Latest Poll On “Assault Riffles” Shows Hope

A recent poll released last week shows that support for banning “assault rifles” has changed over time, waning in recent years.

Gallup released the results of a poll taken over the first part of October that found 57 percent of respondents were against a ban on such guns — up eight points since a poll taken last year just after the Las Vegas shooting — while only 40 percent were in favor.

The pollster, which has surveyed the question eight times since 1996, has seen the popularity of such a ban flip, with some 57 percent gauged as in favor of outlawing the guns when it was first posed some 22 years ago in the midst of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

“The current 40 percent support for an assault rifles ban is below the historical average of 47,” said Gallup, pointing out that Americans without a gun in the home were more likely than those with a gun to favor such a ban by a spread of 13-points.

The poll results came the same week that Gallup reported that 61 percent of Americans surveyed are in favor of stricter laws on the sale of firearms, which is down seven points from a similar poll in March, shortly after the Parkland, Florida school shooting which saw a spate of new regulations proposed in several states. Again, partisan differences were observed, with nine out of 10 Democrats in favor of such increases while just three of 10 Republicans were.

Similarly, just three in 10 surveyed voiced support for an outright ban on handguns when polled. What does it all mean when just weeks away from a mid-term election where the polarity of Congress is at stake?

“Current support levels for tougher gun control would tend to indicate the issue would be an advantage for Democrats, though with the recent drop in support for tighter legislation, not to the extent it was seven months ago,” observed Gallup.


  • Alan404

    The question in my mind is, has been and remains as follows. Do those who complain about so-called Assault Rifles actually know what one is? I suspect not, which brings us to another question. What, or who is the source of the misinformation that do belabors the body politic? I submit, in closing, that the following FACTS might perhaps be of interest to some. Winchester and Remington first offered Semiautomatic Rifles prior to WW 1, actually between 1906 and 1908, more than 100 years ago. They still produce them, correct me if I’m in error here. Strange isn’t it how the Semiautomatic Rifle has become, in the minds of some, what is isn’t now, and never was, the Assault Rifle of song and story. Is the earth actually flat, as some still so claim??

    • Mark

      Reminds me of the CA legislator who thought that once a magazine was emptied it could no longer be used because “there were no more bullets in it” 🤣😂🤣😂

      • Terry Butts

        I believe that shows that most of their “gun knowledge” comes from fictional TV programs or Movies where we see just that in nearly every scene where guns are used. They show them just toss them aside when empty that’s if they even bother to show a gun run out of bullets and need reloading.

        • George Cullen

          Always fun to watch movies, especially old B&W westerns or gangster movies where the shootouts with revolvers had 12, to infinity number of rounds. They threw the pistol down after looking at it, when the scene finally called for it.
          That’s how Demoncrats and RINOs learned all they “know” about firearms.
          Most don’t know the definition of sn assault rifle

          • Terry Butts

            I recall one of them that had a scene where the good guy with a six gun magically shot the gun out of the hand of 12+ bandits who instantly surrendered simply because they no longer had a gun to use. While an entertaining movie it was pure fiction and at the time it was originally shown people knowing reality about guns and criminals would have laughed at the way the scene was done.

      • White Trailer Trash

        right about the Magazine part, but wrong state, it wasnt a CaliFOREIGNia politician, it was Representative Diana DeGette from Colorado showing her ignorance and created legislation on a Magazine ban….

        people from all states should pass a proposition and have it placed into the states constitution, that anyone making laws related to firearms first be school in the history, style, usage of firearms and parts… once educated and can show knowledge only then can they make a regulation or to be placed before the voters or legislators to be passed… along with the constitutionality of such bill..

        • Mark

          Thanks for the correction. Seems like CO is more and more like CA

          • Ricky Cherry

            Dope smokin’,slows the thinker down!

          • White Trailer Trash

            Colorado is following the footsteps of CaliFOREIGNia when the lieberals banned high capacity magazines and a judge tossed out the challenge..

    • Terry Butts

      We will find if we actually dig into it that most supporting gun bans know little to nothing about them.

      Those who do know understand that how a gun looks has nothing to do with its legal classification of being an “assault weapon” we also know that even in the nations thought to be the crown jewels of gun control success guns are still used by criminals the only people disarmed were the intended victims of their crimes.

      With reports of criminals arrested for making guns from scrap metal and selling them to others in several states as well as other nations who have nearly if not 100% bans on civilian gun ownership like Canada, Russia, London, china etc. it is clear to anyone who thinks for themselves rather than blindly believing media propaganda that no law past, present or future will ever disarm criminals that gun restrictions are not about public safety as the only target of such laws are law abiding citizens who only use them for legal purposes like sport shooting, harvesting food, and self defense when forced to protect themselves from criminals.

      I believe the statement made by that one anti gun politicians sums up their knowledge of guns being from TV when she actually spouted her belief that the ban on “high capacity” (usually the standard small magazine a gun ships with) magazines would work because the existing ones would “run out and be thrown away” as if anyone would toss a gun magazine in the trash when it was time to refill it. Especially the small 9 to 10 round magazine most semi auto guns came with from the factory that many of these politicians mistakenly seem to think is a “high capacity” magazine.

    • Charles Lord

      I have to agree there is little difference between a semi-automatic Browning BAR hunting rifle, a civilian AR15 or a semi automatic 1911 pistol. Each fires one shot per pull of the trigger, at that point so does a revolver. Assault riles have required special tags since firearms act of 1934, in order to purchase. So what is the poll about a black rifle with a polymer stock vs. gun blue and wood stock. Is it a 5 round capacity vs. 30 rounds. You cannot debate or poll anything if you have not defined terminology.

      • Alan404

        Seems to me that a major mistake that the pro gun side makes on an ongoing basis is allowing the antis to define the terminology, that and it seems to me, failing to call them on their ongoing double talk as with the following. They, the antis keep prattling on about “assault weapons”, while unable or unwilling,perhaps both, to define the terminology they wallow in/

    • Warren Cohen

      Generally, when gun banners discuss a semi-auto rifle ban they talk about “assault weapons” rather than “assault rifles” which under a 1934 legislation (National Firearms Act) are essentially banned due to the assault rifles ability to fire fully automatic (continue to fire as long as the trigger is pulled and ammunition is available) – this is part of the definition of an “assault rifle”. An “assault weapon” is, on the other hand, a figment of a legislator’s imagination and is whatever the legislator thinks fits. This includes a pistol grip, or removable magazine, or bayonet mounting lug, in short, if it looks “mean” then it needs to be banned.

      • Alan404


        If I may, the term Assault Weapon is so broad as to be meaningless. As for Assault Rifle, most people who talk, write about the genre would not recognize one if it walked up and said hello. Of course there others who well know the difference, the Dan Rather types, Dan having spoken of automatic rifles, which are actually Semiautomatic, interestingly with the sound track of machine gun fire in the background. The following thoughts come to mind re so-called journalists. Before writing on ANY technical subject, they should be required to have acquainted themselves with basic technology and terminology involved, possibly with the basic structure of relevant law. If such were the case, there would be a whole lot less “hot air” about.

        • Warren Cohen


        • Juanito Ibañez

          “Assault weapons…are a new topic. The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully-automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons — anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun — can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons. In addition, few people can envision a practical use for these weapons.”
          —Josh Sugarmann, Executive Director and founder of the gun control group Violence Policy Center (VPC), a 501(c3) gun control advocacy group

          Here’s one such “practical use,” Joshie:

          Civilian Marksmanship Program:

          National Matches

          National Trophy Rifle Matches

          Here’s yet another:

          The Exciting Sport of 3-Gun Shooting

    • George Cullen

      You, my most learned colleague, are not incorrect. Those errant in belief that semi-automatic rifles are “assault rifles,” of course because they are painted scarey black, are just as wrong as their number who vociferously and boldly claim the Earth is flat.

      • Alan404

        Such flattery will turn my head.

        • George Cullen

          Hey, those of us that are “right” should defend our super hero colleagues. Wearing our capes emblazoned with the golden R.
          LOL 😂

  • Patrick Feeney

    The Democrats oppose guns. The Democrats advocate letting criminals from Mexico into America! Result? Making American’s defenseless and letting more criminals into America. That’s Liberal Logic!

    • Ricky Cherry

      The Democrats oppose us having guns,ok for them or their body guards!

      • Terry Butts

        Just like when hitler made his law that barred all but direct members or supporters of his party from being armed.

        We all know how that worked out for the disarmed citizens his government used as scapegoats for his nations problems.

  • greg edwards

    ps-90 2″ barrel ASSAULT RIFLE is used by the secret service .how are they going to protect the government personal.our police force uses the ar-15 to protect the people,so what are they to use?