What Kid Rock Means for the 2nd Amendment

Now that Kid Rock — aka Robert James Ritchie — has officially entered the political fray, it is time to look at what a “Senator Kid Rock” might mean for the Second Amendment.

Interviews from the past several years provide clear insight into the Romeo, Michigan, native’s position on firearms.

During an April 13, 2013, interview, then-CNN host Piers Morgan asked Kid Rock if he owned “a lot of guns” and he responded, “Yes, tons.” Morgan then asked if Kid Rock was safe with his guns, to which he responded, “Yes.” Morgan then appeared to search for a flaw he could exploit by asking, “Why do you trust 315 million other Americans to be safe with them?”

Kid Rock simply smiled and said, “‘Cause I got one.”

Morgan asked, “Do you need to have one for protection?” Kid Rock responded, “I need to have one. When I go to Detroit, I am never in Detroit without my gun. Ever. Right by my side–loaded, ready.” Morgan added, “And you wouldn’t hesitate to use it?” to which Kid Rock replied, “No, not at all.”

Love for firearms — check.

Firearms are for self-defense — check.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/07/13/senator-kid-rock-means-second-amendment/

  • buck

    kudo’s go to the rock, for standing up against the slimey limey !

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  • SoTxJoe

    President Trump and Senator Kid Rock will help save America.

  • he’s gone through quite an evolution

    • Richard Roach

      Yes, he went from “Why don’t you just f*ck off and die” to “I was born free”

  • Dennis

    He’s got more brains and guts than most of the senate already! Time for some common sense and compassion, vote for “Kid Rock”!

  • GR Arnold

    RIGHT ON – He’s got my full support !!!

  • Robert Cauthen

    yOU GO dude AND gl ! i AM ROOTING FOR YOU !

  • Seb

    I like his attitude so far

  • jeff

    If you are going to be a two issue candidate; these are the issue to support. God and guns.

  • Jerry

    GO Mr. Ritchie, We need people with some common sense in the Washington, District of Criminals. More power to you and the US citizens.

  • DonOldGuy

    So, celebrity, may not be a disqualifier for office. Sonny Bono appeared a little “off” before getting to Congress, and would have been a great conservative leader. Never been a “Kid Rock” fan (I’m old) , but his common sense answer to Morgan, speaks volumes over “Oh, let’s Hug a Thug” that seems to be the answer some feel will keep them safe in Detroit, Chicago, LA, SanFran, Seattle, Portland. I could continue, but I also have to remember that Minneapolis allowed Hogan to contribute nothing.

    • not to mention another Minnesota great “Gov.”Jesse the Body Ventura!

      • DonOldGuy

        Yeah, I screwed that up. Jesse Ventura, Hulk Hogan, Gorgeous George are all the same to me, so I can’t remember who is from where. All actors of a different stripe.

        • well, having entertainers in the Senate started(for me at least)with George Murphy;Kid Rock couldn’t be any worse than having Al Franken(Stuart Smalley) in there! at least the Kid is on our side!

          • DonOldGuy

            Funny I thought most of the players were trying to be enetertainers. Weed Al is lot more entertaining than piosi

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    Senator Rock? Pretty hilarious! Michigan has done worse! I just hope “Rock” does a better job as an politician than he did on that last crappy “song” he wrote that he stole from “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Werewolves Of London”!!! Ridiculous and funny!!

    • any song containing a few bars of “Sweet Home” is just alright with me!

      • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

        Uhhhh…., it’s called LAME. Sweet Home Alabama is a great, written song, and sounds awesome………WHEN ITS SUNG BY LYNARD SKYNARD!! Not part of a ridiculous, mixture of Mr Ritchie and “Werewolves of London”!! Go get drunk and roll some loud and fornicate by some garbage dump, lame guy!

  • Tube Steak Nopantz

    We need more like the Kid in politics.

  • Shelba Herring

    Apparently Kid Rock is one celebrity who uses his common sense

    • marcus J

      it has been many years since I have said Common Sense , I tend to like Uncommon Sense , If it where common everyone would have it ,Even the disease brained Liberal Lefty Loonies

  • gypsy314

    Rock on KID Americans need more Americans like you in the senate Speak the truth and do not rely on Crooks from liberal media to tell the truth Do big events and remember truth always prevails. Unlike the party of liars and crooks

  • marcus J

    piers morgan has been a slimy limey piece of British Feces from the beginning , I remember when Ted Nugent gave him a reality check , It was delicious