Lacrosse Player Over 2A Rights

A student athlete at a Florida university says his coach threatened to bench him if he posted pictures of his guns online.

Zach Scholl, a junior who wears #40 on Palm Beach Atlantic University’s lacrosse team as a goalie, says an unnamed coach with the school texted him an ultimatum in June. The choice: pick his guns or his team.

“You want to play lacrosse for PBA, you won’t post pics of your guns and stuff. That’s simple. You want to continue to post this—you don’t play,” allegedly said the coach in a text as reported by the local NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach as well as the National Rifle Association.

Scholl, a Maryland native whose social media accounts are clogged with images filled with duck hunting and firearms, to include holstered handguns, texted back to the coach:

With all due respect, as a citizen of this country I have a second amendment right to keep and bear arms and a first amendment right to post the pictures of my firearms and photos from my hunts on my various social media accounts These are my rights as a US citizen and I’m not going to throw them away just to play ball under you. As much as I love the sport it is not worth it to me to surrender. So thank you for the opportunity, but someone else will have to be wearing #40 this year.

According to the NRA, the university “responded formally to the student’s complaint and said the student’s pictures did not violate school policy and that they had spoken to the coach about the issue.”

PBA is a faith-based liberal arts college that fields various NCAA Division II teams. According to his stats maintained by the school, Scholl previously attended Wesley College in Delaware, playing in three games over two seasons before joining the Sailfish.


  • Alan404

    The content of the discussion between the coach and the school might make interesting listening or reading.

    • Rodney

      I’d have loved to been a fly on the wall for that.

    • william bailey

      Yep ! and the School “PAYS” the coach ! just a simple attitude adjustment ! maybe the Native should take a knee on “This One” !

  • Gooseguts

    Wow. A university that actually “had spoken to the coach…” I’m surprised they didn’t promote him for being a freedom hater.

    • Rodney

      Maybe the school knew a lawsuit could be in the pipeline had they not done the right thing. The way they student put it, spelled it out perfectly.

      • White Trailer Trash

        what amazes me, no one has yet decided to go the lawful way.. file charges for blackmail or extortion… telling someone they either do it my way or they dont play…

  • Rodney

    I applaud the student, Mr. Scholl for having a backbone. I am a little shocked the school stood up for what is right, too. In this age where schools are run by lunatics more interested in authoritarian control then individual freedom, it’s good to see some sanity.

  • Linda Miller

    As far as I know, the second amendment doesn’t include the right to advertise your firearms or show them off to whomever. I back the coach on this issue because of all the shootings in schools, etc. The first amendment rights apply to speech and not necessarily pictures. The school has backed this kids rights but as a human being, should this kid still get to play ball? I would make it difficult for him.

    • Popetal

      The First amendment rights include any means of expressing your opinion as long as it does not have an unlawful content.

    • Fred Bohls


  • Sivispace

    More leftist hypocrisy. They love the First Amendment when ANTIFA and BLM are burning vehicles and beating people up. They hate cops but insist that only cops should have guns. The Progressives don’t believe in Individual Rights of others. To my way of thinking that is prejudice and duplicity.

    • Terry Butts

      Actually what they love is twisting the first amendment to mean anything other than just speech so long as it supports their agenda as there is nothing in it that allows the crimes of vandalism, assault, or murder as speech.

      In fact they started falsely calling it freedom of “expression” years ago to falsely imply it covered physical acts done against others over political beliefs.

  • Terry Butts

    Not only is that a violation of the 2a by threatening someone just for exercising that right it violates the FIRST amendments freedom of speech.

    Obviously the “coach” is one of those liberals who so hate the constitution and the rights of the people that he thinks no one should even be allowed to see LAWFUL peaceful exercise of any right that offends them.

    Just like the ones who think VIOLENT acts of vandalism and terrorist threats to intimidate their opposition into silence is somehow “protected speech” but any actual speech even when stating true facts given by those opposing their position or agenda on any subject somehow is hate speech that must be censored in violation of the first amendment. It is simply nothing more than the standard liberal hypocritical attitude of “I can say/do what I want but no one opposing me is allowed to”.

  • Robert Zraick

    Wow. Perhaps some sanity is beginning to return to our country. Most of the problems we now are experiencing is due to the indoctrination of several generations of students who have been brainwashed since kindergarten, by ultra liberal collectivist Communists.

    This threat to our country and to civilization, must come to an end. Applaud this school for its stance. And I would say get rid of the coach. His lack of regard for our Constitution, and the law, coupled with his abuse of power and bullying, deserves not only a dismissal, but a forfeiture of his teaching credentials.

  • Timothy Toroian

    Hey, coach, heres a really long sharp stick, sit on it. It’s the 2nd Amendment that protects your right to be an ass!!

  • Patrick Feeney

    The coach should read the Second Amendment!