Millions to be Hit Hard by this Coming ‘Entitlements Crisis’

Former Fed Head Alan Greenspan Warns of Massive “Entitlements Crisis” that Nobody Is Talking About… Here’s How Savvy Americans Are Preparing…

On January 29, U.S. government debt surpassed a record $19 TRILLION.

It took over 200 years to rack up the first $1 trillion in debt. But would you believe that Washington has racked up the last $1 trillion of debt in JUST 14 MONTHS?

Deficit spending is parabolic, and it’s destroying the savings of unsuspecting Americans. Former head of the U.S. Fed Alan Greenspan put it simply: “Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth.”

But while the U.S. debt is hurtling toward $20 trillion, there’s another economic time bomb that’s ticking down until it explodes…

This Is the “Economic Time Bomb” Alan Greenspan Worries About Most

Greenspan is warning of a pending “Entitlements Time Bomb.”

The problem, he says, is that welfare programs like Social Security and Medicare are legal entitlements that have nothing to do with real-world economics.

When somebody reaches a certain age, they are legally entitled to benefits – whether the government is able to pay for them or not. And right now, the government doesn’t have the means to pay. Greenspan says…

“I don’t know how it’s going to resolve, but there’s going to be a crisis.”

How can one be so sure about the coming crisis? If you look at the numbers, it’s a mathematical certainty: Since 2010, Social Security has been paying out more than it has collected in taxes. And as millions of Baby Boomers retire, the shortfall gets even bigger.

You Can’t Count on Washington to Address This Crisis

Our elected officials aren’t doing a thing to avoid this fast-approaching catastrophe. Greenspan says:

“Entitlements are considered the third rail of American politics. You touch them and you lose. Republicans don’t want to touch it. Democrats don’t want to touch it. You will never hear one word from either side.”

Since Washington won’t deal with the problem, the U.S. is like a high-speed train flying for a solid brick wall. Upon impact, there will be financial carnage at every level – from big government down to the average retirement account.

Are your savings protected from what’s coming? Do you even know how to prepare?

If you have an IRA or 401(k), here’s one way to prepare (before it’s too late)

To preserve your wealth, Greenspan offers one simple piece of advice: Gold. In short, he says, “Gold stands in the way of this insidious process [wealth confiscation].”

And one of the best ways to move into gold and silver is to convert your IRA or 401(k) into a “Self Directed” Gold IRA.

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Peter Reagan
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  • DonRS

    Social Security and Medicare ARE NOT “BENEFIT PROGRAMS”. They are Government PONZI schemes! When a private industry firm is caught setting up a PONZI Scheme, they GO TO JAIL – PONZI Schemes are ILLEGAL, except when the government does it!

    Once again, government is EXCUSED from their ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES!

    If I got any reasonable interest on the huge amount of SS taxes I paid (including that portion paid by my employers), I could NEVER, in my lifetime, spend all the money accumulated. Similarly, while my medical spending will come close to the amount paid in by me (including that portion paid by my employer), I will still have paid more than I will receive!

    Of course, the government cannot allow any “pot of money” to serve its intended purpose. Legislators tacked on all types of additional benefits to the funds intended for SS and Medicare!

    The fools that keep whining “the SS and Medicare TRUST FUNDS are about to go bankrupt”. WRONG, there are NO SS OR MEDICARE TRUST FUNDS – NONE WHAT SO EVER! When the U.S. Treasury collects SS and Medicare taxes, the money goes into the Treasury’s General Fund. Useless pieces of paper, called “Special Treasury Notes” are issued and placed in a small file cabinet. These “Special Treasury Notes” can ONLY be redeemed by the Treasury. When they are redeemed, the Treasury takes money from the General Fund and spends it on SS and Medicare payments. Where did the actual money go? IT WAS SPENT as fast as it came into the U.S. Treasury – hiding the actual amount of the annual deficit.

    This is just one more government SCAM on the American people.


    “When somebody reaches a certain age, they are legally entitled to
    benefits – whether the government is able to pay for them or not. And
    right now, the government doesn’t have the means to pay. Greenspan says…”

    Well then WHY do they seem to have a bottomless pit of social security/medicare/medicaid money for the massive army of immigrants crossing the southern border. Obama wanted to give EVERY minor aged immigrant a @$17,000 social security check! A mom crossing the border with three kids – $51,000 – WOW
    Why do we NEVER hear the words – WE CAN’T AFFORD ANY MORE IMMIGRANTS!!!???