Jury Finds Anti-Government Cop Killer Guilty

Jurors deliberated only four hours Wednesday before convicting an anti-government survivalist on a dozen charges for the 2014 ambush of two Pennsylvania state troopers.

Eric Frein, 33, faces the death penalty for gunning down Cpl. Bryon Dickson during a shift change at the Blooming Grove barracks in northeastern Pennsylvania on Sept. 12, 2014. Trooper Alex Douglass suffered a gunshot wound to the back as he tried to pull Dickson to safety. He testified during the 10-day trial about the moment the .308-caliber bullet tore through his midsection, ripping through his intestines and shattering his hip and thigh bones.

“It was probably the worst pain you could imagine,” he said, reported the Allentown Morning Call. “It felt like your whole body was on fire.”

Prosecutors called Frein a terrorist and said he ambushed the troopers in hopes of starting a revolution. Frein told investigators he chose the barracks in rural Pike County, about 30 miles south of the New York border, because of the desolate, mountain landscape surrounding it.

“We do not change government here in America with bullets, we change it with votes,” said Pike County District Attorney Raymond Tonkin in his closing remarks Wednesday, according to the newspaper. “He decided to change it with bombs and bullets. That’s terrorism.”

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source: http://www.guns.com/2017/04/20/pa-ambush-cop-killer-found-guilty/

  • bekindandfair

    This guy is completely stupid. He has no clue how to manage a society of many people.

  • squawneye

    This guy deserves to fry.

  • Howleyesque

    Yes this low life deserves it, but so too do those involved in the road side execution of Lavoy Finicum.


      I agree, what happened to Lavoy Finicum was a cowardly move, and should be investigated and punishment should be issued!!!!!

      • Howleyesque

        Yep TOTALLY unjustifiable… had he been BLACK, Black LIES Matter.. MIGHT have said something, but as they prefer violent thugs the odds are slim on that too!

        • PATRIOT

          Yes he was shot down with out any weapon in his hand, and yet nothing was done to the cowards that unjustifiably gunned him down.

          • Howleyesque

            With the PURELY BS excuse given that? “He was reaching inside of his jacket” and THAT was WHY he was shot. As the FIRST shot was fired by… THE GUY DIRECTLY BEHIND HIM… HOW WOULD HE have been able to see it IF it HAD happened? (Which the video CLEARLY SHOWS, DID NOT happen!)

  • GR Arnold


  • Milton W. Lowe

    i think the appropriate punishment for this terrorist is the “Firing Squad” since a “Bomb Squad” isn’t used in capital punishment. He should be taken out side & shot from a distance just like he did the Police Officers & left to lay until he starts to rot.

  • Winston Smith 1984

    Blue Lives Matter

  • Rob

    This person is insane! He may be found to be in his right mind, but sane people don’t kill people, especially lawmen! The death penalty is the right punishment! I think labeling him a survivalist anti-government, right wing terrorist, puts law abiding, survivalists, republicans, in a bad light! Good,honest,hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding, citizens aren’t terrorists! We are believers for one, and bible prophecy is what we believe in because it’s from the word of God! Murder is a sin, being a liar is a sin too! If you stop putting fraudulent, tyrannical, left-wing, Islamic, anarchists in the White House, and follow the rule of law which is the Constitution, we wouldn’t feel the need to pre-plan, for a catastrophic event! Being self-reliant, isn’t politically correct by liberals who think we should all be reliant on government! We would rather earn our money, and be reliant on God! The democrat party wants socialism, they are the ones wanting to change the Constitution, the one they swore an oath to defend, and protect! Our country wouldn’t be in debt up to our scalp if it weren’t for fraud, handouts, and politicians going to D.C. Poor, and leaving D.C. Rich! You politicians have ruined our country! You want bigger government and more entitlements, so you can tell others what to do, when to do it, and what you can have! You people are the problem because “We The People” run this country, not hood-rat, communist, muslim, anarchists from Chicago, who would rather climb a tree to tell a lie, than stand on the ground to tell the truth!

  • jim whittaker

    The only thing i see wrong here is it took to long.

  • Grelberforever

    No life imprisonment at taxpayer expense for him.

  • Estell Newton

    They need to give all cop killers the death penalty. We need our cops

    • John

      Very true, it will come pretty soon that the cops will have to arrest many thousand leftist pigs and they will get deported to wonderful places like North Korea. Or the faggots to a nice Muslim country and tell the country that they are faggots. Head chopping will be a a really good occupation in that Muslim country.


    It’s about time they got the bad guys and leave the good guys alone! GOOD JOB!

  • sarge

    and execute him fast so we don’t have to pay for him for 10 years of appeals on our dime


    This coward should be punished to the fullest extent, what he did was cowardly!

  • OUT AND OUT MURDER…DEATH PENALTY…..and he should not be on death row for a decade.

  • dragonfire777

    Juice this POS.

  • rob

    He likes trees so much then HANG HIM FROM ONE!!!

  • disqus_tpc8waQI76

    I discovered agree with what the prosicuiter said it his statement as we continue to not redress the complaints of citizens and as Google tweeter and other continue to stifle free speach what other thing do you think is going to change right now we have a better president than we have had in 30 plus years returning power the people but all it going to take is just one election to return us to were we are its both party’s are coruppt that fact we have a deep state that has used the fruits of our labor to pay for the break away society that want a one world order think about it and you are the slaves can you tell me what you truly own in this country really think about your no your car no not really any thing of value what a slave own nothing

  • juniemoon

    Fry this POS!!

  • Getoffmylawn

    “We do not change government here in America with bullets, we change it with votes.” This is not entirely accurate. The constitution, especially the second ammendment, was written in a way that allowed us that option when voting became completely ineffective. We are not at that point quite yet, thank God.