Latest Info On Las Vegas Shooting

Due to overwhelming public concern, the Las Vegas Sheriff’s Department released a preliminary report on the mass shooting that left 58 people dead and hundreds more injured last October.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo explained releasing the report is not standard practice, but given the unique circumstances of the case — and the national impact it has had — his department decided to publish an update.

“As you can imagine this is a complex, protracted investigation and we have done a lot of work trying to piece together what happened,” Lombardo said Friday during a press conference. “It is my hope this report will provide the media and the public an understanding of what occurred on 1 October.”

On Oct. 1, Stephen Paddock, 64, opened fire from his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino into a country music festival attended by some 22,000 people. Paddock used an assortment of rifles equipped with a bump stock, a device used to mimic automatic fire.

Given the massive size of the crowd, the number of people injured fluctuated in the early days of the investigation, but the report establishes that 422 people were injured directly by gunfire and 851 others were injured from other means.

The report offers a detailed overview of the findings so far as well as insight into Paddock’s planning and preparation for the attack, Lombardo explained. However, he clarified that investigators are still short on motive.

Investigators combed through “1,965 investigated leads, 21,560 hours of video, 251,099 images obtained and 746 legal notices filed or sent, nothing was found to indicate motive on the part of Paddock or that he acted with anyone else,” according to the report.

The report adds that Paddock did not leave a suicide note or manifesto nor was there evidence that he was a radicalized member of an ideological organization, or hate or terror group.

The closest thing to a motive, according to the report, Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley told investigators that his demeanor had changed over the course of last year. He had become “distant” and they no longer had intimacy.

Also, over the course of last year, Paddock began to acquire lots of firearms — some 55 between October 2016 and September 2017 — which Danley thought was just his hobby.

Lombardo said he does not anticipate charges being brought against Danley, who was with Paddock in the days leading up to the attack and was inside the hotel room, but left the country before the attack occurred.

Lombardo also said they’re unaware that Paddock had any health issues. However, Paddock lost a significant portion of his personal wealth leading up to Oct. 1 and that could have been a contributing factor in his decision to commit the heinous act.

Large sections of the report lists out relevant possessions, like weapons and electronics, collected from Paddock’s hotel room and property as well as search histories on his computers. Lombardo explained investigators found “disturbing” things on Paddock’s computer, such as ballistics data, SWAT tactics and child porn.

The report also includes a number of forensic photographs showing in the inside of Paddock’s hotel room, locations of victims, and random bullet impacts (hitting as far as airport property).

Lombardo gave an indefinite timeline to conclude the investigation, saying the final report will publish sometime in the future. A close estimate would be the end of the calendar year.


  • pappy450

    Give it up. You will never get the “truth”. This whole episode reeks of yet another “false flag” “deep state” government “operation” in yet ANOTHER attempt to convince Law-abiding citizens to give up their guns for “safety reasons”. (and OUR GUNS just seems to be the ONLY deterrent standing in the way of a tyrannical government “takeover”.) The second amendment is there for a reason and a tyrannical government wanting complete CONTROL over the masses IS that reason.

  • Ron C

    No discussion of the cell phone evidence of shooting at other Casinos…??? No discussion of the taxi cab video that gives audio & visual evidence of multiple shooters…??? No discussion of the Reno residence break in or why their is NO attempt to catch who broke in to steal…what…??? No discussion of why witnesses, nine, have died under strange circumstance…???
    This report is an attempt to sell the FBI narrative that was given the very next morning of the shooting!
    I agree with pappy450.

  • Keith Duff

    Anyone can go on You-Tube and get more truth than we got from this so-called “official” report. They sent out this disinformation not out of humanitarian concern for their citizens, but to cover up the pyramid and Illuminati sick sacrifice that they allowed on their own people.

  • TC

    This sheriff is covering up. There’s no way that Paddock acted alone nor was he in good enough shape to keep firing bump stocks as long as he did. This sheriff should be impeached and indicted for covering up the truth.

  • John E Moore

    Sheriff Lombardo is being instructed by the FBI to produce this false narative, thinking most people will blindly buy this cock and bull story. There are far too many questions unanswered and not one law enforcement official has the balls to break rank and give the public the truth that should be afforded us as US citizens. We will probably never get the truth from any official because of the Deep State and the corruption by the DOJ, FBI and CIA.

  • Wendy Faircloth Norwood

    This was a failed assassination attempt on the Saudi heir to the throne by the Saudi who was passed over for it. One owned the top floors of Mandalay Bay and the other owned the top floors of another casino. The perpetrators escaped via the helicopter that witnesses saw gunfire coming from (they used the service elevator to get there. And yes, there were shooters on the ground. Paddock was a patsy, most likely working for the CIA running guns, that’s where all his money came from. Do some internet searches on this, you’ll be surprised at what you find out.

    • Tim

      Very Interesting Wendy, see your point.

  • Alexander Horvat

    I m very encouraged by the enlightened comments below. Many know that we have been sold a false bill of goods about the Las Vegas shooting. Several of you already know this was a covert operation. The Sheriff is being leveraged and I don’t think he likes it, but he has a family and they would likely be jeopardy if he does not bend to the globalists. The fact that there was a second shooting has been investigated, unofficially. Get this out to anyone who will listen a forensic sound analysis by Mike Adams at : Adams is also very involved with health options and how frequency is involved with that. A lot to learn from this guy, check it out.