to sell AR-15s, magazines over 10 rounds or more than one gun per month to an individual,” the organization argued.

Both measures head to the House for further consideration. However, lawmakers would need to move fast as the current legislative session is set to wrap up by the end of the month.


  • Wes

    Have you ever seen a gun get up and go shoot someone? Neither have I. No gun control laws will ever solve the problem of violent acts committed by people against other people. The source of these wicked acts are in the evil hearts of the perpetrators themselves.

    • pappy450

      If that was a “fact”, I would have been “gone” long ago..I Keep a 12 GA. Shotgun LOADED by my bed, and a LOADED 45 ACP, right over my head.This is NOT “gun control” just more GOVERNMENT CONTROL to attempt to make “we the LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS” more vulnerable to “government “acts”, and their criminal “friends” won’t have to worry about getting SHOT when the SHEEPLES are disarmed.

      • Wes

        Pappy, you have that right. Without our guns, guaranteed, America will just be another Communist totalitarian bloodbath, where these so called liberal progressives will murder a hundred million citizens, like they did in Russia and China.

        • pappy450

          As you already know DEMOCOMMUNISTS/RINOS have been pushing “gun control” for as long as I can remember (and I am 63) Disarmament of all citizens is the ONLY way these COMMUNISTS can attempt a takeover of the populace, to do what they want. All one has to do is look at an OLD history book to see what “happens” after disarmament. THAT IS, if you can find one that hasn’t been “revised” by “progressive” liberal SCUM. The “students” today are NOT ALLOWED to read what actually went on throughout the years, or as I SEE IT, INDOCTRINATION by CORRUPT communist “liberal” so-called “teachers and “professors” that have been “instructed” by THEIR “supervisors” to push the COMMUNIST “teachings” or look for another line of work.

    • rick meek

      In the wicked hearts of politicians too……Making law biding citizens into criminals….

      • EC

        To the majority of politicians, holding them accountable IS a criminal act, and the number one group on their list is the law abiding gun owners.

        • rick meek

          Yes – I know —— after a couple tours in DC in which I returned home in total disgust….besides NO ONE spoke english …..

  • marcus J

    Every single piece of Legislation that is written to restrict or Infringe upon our Natural Right to keep and bear arms is Pretended Legislation and it is out duty to disregard it and ignore it

  • pFeather

    The higher fees are designed to put gun dealers out of business, nothing more. Why do they need increased fees? The gun grabbers are in control in Illinois and no Illinois is not the Land of Lincoln, Lincoln would abhor the democrats power grab and anti-second amendment agenda.

    • EC

      No, actually Lincoln would probably give it his full approval considering he violated the Constitution himself numerous times during the Civil War. He was the originator of the strong central government – what the Republicans like to call “big government” today. From jailing, without charges, northern journalists who opposed him, denying the southern states their Constitutionally guaranteed right of secession, and ordering the burning and pillaging of the south after the war, I doubt he’d give a damn about the second amendment. He’s the best Democrat who never was…

      • pFeather

        EC, wrong but I haven’t got time to show you your foolishness.

  • I fear these government gun control laws will not stop these insane shootings! If the idiots committing these heinous crimes or those who wish to, will get a firearm no matter what! There are too many guns to regulate in this country! Government interference has become the norm in this country, the government has far too much to say about how we live our lives! The parents of these teenage shooters are at fault, there is no question! Adult shooters are a product of how they were raised. Again, their parents play a large roll! In short, the gun problem (if there is one) cannot be solved!

  • GRA

    More communism so cheaply bought.


    Only fools rush in they have nothing else to do these elected leaders if it were not for guns they can’t balance budgets or keep jobs from going to china or south of the border they let in the worst criminals to the country knowing that at any moment an American will be killed by one of them.
    They also raise our taxes knowing it is time for their raises.

  • snuffum

    Looks like smart people will move out of that shithole Ill and move to gun froendly constitution honoring states. Fk these liberal shithole states

    • EC

      That would be, not too surprisingly, pretty much everything but the southern states.

      • snuffum

        EC. I live in a southern state. Would not have it any other way. It’s a lot cheaper than majority of the country. Beautiful weather, women hunting fishing. Got everything you need without the liberal lunatic politicians

  • Allen

    Dang, I feel safer already. Going to Chicago this afternoon and run around the southside. You people who live in Illinois are probably out celebrating the incredibly intelligent people you elected in the land of Lincoln.

    • Mad_Gorilla

      Don’t even go there. This was rammed down our throats by the liberal scumbags who pass for politicians in Chicago. It is doubtful the governor will sign them, so the legislature will have to override his vetoes. We’ve pulled the stops out fighting this.

      • Allen

        I wish you luck.

    • Bernie

      As an ex-proud South Side Chicago democrat, but still a Chicagoan, l absolutely love your sarcasm.
      You often hear how ex-cigarette smokers can’t stand beings around cigarette smokers.
      Well, I’m an ex-democrat that can’t stand democrats…especially democrat politicians!

  • Old Chicago

    First of all, they should be prosecuting the father for returning the weapons to the son. Neither of the new laws will change anything except for increasing the fees for licensing the dealer s.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    After the Supreme Court in 1963 made us a Secular Nation, unlawfully,
    crime and violence increased by 544%. Jefferson never intended their
    Danbury Baptist interpretation. Jefferson started church services in
    the capital in 1800 and even paid the Marine band to provide the music.
    He attended these services every Sunday he was president and these
    services lasted 60 years. The Supreme Court broke the law.
    Freedom Day is celebrated in America each year on January 16 — the
    date of the 1786 passage of Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute of
    Religious Freedom. That measure ended the state-established church in
    Virginia, finally protecting religious rights for all denominations.
    Anglicans had fined, persecuted, jailed and even killed Christians who
    were not part of the state-established church, but Jefferson, a lifelong
    fervent advocate for the rights of religious liberty and religious
    conscience, had worked hard to protect and defend those Christians.
    hear that Jefferson was a zealous defender of the rights of Christians
    may seem unusual to those who know Jefferson only by today’s errant
    portrayal as being a secularist who desired “a separation of church and
    state.” Jefferson definitely was not a secularist, and furthermore, his
    definition of separation of church and state actually was to keep the
    state from becoming secular!
    of the remarkable beliefs held by Thomas Jefferson not only on
    religious liberty but also in many other surprising areas are set forth
    in the popular book The Jefferson Lies by David Barton.)
    rights of religious conscience that Jefferson and other Founders had
    contended for were subsequently enshrined at the federal level in the
    First Amendment of the Constitution. Jefferson made numerous bold
    declarations about these precious rights:
    No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience.

    [O]ur rulers can have no authority over such natural rights only as we
    have submitted to them. The rights of conscience we never submitted.
    [I]t is inconsistent with the spirit of our laws and Constitution to force tender consciences.

  • rick meek

    Whatta state of sheep to allow these pricks to do this….

    • EC

      Don’t forget, this is the state of the number one prick, Obama, so it stands to reason…

  • Herb Onash

    Laws won’t stop the killing . Let CC rule . The more Legal gun on the streets will over run the bad guys .

  • EC

    I really love the absolute simple-mindedness of the liberals who come up with these laws – “we can ensure our laws are modeled to prevent this from ever happening again”…
    I’m really sure that a parent will never again give a gun back to their child after being terrified by the passing of yet another law. Why don’t the liberals just make murder illegal? Oh, wait, it already is… WTF?

  • Brabado

    America only has to realize that ONLY “Corrupt Liberal Democrats Thugs” run the Government in Illinois… where thousands of Blacks and other Innocent Victims have been, and will continue to be killed on the streets… Democrats do not care. Ask Rahm Emanuel…
    So, Illinois’s “2nd. Amendment-Doutchebag-Bill goes to SHOW and CONFIRM, that the Illinois State Legislators and their Capitol are full of idiots, imbeciles, cowards that do not have the Brass Balls to go into South Side Chicago, and disarm all the Gangs they have allowed – for years – to keep on killing Blacks and more Blacks…
    Semper fi.

  • Paul Stogsdill

    Will they ever figure out that crooks don’t care how many laws they pass? all these new laws do is make it tougher on law abiding citizens to live their daily lives??


    Real Proof, We have ELECTED idiots representing US, read, “While we, unfortunately, cannot take back what happened, we can ensure our laws are modeled to prevent this from ever happening again,” said
    state Sen. Julie Morrison, D-Deerfield, the bill’s sponsor.” This LAW will NOT PREVENT anything. She is blowing smoke up the butts of the less educated. Laws will not prevent any use of any weapons when destined to hurt people. WE have a people control problem that elected officials have NOT a clue on how to solve so they pick on the law abiding as a CHEAP action front.

  • Havard Gregg

    First guns are not the problem, they do not kill anyone. If guns are the blame then cars would be too as both are controlled by humans and cars kill many more people every year than all guns. To be fair why are guns responsible for the murders and cars are not? I pray for the families who lost love ones by people with guns and also the families who lost love ones by people with cars. Can anyone explain to me what is the difference? My suggestion is to ban cars as they kill many more than guns. Wake up people you are being played by the gun grabbers so they can take over this country, once the guns are gone so are all of our freedoms.

  • mdj357

    Another law? Well I guess someone “won’t” commit murder because now there’s “another” law he’d have to break besides the other dozen or more he was going to break in the first place. Yep. That makes sense (to a moron). All I see here is an excuse/opportunity by libturds to place more red-tape and difficulties on gun dealers and buyers/owners. Which is all they really want to do anyway. If they actually did something beneficial to significantly reduce the murder rate then they would not have a reason to create ever more gun-control laws.

  • jesse

    Repubicans are such wussies, they’re becoming as anti-constitution as their marxist-left counterparts, such fools, they just don’t get it! Chicago has some of the strictest, if not the strictest, gun laws in the country yet it has the highest murder rate in the country and all these insane fools can do is enact more unconstitutional gun legislation!!

  • Patriot47

    Illinois democrats SUCK. Stupid law.

  • Original Anna

    The Constitution says no restrictions against owning guns and this is exactly that but I realize that these uneducated politicians that we have now in office can’t read and definitely have not read the Constitution and if they have they don’t have the ability to actually figure out what words say like no restrictions because they do not know what a dictionary is.