iScope records through your rifle scope

If you’re a hardcore hunter like me, nothing beats getting an up close look at your quarry in its natural environment.

Even better is recording the whole thing for replay at family functions and deer camps down the line.  What better way to record your hunt than through your rifle scope, binoculars or spotting scope using your smartphone?  Like it or not, smartphone technology has been creeping into the hunting world for years and if the possibilities intrigue you, check out iScope.


With a marketing campaign led by redneck powerhouse Jeff Foxworthy, the iScope company has been competing with Phone Skope brand for market share in this growing industry. Whereas Phone Skope engineers their products for specific brand and model spotting scopes, binoculars, telescopes and microscopes, iScope sells the end user one model that’s more one-size-fits-all and covers rifle-scopes and shooting optics.

iScope makes devices that will fit rifle scopes, an iSpotter adapter that dresses spotting scopes, iScope EO adapter for holographic and reflex sights, and even an iSpotter Sport that is its own self-contained monocular unit.  Users simply slide the device over the optical end of the scope and adjust it to fit by turning the multiple rubber-backed finger screws, then snap their phone or tablet firmly into the backplate made for that particular device.  One backplate is included with each iScope adapter.  All you’ll need to know when buying an iScope product is your smartphone or tablet model.

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