The NAACP Offers a Solution to the Recent Shootings in NYC – and You Won’t Like It

In the wake of the recent shootings of two New York City police officers, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has issued a press release calling for stronger gun control laws. It also called for greater attention to the problem of mental illness. The group asked that caution be taken in trying to connect the murder of the officers to the local and national anti-police protests that have taken place since the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York, saying:

While some may suggest a causal link between these killings and the recent protests and activism focused on the serious issue of police violence against unarmed African-Americans, we caution against escalating an already tense national state through rumor and conjecture.

This is not the first time the NAACP has taken a position in favor of gun control. In 2003, the group brought suit against 45 gun manufacturers. “The gun industry has refused to take even basic measures to keep criminals and prohibited persons from obtaining firearms,” NAACP President/CEO Kweisi Mfume said at the time, “The industry must be as responsible as any other and it must stop dumping firearms in over-saturated markets. The obvious result of dumping guns is that they will increasingly find their way into the hands of criminals.”

A position statement on the NAACP website says they have:

…consistently opposed various pieces of legislation which will result in the proliferation of guns and gun violence. Specifically, we have opposed and continue to work against legislation which would restrict states’ ability to control who may and may not carry a concealed weapon within their borders, undermine the ability of police to verify the validity of gun permits, and allow gun traffickers to more easily bring illegal guns into their respective states.

Ismaaily Brinsley shot and killed Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu while they were sitting in their police car. The shooter had previously posted on social media about his anger toward police when no indictments were brought against officers in the Brown and Garner cases. It is unknown whether Brinsley participated in any of the anti-police protests.

It should be noted that New York has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the country already in place.

  • joão cezar

    Stupid is as stupid does. The NAACP stopped being a respectable, reasonable organization for helping blacks back in the ’70’s. Up until then, they had a legitimate cause. They were a beacon of education and a standard to be proud of during the turbulent ’60s, but somehow lost their way during the disco era. Now, they are just another group of Liberal whiny babies, wanting to suckle the teat of kindness, until it’s empty, and then demanding even more…

    • glenna mccormack

      Eric Holder should be dumped. The Washington Post should “not” be allowed to dump their newspapers.

      • TheLeftIsWrong

        Holder is the biggest distributor of illegal guns. He distributed more than a thousand guns to Mexican Drug cartels.

        • b4k9zp

          try more than 2200.

        • RICHARD

          Yes and they have yet to prosecute the race batter. I hope when we the people vote a President with Morals and the bible in one hand and The Constitution in the other, This Oreo Racist Bastard is Prosecuted to the full extend of the law. For No One, and I mean No one is above the Law. And if we could Prosecute the President we should For Fueling the Racist movement and for being a Traitor to our Nation !!!

          • TexasProud

            You bet Richard.

    • Al

      Very well stated joao.


      They don’t realize it or just don’t want admit it.
      The Criminals always find a way to acquire their weapons. That’s why they can’t and won’t go through legal means. The responsibil
      Citizens are the ones that go through all hoops and background checks too acquire their permits. So they want to leave the good Citizens of this nation with out defence of their lives and of their families, too all the Criminals& Vultures, which are the ones that break ever law in the books an acquire their weapons illegally. No way says I !!!!

      • James

        If every gun in America was stolen by they government; leaving all law abiding citizens at the mercy of the criminal, crime would escalate beyond belief. They criminal still would have a gun. They would break into armories or attack police and take them!

        • RICHARD

          We both agree, and I believe 85% of all Americans Believe .

      • Francisco Machado

        “Find a way to acquire?” – Holder and company instructed gun sellers to sell to criminals – in massive numbers. The hell with “find a way.” That, in itself, was not only criminal but fatal for a substantial number of people. Prosecution for this? No, but they put through hell someone who is merely transporting a legally owned gun in an automobile. So much for all citizens being “Equal before the Law” or laws against selective prosecution of the laws. If you’re in with the administration, you can appear on television in a jurisdiction in which possession of given magazine is illegal, can even demonstrate it in your hands – and nothing at all happens.

  • jlp5871

    Taking guns away from murders still leaves the murders. Wow about taking the murders out and shoot them.

    • S. Wicks Jr

      Bring back the death penalty for killing anyone (not just the police). And only allow one re-trail and then execute the sentence…… EXecute!

      • worn out 123

        Wanna stop murders? Why not try murdering THEM or, at least, imprisoning them for 40 years, or more, for a (ONE) gun crime.

        • ipsd48

          Why is it nobody thinks twice about killing a predatory dog that bites people………but attack anyone who suggests we should kill the predators in our OWN species?

        • Janice

          Including law-abiders who killed out of affect. They become criminals over-night!

      • Reverend_1

        I have the perfect Oak tree in my back yard.

        • worn out 123

          Let’s reserve hanging for the worst cowards: like the one who deserted his troops that Obungler “saved” at taxpayer expense which, BTW, sent a clear message to terrorists to take hostages, “IT PAYS WELL”.

  • joe haire

    NAAPC stands for “National Association Always Complaining People”. If we can get guns out of the hands of black punks the crime rate would plummet! Your black leader is furthering the racist problems. He has spent your reparation moneys!!

    • Jack Black

      National Association of Always Crazy People!

      • Tedski

        National Association of Alabama Cotton Pickers or National Association of Crispy Chicken Pluckers.

      • ipsd48

        National Association Against Constitutional Principles

        • James


    • Barbara

      That is what O’Reilly has been saying forever!

  • Chief47

    I’ve got a suggestion for the NAACP. Stuff it up your *ss and crawl back under the rock you crawled out from under. Better yet, let’s make card-carrying, unarmed NAACP members the ones who go to people’s houses to try to take their guns from them.

    • Spiritof America

      That’s called thinning the herd,……….. rapidly.

  • Combatvet52

    READ MY LIPS GUN CONTROL IS A STEADY HAND, You still can’t get it through your sick minds to leave the honest law abiding citizens alone, if the liberal judges wouldn’t be so liberal in gun related cases these moron criminals would be locked up.
    These are facts most cases that involve a gun the plea deal is made to drop the gun charges.
    Clean up where it needs to be cleaned.

    • get a life and stop being stup


      • KayO

        Gun owners will be labeled as criminals. If you own a bible, too, they’ll probably sentence you to life in prison with hard labor or just kill you.

        • james

          They are already trying to label us vets as domestic terrorist so this shouldn’t surprise anyone…

          • KayO

            Which most of us know is a big fat lie. We trust in you guys. Thank you for all you have done to protect this nation and our liberties.

          • james

            It was my honor and privledge to be able to serve. No regrets only pride. Above all thank you for your support and millions others like you!

          • henri hoopkins

            Thank you US Navy 60-66

          • I don’t care how they label us vets! I know where we stand and it’s on the foundation of our Constitution.

          • james

            Amen brother!… stand with you shoulder to shoulder!

          • Hildegard Green

            i am very happy to hear that one person still believe in the Constition

          • ny2223jv

            Its a hell of a lot more than one . Former AE2 USN seawolves

          • F15TSGT

            Dittos brother! I know many vets who still stand by their oath they took to the constitution and have never renounced it. The day is coming when the vets will stand in the gap between a tyrannical government and a free people. When that happens I will be in the ranks with my fellow vets, count on it!

          • squeak

            They can label all they want, Majority American people Love, Honor our VETS that gave all they could to protect our Freedom, Constitution, the American people… THANK YOU for your service, HEROES IN MY BOOK !

          • james

            Thank all of you for your continuous support. There are so many of us who don’t. The best thanks is walking up to a man or woman in uniform and shake their hand and say thanks. Get folks to support programs like wounded warriors project and speak up for those you know who cant. And tell those p.o.s. fools that if they like their freedoms they use to be so nasty and vocal with, they too should thank a vet! I make donations when I can to my old unit to help families when loved ones are deployed. TRIPLE DEUCE! “Deeds Not Words”

          • gingergirl

            James, I have read that Wounded Warriors only gives about 30% of their donations to our veterans. Do you know if this is correct? I do all I can on a a limited budget, and hate to think that 70% is going to fund raising and salary expenses. Please (someone/anyone) let me know if you know. Thanks – and THANK YOU to ALL our Veterans – you deserve so much more than you are getting! So many of us love and appreciate you.

          • james

            You know gingergirl, to be honest, I dont know. But there are so many other things folks can do. Donate some time at a V.A. hospital if you’re close enough to help vets get around to their appointments is a great way to give back.

          • Gary

            I used to work for a “fund raising” group like wounded warriors. The STANDARD business model is to play heavily on the sympathy for the group and spend it all on the salesmen, infrastructure, and company owners. In many cases these fundraisers are only required to give 10% to the group they are raising funds for to be IRS compliant. I wouldn’t trust any of them!

          • Richard Olsen

            Donate to Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, or Vietnam Veterans Association. Their national commanders are unpaid volunteers, their expenses are kept to a minimum, and they are devoted to the well being of their comrades. I recently read an article concerning the amounts actually spent on the subjects of various charities. Those cited above and St. Judes Children’s Hospital, the leader of all at 100% to provide free care, are the best. The worst was UNICEF, where only five cents of every dollar contributed is spent to help children. The director’s salary is $1,200,000.00 per year plus expenses, which includes the use of a Rolls Royce auto.

          • james

            thanks for mentioning thse groups too.theres a special place for those other folks. stealing from sick children is a special kind of low.

          • Jim Monk

            Richard.I understand the Salvation ARmy is also a good one.

          • Richard Olsen

            They are. They do not expend a significant amount of donated funds for fund raising activities, and only about 20% goes to expenses. The commander does have a modest salary (about $14K) and a small expense budget.

          • Sue4477

            I just checked on for you, gingergirl. I can only see 2 WW Programs. One is WW FL (my state) which received contributions of $218,800,00.00 in 2013. Only 57.7% goes to the program helping vets. 36.5% goes to advertising. Their EXCESS that went to NO ONE is $76,609,000.00! I don’t contribute to such programs. They need to have at least 85% going to the cause.

            WW Family Support rates better but takes in much less money: 2013 contributions around $3,400,000.00 with most going to the families and a deficit left over.

            Maybe you can find your own state to see the figures. I think you can contribute to any place of your choosing.

          • fog donkey

            Do you have a link for that Ginger? 30% of what I donate each month doesn’t cut it in my book. thanks.

          • fog donkey

            sorry, never mind, I just read what sue typed.

          • brabbie2002

            Give to the DAV or Help Hospitalized Veterans. They truly help!

          • easttexas

            I heard on FOX that Wounded Warriors gives about 74% to Vets.

          • Hildegard Green

            there is nothing wrong with that but wen you live in a bad apartment complex ,you have to have same protection

          • Janice

            I have a Marine vet in my family. I do support the vets who are wounded.

            Yet don’t confuse it with the issue of unnecessary gun-deaths in this non-war-torn country, please. My son does not deserve to be connected with the insane shooting in this country. Darren Wilson or Zimmerman were not acting according to the code of the Marines. They were aggressors, for they pulled the guns first to initiate the fight for the control of the guns. Both Tyson and Mike acted in self-defense and unfortunately got killed.

          • james

            brown actually had a hold of wilsons gun and they were fighting for control it. and zimmerman didnt draw his until after tryvonwas pounding his off the sidewalk.

          • Janice

            Brown reached for the gun, exactly because Wilson drew the gun and held it against him. That is how he got gun burn on his hand. Wilson was the aggressor. Wilson is a victim of the foul climate between the community and the police department. The poor climate should be known to Wilson and he should refrain from using a foul language and be more respectful toward Afro-American residents of Ferguson. It is because of this, Brown was compelled to address Wilson. Then why must he shoot repeatedly as Brown walked away, even when he was down on the floor. An angry face does not justify drawing a gun from his holster, especially he has the protection of the car, being inside.

            Zimmerman was first threatening Tyson with his gun. His words are wholly incredible. Tyson needed to confront him for following and using a foul language against Tyson. Anyone would do that, I would do that too. Zimmerman turns out to be an unsavory character, having the propensity for violence. This bespeaks Zimmerman being the aggressor in the encounter. He could be speaking more nicely, which he did not.

          • coolman11

            Are you talking about George Zimmerman and treyvon Martin?

          • Michael Brown was a vulgar thug and a bully. Days before he was justifiably removed from the gene pool by Officer Wilson he and two companions of his beat a homeless black man and stole his meager belongings. Treyvon Martin was in possession of burglary tools and was in the act of attempting to beat George Zimmerman to death when he too was justifiably removed from the gene pool. The NAACP is a Communist organization and they want to take our firearms because they can’t steal all our property as long as we are armed.

          • Combatvet52

            Proud of your Marine………but you have to change your way of thinking I say again you were never held up and pray that you never have that happen to you it can be very ugly, i was held up twice so i don’t carry a rock with me or a baseball bat.

          • Janice

            Indeed I was held up. You cannot conclude, just because, the guy faked to be holding a gun behind his leather jacket, It was clear to my eyes that it was a finger behind the jacket.

          • Combatvet52

            When i was held up it was not like what happened to you, i had the gun pointed right at my head my military training got me out of two horrible situations also being an Aux Deputy for 10 years.
            I was born into firearms my father taught us very well, and i was an NRA instructor for 30 plus years.
            That’s why i carry hope you can understand that.

          • James

            Odd,dontcha think,considering THEY are the Terrorists.

          • CT

            If that’s your thinking, what should be done to there leader, Obamma!!!!!!!
            Try again!!

          • james


          • Proud US vet/American

            Thanks for your service brother! Served over 22 years in the Army(E-8)when I retired in 2000.
            Never a day goes by that I wouldn’t gladly go back in and stand beside my brothers again!
            All of we vets will be on the front lines in the battle to save our country and Constitution-no matter what the cost may be!

          • james

            Amen and thanks for your service too…

          • peanut butter

            Yeah and the biggest domestic terrorist is our so-called president. Pot lying, and trying to call the kettle black.

          • Janice

            You are both kettle and pot.

          • peanut butter

            And you must be smoking pot.

          • Al

            LOL Yes. Because we were in the military we are dangerous to be coming back into society. These libs/anti gunners are strange people.

          • ElmoS

            The Obama Administration, Attorney General Eric ” These Are My People.” Holder, Al Race Baiter Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other black leaders are causing this problem.

          • Anna

            James, thank you for your service. Our veterans are the ones Americans can count on to help defend this country if we are ever attacked from within our own country. Veterans are Domestic Defenders.

        • Not if we all get the chance to use our fire power to defend ourselves from their tyranny!

        • LaRae Bailey

          exactly what the new surgeon general is going to do

          • KayO

            Unless we all submit questionnaires asking questions about the surgeon general…age, marital status, level of education, transcripts from educational institutions, the results from his most recent mental evaluation, whether or not he has ever shot a gun, whether or not he owns a gun, as well as any and all information that determines if he qualified to make a qualifying decision about our guns.

          • LaRae Bailey

            he is already confirmed, he intends to make gun ownership a mental health problem and will be using our innocent answered questions in a doctors visit as info, our medical records, questions asked by doctors of our kids while at doctors appts, ect.. the is paper trails of everything we do think or say anymore as we gave the govt too much info and power all in the pretext of protecting us from evil but our biggest evil is within….obama, nsa, homeland security, ect

          • KayO

            Then refuse to answer. If enough people rebel, they’ll cave. We have to stop lining up like beggers.

          • Janice

            Problem is too many gun deaths occur in homes. It is definitely a problem with mental health and emotional stability of gun owners.

          • ny2223jv

            Abortion should be legal and RETROACTIVE in your case

          • b4k9zp

            Since guns are not alive, and never were alive, your statement that “too many gun deaths occur in homes of gun owners” is a lie on many levels. First of all, More than 99.5% of all firearms are never involved in any crimes, if you look at FBI Uniform Crime Reports data. Only 1,203,674 violent crimes were committed with all weapons nationwide in 2011. IF one assumed that only firearms were involved in each crime (which is not the case), that means that by the latest estimate of 300 million firearms being available for use in this country, only .401% of all guns are used in any crime. But since only 2/3rds of crimes (judging by homicide numbers nationwide) involve firearms, and many of those violent crimes are committed with the same weapons, less than 0.3% of all firearms were used in commission of violent crimes nationwide in 2011

            Accidental deaths due to firearms have been decreasing steadily in recent years, fewer accidental deaths due to gunfire were less in 2012 than in 2009, when only 0.18 accidental deaths per 100,000 population were recorded.

          • tinkerunique

            The DR. is already the “leak” to gun confiscation. A former police officer had his house searched, guns confiscated because he had VOLUNTARY submission to being depressed after a death in his family. The doctors report stated that he was physically fit and had NO signs of doing harm to himself or anybody else, when the Sheriffs office arrived with a search warrant. That IS part of 0’bummer-care. < Gestapo snitch]

          • ny2223jv

            Don’t answer his questions freedom of speech

          • James Scarlott

            My first question is what gives him or ant Surgeon General the authority to even be involved in gun control. His Job involves sickness & such. guns like cars kill people, however they are only tools. maybe we should ban rocks since the first murder recorded in history was done with a rock Cain rose up with a stone & slew his brother Abel.

          • KayO

            He only has the authority and power that we give him.

          • Janice

            Idiot! Guns are more devastating than rocks and other lesser lethal weapons and should be a concern of national public health. Guns can be regulated, unlike rocks, knives, candle sticks, and your own hands. That is why no ancient history records murder by a rock, unless you mean that famed sling shot by David?

            The Surgeon General and CDC should be concerned with guns, because the murders by guns could be prevented, because most of them are simply due to the presence of a gun itself and are the result of a certain mental illness, one of which is momentary and hyped up paranoia, as exemplified by Darren Wilson and Zimmerman. Much of the gun deaths are due to mental illness. Like the knights anno 1000’s carry a sword, present day gun wearers carry them to prove solely their manhood and virility (that is a slight form of mental illness or emotional instability), nothing else.

          • Jack

            HIP HIP HOORAY,,another one of those who blame the TRIGGER and not the FINGER….

          • Janice

            If the trigger is not there, there won’t be a gun homicide.That is the truth !!! No arguments against it !!!

            You cannot control the finger, but alas the mentality can be manipulated by a gun-hype environment. You need to have guns there in the first place, then you become gun-trigger-happy, then you become a potential murderer.

            Your comment is stupid, lacking knowledge or understanding of the gun-having psychology.

            True people kill with a gun. But more true is, people don’t kill, if they don’t have a gun.
            Gun mentality is a killer mentality.

          • Les Siegel

            After reading your comments I believe you are the idiot. Show me the proof of a homicide commited by a legiminate citizen for killing another person for no reason other than self defense, or to save someone elses life. Please explain to me why ex mayor Bloomberg attended an anti gun rally all (about 12) of his GUN CARRYING body gaurds. I guess he needs protection but we the people dont. TAKE AWAY THE SECOND AMENDMENT AND THERE WILL BE NO MORE AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT. IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME READ UP ON THE HSTORY OF GERMANY PRE WORLD WAR TWO.

          • ny2223jv

            Right on Brother! Liberalism is a mental disorder and Janice is the poster child

          • Robert Myles

            Arguing with idiots is an act of futility

          • Dandyangie

            You madam are a bigger danger than anyone with a gun. Your stupidity will get you or more people killed than guns. And you have to share your stupidity with the world via this blog.

          • ny2223jv

            Maybe you should look at the middle east where people are being beheaded every day you moron

          • b4k9zp

            wrong again, janice. Since guns are inanimate objects, they cannot commit homicides, nor can they die. They do nothing if left alone except rust into uselessness.

            YOu can control the trigger,. That’s the only valid form of “gun control”, and the only form that is not racist from its beginnings.

            I know many people like myself, who have had guns in their homes all their lives and none of those guns have ever committed any crimes, or shot anyone or killed or injured anyone. Your comments are without a doubt driven by your own retarded sexual and emootional maturity, and your own irrational and illogical fear of weapons in general, rather than any legitimate concern for the person who wields such weapons.

            People kill without guns quite often. IN fact, more than 30% of homicides nationwide annually are committed with weapons other than any kind of firearms according to the FBI’s Uniform crime reports, . like knives, swords, axes, pillowcases, ropes, bare hands and feet, fists, clubs of any kind, hammers, rocks, and so on.

            You are lying when you state that “gun mentality is a killer mentality.” Nothing you state about guns has anything but an irrational fear of weapons in general in support of it.

          • james

            How about we just outlaw everything and then once a year we have one night where folks can go batty, nothing is illegal just like in the movie The Purge. I dont normally play the odds but I’d say you wouldn’t make sunrise…

          • coolman11

            You are so wrong on so many levels! I and most level headed gun owners out there are some of the most safety conscious people out there you call me a murder or think I fantasize about blowing someone away I don’t, just because I own a gun, let me tell you something I have no desire to kill anyone, but if I’m backed in a corner und fear for my life the. 40 cal will bite!

          • Janice

            Oh yes, your gun will bite, not you, level headed!

          • tinkerunique

            Guns make killers out of people, just like spoons make people fat.

          • Janice

            Your analogy is wholly inappropriate as how you word it. People do die by guns, but people don’t get fat by using eating utensils. Guns make a murderer out of the shooter, whenever used irresponsibly to kill someone. The word “irresponsibly” is key here. And alas it happens too often that guns were discharged irresponsibly.

          • tinkerunique

            My “analogy is the “politically correct” version of the people who want to make ALL guns a controlled item. WHY is it needed to restrict or register all guns by people that LEGALLY hunt and shoot one for sport ( competitions, etc., where their use is very controlled) ? The facts are that any crook or thug that wants to get a gun CAN do so “on the street. The gun itself is a tool. When USED in a reckless manner, by an ignorant person or a crook, the gun seems to be the BAD item in the whole equation. That is why I said, “spoons make people fat” The same logic applies. IF people really want to KNOW how guns work and are USED by lawful people, go to a gun club meeting or go to a firearms competition. The SAME logic applied when, “A white cop shot a black boy”, that had just robbed a store of some cigars – THEN assaulted a cop INSIDE his patrol car. + a town burned.

          • Bill Birdis

            Jan, you most certainly are one mixed up baby…… Take every gun off of the face of the earth and Ten Minutes later, I’ll SHOOT YOU between the eyes. You have totally no idea of the depth of this subject….. so bug out until you understand just what you are talking about. Remember, ” Between your eyes.”…Bang.

          • b4k9zp

            You are really mixed up. more than 99% of the time, guns are NOT discharged irresponsibly, if at all, despite your lies.

          • p-40-bob43

            b4k9zp You never heard of common sense? I do not care what it takes to have a person checked for mental problems, if he does then he is a walking time bomb. Hell you have to take an eye test when your renew your driver license and take a drivers test before getting your license. You would need a letter from a doctor stating you have normal mental capacity before buying a weapon . If you cannot then you should not own a weapon and also probably no allowed to drive. Why are you making an issue for some common sense rules. There are enough nut cases on the roads , I know I just got my car totaled by a man that has dementia. He hit 5 cars, he should not be driving , God forbid if he had a weapon , his mind was not capable of even understanding what he did. His answer to me was ” shit Happens”

          • ny2223jv

            Janice= The problem. Not the solution

          • brabbie2002

            Actually, if you check your statistics, more people are killed by knives than guns. Guns just make more noise so libtards like you know when one is fired! Let me guess. You have no guns in your home because they will instantly, when you least expect it, jump up and kill you. WRONG! But if someone, like one of ovomit’s sons, breaks into your place with a knife, gun or rock, are you going to talk him to death or just lie there and take your raping, beating, child murder or whatever? Get off your high liberal horse and get a spine! Get these murderous, thieving bast–ds out of the gene pool!

          • Robert Myles

            How do you decide which ‘inanmate object’ should be ‘regulated’? Guns do not and never have loaded on it’s own, aimed on it’s own, or fired on it’s own. Just as rocks do not pick themselves up or any other Tool or item rated by nature or by man. It takes one idiot to do so. Janice since you used the word Idiot I suggest you look in the mirror to see what one looks like

          • Les Siegel

            I wish we could establish a personal relationshp as we agree on so many subjects

          • b4k9zp

            Guns cannot be regulated. Nothing in the Constitution permits any regulation of firearms, and the Second Amendment SPECIFICALLY FORBIDS any regulation of the right to keep and bear arms, which include all the weapons used by the military and police of the day, including knives, swords, nunchuks, and your own hands. Murders were committed with all weapons, throughout history. Including bare hands, fists and feet.

            The first murder recorded in the Bible, Cain’s killing of his brother Abel, is recorded in Genesis chapter four verse eight.

            Guns are inanimate objects, and therefore can neither kill nor be killed. So stating that murders are committed by guns is a blatant lie. And stating that they can die is another one.

            The contention that gun wearers wear guns to prove their manhood or virility is refuted by the large numbers of women and girls who carry firearms regularly for their own defense and the defense of their families.

            Irrational fear of weapons of any kind, like yours, has always been a clear sign of a retarded sense of emotional and sexual maturity. That’s obvious by your claim that Gun wearers carry guns because they want to prove their virlity or “manliness”.

            Darren Wilson was violently attacked by a criminal who had already beaten up one individual, and who was trying to beat up and/or kill Officer Wilson. Officer Wilson was perfectly justified, as shown by the evidence, in shooting Mr. Brown in self defense.

            George Zimmerman, similarly, was being beaten by a younger, taller man, and having his head pounded against a concrete slab when he finally was able to draw his weapon and stop that attempted murder by Trayvon Martin, as the evidence presented in Zimmerman’s trial proved conclusively.

            Despite your lies, neither officer Wilson nor Zimmerman were paranoid in any way.

          • james

            Wow… ummm… don’t know what world you live on but they’ve used rocks for more than a mellinium to kill people. Thats why they called it STONING… and yes they still do it today in Muslim countries…. now put down the dope and take three steps back please.. back away sloooowly…

          • coolman11

            The Boston bombers used pressure cookers how would more regulations on guns stop that?! By the way my wife carries a gun and many others so explain that one, I’m all man and pretty confident but not sure I could take down a gang barehanded or someone with knives guns or any other weapon.

        • Barney Mc Fife

          Is it not amazing that throughout history the maladjusted tyrants have always wanted the same thing. No God, no weapons and all your resources.

        • Barbara

          If we ALLOW obamanos to stay in office this is what you will get! A takeover, disarm us, and bring in thousands of muslims to take over OUR country! They need and want a country! This is why obama does what he does…trying to bankrupt and destroy us to take over! This IS obama’s will to take over! It is said he will put chips in the American people!

        • Barbara

          Government can take books away or other physical possessions but government can’t take our personal relationship with the Lord from us or our prayers to Him!

          • KayO

            They can’t take anything unless we let them.

      • grassfox

        They not only want thugs and criminals to have guns but also all the Al-Qaeda/ISIS terrorists crossing into this country across our open, unprotected borders.

        • Jim

          Hey! When the “party starts” I hope I come across ALL sorts of heavily armed shit-holes. I am syre I will need replenishing. And I hope they have food, water, ammo, lot’s of cash and credit cards and a good 4wd (hopefully F-150 extended 5spd. with a camper) vehicle fully gassed and ready to roll (full size spare would be nice too)….

          • worn out 123

            Best of luck!

        • Alice-Annette Schultz

          If they are muzzies, simply hit them with your ammo dipped in anything ‘pig’, like bacon grease – or you can buy gun cleaner solvent now that has pig fat in it. These ignoramuses are petrified of anything to do with pig hitting them. They can’t go to heaven and can’t get their 72 virgins. Look up what Gen. Pershing did in the Philippines that quelled them for 50 yrs. (and it is NO urban legend – it is fact.) Just make it known to them and there won’t be any trouble at all.

          • Gary

            Really? I know you got to be pretty brain dead to follow Islam but that’s a little over the top. So all you got to do to stop a suicide bomber is be real fast with your squirt gun full of bacon grease and squirt him while he’ doing his “Allah Acba” routine before he hits the switch? While he is freaking out trying to get all the pig off himself then shoot him with lead. So are the Israelis carrying carrying bacon dipped bullets?

          • Alice-Annette Schultz

            Gary, I have lived in the middle east, and the answer to your stupid question is YES! That is all you have to do. Read this and then perhaps we can talk.
            BTW two of my youngest kids had gone into town in Saudi with another family. (We were warned to not allow our kids to be alone because there was so much abduction and the kids being sold into slavery. Furthermore, our girls were cautioned to NEVER be alone because it is an open invitation to be raped!) At any rate, while they were at the open market, the entire group of people, my kids included, were roped off in the ‘suk’ – market place, and made to stand and watch a beheading! Yes, you read that right. Further, there was absolutely NOTHING made of pig, or even ham, bacon, etc allowed in the country at all. Nothing made by Sears or Levi, and no crosses or Christmas trees! Our Christmas tree that year was made from the cardboard boxes our good have been shipped in! Get acquainted with their beliefs before you sound off. Their belief is they cannot enter heaven, nor can they get their 72 virgins if there is anything pig in or on them when they die. They avoid pigs like the plague.

          • Gary

            Lighten up Alice. It’s far from a stupid question. Based on YOUR understanding of Islam- no doubt a poor one as I see you are a Christian zealot- you have the whole Mussy problem solved. According to you they are so afraid of a little bacon grease they will all run and hide under their prayer rugs at the 1st sign of contamination. If this were the case don’t you think the Israelis would have used that against them long ago?

            Hell we could take Iraq and Afghanistan just by establishing pig farms!

          • ny2223jv

            Bless General Pershing. We need more of him not Admirals who cant pilot a ship or Airforce commanders who cant fly a pipercub.Like obozo is putting in command of our military. He fired over 200 of our best generals and admirals.

        • tinkerunique

          Like Killery Cli’ton said when Slick Willy was POTUS, “Only cops and crooks should have guns”. She also tried (Canada’s) socialized medicine, but the legislature actually looked at it before voting on it – THEN threw it out. Pull-Ozi pushed 0-care without it getting read, now we pay for it, or get fined. Pay for it any way / no way out, and the cost keeps getting higher <UNLESS you are an illegal = then it's free.

      • Combatvet52

        Agree with you 1,000% Spot on.

        • Me, as well Vet. 300 thousand guns= the biggest army in the world.

          • Hildegard Green

            but they never fight a war by them selves ,and allways want war going in to countrys were they dont have any reason ,well what is wrong white this ?

          • b4k9zp

            more than 300 MILLION guns. And more than 125 million people nationwide who are willing to admit that they have guns when asked.

      • kerry88

        That is the one point the NAACP wants everyone to ignore. Criminals and those seeking to do violence will still find a way to get guns. If everyone else can’t get guns, then the people of color who have them would be free, with, in my opinion, the approval of the NAACP and other groups like them, as well as their supporters, to do as they please to settle their grievances with the rest of society. Is it my opinion that some of the people of color wish to be those criminals that the NAACP is desiring to not be able to get guns, yes, but they would never agree to that. People of color never do anything wrong, in their view, it’s everyone else. BS, if they can’t self police themselves and live in peace with the rest of society, then what comes their way is what they went looking for. NAACP, control the people of color, and get them to live in peace, that is the BEST objective that organization can have.

        • Hildegard Green

          the naacp is very racist and they want to keep it a live what you would to to save you job

      • buckwheat56


      • Proud US vet/American

        Agree 1000%! There are an estimated 110 million gun owners in America, and estimated to be over 500 million guns of all kinds in private hands today in America. This number is growing daily, and the number of Democrats(the smart ones) is slowly dwindling daily! Many are beginning to see that they were seriously “DUPED” by this President and the DNC. They are turning to the independent side, and starting to slowly see the lies, deceit, and treachery of the Obama SHAM policy for its true self.

      • Bill Birdis

        We need to take those 300 Milion Guns and clean house. Martin Luther King is crying as he see’s what is taking place among the black faces in America.

      • Carl Savant

        The solution to the problem of shootings of criminals is taken from the movie, “Liar, Liar” The solution is taken from the movie “Liar, Liar”. Quit breaking the law, asshole!

    • tinkerunique

      There used to be a MANDATORY 5-year sentence for having a gun during the commission of a crime – over and above the crime itself. Whatever happened to that law ? IF “gun crimes” were sentenced harshly, that might slow things a bit. MAYBE.

      • independent thinker

        That law varies from state to state. It IS supposed to be a federal crime and in many states a state crime for a felon to possess in any way a firearm including looking at one a friend or relative legally owns.

      • b4k9zp

        IIRC, it’s still a law, but never is enforced. The “gun possession” law is plea-bargained out so the crook will be back on the street before the ink on his convicition is dry.

      • Combatvet52

        They never enforce this law, the plea deals are nothing but BS do the crime and you do the time, but there are many liberal attorneys and JUDGES that think otherwise.

        • 2broke

          my neighbor 18 and his new 17 year old friend of his, broke into my home, stole a pistol, took wrong ammo. they parked in front of a credit union, called friends and started passing the gun around. A woman saw what took place called 911 and reported maybe a bank robbery in progress.. meanwhile I came home and notice my bedroom closet door open.. thinking my mother stopped by did laundry. went into family room noticed the sliding screen door open, then I went to the garage looked in and noticed the side door open. went back to the bedroom and that’s when I noticed things moved around and the gun gone. called 911 reported it missing and burglary, the 911 operator told me a deputy would contact me. this took place in a matter of 5 minutes. the phone rang about 15 seconds later and a female deputy told me they caught the guys already and one was my neighbor.. well I knowing the boy next door, I wrote letters to the Judge, DA and his lawyer stating he is a good kid and got mixed up with the wrong person, if anything probation and house arrest would be warranted and that is what he got.. he was looking at 5 to 10 years in prison.. the other kid was waiting trial for 5 burglaries as those were in 2 different counties.. they both were charge with Burglary, possession and theft of a firearm, in possession being under age.. the 17 year old got 3 years for all the burglaries and stealing of the gun which is 5 year sentence by itself.. stolen money Collectable coins, I got back the money in the form of cash equivalent not collectable value.. my pistol minus the bullets taken, I was told I had to pay $10 to do a background check to see if I can own a firearm and a 10 day waiting period for cooling. I told the deputy, I do own other pistols and rifles, so the fee and waiting period and back ground is just B.S… when she plugged my name into the database, I was told to come in and pick it up. there is something in the database tied to my name, the possibility of military and government work I did..
          just goes to show you the judge didn’t follow the law, this kid should have gotten locked up under California Youth Offender law for 8 1/2 years till he was 26.. beings he is under age, he could have his felony scrubbed or reduced to a lessor conviction.. instead DA tried him as an adult and judge gave him a lessor sentence.. my neighbor told me the kids parents never once showed up for any of the hearings or sentencing.. it cost my neighbor $50,000 for bail and another $25,000.00 for lawyer.. the thing of it is, neighbors son told the kid it wasn’t a good thing to do but went along with the ride so to speak. when they did get caught the neighbor spelt his guts to the cop immediately..

          • Combatvet52

            Some people will never learn and the judges are to liberal.

      • Alan404

        I believe that such is still the law in PA. Unfortunately, the law has been and remains unenforced in PA.

      • Proudvietvet58

        With all due respect, that was a good idea on paper but, a nightmare in reality. Cops and some judges took the law to extend to those of us who have never been in trouble of ANY kind, rolled through a stop sign with a pistol in our vehicles for self protection and, the cops started arresting people left and right as a “Rolling Stop” was a “CRIME”. I was not one of them but, had a couple of my friends have their lives RUINED over this exact example!

      • wapitihunter

        The law is still in effect but there are two sets of laws. One for us and one for black racist.

      • James

        How about this-if you use a gun to commit a crime,you’ve signed away ALL your “human rights”,and the cops or armed witnesses have every right to slay you where you stand. THAT’S Justice,because you were warned.

    • Janice

      How come a lot of gun homicides occur in homes of “law-abiding citizens” more often than by the moron criminals. This phrase turns out to be very shallow and BS for the sake of improper interpretation of the Second Amendment. They lost their “law-abidedness” as easily as their temper?

      • james

        Because alot of the moron criminals are breaking into law-abiding homes and suffer the result of their stupidity. Just like you suffer from dumbassness…

        • Janice

          You moron misunderstood my comment. The homicides in homes are committed by family members, not by criminals breaking into homws. Almost all B & E crimes are gun-less and non-violent. You don’t need a gun to overcome an intruder. Noise from your side will drive them to flight. At worst, a baseball bat or your own fist will do.

          • Combatvet52

            I can see you were never held up……pray you never will, i was almost born with gun in hand and that’s where it’s been for the past 82 years my military time had nothing to do with it, i served my country when needed.

          • b4k9zp

            Wrong again, janice. That so called “fact” is a lie. You prove that you know it is a lie by calling those with whom you disagree “morons”.

            Nothing you state has any validity, for breaking and entering crimes are nearly all violent in nature. You do need a gun to stop an intruder armed with a gun, baseball bat or any other weapon, including knives.

            A baseball bat or one’s own fists only work if the home owner outweighs the intruder, the same age or younger than the intruder, is physically fit, is fully awake and aware, and has some training in some form of martial arts, like boxing or jiu jitsu.

      • let justice roll

        The overwhelming number of homicides committed with a gun are gang related and a large percentage of those are black on black murders. Those facts can be verified by checking the FBI’s 2012 report on violent crime in America. The report confirms that States that allow citizens to own guns for their own protection have less violent crimes perpetrated against “law abiding citizens”. That’s no BS, that’s the facts.

      • Ikinitse

        You have the statistics backwards, Janice. The majority of gun crimes are not in homes, but in businesses and by those who prefre to break the law as opposed to follwing it to the letter. And as for your comment that my arsenal is dangerous to my friends, it is quite the opposite…the danger is to those who are not and don’t want to be my friends. If they attempt a break in at my address, one thing for sure..there will be an upgrade in the gene pool by the deletion of one dead criminal! More if their friends accompany them!

        • Janice

          No, No, No. Gun deaths are just because of the presence of guns. You have the motivation backwards. First you have a gun, then you learn to like clicking it, then you kill with it, sometimes only on a slight provocation. You don’t improve your gene-pool by killing gun-toters, but worsen it. You are killing yourselves. Your view of humanity is quite primitive by many 1000 years backwards, away from the Christian humanity. Remember, you don’t shoot at your enemies only, but your friends too, often even them before you shoot at an enemy.

          • Paul Grivas

            Janice I have a sign in my front yard that states “THEIR IS NOTHING IN HERE THAT IS WORTH LOSING YOUR LIFE OVER”

          • Janice

            I know, you don’t have it in your front yard. Such a terrible orthography and embarrassing to you in your neighborhood! Plus the sign indeed invites in the same way to saying “I have no money to a robber”.

            Stooopid you are! Your reply does not reply to my posting at all !

          • Paul Grivas

            Oh Lady you are so wrong I do have it in my front yard right next to my front door. I’m giving them a Warning, Money isn’t the only important object in my home in fact it’s the lease important thing that I possess my family is much more valuable to me.

          • Ikinitse

            If shooting at my enemy is bad. then having him shoot at you is not? You are obviously a head-full-of-crap liberal. Guns do kill people, but only people who have crime/murder/theft on their minds use them to that extent. If you truly believe all this sh—tuff you are spouting, then go down to Harlem or S.E. Washington DC, or the south side of Chicago wearing high fashion clothes, a big purse and driving a fancy car, and tell the police to not bother protecting you. Remember that when seconds count, the police are moments away. Then after you are mugged/raped/robbed, perhaps you will begin to understand the need for weapons of self defense. By then, it may be too late for you though since you are convinced that they are weapons of the devil. Remember too that the reason police carry guns is for self defense, more than the defense of others.

          • b4k9zp

            Wrong again, Janice. For Guns DON’T DIE! They are inanimate objects and cannot be killed, ignorant one. You have the facts wrong. You have no factual evidence to support any of your claims. The one study you appear to be citing was refuted by peer reviewers, f or it was of a single family that was made up of convicted felons, drug pushers, burglars and the like, in Seattle Washington. And the only criteria for successful stopping of a home invasion that the “researchers” used was the killing of the home intruder, which does not reflect reality, for most home intruders are run off by a resident’s merely appearing with a firearm, and without any shots being fired. IOW, your claims have no support in reality.

            Nothing you state about guns has any validity. For

      • Combatvet52

        Check all the results before you comment as far as the little two year old that shot his mother it was her carelessness her gun had to be in the cocked mode, if a revolver is not cocked it has a very hard trigger pull,
        if it was a double action pistol and cocked that’s when it’s softer on the pull, theres no way a two year old can
        do a 3 or 4 pound trigger pull got to be an exceptional kid with HULK strenth so to speak, you know for a fact that most murders are among blacks look at Chicago.

        • Janice

          Results do not matter here and can judge against you and in favor of gun restriction. You simply have a gun-toting mentality by having been in the military.

          Why must the mother have a gun in her purse and bring it to the store? Cocked or uncocked that does not matter in this consideration. Carelessness is part of human nature. You cannot prevent it. Only a gun reduction program can help to reduce any form of gun deaths.

          Well, where was the danger in a store? Did she have too many enemies for having committed unsavory acts to be afraid of? She is dead unfortunately, precisely because the gun was in her purse! Many gun deaths occur in homes, committed by family members. Now it is that 2-year toddler, saddly. Hopefully, he will be taken care-of by a more sensible person than this gun-toting mother, free of NRA nuts.

          • Paul Grivas

            Four months ago My Wife saved herself because she was armed while shopping at Walmarts Thank GOD she didn’t have to use it but the ass hole only had to know that she was armed HE CHANGED HIS MIND

          • Janice

            Any obnoxious person would retreat immediately upon a proper no-gun behavior anyway. No big deal! I encountered similar situations and overcame them without showing a gun.

            You are a joke!

            Your wife could be killed by a cop in the same store in Ohio who killed Tamir. This stupid cop would think your wife is a danger to his life.

          • b4k9zp

            Most “obnoxious” people will continue to harass and assault people they believe are disarmed by stupid laws and will not stop unless they are driven off or shot by a law abiding citiizen.

            Tamir drew what looked like a real gun and pointed it at the cops when told to freeze. That’s what got him killed.

            The woman who was shot accidentally by her kid would not have pulled the gun from her purse if told by a police officer to “Freeze”. And the police officer would have had no reason to tell her to do that in the first place because she was lawfully minding her own business. Something you refuse to recognize in your hatred and fear of weapons in general.

          • Paul Grivas

            Boy you just don’t get it do you, THERE wasn’t a COP around she was by her self HE thought she was an EASY MARK BUT FOUND OUT DIFFERENT this is just one instance when the present of a GUN prevented a crime from happening. If you choose to be a victim then by all means be one that is YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT, that I and thousand of others have fought and died for But my Wife and myself

            and countless others choose not to be and that also is our GOD GIVEN RIGHT THAT I AND THOUSAND OF OTHERS HAVE FOUGHT AND DIED FOR, it’s time lady to get your head out of the sand and that a good look at the real world around you it’s a real BAD place nobody going to save your ass but yourself. The
            Police have no responsibility to protect the individual just the population as a hole. You have the sole responsibility for your own safety and that of your Family if you think you can do that using spit balls or kind words Lady go for it I wish you all the Luck in the World you’re going to need it

          • Combatvet52

            (gun-toting mentality) my military time has nothing to do with it but i was good enough to protect your liberal back with my life on the front line, i was raised with guns and taught how to respect them as well, as far as danger it’s all around us every day you must be in a fog.
            Good enough to serve my country but not to defend myself against the career criminal who breaks into homes and kills and rapes most of the times for the stinking DRUGS that these bags are on.
            Lady you were never held up, and trust me i hope you never have that experience, i was twice and it wasn’t pretty at all…… stop hating the gun owner that’s trying to protect his or her life and property.
            Happy New Year stay safe.

          • b4k9zp

            WHy should she not be able to have a gun in her purse and take it where ever she wanted to go? Because she is a woman with a child, she is especially vulnerable to rapists, a former spouse or lover who is abusive, or just someone who wants the money in her purse, like anyone else.

            Nothing you state about most gun deaths occur in homes committed by family members is truthful, for the only study that reputed to show that was refuted multiple times, and even its authors stated at the time that its data were not meant to be applied generally across the nation, because they admitted the one family they “studied” was made up of criminals,, not law-abiding citizens, as you claim.

            The two year old kid’s dad is probably an NRA member himself.

            Your hatred of “NRA nuts” shows you know that you have no facts of any kind whatever, nor any possible or conceivable form of logic, thinking ability or reasoning ability to support your hoplophobic, irrational anti-gun opinions.

      • b4k9zp

        Guns are not the victims of homicides, despite your repeated lies on the subject, janice. Second, most homicides occur, not in the homes of law abiding citizens, but on the streets of democratic party controlled racist cities where the law abiding citizens (the only ones who obey laws prohibiting the possession of firearms in some locations) are prohibited by idiotic gun control laws passed by people like you, from having any means of self defense. Criminals kill each other, because they know that their prey is generally disarmed by such laws.

        You are a liar. and have no facts whatever to back up your ridiculous, hoplophobic claims.

        The only “improper interpretation of the Second Amendment” is by you and your anti-gun colleagues.

    • kerry88

      Perhaps the best “clean up” for those who feel the world owes them a good living at the expense of everyone else, and any act of violence they choose to pursue should be just fine for them, with no action against them, would be a few grains of copper jacketed lead to make a new hole where there was not one before, in a vital area of the body. There are some states with a stand your ground, and self defense laws that allow the state citizens to defend themselves. I am certain that such groups as the NAACP oppose these laws in these states because that would mean that anyone, who puts the property own at risk of their life, can be shot. Obviously the NAACP and groups like them do not like this because they see that as unfair to those wishing to get what they want, to do anything they want to other people, and have no fear of being shot at in the process of committing their actions. Might this mean that the NAACP supports criminal actions by people of color toward other people? Depends on your point of view. For the people of color, in no fashion can they do anything that is wrong, or in any way illegal. It’s the other people who disagree with them, and in states where the home owner can protect themselves, the NAACP does not want this, because it endangers the people of color. Hot lead can serve as both deterrent, and cleansing agent. It’s a different kind of Comet, for cleaning.

      • Combatvet52

        Spot on kerry88 Hot lead is a very cleaning agent 100%.

    • squeak

      Of course the NAACP want less guns to be had, it would make their party’s agenda easier to win if necessary… as usual they want us dependent on them, control ALL of us… NO way in hell will we Americans give up our RIGHTS to owning a gun, We have our guns, love our guns, will use our guns if need be, PERIOD !

      • Combatvet52

        I’m with you Squeak


    Bureaucrats don’t enforce the current gun laws, so why would they do any better with more laws? The only thing that would happen would be the conscientious citizen would give up their guns. Of course that will make us all safer. Seems that Gruber is right we are a country of stupid people.

    • Combatvet52

      (conscientious citizen would give up their guns.) not without a fight my friend……….

      • Al

        I’m passing through NY on the way to Florida this month. I’ll be packing. I’m a good guy with legal guns. Not a criminal.

        • conservative since 1962

          I’ll pray that you make it through that state which has a zero tolerance of armed private citizens!

          • Al

            Thank you conservative since 1962.

        • Combatvet52

          A word of advice my friend obey all traffic laws please don’t get stopped it can be hell, be very careful going through Jersey and Virginia, if you should go through Pa. also watch yourself, when i drove down back in 1998 i called every State Police Barracks and ask them if there are any problems, their answer OBEY THE LAWS if for some strange chance you do get stopped do as they say both hands on the wheel
          and all should go well, my friend Charlie was driving through Jersey was stopped for a traffic violation he was carrying he was stuck for two days before being released.

        • Howard Terry

          Welcome here AL

          • Al

            Thank you very much Mr Terry.

        • chilitom

          Neither NY nor NJ abide by the Federal law that says you can go from a friendly jurisdiction to another friendly jurisdiction, etc. NY is worse, They arrest you and put you in jail. You can use the Federal law as an affirmative defense. Months and dollars later. NJ will lock you up but a good lawyer will get you out without going to trial. Both states are in glaring violation of the law but it is hard to take on am entire state. And you will probably never see the weapon again. These things, especially a good gun like an H&K, somehow disappear. Oh, ever wonder where ‘drop guns’ come from? Or how come cop’s spouses and parents are so well armed?

          • Al

            Yes, you are right chiliton. I’ll be careful not to get anyones attention.

        • Combatvet52

          Al forgive me welcome to the Sunshine State been here for 17 years could not take NY any longer with all the parasites that are running it.

          • Al

            Thank you friend. You are correct. I’ll be a guest of my ex wife for a while. It’s so nice down there.

        • John P

          NYC ism the worst on Guns. This has been done since the Sullivan Law, written to prevent citizens eliminating corrupt politicians. Too many politicians met their maker sooner than expected.
          I suggest that you hide your gun(s) in your luggage so that a casual inspection will not show any weapons.
          In Florida it is relatively easy to get a concealed carry permit. I suggest you get one if you do not already have one. All you need is a clean record and take a one day course usually an NRA type.

          • Al

            Thank you friend. I’m hoping I’m covered by the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act. 926c. Also an NRA member type. LOL. Retired here. Thank you again for your GOOD advice.

        • Janice

          Why must you carry a gun? No need at all. I travel a lot and never felt a need to carry a gun. Chances are good, you will shoot an innocent person. Your gun cannot prevent a crime. The crime of theft can happen to you.

          My life was saved in D.C. in the 60’s, because the teenagers who attempted to rob me did not carry a gun. I was able to fight back.

          • Al

            No need for me to carry? Whew. You saved me a lot of trouble . Thank you. Thank you so much for making me wiser. I have never shot an innocent person. That’s after all those years on the police dept. My firearm has prevented crime and that was an off duty incident. You have been lucky with all your traveling and never been a victim. I’ll bet you’ve had a few fender benders driving your vehicle. Don’t carry if that’s your choice. My choice is to be armed when I feel the need. The crime of theft can happen to you. (where did I hear that one?) I was approached by a couple of unsavory men who asked me to follow them as they could take care of a large scrape I had on my door. I asked how much and reached for my wallet exposing my revolver. They changed their mind saying they didn’t have the right color paint after all.

          • Janice

            You easily could be a Darren Wilson or Zimmerman in Florida. A fake gun would be safer for you. But beware of the mistake by a cop that killed the kid Tamir in Ohio. And what about this toddler who killed his mother in a store. All these do not have a need to use a gun.

            I do have some fender bender, but I don’t use a gun to take revenge against the guy who hit my car carelessly. You can prevent a crime much easier without a gun. That happens in Europe. The British patrolman don’t carry a gun and there are less gun deaths among the law-enforcement personnell in U.K. than in the U.S.

          • Al

            You are very unknowledgeable. Darren Wilson was punched and Mike Brown was trying to take his weapon. You would rather the cop didn’t defend himself? You liken me to Geo. Zimmerman? G.Z. was tailing T.M. and is a murderer. Not a legal kill. TM was defending himself. GZ got away with murder. I don’t carry a gun in my purse but in a good holster that only allows me access. The mistake was made by the young guy who had a realistic non-lethal pistol and the cop was defending himself. If it was real the cop would have been dead. I’d call you a senile old lady but I’m about your age so I won’t. Your priorities are messed up though.

          • Janice

            Your knowledge is tainted about Mike Brown in Missouri. He was defending himself when he saw Darren drawing his gun. That explains the skirmish at the car window and the bruised face of Darren. But it does not explain the murder afterwards! Pure murder! No self defense was called for to justify the multiple shootings, even M.Brown’s staggering surge forward at 145 feet distance just before his death. Like Zimmerman, Wilson had absolutely no justification to continue shooting after knowing for sure that Mike Brown was unarmed and already wounded. There was no indication for self-defense on his side whatsoever. As to the kid in the toystore: Talking with the kid would have clarified the situation. It was the cop’s stupidity not to be able to recognize the toy-nature of the kid’s gun, especially in the toy department of the store. It was his trigger mentality that was at fault, pure. The cop has to live with the Kain’s branding of a murderer on his forehead for the rest of his life. Sadly!

            Guns don’t make mistakes. They either kill or miss a target. People, including law-abiding and law-enforcement ones, do make mistakes with guns. We cannot control their mistakes 24/7. That is the problem. Having no gun in their hands, they don’t make lethal mistakes.

            It is a matter of judgment, which you lack. Would you exercise better judgment than these three jerks ? I just hope, you do. However, I rather feel safer if you walk gunless, holstered or not, as I am too. That is much better for the society.

          • Al

            You didn’t see the video of Mike Brown roughing up the store clerk after stealing from the store? So much for you taking his side. I’ve come to the conclusion that you are just stupid reading your responses. You would have the police go fight crime without a handgun and the criminals have them. You are too thick headed to waste my time posting to you.

          • b4k9zp

            Wrong, Brown assaulted Wilson before Wilson ever had a chance to draw his gun, AS PROVED BY THE PRESENCE OF BROWN’S BLOOD on Wilson’s holster and steering wheel. And the fact that the shots fired were fired inside wilson’s car.

            As to Tamir’s death, the boy ;pulled his gun from his waistband when told to freeze by the officers, and pointed it at the officer. he was shot because he didn’t obey the officers commands.

            Zimmerman only fired one time, Janice. So your comparison is utterly invalid.

          • b4k9zp

            Your statements about Zimmerman are not supported by facts, Al. Zimmerman was returning to his car when trayvon martin viciously assaulted him, knocking him down, and began pounding his head against the sidewalk. Trayvon Martin, like Brown, was trying to murder the other man, as the EVIDENCE in the Zimmerman trial showed, and the EVIDENCE in the Grand Jury investigation of Michael Brown’s death showed. Both Zimmerman and Wilson were able to stop those murderous attacks on themselves by men who were much bigger than themselves only because they were armed. George Zimmerman, despite your lies, did not get away with murder, because the EVIDENCE presented in his trial clearly supported his story.

          • Al

            My lies you say? Since when is an opinion a lie? You only have GZs word that he was going back to his truck. The juries decision is their opinion also. You believe GZ is a nice guy but look at the news he has been making as of late. He also brags about his killing. Sweet fellow. If you had someone tailing you , you would not be pleased as TM wasn’t with GZ.

          • b4k9zp

            Darren Wilson was violently assaulted by a much larger man than himself, who tried to take his holstered sidearm from the officer while the man was in his car. The presence of Brown’s blood inside Wilson’s vehicle proved that. Wilson responded properly and any rational person in the same fix would have tried to do the same thing as Wilson did.

            The same thing happened with George Zimmerman. He was acting as a neighborhood watch when his suspicions were aroused by suspicious activities on Trayvon Martin’s part. Zimmerman did try to find where Martin had gone, when asked by the 911 dispatcher, but could not find him, and was returning to his car when Martin viciously assaulted him, knocking him to the ground, and began pounding his head against the sidewalk. It was only then, when he clearly believed his life was endangered, that he pulled is legally carried firearm and fired one shot, stopping Martin’s murderous attack.

            The kid named Tamir was waving what looked like a real gun around and pointing it at passersby for several minutes, long enough for at least one of those passersby to call 9-1-1 and get the police. When the police finally showed up, the kid had put the gun in his waistband, and when the cops rolled up, he turned, drew the weapon and pointed it at the police, despite being told to stop in his tracks. The ;police were given no choice but to shoot him, because they couid not take the chance that Tamir was not armed with a real gun.

            You know nothing of the woman who was accidentally shot. You claim she had no need to carry a gun to a store. You are a liar. She felt she had a need and you have no right to question her reasoning.

            Again and again, the EVIDENCE in both cases showed that any rational person in the same situation as either Officer Wilson or George Zimmerman would have feared for their life, and taken lethal action to stop the crime.

            Again, there are ZERO gun deaths in the USA every year, for guns cannot die-they were never alive in the beginning. Murders of UK citizens have shot up by more than 37% since the UK instituted its draconian gun bans. Citizens killed by beheading,or with clubs or fists or feet, or with swords and knives are just as dead as those killed with firearms, ignorant one.

          • b4k9zp

            Who are you to say that another person has no “need” to carry a gun or not? You aren’t the dictator of the world.

            Your claim that if you carry a gun the chances are good that you will shoot an innocent person is a blatant lie. Your claim that “you were able to fight back” because the teenagers who attempted to rob you didn’t have a gun” is so much BS. They just didn’t want to kill or rape you. Just rob you. I doubt you were ever able to fight your way out of a tissue paper bag.

      • Howard Terry

        And they would still keep their firearms. because WE would win that fight.

        • Combatvet52

          Absolutely no question about it.

    • Ikinitse

      Another Kool Aid addict heard from! And as far as you are concerned, Gruber IS right about stupidity! Get those citizens without a conscience to turn in their guns..maybe then we wouldn’t have a 2nd holocaust! Oh, yes, there was a lot of gun control under Hitler. Current day? Look at Australia…big time conscientious gun owners turned in their guns, and now gun-related crime has skyrocketed amongst those who did NOT turn theirs in to the government! You must be double-jointed, Don…only way to stick your head up your own ass!!!

      • Combatvet52

        Australia guns owners are crying because they turned their guns in………..not in this country i was good enough to carry a rifle and a 45 Colt to fight with to defend this country I’ll be dipped if i ever were that stupid to turn them in
        100% legal all my life.

        • Ikinitse

          Personally, I think you are underequipped, Combatvet52! I too have the .45, but also the .308, .30.30, 16 ga, .22 and CO2 x 3. All the way from 500 yards on in! And trying to get my hands on a Metal Storm…16,000 9mm rounds per second…anyone wanna play against that kind of fire power?

          • Combatvet52

            I only mentioned two items i have lots more, you sound good with what you have..God Bless.

          • Ikinitse

            Thanks, I try…and then there is the sign on the front door….
            THERE IS NOTHING WORTH DYING FOR IN THIS HOUSE…Certified by Mr. .45, Mr. 308, etc…

          • LastGasp

            Lol, all it takes is one .338 Lapua from 1000 yds. 😉

          • Ikinitse

            Last gasp, you are talking about a finite enemy. I am talking about annhilating ISIS in about 30 seconds. One .338 won’t do that…unless of course you have an explosive device in the midst of their forces!

          • Janice

            OK, good luck, go to Iraq or Syria and try to do what you just promised. Good riddance!

          • b4k9zp

            Why do you hate others, janice? Because you cannot best anyone in any discussion, but have to make up lies about guns dying, when that is impossible?

          • LastGasp

            Get rid of the head and the body dies. Who built and continues to fund ISIS? Who is funding and employing the Muslime Brotherhood? Who thinks the Muslime call to prayer is the most beautiful sound in the world?

          • chilitom

            What do 16,000 rounds of 9mm weigh? Cost? How much space do they take up in the bureau drawer?

          • Ikinitse

            CT, not nearly as much as the weight of the ISIS members you can mow down in 2-3 seconds!

          • Janice

            Go to Iraq and make good use of your armory. They are useless in your home and are danger to your folks, given your delusions in your statements.

          • b4k9zp

            what a blatant lie on your part. Nothing you state has any factual evidence in support of your lies, as usual.

        • Al

          Thanks for serving Combatvet52. I agree. Vet here too.

          • Combatvet52

            And to you as well my Veteran brother…… Korea 52/53 Mortar Co Army.

          • Al

            USN 61-65. USS J. K. Taussig DE 1030 Nam era vet. Cuban Missile Crisis. God Bless you friend.

        • LastGasp

          With you all the way!

          • Combatvet52

            So it’s you and I and about 100 million other gun owners, if we ever gave in we would be chopped liver.

          • LastGasp

            A patriot would never give in, so I’m not too worried. My oath and my honor have never faltered. When the time comes, I’ll be there.

          • Combatvet52

            I have no such intentions either we must band together against this deadly disease of anti gunners.

        • Howard Terry

          I killed for OUR Constitution and now some dip stick says I can not defend my family now ? Rest assured I will if I have to use any means possible to defend my family now
          U.S.M.C. 7/15/42 to 7/15/46 “DON”T TREAD ON ME”

          • carlcasino

            Semper Fi!

          • Combatvet52

            I’m with you, my brother served in the Pacific three and half years Army, I was in combat in Korea 52/53
            My guns stay with me always since i was 10 years old, the dip sticks have to be enlightened the hard way.
            Thanks for your service brother Vet.

    • pleazzer

      You are not to good with facts are you? The stats show where there are gun owning states there is less crime. In restricted gun areas there is more crime. So your answer is not only wrong but does not bare out the stats and would only allow MORE CRIME. It is the lack of morals and family’s that break up that has a more pervasive

      cause. That is in fact in line with the stats.

    • Tom Wittlief

      Really about your use of “conscientious citizen would give them up” which implied somebody who didn’t would be a Non-conscientious citizen. Hey, “If it Can be misunderstood, it Will be misunderstood”. I mighta’ been guilty of the same, maybe, a time or two.

    • john gregson

      some folk are so incensed they are not able to recognize sarcasm

      • Al

        That would be me John. (snicker)

        • john gregson

          Yeh, sure!

          • Al

            Really. I miss sarcasm at times.

    • get a life and stop being stup


      • Somekindofpatriot

        They are especially stupid in D.C.

        These are actual quotes taken from the late Mayor Marion Barry, of Washington, D.C.

        “The contagious people of Washington have stood firm against
        diversity during this long period of increment weather.” — M. Barry,
        Mayor of Washington, DC

        “I promise you a police car on every sidewalk.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

        “If you take out the killings, Washington actually has a very very low crime rate.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

        “First, it was not a strip bar, it was an erotic club. And second,
        what can I say? I’m a night owl.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

        “Bitch set me up.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

        “I am clearly more popular than Reagan. I am in my third term.
        Where’s Reagan? Gone after two! Defeated by George Bush and Michael
        Dukakis no less.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

        “The laws in this city are clearly racist. All laws are racist. The
        law of gravity is racist.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

        “I am making this trip to Africa because Washington is an
        international city, just like Tokyo, Nigeria or Israel. As mayor, I am
        an international symbol. Can you deny that to Africa?” — M. Barry,
        Mayor of Washington, DC

        “People have criticized me because my security detail is larger than
        the president’s. But you must ask yourself: are there more people who
        want to kill me than who want to kill the president? I can assure you
        there are.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

        “The brave men who died in Vietnam, more than 100% of which were
        black, were the ultimate sacrifice.” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington,

        “I read a funny story about how the Republicans freed the slaves. The
        Republicans are the ones who created slavery by law in the 1600’s.
        Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and he was not a Republican.” — M.
        Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

        “What right does Congress have to go around making laws just because
        they deem it necessary?” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

        “People blame me because these water mains break, but I ask you, if
        the water mains didn’t break, would it be my responsibility to fix them
        then? WOULD IT!?!” — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

        “I am a great mayor; I am an upstanding Christian man; I am an
        intelligent man; I am a deeply educated man; I am a humble man.” — M.
        Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

        It says a lot about our country when men like Barry can be elected Mayor of the capitol.

        • Al

          Somekindofpatriot. Good post friend. Except for the killings the crime rate is low. LOL He was a funny guy.

    • LastGasp


    • b4k9zp

      Gruber is right in that DEMOCRATS are stupid people. And the NAACP is stupid for kowtowing to the party of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, hatred, ignorance, bigotry, racism, and Jim Crow laws–the Democratic party.

    • Janice

      And those are gun-toting people in most cases. The stupidity is shown clearly by the racist comments here.

      • b4k9zp

        Racism is shown by those of your like, janice. For all gun control laws trace their roots to the racist Jim Crow Laws passed by DEMOCRATS in the Reconstruction South, and the Black Codes passed by Democrats in the pre War Between the States South, to keep blacks from having firearms with which they could protect their rights. That is the only real purpose of gun control laws–to control blacks and other minorities, for they surely don’t work to increase gun safety or control crime.

  • kds

    It is their people that are doing the killing. STUPID LIBERALS.

    • Combatvet52

      kds their to stupid to see that

      • kds

        Also blind to the color.

        • Combatvet52


  • stags43

    This is nuts. New York already has some of the most strict gun control laws and it doesn’t help, criminals will always get the guns.
    The law abiding person is not the one that is doing all this and the criminals always have ways to get the guns they want from other criminals. The good guy does not need to be controlled any more. Go after the gangs, the known criminals not everyday people who have the right to own their guns.

    • Combatvet52

      I agree with you 100% you can go up on the Empire State building and keep telling the morons till your blue in the face
      my guns are not bothering anyone and they want to take them away when they try TSWHTF

    • Ddenney1

      Ever heard of a ZIP gun??? It is made from a piece of pipe and rubber bands!!!! Arm everyone and watch crime rates drop!!!! Maybe we need a Fast n Furious domestically???

      • Buzz Waldron

        . The cops killer came in from outside of New York, so NY gun laws had no effect on him… only some common sense would have stopped him… and some extra police vigilance at a time of societal insanity…

        • independent thinker

          But, but he was in NY so he should have been obeying the law in NY. Oh wait, he is criminal scum and criminal scum don’t obey the law anyway.

        • jsccats

          He came from another big “progressive” anti gun state, Maryland, and had a record to boot so we see how well “gun,control laws control crime”.

        • b4k9zp

          New York’s laws against murder had no effect on the killer either. But then you’ve never shown anything resembling common sense, buzzLOL. Common sense would arm every person.

      • Janice

        That surely will not happen !!! The more guns out there, the higher the homicide rates, either be criminal, suicidal, out of anger, or accidental. Don’t you know the statistics in the US and other Western countries?

        • Richard Grim

          Janice, show me your statistical numbers that backup your statement “The more guns out there, the higher the homicide rates, either be criminal, suicidal, out of anger, or accidental.” I call bull sh*t on that statement.

        • Alice-Annette Schultz

          You’re talking out of the wrong end. Not true at all. More people with guns, the less crime there is – period – point of fact: Morton Grove, IL – they even confiscated heirloom guns – went house to house to do so – and guess what! Their crime rate went up by leaps and bounds. “Using cross-sectional time-series data for U.S. counties from 1977 to 1992, we find that allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons deters violent crimes and it appears to produce no increase in accidental deaths. If those states which did not have right-to-carry concealed gun provisions had adopted them in 1992, approximately 1,570 murders; 4,177 rapes; and over 60,000 aggravate assaults would have been avoided yearly.” Source:

          • Janice

            How could guns prevent the crimes?! They cannot, period! Looking at the crime spectrum, I am focusing on gun-deaths. They can be in commission of a crime, and may not be so. Common sense and experience, and studies speak, guns cannot prevent nor deter crimes !!! Less they prevent deaths, but increase them. Your website does not show the decrease of deaths due to gun carrying. There are too many studies showing the opposite. Guns don’t prevent crimes, that is for sure, but ameliorate them. You can compare better across countries, similar to each other, f.e. between the USA and UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, etc.

            The language of avoiding violent crimes through concealed weapons and even preventing accidental deaths shows macabre and illogical thinking. Deterrence can only come from seeing the weapon, not when hidden. And how can you deter an accidental death, when you hide your own gun? Idiotic logic!

            The safest is if your opponent have no gun, not if you have a gun. This is a much better goal for the society. Guns are largely for masochism, power control, and self defense an afterthought, an excuse for having a gun. The frontier mentality is all passe and a relic of the US history, which we can do without.

          • Alice-Annette Schultz

            Only one glaring flaw with that argument. Your last paragraph where you say, “The safest is if your opponent have no gun, not if you have a gun. ” Don’t you realize that if the ‘polite’ society has no gun, criminals will ALWAYS have them? Australia, England, or France, or Sweden for examples: Guns are not allowed there, yet the muzzies have them. In every country that has no guns allowed, crime spikes! Criminals and Muzzies alike have no regard for the law, and neither do dictators! How do you think all the dictators throughout history got to be that way? Hitler: guns were outlawed to certain people – the Jews! . Cuba! Strict gun regulations led to dictatorship. England now? Look at how serious their Muslim problem is because of their ‘no gun’ laws. France is the same way, and I have lived there! Sorry, you may think you’re making points, but your philosophy has holes in it: no pun intended.

          • b4k9zp

            Since you admit that you don’t understand anything by claiming that you are focusing on gun deaths, nothing you state has ANY validity. Guns are not alive and cannot die, despite your lies.

            Law abiding citizens carrying guns prevent crimes, ignorant one. That’s been proven throughout history. All the recent “mass murders” defined by the FBI as shootings where 4 or more persons have died, have been in locations where only the criminal had a gun. There have been many cases where a single person with a gun has stopped such crimes.

        • b4k9zp

          That is a lie, janice. FBI Uniform Crime Reports data from 1960 through 2011, at least, show that the opposite is the case. As more guns have become available since 1991-1993 and more law abiding citizens have been carrying them legally nationwide, homicides with all weapons have declined by 40.8%, and nationwide homicide rates with all weapons have decreased by 50.8%, from 9.79 per 100,000 to 4.69 per 100,000. And homicides with firearms, according to the CDC’s WISQARS database, have declined in numbers by 37.04% and in rates by 46.7% between 1993 and 2009, from 7.02 homicides per 100,000 in 1993 to 3.74 homicides per 100,000 in 2009.

          The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports showed that the homicide rate in 2012 with all weapons was 4.07 homicides per 100,000 population and the homicide rate with firearms was 2.82 homicides per 100,000 population.

          Most estimates of the number of guns available to the public in 1993 was in the range of about 120 million, while in 2012, that number had risen to more than 300 million.

          So your claim that the more guns that are available, the higher the homicide rates is a flat out, blatant lie.

      • James

        The old cap pistol made a very good ZIP GUN!

    • Janice

      Don’t forget: Violence begets violence.

      If a segment of a society feels deranged from the rest and experiences violence at their hands, i.e. law enforcement, they are only lucky that no “retribution” occurs.

      • b4k9zp

        such is not the case, liar. Violence does not beget violence. It stops it.

  • marlene

    The violent, racist naacp is repulsive, depraved, repugnant and a scourge on humanity. They should NOT exist – period.

    • Barbara

      They are not going to play by the rules…their way or the highway as obama says.
      He also said he will ignore the Constitution

  • david of tampa

    The Name of the organization says it all. It is an antiquated and fool hardy money wasting failed program. If it ever did anything useful then that time is long past. The most basic problem is that idiots run it. Sort of like handing the controls of a country to Idi Amin. If you are going to trust anything to the leadership of Blacks why not someone like Dr. Ben Carson, or Allen West. Not some retarded old rooster like Al Sharpton, Kweisi Mfume, or H. O. Obama.

    • Barbara

      Because Dr. Carson is a good man, a Christian man for the good of the people, by the people and for the people. Muslims hate Christians…they say their god told them to kill Christians!

      • b4k9zp

        Ben Carson sees no problem with banning guns. He isn’t to be trusted.

        • Barbara

          I beg to differ. But if so I would not want to be disarmed! We must keep our arms, weapons! obama wants to disarm AMERICA. He wants to take over! Dr. Carson does not want to take over OUR
          country. I have read his books and researched his life up to now! Read his books!

  • Chucky50


  • Thomas

    That makes real sense. 85% of the crimes on blacks are committed by black criminals not able to buy legal guns but get them anyway. This is the dictators way of disarming law abiding citizens so his people can take over. There are lots of white’s and Spanish in with his people. I am referring to all of the slime in Washington on both parties. I especially include Boehner and McConnell since I think they have been with the progressives ( Obama, Socialist ) from the beginning.

    • worn out 123

      Welcome to communist America. How do u like it so far?

    • Jimmy Zipperer

      Solving Black on Black crimes.ans.(Arm them all they will do the rest)To much jealousy to work for what they Get.

  • Dave

    They should move in to the United Nations and then move out of the freaking country

  • maxparrish

    Really? Caution in correlating between the activists and murder of cops??

  • Charles Smith

    I suggest that we send all members of the NAACP to Russia. I will help donate the shipping cosst.

  • Ddenney1

    Everybody should own and know how to use a gun then carry it OPENLY to stop this cowardly thug mentality!!!!!! If you know YOUR actions will get you KILLED you must take responsibility if not you become a statistic!!!!

    • leadfoot320



  • Daniel Cecrle

    what do you expect out of the naacp ? can you name 1 smart thing they have ever done ? – 1ST. to blame others and last to except the blame for there wrongdoings – no gun control law will ever keep guns out of criminal hands – and as the leading criminal element they need to man up and come down on there own not blame others for what they screw up and do


    Stupid – definite link in the shooting assinations of the two cops in NYC He left messages on Twitter. Dumb a***/


    The naacp is looking for some easy money- easy living-dead beats who want to live like insane retard Obama -just sucking up tax money

  • Gregory Lesniewski

    If the NAACP really wants to help the “poor colored” people, why don’t they go after the parents to be more responsible toward educating their kids to morality, responsibility, accountability for their actions, as well as stay in school to get an education not get laid!If the parents would take this responsibility seriously, you wouldn’t have HALF the problems that now exist! And NO EXCUSES WHY THEY CAN”T!!!

    • Jarhead

      And buy them a belt and a comb for their hair.

  • Ken says

    A great project for the NAACP leadership would be to gather in Washington DC and sweep the Black Community – across the entire City – gather all the guns – especially from all the thugs – perhaps the DAILY SHOOTINGS would stop and the loss of Black children shot by thugs would drop to zero.

  • sgtbusmc

    Pay no attention to what the shooter stated about his reason for killing the police. He really did not say paraphrased, this was in response the the death of Brown and Garner on his dead girlfriends page. We are supposed to act like he did not connect the shooting of two police with these two lawbreakers death.

    • leadfoot320

      His girl friend did not die ! She reported him and what he wanted to do !

  • BajaRon

    The NAACP is just a recording, like most liberal organizations. You push the button and get the same recorded message regardless of application or circumstances.

    I like the statement; ‘If black lives matter, why aren’t you protesting the largest killer of blacks by far, ABORTION!’

    • Al

      Abortion sux.

  • Lee

    More of obozo’s minions.

  • lrn2play

    Instead of dealing with what the real problem is, black on black crime, being the racist org that it is blames whites for the problems. They can kiss where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • Jacky

    So what do you think,?
    Have you had enough, yet?
    if not, why?
    If not what will it take?

  • Troy Overstreet

    Is that a threat?

  • David F. Podesta

    Talk about willful ignorance! “Let’s not escalate an already tens situation by rumor and conjecture”? Are they kidding? The killer of Ramos & Liu left a paper trail a mile long! Keep denying what you already know- that black punks are doing these shootings. Deny the pictures on the NBPP carrying AKs and basically saying they are “building an army” (their words). For what? The NAACP knows why and so does everyone else. But they’ll just remain in denial. The cold, hard fact is that the vast majority of these shootings were done by blacks. We all cherish the right to peacefully protest perceived wrongdoings. That’s the 1st amendment right. Sadly, some have escalated that into attacks on the police – and they aren’t coming from the white population. Take your blinders off!!!

  • slimpickens

    if they want a war we should give them a war!!!!how much longer are we going to retreat,we need stand our ground.Patriots United…that’s just one mans opinion

  • Francisco Machado

    It never seems to impinge upon the awareness of the Church of Gun Control that laws only affect people who obey laws – and people who obey laws are not the problem. Do they ask themselves who benefits from a disarmed law abiding segment of the society? Who is most protected by restriction of firearm ownership by law abiding people? Even given the fantasy that firearms did not exist, does this not render the advantage to the strong over the weak, to the planned attack by the criminal over the unprepared common man? But, in the writing of this, perhaps I do understand – that the gun control advocates fully understand whom their gun control laws will benefit. How well this fits their incitement to violence following the death of a demonstrated criminal attacking a police officer. Is there anyone now who does not now understand on which side they stand?

  • Gary Daniel

    Didn’t the FBI just bust a gun traffiking ring that smuggled guns into NY from the South? A corrupt airline worker and a transporter so far busted. Both eligable for NAACP membership. NAACCCP Comrades!

  • WVF

    I have the best solution–eliminate the NAACP!

  • Joseph Kiesznoski

    Enforce the laws on the books now and get rid of holder and the obamanation.

  • Tom Wittlief

    Soooooo, En, double A, Sea, Pee, says more government involvment in deciding who”s an emotional misfit, and Who can have What kind of firearm under What kind of conditions, is the answer to solving person-on-person violence … Soooooo, by just assuming that All and Any citizen of the U.S. is a potential future mass murderer, and taking steps to make sure it is illegal for Anyone and Everyone to possess one not approved by benevolent Uncle Guv, will prevent …ummmmm. When the Cambrian measures were forming, they promised perpetual peace. They swore, if we gave up our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease. But, when we disarmed they sold us, and delivered us,bound, to our foe. And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said,”Stick to the devil you Know”.

  • David Mangum

    Police yourself NAACP, a black guy killed the cops.

  • frank

    Black want gun control because they do not obey laws and it would be eaier to rob rape and kill WHITE. I say arm all those without a record and remove any law that stops me from shooting someone robbing raping and killing.. Fuck NACP 9 oout or 10 members have children that rob steal and kill I do hope they take what I said as racist becuase they pusg whites into hating them

  • John Franco

    The NAACP is an embarrassment! What they should be advocating for is proper raising of their own kids…then perhaps black on black crimes wont be such a HUGE problem. While they’re at it perhaps they can advocate against Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton a couple of extortionist, womanizing, racist who like to position themselves as supposed leadersof the black community. Yeah I would say they have enough on their plate without attempting to undermine the Constitutional Rights of law abiding citizens of this nation.

    • Jarhead

      That is what Bill Cosby was saying UNTIL THEY SHUT HIM DOWN WITH DECADES OLD
      STORIES. And no one asks why they waited 30 years to tell “their story”?

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Hey where is the KKK when you need them. I dont beleive in this racial scam. I have been put in the back of the line back in 1974 behind blacks & women. This stuff about don beats mes mastars has gotten twisted. The blacks are behind bars because they did the damn crimes. Obamas riding the train high on cocaine pushing this stuff. He should be impeached on this alone.

  • WiSe GuY

    The NAACP is an acronym for:
    National Association for the Annihilation of Caucasian People

  • Keith Hatch

    What a backwards ass unoriginal idea!!

  • WhiteFalcon

    At this point in time the NAACP is a totally racist organization and therefore is totally devoid of any credibility. They should be ignored.

  • Victor P. Bundy

    I don’t know why everybody thinks that gun control will solve anything. We already have background checks a waiting period. Everyone wants to help our goverment disarm it’s citizens. Look if you take away the law abiding citizens rights to have and bare arms you put more lives at risk, distroy our constitution, rights and freedoms, once you do that you open the door for other rights and freedoms to be taken away. If you want to live in a gastopo society then by all means leave this country. You think Johnny crackhead gonna give up his gun? You think the gangbangers gonna give up thier guns? You think the drug cartals gonna give up thier guns? Look at the nations and goverments that have already disarmed thier citizens and look at how many people have been slattered, do the research and see that millions have been killed. Most of you are like obama, ISIS muslims are a peaceful religion, not a religion to start with but pure stupidity. We do have some bad officers but when the facts and evidence shows that they did no wrong let it go. If you don’t want police officers what you want, go rob, rape, kill, molest children, sale drugs and don’t want to be arrested for these actions, this is what it is all over in the first place. Some blacks are living in a dream world, if they want that kind of freedom to do these things then go to the middle east that place and society will fit in with what you want. We don’t want that kind of society here.

  • William Cox

    But the drug dealers must have their guns if they want to stay in business, so do they really want gun control or will their buddies be exempt ??

  • fred

    If you want to blame what the problem is with a deranged guy getting ANY weapon and killing two cops in cold blood, blame the people who let this guy roam free, knowing he was a problem, and the people who encouraged someone with a very weak mind like his to do such a horrendous act! i think we know who both of those groups are and who they support politically, so enough said. Mr Jackson, and Mr. Sharpton and several other people need to be held accountable for all the riots and are also culpable in this criminal activity as accessories! It would also be nice if the Government stopped funding these groups through “entitlement” funds from those of us that work. That would put a halt to generations of criminal activity in the worst neighborhoods in all cities. Get a job, do good things and become a productive member of society instead of having all the time in the world to protest on my dime!

  • get a life and stop being stup


  • Fon Evetts

    People kill people not guns. There are so many different ways you can kill someone that doesn’t include guns. Are we going to ban everything and anything that can kill people? How ridiculous is that. It’s not the object that kills someone it’s the person using the object that does. What ever happened to common sense????

    • Keith Hatch

      LOL, Since when has common sense ever stopped any idiotic liberal thinking moron from pushing their twisted agendas?

    • Jarhead

      PC demonicRATS ignore common sense & civility

  • EKMcM

    Regardless of gun control, the main problem is that the bad guys always find a way to get ahold of weapons. The good guys follow the laws but the bad guys break the laws.

  • tinkerunique

    It is ASSUMED, that restricting lawful gun ownership, the crime rate will go down ??? FACT is that crooks and thugs WILL get guns on the street just like they do drugs. THAT FACT will not change. The real fact about restrictive gun ownership is the crime rate goes up. The media ignores the fact that lawfully owned guns DO STOP crime daily.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The primary purpose of all gun control (confiscation) laws is to a deny a means of self-defense to law-abiding people, and to make them subservient to the whims of an all-powerful government.
    Currently Americans use guns to defend themselves between two and two and a half million times each year. Denied a means of self-defense they would provide easy prey to criminals, and add massive numbers of victims to the crime rate. Politicians don’t really care about this problem, since the problem they are really concerned with is the capability of the populace to resist government overreach.

    • Jarhead

      Spot on 2 War – CONTROL of guns, CONTROL of education, and CONTROL of health care – – – right out of Adolph’s Playbook. 3WAR if you count the Cold One?

  • #1- eliminate the black on black crime= deport all the niggers to africa

    #2- eliminate all racism =see solution #! #3 eliminate black on white violence /white on black violence= see solution #1

  • ksright

    The mostests Guns and Killings are in the neigborhood of the NAACP. A 6 year old girl, a 10 year old girl, a 4 year old boy has been killed 0r shot(drive-by) in Kansas City in the last 60 days. Not counting just daily-nightly out-right killings-shootings. Gun Control is snitching on your own house for any effect…

  • How’s about only taking guns away from those who do the “percentage wise” most killing–the black race?That, in itself, would be the single greatest advancement by those worthless idiots who call themselves the “naacp.” If you’ll notice I use all lower case letters when referring to their oh so grandiose title. My opinion and what was taught to me in school was one who deserves capital letters get capital letters.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw

    Gun control? Mental illness? The stupid NAACP leaders have enabled the people mentally deranged and have destroyed the very own people they represent. They used them as tools to propagate their destructive agenda. These NAACP leaders are the enablers of their people who become what they are now.
    Gun control laws. Example: In Chicago, one of the states and cities in the US with gun control law has the highest number of victims associated with guns. The outlaws mostly blacks kill their own people, but nobody reports that unless you dig it up yourself. The law abiding citizens must be allowed to equip themselves with guns to protect them from the outlaws that lurks around. Then they blame the problems in the guise of mentally derange as used during their trial.
    The biggest culprit on this pervasive problem is the liberal-progressive stance on allowing drugs like marijuana as a start, then elevates to more serious desires of most dangerous drugs that cripple them, and render their people mentally incapable of thinking for the right directions of their lives. They become violent criminals, social problems, and pose dangers all over to the law abiding citizens who are earnestly making a living and making use to pay their fair share that supports our progressive government.
    These victims are the product of the liberal-decision making brains which we have at present. They throw the blames to the responsible people instead of looking deeply into their own leadership. Society sucks. It is presently a rotten stinky atmosphere that breaths in fowl smelling virus infecting innocent people.

  • LieutenantCharlie

    Listening to the NAACP, on Gun Control, is the same as putting the Criminals, in charge of the Prison.
    Blacks are less than 16% of the population, but they commit 90% of the crimes in America. And if you do not believe this, go to any prison in America, and take a head count.

  • fordfool

    So the NAACP wants sstricter gun control laws?
    Are the ones (rioting) going down to register their guns? Are they? So, where’s the flap? Its coming from the same nerve-rattling-ego driven “Powers” to like always, want someone to blame.
    Best solution, obey the present laws NOW IN EFFECT ! Take responsibility of the violators, U take care of the crime. Those who didnt respect their families, dont respect themselves. Stay in school, learn how to do SOMETHING, and they’d not be “frustrated” w/ themselves
    “If you take care of the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves…” Start from within, people……….

  • Troy Overstreet

    The NAACP needs to teach its members to teach their children to respect the Po Po as well as some of its adult members such as Al Sharpton,and to know what their children are up to while they’re out at night unsupervised trying to rob a Convenient Store. I know white kids do this as well but you don’t hear all the white people trying to blame it on the black man I never heard one NAACP member say anything about these black kids playing the Knock-out game against unsuspecting white folks, but what I do hear is the same old bull-crap about the white man doing you wrong, if you want meaningful change don’t blame everyone else like Obama does stand-up and except the blame because quite frankly we’ve heard all we care to hear.

  • Gman

    Here can also be a solution; Hey NAACP, GO GET F’KED you racist POS organization.

  • Greyguy

    Maybe we should try a social experiment:
    1) Have the NAACP unilaterally disarm itself and its constituents as an example to the Black community
    2) Ask the local populations where they live to do the same
    3) Ask the bigoted police force to stay away from the new utopia for a year to give it a fighting chance to work correctly
    4) Keep statistics so they can compare notes with John Lott at the end of the year and embarrass him with their magnificent numbers

  • joe

    If gun manufacturers are held responsible for keeping their products away from a certain kind of people, then auto manufacturers can be held liable for those who drive recklessly, while intoxicated, or even when angry; grocery stores could be responsible for those who overeat and become ill. There is an entire universe of potential attorney’s clients in such a rule so…
    our all-lawyer congress will jump on that like white on rice, it proffers the opportunity to relieve the citizens of more constitutional rights.
    The politicians lust after power above all else, and they will say and do **anything** to obtain/maintain power.
    They think that they are royalty and they act as if they were.
    The politicians have come to believe that they are our masters rather than our servants.
    They are out of control.
    It’s time to vote ALL of them out of office.
    We need to have a ‘REMOVE INCUMBENT’ option on the ballot.

  • Steve Harmon

    You find a way to disarm all the “Colored” folk first, then we will talk.

  • jsccats

    The NAACP like ARP and a host of old line interest groups are just extensions of the Demagogue Party and the “progressive” Left so they push the same agenda items and have lost total creditability on everything..

  • Jim McCormack

    They make all this noise and to do about gun control . THE REAL DAMN PROBLEM IS CRIMINAL CONTROL. A LEFT WING LEZZIE JUDGE JUST RELEASED 2 THUGS ,ONE OF WHICH ALREADY HAS A WARRANT OUT FOR HIS ARREST FOR “FAIURE TO APPEAR” AND YOU GIVE US THIS NONSENSE OF “GUN CONTROL”. Sounds good to the dumb population and left wing bed wetters but going after law abidding citizens and their guns is a cowards way in a hypocritical effort to score points for the anti-gun group. GET SERIOUS. LET’S GET AN ANTI CRIME GROUP. PUT ALL THAT WASTED MONEY USED TO PASS UNCONSTITUIONAL GUN LAWS INTO A TASK FORCE TO GET IN THE GHETTOS AND GET THE KILLERS AND ILLEGAL GUN RUNNERS. ALL THE REST IS JUST BULL SHIT. Crime is the highest in the cities with the toughest gun laws. Chicago,NYC, L.A.

  • Reasoniam
  • David

    I have a thousand acres of land that needs tilled…maybe the naacp could use a real job that accounts for something…

  • Bobtrhn

    I wonder if tighter gun control will mean their black thugs can’t get guns?

  • b4k9zp

    The NAACP has sold out to the KKK, which has long stated that blacks are inherently incapable of handling firearms. Looks like Kwaasi Nafume (sp?) is a typical ignorant slave who wants to remain a slave, because ownership of firearms is the distinguishing characteristic of a free man, for it enables the free man to keep his freedom.

  • chilitom

    The NAACP seems to have forgotten about incorporation of the amendments and why it was found necessary to do so. The Republicans saw that ‘reconstructed’ states were denying the freed Negroes rights the Civil War had been fought to give them. What was regarded as vital was the rights the 2nd amendment acknowledged the ex-slaves as free men possessed, The night riders had made possession of guns by freedmen an offense punishable by death. These freedmen needed and wanted guns to protect themselves and their families from the KKK, etc. When it mattered to the NAACP, personal defense was paramount. Now as they see too many of their gangsta youths getting shot by would-be victims and cops, guns are a big bugaboo. Grow up!

    • worn out 123

      How many Islamists in the NAACP today?

      • chilitom

        18. No, 46! No, 7! No, 4,000,193!
        I forgot! I’m sorry!
        Please tell me and I’ll play it in the lottery…..

  • Wayne

    These idiots can’t seem to realize that the people with the illegal guns and those who stole from others were the ones who started this ball of shit rolling down hill. That and the race baiters.

  • Vista bella

    It seems to me the majority of the gun users are black,what is their problem?

    • Jarhead

      And the major of looters are also black….only they call it the Black-Five-Finger-Discount that goes along with Super Fast Check-out Lanes.

  • 2poorgrandchildrencom2

    I understand that gun control measures became popular after the War of Secession as attempts to keep the former slaves from owning weapons.

  • Edwin Knight

    Yes, gun control involves a steady hand and good control so you will hit your target !

  • Barbara

    I smell a big black rat! Hmmm…obama will do whatever to get his way. He under
    estimates the AMERICAN WE THE PEOPLE! And it seems WE THE PEOPLE
    are on our own on this one! Hope the police will chime in with Americans. I’m glad
    the police turned their backs on the mayor. I saw the Sheriff’s of America on TV
    they have our backs. obama wants a civil war so he can declare martial law!
    He wants America! He hates the Americans, we’re nothing to him. He’s letting
    muslims in to take over! His side kick and advisor is a full fledged muslim in the
    White House! PEOPLE PLEASE WATCH GLENN BECK on The Blaze! The truth
    lives there, warns us and is trying to protect the people of OUR country! Muslims
    do want to take OUR country! That is why obama opened the borders so the muslims
    could come in! Be prepared for anything!

    • Barbara

      Watch for obama to stay in office by executive order! He does whatever he
      wants to so I predict he will by his own declaration and executive order!
      Hope Congress steps in and says oh no your are not! The muslims are
      invading into our country. In my opinion he is letting muslims in to take
      over. We don’t have long to stop him and his followers. It is said he has
      Russians in OUR country to help him to detain us, put us in camps if we
      resist. It is all a show, somehow China, Arabs and Russia is involed to
      take down OUR country! They are jealous of America, why else whould
      they want OUR country! Muslims don’t have what we have…they want to
      forcibly take it! Their religion is a cult or why would they kill people in the
      name of some person! We have God given laws from our founding Fathers
      who dedicated America to the Lord and we were blessed, grew as we
      have, no they want to destroy us or start chaos or civil war to get control.
      They have no right to take over OUR country! Prayer is a powerful tool…
      Chronicles 7:14

      • Barbara

        Don’t think he will change his mind about taking over…he is bought and
        paid for

      • Janice

        Obama issued less Executive Orders than the preceding presidents, who did not need them. The Congress at this moment is the most obstructionist and doing nothing.

        • b4k9zp

          And every one of the executive orders he has issued is blatantly and flatly unconstitutional. Only Congress can make new laws. (Article I, section one of the Constitution). Executive orders/proclamations/actions are new laws and are flatly unconstitutional, and always have been.

          • Janice

            Are you saying, the Executive Orders issued by both Busches, and Reagan, while more numerous than issued by Obama, are constitutional?

    • Barbara

      It is said he will put chips in the American people 2017

  • DouglasDauntless

    The NAACP is a Black Racists organization that would love to see all the white people dead. So they can turn this Country into a third world African where they can slaughter every one they want. Control the criminals especially the Black Gang cold blooded killers, who use 9 and 10 year old little boys to be their assassins. Control Al Sharpton, Jackson, and the NAACP. You can toss in the Latino killers who do the same thing. We need our guns to defend ours with against the NAACP and all the rest of the Black Psychopaths and Latino Gang Bangers who rule the streets because they vote for the Demo-rats. They are free to commit any crime they want. By the Demo-rat Government Federal and State, Look at Chicago, Los Angles, Detroit, NY City, and on all run by Demo-rats

  • Janice

    The availability of guns must be made more restricted. Guns are used more for attack, for murders, and accidents rather than for self-defense A lot of homicides by guns have been done in homes by family members, more so than in the commission of a crime.

    The more difficult to obtain a firearm, the less of them in the circulation, especially in homes, which will certainly decrease the homicides by guns.

    • Jarhead

      BALONEY !

    • worn out 123

      Not true, actually. One can buy a good weapon in any major city from the trunk of a car, ammo too. Gun control laws simply make the citizenry helpless in the face of the worst threat — GOVERNMENT.

      • Janice

        That is exactly the problem. A gun is too easily obtainable as in your case of buying one from the trunk of a car. You are not reading too well of what I meant by limiting access to guns, in your parlance, to trunks of a car.

        Government is not the problem, but the proliferation of guns. Like weed, they must be controlled in your garden, won’t you think.

        What should the government do, when there are too many gun deaths in the society? Are you tolerating them? I am aghast of thinking, if you do that.

        • worn out 123

          I am aghast of anyone considering removing guns from the citizenry as did Hitler, Musolini, Joe Stalin and dozens of others throughout history as THE first and foremost step to total control of the population. I am agast that anyone wpuld be so silly as to believe one size fits all for an entire nation, also. Many of us in America have been insulated from bandits, yes bandits, because of our police forces and our OWNERSHIP OF GUNS. The Japanese thought to invade CA., but, their minds were changed by a now famous statement to wit; “We cannot invade CA. for there will be a gun behind every blade of grass.” It is not government that protects America from invasion, but, the idea of “every able bodied citizen”, to quote James Madison, bearing arms against an enemy. He and Jefferson saw government as a necessary EVIL. They sought to bind government in “chains” to provide one part as a check to hold down the power of the other two. Do you believe government and it’s laws are all that’s necessary for liberty to survive? You’re just simply wrong if you do. Our founders knew better. “A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.” . . . . Thomas Jefferson Does that sound as though Jefferson believed in Big Government as do you? You invite tyranny by removing guns from citizens. The 2nd amemdment refers to the Militia, by which, if you read through Madison’s letters, notes and the Federalist papers, he meant “every able bodied citizen” is necessary to preserve the liberty that you would so eagerly give away, comrade. Politicians have no concern for the welfare of citizens. They don’t care about you at al, not at all! An unarmed population is the envy of all dictators, would-be dictators, and dictatorships. Government just naturally wants more and more power over the people. “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government comes from too much government. Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” . . . .T. Jefferson. “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” . . . . Edward R. Murrow. “As government expands liberty contracts.” . . . . Ronald Reagan. And you would suddenly ignore these warnings and allow citizens to be unarmed victims of bandits, criminals, and bad government! Better that we suffer a small number of inadvertant deaths than hundreds of millions suffering under tyranny. ME.

        • worn out 123

          Take guns away from law abiding citizens. That will stop those who want to commit murder from comitting murder.?? NO! That will create even more victims as those who commit murder will not stop because there are fewer guns. Maybe we could try sentencing murders to 50 years and out in 35 instead of 15 years and out in 4 – 8 years. Oh, no! That will never work.???? Let’s have more gun free zones (killing zones like schools and theaters, etc) where criminals, who will get guns illegally anyway, can be assured of finding 100% totally defenseless victims for the slaughter. Fast and Furious gave many, many guns to the cartels. Good job government. So now, let’s take guns away from the ranchers who live miles and miles from police headquarters. They’ll be just fine, right? If just one trained , principal/teacher had been armed in Sandy Hook (gun free zone) how many children could have been saved? Duh!

    • worn out 123

      Do you actually believe homicides will cease because there are no guns owned by law abiding citizens? Ha, ha, ha, ha, AAAaaha, ha, ha! Killers won’t kill because they have no “legal” guns.?!!?? Aha, ha, ho, ho, ha, ha!

      • Janice

        Look, actually there are fewer gun homicides in European countries. You idiot, I am not talking about ceasing. Can’t you read?! There is higher survivability by murder attempts by another means than by guns. Your HAHA s are insane You are completely misinformed about the knife. How can it be an assault weapon like an autmoatic gun? It is no longer number one murder weapon. Guns are.

        Gun control would work most effectively at the federal level, much less so at the state and worse at the city levels..

        • b4k9zp

          There are ABSOLUTELY NO GUN HOMICIDES IN THE UNITED STATES, despite your blatant lying that there are. Guns are not alive and therefore cannot be killed. So your comments are worthless lies.

          Guess you haven’t heard of the fact that the terrorists who hijacked the three planes they flew into the world trade center and the pentagon on 9/11/2001 were armed only with boxcutter knives. So your lies are just that. lies. More than 2700 people died at one time that day, far more than any so-called “assault weapon” has ever been accused of killing by ignorant hoplophobes like yourself.

  • CTH

    What is in short supply at the NAACP is neutral colored and functioning brains.

    • Janice

      Yours is dysfunctional.

      • b4k9zp

        His works better than yours ever has.

  • Ronald Hagler

    The problem with “Gun Control” laws is that they are “USELESS” in deterring crime! But, the leaders who push for more such laws know this. Their agenda is to disarm America, thus providing a society conducive to socialistic control; in other words, they want to rule rather than lead and Obama is the supreme driving force in this movement! “Gun Control” will never deter crime, as only “law-abiding” citizens will ever obey these laws. The criminals within our society will disobey these laws just as they do all other laws, so why do so many politicians and social leaders want more “Gun Control”? The answer is simple: they want the average citizen to be at the mercy of criminals and enslaved by an arrogant, Marxist government. The major problem with “Gun Control” issues is the number of ignorant, totally dependant, socialistically inclined people, with no common sense, who vote for the politicians who promote “Gun Control” and who wish to destroy our 2nd Amendment rights. These people are so blinded by their “visions-of-utopia” that they fail to see the simple truth about any attack on our Constitutional rights: if you allow Congress to repeal or change any part of the Constitution, you “open-the-door” for them to change every part of said Constitution.

    • worn out 123

      Well stated, Ronald Hagler. NWO

  • The Fox

    Would that mean all black panthers have to give up there weapons? If not I won’t give mine up.

  • Reverend_1

    You want my guns you NAAPC niggies? Come on and try. Disarm your people first and you’ll see the murder rate in this country drop 80% the first year alone.

  • sharon

    The racists organization favors anything that Marxist liar Obama wants.

  • buckwheat56

    Screw the NAACP. If they dont like guns go back to AFRICA or wherever. AND also screw AL SHARPTON and his racists assholwes.

    • worn out 123

      That’s “Al Sharptongue”, the race baiter, snake oil salesman, and Obama adviser.

      • buckwheat56

        Thats AL cocksucker sharpton. The BIGGEST RACISTS on the entire CONTINENT. Thats also OBAMAS right hand man. All ive left to say is MAY GOD PLEASE BLESS WHATS LEFT OF THIS DYING AMERICA.

  • Eli Charlie Noseworthy

    You know what, I have only two things to [email protected]#K the NAACP, if their people were’ t so DAMNED lazy and want everything for nothing by stealing, mugging and killing folks they wouldn’t be getting their asses shot!!!

  • game50

    If only they the NAACP…Learn how to educate the black people to get an education. So that they may take care of themselves and stop blameing others for their behavior…the world would be a much better place to live.

    • worn out 123

      Many black people have, but, not thanks to the NAACP.

  • vpjag

    Blacks are like muslims…They dont speak out against their own when it comes to black crime and violent crimes. Until blacks start speaking out and actively taking measures to stop black crime they should continue to be profiled. Period. I dont have a racial bone in my body but you must calll a spade a spade. NO MOREPOLITICAL CORRECTNESS. NO MORE LOOKING THE OTHER WAY.NO MORE SOMEONE ELSE CAN DEAL WITH IT. NO MORE EXCUSES. NO MORE ABSENTEE FATHERS.

    • Janice

      You are one of the reasons the society is sick of. Heal thyself first. Go and take therapy of your racism. You are SIIIICCCCKK !!!

      • b4k9zp

        You and your like are the only racists, for you want to ban firearms and keep blacks and other minorities from having any means to protect their civil rights.

  • Alan404

    This is not the first time the NAACP has taken a position in favor of
    gun control. In 2003, the group brought suit against 45 gun
    manufacturers. “The gun industry has refused to take even basic
    measures to keep criminals and prohibited persons from obtaining
    firearms,” NAACP President/CEO Kweisi Mfume said at the time, “The
    industry must be as responsible as any other and it must stop dumping
    firearms in over-saturated markets. The obvious result of dumping guns
    is that they will increasingly find their way into the hands of

    Re the above excerpt, might it be to much to expect from Mr. Mfume and the NAACP something other than glittering generalities? How about something quite specific, perhaps some or a least one specific proposal? Of course, with this in mind,and with respect to past proposals,when when and where enacted, given the fact that they don’t work, the following should be kept in mind. Continuing to follow a particular course of action, when said course of action has been shown to be unsuccessful, is insanity.

    • James

      Maybe automobiles and motorcycles should be controlled as well. Criminals use them to commit crimes as well! The manufacturer of these vehicle should have anti-criminal usage controls so that in the commission of a crime they will not run! Oh wait, how would the politician get to work (if that what it is called) or these racially fired organizations?

      • Janice

        Automobiles and motorcycles are controlled already. So must be the guns, even more strictly, because they are mainly to kill people and nothing else.

        • James

          What planet did you come from, you sound like a socialist liberal with the belief in communism. Any one over the age of 18 can purchase either due to the fact a minor cannot enter into a contract. At the age of 16 I paid cash for an automobile that I worked to buy at $0.50 an hour. The control you are confused about is the legal operation of said vehicle; driver license, insurance and safety inspection. However, on the ranch which is private property, that would not control! There is nothing to stop a criminal from stealing a vehicle and committing murder with it! Guns, there are so many regulations and laws that is insane! Gun control is leading to gun confiscation! I will be damned if I will ever agree. Only the police, the military, and the criminal would have guns! Look about you with the third world, that is the way it is! Can you afford to hire a security force to protect you and your family? Wake up and smell the roses, they have begun to rot! If you like a country that private gun ownership is illegal, move to china, russia, venezuela. Take a look at how many people are killed by hospitals and doctors. Google the expression “To err is human”. Here is a link for you:

          This just from bad doctors and hospitals. So, do you wish to “control” hospitals as well. The “IMO” estimate is 98,000 deaths a year. The Journal of Patient
          Safety estimate that the number of deaths are 210,000 and upwards. More than 100,000 people in America are shot in murders, assaults, suicides & suicide attempts, accidents, or by police intervention. 31,537 people die from gun violence: ✓ 11,583 people are murdered. Death by motor vehicle in 1899 was 26 and in 2012 there was 33,561 deaths per year. Awful lot of people dieing; how should we proceed to control it all?

        • b4k9zp

          wrong again. Because by the number of cartridges fired at different targets, including human beings, by far the greatest number (by a factor of 10 or more) the greatest number of cartridges are fired at inanimate targets like paper targets, clay pigeons and the like. Cartridges fired at human beings are a small fraction of the total.

          • Janice

            Incomprehensible garbage you are spouting. Where did you learn your English?

    • Janice

      Gibberish ! All blabber unintelligibly. Not worthy of any consideration.

      • Alan404

        And General Motors should be responsible for deaths/injuries caused by drunk drivers too, right.?

      • b4k9zp

        Since guns don’t kill people, your claims are worthless. The “Protection of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act relieves gun manuracturers of any liability if a person breaks any law while in possession of one of their products. That is true of every other manufactured item. Insurance companies are not liable for paying damages to customers who use their insured vehicle in commission of any crime and have a wreck.

  • James

    I have said for 30 years or more that we need criminal control and we need politician control! Very little has been done to control either group, especially the politician! Now more than ever we have organizations looking only to build their power base at whatever the cost to the American people. These racially based organizations are socialist, they are the liberal left wing that supports a communist view. They could care less about the Bill of Right or the Constitution except where it can be exploited for their purpose. I wonder, what would happen if we had a ‘White Panther’ movement? This is what o’criminal, his administration, and these racially based organizations would like to see! This would create the division that o’criminal could really get his teeth into where he could suspend our rights under martial law. I am not a conspiracy nut; with o’criminal destroying our international integrity, his obvious support for islamic for oiganizations, his total disregard for our Constitution and our laws, and the very long list of scandals that occur one after another at a rate of 2 a month for the past six years. Conspiracy, yes on the part of this administration and it would be called treason and sedition. I hope this new Congress is not a bunch of lackeys licking the o’criminals boots. So far, from the actions of the last Comress the answer is YES!

  • cockroach

    sounds like the President of the NAACP is just another Muslimthat wants to take over the country. This country needs to deport any person with a muslim name. We don’t need their kind around.

    • Janice

      You are the one with the brains of a cockroach !

      • b4k9zp

        Personal attacks, as always show you know that you have lost the argument.

  • Capt Norman

    Yea, they want gun control so that they have the guns!!! First of all, quit hyphenating!!!! That is the biggest cause of division in this great Nation!! You are either African or American, that is, from the United States of America, not from any other countries in the Americas. Nuff said!!!!


    If a gun is used in a crime an are convicted they should get the book throwen at them, In Florida we have 10, 20, Life Have a gun in a crime 10 years use the gun 20 years, hurt some one LIFE.
    Remember the Japanese did not attack the U.S. main land because they knew the U. S. citizens were armed an would use there guns to defend the United States.

  • p-40-bob43

    Not asking for more controls just mandatory mental check up’s . You can be law biding but if you have a mental problem and on some type of anti depressing drug , you could become a danger to yourself and worse some innocent people. It happens almost every day and is a common sense approach. If you are afraid of that type of law then you are already on the road to being what we call a nut case

    • b4k9zp

      Mental checkups are an infringement on the right to keep and bear arms, and are not justifiable. The only way a person can legally be stripped, even temporarily, of that right is by adjudication by a judge and jury in accordance with due process of law, in which the accused is informed of the charges against him, ;provided with legal counsel, and given mandatory means with which he can procure witnesses and evidence in his support, and then declared by that court to be mentally defective, or sentenced by the court to be incarcerated in a mental institution.

      No one is “afraid of such a law” but such a law is blatantly and patently unconstitutional, as are all laws that seek to limit the unalienable constitutionally protected birthright and civil right of possessing firearms and carrying them anywhere one wants to go, without having to get permission from any government and without government’s knowledge.

  • alfred e newman

    you simply never will stop a criminal from getting a fire arm no matter what or how criminals will always have guns even if they have to make them them self gun control is only a illusion never actually existed never will the only people being hurt by this illusion are innocent law abiding citizens and national security as well welcome to the united soviet america also known as the peoples republic of china west land where the insane lead the even more insane

  • buddman

    What the NAACP needs is animal control to stop chimps who don’t obey the LAW

  • William L Emery Sr.

    TAKE THE GUNS AWAY FROM ALL BLACK ”GHETTO RATS” AND GUN CRIMES WOULD DROP BY 95%. YOU WOULD HAVE TO TAKE KNIVES AWAY ALSO, AGAIN THE CRIME WOULD DROP 95%. These ”WELFARE Ghetto Rats” then would maybe have to get a real job! The worst thing that has happened to black folk is the RADICAL NAACP, the people would be well off disband this group,. As a group this RADICAL NAACP group has done more harm than good for the people.

  • kerry88

    While members of the NAACP might find this an absurb idea, I think their first goal would be to get the “colored” people under control and stop using violence as a means to satisfy their desires for what they call justice. While the NAACP would not accept this point, it is their own people of color that are using weapons to kill with, which means their call for better gun control would amount to beter control over people of color, as well as the criminal element of these people. Should not the NAACP just make it clearly stated that their people of color are the ones from which criminal actions come, and that the people of color are the ones where the control of guns to them should be focused? I doubt that this is going to happen, since “they” tend to feel they are justified in their actions, and use of violence, but not anyone else. It should be obvious that the call for gun control by the NAACP is directed at everyone else, but not at th people of color since it is rather obvious that in the view of the NAACP and others like them, the people of color can do no wrong, but everyone else does. If taken at face value, however, the call for gun control by the NAACP points it’s barrel steadfastly right at the noses of those of color who believe that only violence will settle their grievances with society.

  • Gea

    Was the gun with which this black man inspired by Koranic verses “to strike terror among non-believers” and by his false victimhood delusions, bought legally? The chances are that because of his extensive criminal record, he would not have been able to purchase his gun LEGALLY and that he got it illegally…thus all the strict gun laws would not apply to criminals but would only annoy law abiding sane citizens to go through hoops to obtain guns to defend themselves from guys like this murderer.

    • Janice

      Many illegally obtained guns are sold by NRA members in NRA gun shows, because the buyers are not subject to background checks. Lo and behold, the NRA is fighting even the background check laws, while blaming only criminals for the gun deaths.

      • b4k9zp

        wrong again, as usual, janice. Nothing you state about the NRA is factually supported. DESPITE YOUR LIES, every firearm sold by a licensed firearms dealer is subject to a background check, and has been since the unconstitutional Gun Control Act of 1968 and the Brady law were enacted.

        The number of firearms sold by non-dealers to other persons who live within their own state is miniscule. And there is nothing in the constitution that allows the federal government or any state government to control such trades.

  • wapitihunter

    Seems like whoever came up with this has some sort of mental deficiency. What do you want to bet they have firearms and Barry has provided them bodyguards illegally as he has several others. Places with the strictest gun laws and gun free zones are targets for crime and shootings. If every gun were destroyed or so the think fire arms would still surface. They will have to pry mine out of my dead hands. I will defend and protect the constitution and this nation of all enemies both foreign, domestic and imported by the little queen (r) golfer.

  • Mike Aumick

    Sounds like we found the mental health problem. They are the intellectually challenged ones if they think they will get guns away from the lawless with laws.

  • LaRae Bailey

    if this is the case just stop the blacks from obtaining guns, they are the number one group killing innocent people…problem solved

    • Janice

      No, you are wrong, The vast majority of guns are owned by the Caucasians, more so than by the Afro-Americans, even percentwise. I am a Caucasian. I know more Caucasian who own guns than the numerous blacks I know and work with. . Gun-toting gang members are a tiny part of the Afro-Americans. The Mafias or gangs of different nationalities are much more murderous than the black gangs today.

      Your racism is showing. Shame on you!

      • b4k9zp

        Despite your lies, the reason more blacks don’t own guns is because of racist gun control laws like those you and the NAACP advocate. You are the racist. For all gun control laws have their roots in the Black Codes of the pre-War Between the States USA that prevented black slaves from being armed, and the Reconstruction era “Jim Crow” laws that prohibited the newly freed black citizens from having the weapons with which they could defend themselves against the democratic party’s terror arm, the KKK.

        Gun toting gang members are a tiny part black citizens of this country, and according to FBI crime stats, account for more than 65% of all firearms deaths in this country. The black gangs, and the Mexican drug cartel gangs who are battling them for control of the drug, sex and illegal alcohol trafficking in this country are far more deadly than Al Capone’s mob at its deadliest, despite your lies. Your own racism is quite blatant, for you support the party of racism, hatred, intolerance, lying, bigotry, and the KKK and “Jim Crow”–the Democratic party.

  • Vernon Cunningham

    Since it seems statistically, most crimes are caused by citizens with some or all, african ancestry, I believe we should arm all white people, and make them deputies AND A select few among the african and latino communities who have not only common sense but are good americans, and let these folks solve the crime problems. Gun control comes from a steady hand, a power stance, and a slow squeeze on the trigger.

  • henri hoopkins

    This is just another case of you can NOT fixed stupid.

  • wabbitno2

    Mental illness, is that their new excuse, seriously.

  • Proudvietvet58

    Many years ago, our Nation was divided by the Mason-Dixon line. North against South. Southerners were seen as criminals for owning slaves, even though the bulk of people from the South did NOT own even one. My Family has lived in Texas, Louisiana and Alabama for several hundred years. In OUR history, we never owned slaves yet, we were lumped in with those who did by narrow thinkers. I do not believe any human should be subjected to any form of slavery. Ironically, my Great Grand Mother was murdered by a run away slave she was trying to give food and water to. The man chopped her in the top of her head with an AXE. If anyone has the right to be angry, my Family does! That man was dealt with severely from what I have been told over the years.

    Here we are in 2015 and our Nation is STILL divided! This time over Race, Religion and, Nationality. I find it very hard to take anything the NAACP has to say seriously as they have proven themselves to be THE MOST RACIST organization this side of the KKK, which I also do not support.

    Today, we have ISIS within our OWN COMMUNITIES! This group is actively going after young Black Men (AND some white’s) to convert over to the Muslim Faith and the Koran as a “Belief System” which is barbaric at the very least.

    I firmly believe we are at the point of seeing a “Revolution” in America. Our elected officials are not making matters any better, nor is the NAACP. The NAACP is now fueling the flames in the form of the “New Black Panthers” with help from Muslim followers.

    ANY form of gun control or attacks on our Second Amendment is totally insane at this point in time!

    I have seen much more than my share of death and destruction in my life time. However, I, like the bulk of others here, am absolutely prepared to do whatever I need to do to protect myself and my loved ones, my property and my assets. This includes deadly force. Veterans, regardless of which War we fought in, have the skills, training and, where with all to stop our enemies in their tracks.

    We ALL took an Oath that has NO expiration date on it. Perhaps non-Military folks do not understand the strength of this Oath but, rest assured, it will carry us ALL through whatever is thrown our way.

    I pray it never comes to a Civil War but, We will NOT run from it and will GLADLY serve once more!

    • J. Bailey

      …and since we are more heavily armed then any army on Earth … it will not go well … hence the attack on Our 2nd Amendment …

  • marilyn


    • buckwheat56


  • buckwheat56


  • ReaperHD

    Stupid niggroids committing crimes and getting shot so we now have to have gun control. There are many Black Ruled Dominated Countries in the world and if the Blacks don’t like it here we can get donations to send them to the country of their choice.

  • James

    NAACP is a RACIST organization. They MUST remove ANY reference to RACE from their title,their operating plan and their reason for existing. I would agree to their changing their name to NAAAP-i.e. National Association for the Advancement of All People. They also must stop discriminating against Whites.

  • marine by choice

    Not to muddy the waters, but has anyone ever done a study of which race has the most number of illegal number of weapons, or the numbers by race who have committed felonies with weapons but weren’t. Incarcerated.

    And before someone were to accuse me of racism, I was taught there was one skin color, Marine Corps green. Now that said, society has a bad habit of destroying the family unit and unfortunately there are one race or two that seem to be targetted for bad behavior.

    If you have a clean record, leave them alone and their 2nd Amendment rights.

  • Proud US vet/American

    Al “RAT BRAIN” Sharpton, J.Jackson, Obama, Sen. Cummings, Holder, the NAACP, CAIR, and other Anti-American people and groups need to be muzzled quickly! All they all are doing is inciting hatred and fear into American society. If they keep up their rhetoric, they are going to open a “can of worms” they won’t like. The 1950’s will return with a vengeance in America for the BLACK part of society, and they will have nobody to blame but themselves. They will TRY to blame WHITE America, but it is not, and will not work this time! Remember this one very important fact-we have the numbers, brains, and the guns to defeat anything you may start!


  • cmjay

    The CRETINS want the Criminals only to have Guns and law abiding citizens to be unarmed. GUNS don’t kill people, People kill people .NY has the strictest Gun Control already courtesy of Bloomberg , but the Thugs will always have them.We don’t need to listen to a bunch of Agitators .NAACP is the PROBLEM

  • Donald Clark

    To the NAACP: Look at these comments and consider the advice: why are you defending these deceased as victims? Do you expect special treatment for those blacks who commit crimes? Your people have been drenched, for fifty years, with special benefits to draw them into society, and the response is that they want ‘more’? Hell no, we will reconsider these benefits.

  • 1josephg1

    I will bet you can breathe because you obey the law. These scumbags who do not obey the law will still have the guns and the rest of us will be at their mercy. I wonder how many of those naacpers have guns?

    • Ed


  • Hildegard Green

    yes we need guns becours if you dont have one the other one have one plain and simple

  • Stephen McElroy

    Stronger gun control laws my ass!!!! New York already has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the country. This murder didn’t have anything to do with lax gun control. It had everything to do with the N.A.A.C.P. getting revenge for police doing their job.

  • Ibcamn

    and the gov’t thinks the war on drugs was bad,and prohabition was bad,wait till they have a ban on weapons!dealing with smugglers bringing in guns will be ten times more of a war than on drugs and booze!the regime will create a bigger problem for themselves than what they think they have now!!the regime will be to blame for more than they can calculate now!!the IRA has been dealing with this for decades and winning!they know what it is to have to deal to survive!and there is no bigger insentive to survive than the presence of the potential of death on a daily basis!if they do this ban they want so bad,it will create more problems than they can deal with!!
    so much for obama saying”we don’t want your guns”,a lie,what else is new!?wake up people,wake up!

  • cletius

    I,m not giving up my gun for any one NACCP should be outlawed they are for thugs

  • phil62

    When is the NAACP, Al Sharpie, Jesse “junky” Jackson and the ACLU going to learn, or admit, that THEY are the problem and put the blame where it belongs. Leave the innocent and good people alone: and that includes Black, White and all others. If you shut those two groups and 2 people down the rest of the country would have a chance to get along better.

  • doug

    The biggest domestic terrorist I know is in the redhouse !!!!

  • Donald Clark

    NAACP defends criminals who are black; no other conclusion possible.

  • Roy McCray

    Rhetoric: Gun control is not the problem: WE ARE NOT DOING OPUR JOB AT HOME 1st!!!
    , remember” THE BRITISH ARE COMING””””
    any nation could try the same thing again!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Islam is killing people, and any one who deny Allah and speak JESUS!!!!
    if you are embracing the ideology of Islam

    America has ISIS
    people with hate cutting innocent people head off in AMERCIA
    shooting police
    THE NAACP needs to study the Gospel and learn about JESUS!!!
    BROWN DEATH WAS BECAUSE OF DISOBEDIENCES AND HE DID NOT GET THE TEACHING A CHILD SHOULD GET FOR LIFE. We keep saying unarmed. 1. your fist, foot elbow, mouth, weight is a weapon, 2. he punched an officer in the face, tried to take his gun and in the end charge toward him with 292 lbs. WAKE UP TO THE FACT. SELF DEFENSE.
    1st the HOME, 2nd the Church 3rd the Community 4th the POLICE has to restore order or the gangs would take the streets. Soon the UN will own the street and people will cry and die. SO IF YOU WANT TO HELP BLACK AMERICA AND YOUR COUNTRY AMERICA!!! SPEAK TRUTH AND SEEK JESUS 1ST
    his name is JESUS CHRIST
    John 3:16
    Confess Repent and seek forgiveness

  • Upaces

    IF I am understanding this correctly….they want White People totally unable to defend themselves with “legal guns” while the Blacks are using guns they have stolen?
    Am I understanding this correctly?
    Hell no!!!

  • John Milton

    This is an important acknowledgment by the NAACP that it recognizes that black men have are not responsible enough to be gun owners but since we cannot pass legislation for gun control specific to limiting access for black people we would have to implement stronger gun control for everyone. This is however, historically the exact position our government usually takes on issues; someone does something irresponsible and wrong and to prevent it from happening again we must take away rights from the masses of law abiding people. It doesn’t work (I mean really, how has meth manufacturing and use diminished after the government took away our right to buy our cold medicine, pseudoephedrine, in amounts greater than a 2-week ration?) but its the approach to problems anyway. At least here it is the NAACP recognizing that it is their own membership that cannot be trusted to act responsibly.

  • Don

    With the juvenile reeducation centers in full swing (public schools) and the propagation ministry working overtime (Hollywood movies & TV,) it won`t be long before there will few who feel as we do about these things. We are becoming a minority, especially with the influx of illegals. The only hope is in being prepared to leave this country & this world; not that I`m not cautious & somewhat prepared for tough times, but those who think they stand a real chance against the New World Order types are dreaming. I fight this philosophy whenever possible, but I`m not foolish enough to think it`s going to really change the final outcome. Be prepared for what`s truly important.

  • bruner10

    so often the discussion of the 2nd amendment crops up as it’s doing
    now and the same people make the same mistake and show the same
    ignorance regarding the 2nd amendment.

    there are few politicians or people in the news media well versed
    enough in the Constitution to get it straight. That and the fact that
    most of them are afraid of getting a lot of angry letters from people
    who don’t want to hear that truth or politicians who are afraid that
    speaking the truth will cost them votes and typically politicians and
    journalists always take the cowards’ way out. But the plain truth
    is, once and for all, the 2nd amendment has nothing, absolutely
    nothing, to do with an individual’s right to own a gun. And never did.
    There is no Constitutional right to own a gun.And there never was.

    that I’m a proponent of confiscating people’s guns. Or banning them.
    I’m not. There is not a shred of evidence anywhere to show that guns
    owned and registered by law abiding citizens are any threat at all to
    the public welfare and most statistics prove it. Drunk drivers
    are literally hundreds of thousands of times more dangerous and more of
    a threat to public safety than anyone legally owning a gun. But for gun
    enthusiasts and politicians to keep trying to hide behind the 2nd
    amendment doesn’t do anyone any good. It just promotes the kind of
    dishonesty as well as public ignorance and pandering by politicians that
    most citizens are tired of. It also shows an unwillingness by
    politicians and the press to simply be honest.

    laws we have in this country governing guns is and always has been the
    result of political will and acts of congress, not the 2nd
    amendment. This is why the NRA has a very effective lobbying effort. If
    the 2nd amendment had anything to do with an individual’s right to own a
    gun they wouldn’t need lobbyists and would save a lot of money.
    But political will is also why Congress will never pass a law banning
    individual ownership of guns. There is no political will by any
    political majority to do so and probably never will be.

    fact that Obama “agrees” with a 2nd Amendment right to own a gun
    just shows again, how either Constitutionally ignorant or willfully
    ignorant politicians can be, which is an utter disgrace considering
    their position. As far as most citizens are concerned, they simply
    believe what they read or what they are told. It’s not up to them to be
    researching the Constitution to learn what it really means, but it is
    up to someone like the President and other members of Congress who
    swears to uphold and defend it to know what they are talking about.
    Which they clearly don’t.

    ignorant of the Constitution which unfortunately includes
    the President, along with many members of Congress and the press, seem
    to refuse to read the 2nd amendment as it was written. And to
    acknowledge that the Constitution and the people who wrote it and
    founded this country were the greatest collection of geniuses in the
    principles of self government this country ever had at one time in one
    place. When you acknowledge that, then you take the words they wrote and
    argued over, debated and ratified in the Constitution seriously. And
    you don’t try to pretend they mean something they were never intended to
    mean to suit your purposes. They knew what they were doing. They knew
    what they were saying. And they knew what every word of that amendment
    meant ( as well as everything else in the Constitution). And every word
    in the 2nd amendment means the same thing today that it meant in 1789
    and in all the years in between.

    fact that the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with an individual’s
    right to own a gun is not a secret. Former Chief Justice Warren Burger,
    Chief Justice during Nixon’s term wrote that “the idea that the 2nd
    amendment has anything whatsoever to do with an individual’s right to
    own a gun is the biggest Constitutional hoax ever perpetrated on the
    American people”.

    if you don’t want to take Burger’s word for it, there is one other
    important group that knows the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with an
    individual right to own a gun. The NRA knows it. More about that later.

    is a philosophical approach in applying the constitution that
    ironically enough is the conservative approach and it’s called “original
    intent”. Where the original intent of the framers is known and is
    clear, where their words and what they meant and intended are clear,
    there can be no other interpretation of a particular clause, provision,
    article or amendment other than what the framers meant and intended.
    Nowhere is that clearer than in the second amendment. And while there
    are many, many ways to prove the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with an
    individual’s right to own a gun (all of which I will provide), all it
    really takes to understand the amendment is what you were taught by Mrs.
    Applecheeks, your 4th grade English teacher when you learned how to
    conjugate a sentence with a subject and a predicate.

    the first thing you need to know about the 2nd amendment is
    something very few people know: it was written,rewritten and revised 7
    times. That’s right, 7 times. There were 7 versions of the 2nd
    amendment, and they are all available to be seen in the Library of

    2nd amendment is only one sentence yet the Founders took the time to
    debate every word.and revise it seven times. And so, as a result of
    their debates and a desire to be abundantly clear, they changed a word
    here, another one there, added and deleted, until they arrived at the
    final version, to make sure its meaning was crystal clear and would
    endure. And so as a result of their debates they revised it seven times
    until there was unanimity. They did not rewrite it seven times so people
    could pick and choose what words they wanted to hear and ignore the
    rest. Or make them mean what they wish they meant.So keep in mind that
    every single word was important to the Framers and what they intended.
    Every word.

    amendment reads: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the
    security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms
    shall not be infringed”.

    the whole sentence not just part of it and go back to your fourth grade
    English class and how to conjugate a sentence.The subject of that
    sentence, and therefore the amendment, is ” a well regulated militia”
    not “the right to bear arms”. The subject is the militia and the
    modifier is “necessary to the security of a free state” which is the
    purpose of the amendment.

    2nd amendment is about giving the states an absolute right to have
    their own armed militias which today has been transformed into the
    National Guard.It also guarantees that the states have the right to have
    the same weapons as a federal army, a right in existence today
    and has always been, since the National Guard of every state does
    have most of the same weapons that the Federal army has. National Guard
    units have tanks, they have fighter jets. They have bombers.And it’s why
    National Guard units have been fighting in Iraq since 2002. The 2nd
    amendment guarantees the right of the states to have them. It is also
    what allowed the states of the Confederacy to have the weapons to fight a
    Civil War.

    you think the amendment gives an individual the right to have those
    weapons try putting a tank in your backyard.And keep in mind the entire
    amendment wasn’t written so that it could be diced and sliced with
    words ignored to suit someone’s purpose. The amendment means what it

    The next line refers to ” the right of the people…”.

    those who don’t know there are two types of rights enumerated in the
    Constitution, states rights and individual rights. As any Constitutional
    scholar will tell you, when the Framers were referring to a state’s
    right they used the term “the people:”. When they were referring to an
    individual right, they used the word ” person”.The 5th amendment is a
    good example. It begins with the words, “No person shall…” and lays
    out guarantees, among them, double jeopardy and that no person in a
    criminal case shall be compelled to be a witness against himself.

    you understand who the Framers are referring to when they say “the
    people”, which is a collective for the individual states, and not
    referring to an individual right, it’s time to deal with the most
    misused and misunderstood part of the 2nd amendment – the words “to
    keep and bear arms”.

    for President Obama, Lou Dobbs, Joe Lieberman and others in congress
    and the media who badly and ignorantly misuse the phrase, “to keep and
    bear arms” doesn’t mean the right of an individual to own a gun.At least
    not in terms of the Framers intended with the 2nd amendment.
    It doesn’t mean the right to go hunting or take target practice or to
    shoot an intruder. It has nothing to do with an individual’s right of
    self-defense (though it doesn’t speak against it either). And it didn’t
    the right to strut down the middle of Dodge City wearing six guns. If
    it did Wyatt Earp wouldn’t have been able to arrest anyone who did and
    confiscate their guns because Earp banned them from Dodge City and no
    one ever accused Wyatt Earp of violating the Constitution.

    First the term
    “arms” meant something very specific to the Framers who wrote the 2nd
    amendment in 1789 and it meant the same thing to them as it means now
    and that it has meant all through history.

    word “arms” in the 2nd amendment means one thing and only one
    thing. And it doesn’t mean the right to have a gun you have in your
    house. It means weapons of war. Military weapons of war.

    “right to keep and bear arms” means that the Constitution is
    guaranteeing the states not only the right to have their own militias or
    military, but the right to “keep” their own weapons of war. “Arms”
    didn’t just mean guns. It meant cannon. It meant swords and bayonets,
    cannon balls, powder, even war ships. “Arms” meant anything that could
    be used as a weapon of war. And it guaranteed the right of the
    individual states to have any weapons they wished, including the same
    military weapons as the Federal army. That guarantee is made
    clear in the last clause. As everyone knows there is a big difference
    between someone who owns a gun store and someone who is an “arms”
    dealer.And arms dealer is in the business of selling military weapons.

    the meaning of the word “arms” isn’t the only thing in the 2nd
    amendment that people get wrong. They also don’t know the meaning of the
    term ” to bear arms” which also had a very specific meaning to the
    Framers in 1789.

    “To bear
    arms” didn’t mean to show them off. It didn’t mean to go hunting or to
    use them to defend against a burglar despite what Lou Dobbs, President
    Obama and some Constitutionally challenged Congressmen think. “To bear
    arms” meant only one thing to the Framers It meant to go to war.

    Founding Fathers in the 2nd amendment guaranteed the right of
    the individual states not only the means but the right to go to war and
    defend themselves both against the possibility of a future President
    deciding to become a tyrant and using military force to give himself
    dictatorial powers, or to defend themselves against a foreign enemy that
    might invade the shores of New York, Massachusetts, or New Jersey. It
    guaranteed that the states had both the means (” the right to keep…”)
    and to use them, (to “bear arms”,)to defend themselves without having to
    depend on a Federal Army to do it for them or against a Federal army
    itself if that became “necessary to the security of a free state”.

    the Founding Fathers had intended the 2nd amendment to be about the
    right of an individual to own a gun they would have said so.And they

    The final
    clause could be the most important because it impacts every gun law on
    the books. The clause says the right granted in the 2nd amendment “shall
    not be infringed”.

    not be infringed” means just that. It doesn’t mean ” shall not be
    infringed except sometimes..”: or “shall not be infringed unless we want
    it to be”, or “shall not be infringed unless we decide there is a good
    reason to infringe upon it”. It means the right granted in the 2nd
    amendment cannot be diminished, restricted, reduced, or encroached upon
    in even the smallest way.

    all know what “fringe” means and where the fringe is — on the outer
    edges of something. And the amendment makes clear you cant encroach upon
    the right granted in the 2nd amendment even there, on the fringe.

    The 2nd
    amendment is only about a state’s right to have its own army and for
    that army to have any weapons it chooses, and that the Federal
    government cannot interfere with that right in any way. And that has
    been the case since 1789.It has never applied to an individual.And was
    never intended to.

    the 2nd amendment had anything to do with an individual’s right to own a
    gun,the clause. “shall not be infringed” would make every single gun
    law on the books, and any restriction of any kind unconstitutional. The
    NRA knows this and knows both the “infringement” clause and the entire
    amendment has nothing to do with an individual’s right to own a
    gun. Otherwise they would have challenged gun laws a long time ago on
    the grounds they violated the “infringement” clause of the 2nd

    York city’s concealed weapon law is a perfect example. You cannot carry
    a concealed gun in New York city unless you are issued a permit by the
    police department. Just the requiring of a permit would certainly be an
    “infringement” of a 2nd amendment right “to keep and bear
    arms” according to the Constitution if it related to individuals. But
    even more than that, 90% of the people who apply for the permit get
    rejected. You don’t get the permit unless the police department decides
    you can have one. And they decide most can’t.

    doesn’t sound like a Constitutional right “to keep and bear arms” that
    hasn’t been infringed upon to me. And no one knows this better than New
    York Giants former star receiver Plaxico Burress who is was arrested,
    arraigned and is now looking at a 3 year mandatory jail sentence for
    accidentally shooting himself in the leg with a concealed hand gun he
    was carrying without a permit. Burress certainly has the financial
    means to challenge the law on Constitutional grounds and he certainly
    has the money to pay good lawyers but no one has even remotely suggested
    that they will challenge the New York City law on 2nd amendment grounds
    or that the law is a violation of the “infringement” clause. And for
    good reason. They would lose.

    the NRA and their very smart lawyers have never brought suit against
    any state or municipality or against the Federal government challenging
    any restrictive gun law on the grounds that its unconstitutional and
    violates the rights granted in the 2nd amendment or the ” infringement”
    clause in particular.

    if you are thinking “what about the DC gun ban and the Supreme Court
    decision”, even before it had been decided, constitutional experts and
    lawyers knew it had nothing to do with the 2nd amendment because DC is a
    special case and whatever the Supreme Court decision was going to be,
    it wouldn’t impact the 2nd amendment debate. DC is not a state. DC is
    essentially funded by Congress. They don’t even have a say in the
    election of the President. They stand outside anything that refers to
    states rights in the Constitution because it is not a state and the 2nd
    amendment is a states right issue, not an individual rights issue. The
    DC ban against hand guns ( which Obama was for before he was against)
    didn’t decide any 2nd amendment issues.

    last thing to keep in mind with regards to “original intent”, is to
    understand America in 1789 which is something Justices do when they are
    deciding a constitutional issue where the legislative history isn’t
    known.They take everything into account to try and ascertain the intent
    of the Framers and the context in which the Constitution was written.

    in 1789 was 90% rural. And in 1789 America just about everyone in the
    Colonies owned a firearm.They used them to hunt. They used them to
    defend themselves against Indian attacks. They were a tool as basic to
    American life in 1789 as a lawnmower is now to the suburbs.

    a gun in 1789 America was common. It wasn’t controversial. And you can
    be sure that the greatest minds in self government the country ever
    had didn’t spend all that time debating and rewriting an amendment 7
    times that gave people the right to own a lawnmower.

    this has nothing to do with taking away people’s guns. There is no
    reason to. The problem in this country isn’t guns owned by law abiding
    citizens, its illegal guns that do the damage and laws need to be passed
    to address that, not restrictions on citizens who obey the gun laws
    already on the books.There should be some mandatory gun training on how
    to use a gun for anyone who wants one, just the way you have to pass a
    drivers test to get a license to drive to cut down on accidents
    and other public safety issues. But the gun problem in America is
    illegal guns.

    And an illegal gun means just one thing — a stolen gun or a gun obtained fraudulently.

    There should be
    laws requiring a gun owner to report a lost or stolen gun within 24
    hours to local law enforcement and any gun owner who has a gun lost or
    stolen twice in a year should have their licenses revoked. Mandatory
    security measures for gun dealers and shops could also be initiated to
    cut down the frequency of stolen guns.And additional jail time, stiff
    jail time should be imposed on anyone in possession of an illegal gun.

    politicians who are Constitutionally challenged would stop misusing
    phrases like” to keep and bear arms”, clearly not having the slightest
    idea of what the clause really means,and what the Framers were talking
    about, maybe more time would be spent dealing with the real problems
    posed by illegal guns instead of hiding behind the charade of what they
    think the 2nd amendment means.

    far as the recent decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
    regarding Alameda County in California, that ruling should come as no
    surprise. And it is not definitive. The 9th Circuit is the most liberal
    court in the country and only the most liberal interpretation of the 2nd
    amendment, one that completely disregards the original intent of the
    Framers and what the words actually mean, could choose to give the term ”
    to keep and bear arms” such a broad meaning and one completely
    unintended by the Framers. In fact the only way to apply the words in
    the 2nd amendment to an individual is to completely disregard what the
    words were intended to accomplish, which is what conservatives usually
    complain is legislating from the bench.

    is talk of appealing the 9th Circuits ruling to the Supreme Court. But
    anyone can challenge any gun law in the United States as being
    unconstitutional on the grounds that it violates both the second
    amendment and specifically the “infringement” clause if they think the
    2nd amendment applies to individuals.
    They can start with New York City’s concealed gun law. If they are
    right, the law will be struck down and every gun law in the U.S. will
    get struck down with it and the matter would be settled once and for
    all. And if not then the country can move on and focus on the real
    problem which is illegal guns.

    • b4k9zp

      When you claim that there was never a constitutional right to own a gun, you are a blatant liar, as always.

      The Second amendment was enacted SPECIFICALLY to protect the INDIVIDUAL’s Right to ;possess and carry the same weapons or “arms” that are used by the military and police of the time, as shown by its clear language. It states that the right (something possessed by an individual) of the people (all individuals in the country to keep (possess) and bear (carry) arms (the weapons in common use at the time by the military and police, and all other weapons) shall not be infringed–cannot be reduced, limited or encroached upon.

      Justice Burger’s opinion was stated, not in any judicial opinion but in an interview with Parade magazine, and as such is not legally binding on anyone.

      John Kennedy, then running for the presidency, stated in April 1960: “By calling attention to ‘a well regulated militia’, the ‘security’ of the nation, and the right of each citizen ‘to keep and bear arms’, our founding fathers recognized the essentially civilian nature of our economy. Although it is extremely unlikely that the fears of governmental tyranny which gave rise to the Second Amendment will ever be a major danger to our nation,the Amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic civilian-military relationships, in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country. For that reason, I believe the Second Amendment will always be important.”

      Thomas Jefferson stated, in the first of three drafts of the Virginia Constitution, that “No free man shall ever debarred the use of arms.”

      George Mason IV stated that “the most effectual way to enslave the people is to disarm them.”

      Richard Henry Lee stated in a letter published in the Feb. 20,1788 Issue of “The Pennsylvania Gazette” : “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use

      In a report entitled “The Right To Keep and Bear Arms” to the 97th Congress, 2nd session of the US Senate, by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committed Subcommittee on the Constitution (published in February 1982), the report stated clearly: “The conclusion is thus inescapable that the history, concept, and wording of the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States, as well as its interpretation by every major commentator and court in the first half-century after its ratification, indicates that what is protected is an individual right of a private citizen to own and carry firearms in a peaceful manner.”

      In that same report, Senator Orrin G. Hatch stated: “If gun laws in fact worked, the sponsors of this type of legislation should have no difficulty drawing upon long lists of
      examples of crime rates reduced by such legislation. That they cannot do so after a century and a half of trying — that they must sweep under the rug the southern attempts at gun control in the 1870-1910 period, the northeastern attempts in the 1920-1939 period, and the attempts at both Federal and State levels in 1965-1976 — establishes the repeated, complete, and inevitable failure of gun laws to control crime.”

      (Since gun laws are a complete failure at controlling crime, there is only one real purpose for them, and that is control of the people, mainly blacks and other minorities that the democratic party wants to enslave.).

      William Rawle, (1825; considered academically to be an expert commentator on the Constitution. He was offered the position of the first Attorney General of the United States, by President Washington.) “The prohibition is general. No clause in the Constitution could by rule of construction be conceived to give the Congress the power to disarm the people. Such a flagitious attempt could only be made under some general pretense by a state legislature. But if in blind pursuit of inordinate power, either should attempt it, this amendment may be appealed to as a restraint on both.”

      Thomas Jefferson stated in a letter to John Cartwright written in 1824, as quoted in the “Memorial Edition, edited by Lipscomb and Bergh, volume 16, page 45: “We established however some, although not all, its [self-government] important principles. The constitutions of most of our States assert, that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves, in all cases to which they think themselves competent, (as in electing their functionaries executive and legislative, and deciding by a jury of themselves, in all judiciary cases in which any fact is involved,) or they may act
      by representatives, freely and equally chosen; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed…” Note to bruner, all these rights are INDIVIDUAL rights, not collective rights.

      Samuel Adams wrote or spoke these words in “Debates and Proceedings in the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 86-87”: “The Constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms.”

      The great orator, Patrick Henry, is recorded as saying: “The great object is that every man be armed and everyone who is able may have a gun”.

      Louis D. Brandeis, a 1930s Supreme court justice, said once: “Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government’s purposes are beneficial. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding.”

      • bruner10

        You are talking about things that happened or said over 200 years ago. Jefferson also said this, “[The] governor [is] constitutionally the commander of the militia of the State, that is to say, of every man in it able to bear arms.” –Thomas Jefferson to A. L. C. Destutt de Tracy, 1811 The Govenor is the Commander in Cheif of the National Guard in his state. You and your sources as you present them are simply wrong.are

  • Arthur L. Trevallee

    This NAACP statement sounds pretty stupid, if you ask me. Where are guns being dumped? That implies that the gun manufacturers are giving them away or selling them at a steep discount. Please let me know where these free or ultra cheap guns are, since I am on a very limited income!

    • Janice

      Don’t buy any. They are wholly unnecessary.
      I have limited income too. I am not silly to spend money on guns in place of essentials..

      Your imbecile mind is following the hysteria of gun-dumping. Where in the NAACP statement is the talk of gun-dumping?


      • b4k9zp

        Guns are not necessary? SAYS WHO? YOU? A proven liar and incompetent reasoner? ROFLMAO!

  • Oingo Boingo

    Nogs ALWAYS blame the hardware instead of blaming rampaging nogs.
    Even Ben Carson blames dem bayed gunz an awl.

  • Ken Shell

    where’d you get your facts Janice

  • Frank Gavere

    Look Obamas gang will put you gun owners in a fema concentration camp if he can dissarm you, Just say NO & tell them where to go.He purchased 1.5 BILLION rounds of fragmenting bullets,for INTERNAL SECURITY & didnt use any in Fergusons riots, guess who he plans to use them ON?

  • Bill Birdis

    The africans in America still like to show off their stupity to Non-Black Americans

    • Janice

      Your own orthography shows stupidity and gross ignorance.

      People with prejudices like you show contribute to social problems.

      • Bill Birdis

        Hey dumb, dumb, in one recent week the Saint Louis area had seven black on black killings. In one case it was two at one time. This is not stupid ?????? We have no problems like this with any other ethnic group. None.

      • b4k9zp

        YOu are the only racist who posts here.

  • dahniuru

    OK, NAACP, I have a novel idea. You could do a lot of good if you would keep sending the very strong message to your members that they should obey a police order. And perhaps that they should start obeying other laws as well, such as not stealing or mugging or doing dope or….. Is that too much to hope for?

    • Janice

      You are talking racism!
      Crimes committed by black people are minuscule part of the Afro-American people, just like those committed by white people. What is different between them is the history of slavery and the resulting poverty, once they were out of slavery.
      Any call for obedience to authority rings of obeying their slave overseers. Such is how anomie of the society looks like.

      We Caucasians in this country must be very cognizant of the history and act accordingly. You must join in this responsibility, for you are co-guilty of the sins of your grandfathers.

      If the NAACP sees gun control as the best solution to the gun crime within the Black Community, why should not we honor their advice. Hundreds of sound minds created this position that limiting the availability of guns is the best solution of the problem of the gun crime. Why should we Caucasians dispute it?

      • b4k9zp

        so, if they don’t obey the commands of police they will be shot, and deservedly so!

        There is no justification for crimes by anyone.

        No one who advocates limiting the availability of guns has any claim to being of sound mind. For such a statement flies in the face of reason.

  • ElmoS

    Well, Again the NAACP, The Congressional Black Caucus, The so called Black Leaders in the likes of Al Race Baiter Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other so called Black Racist won’t take responsibility for the Black Criminals. If it wasn’t for these people not taking a role in stopping their criminals from obtaining guns and killing their own this would be a safer country. So instead of trying to curb the violence in the Black Community they are just ignoring who is to blame and want to take it out on the law abiding citizens. These Black People want a protected class and they will stop at nothing to obtain that. Well, we don’t owe the Black People anything as we have tried to bring them into the 21 Century and they have failed to do this. Its not the White Man’s fault that they won’t comply and clean up their own mess.

  • Ron

    Why is there no NAAWP ?

    • Janice

      Because you are an idiot par excellence, not knowing of the U.S. history.

      Observe, there is a National Association of the Deaf, no of National Association of the Hearing; no National Association of Sighted People. In Africa, there is even no National Association of Colored People!

      • b4k9zp

        when you call others an idiot ‘par excellence’ you prove yet once again, as usual, that you know that you have no factual evidence, or any conceivable or possible form of logic, thinking ability or reasoning ability to support your idiotic claims.

        • Janice

          Your response shows exactly what I say. You cannot read English, like you wrote in other posts a poor English. Can’t you see the sarcasm in my reply to Ron about NAAWP?

  • Jack


  • joão cezar

    The NAACP stopped being a respectful organization during the ’60s, and has become another Liberal tool, filled with hacks who really want to keep blacks in slavery mode. It’s easier to control someone when they are angry, as they will normally follow a set pattern of action, one that is easy to predict. So sad, as most of society wants to live together in harmony. But, there is a rather small minority in all groups, including blacks, that want to hurt and destroy, something that the NAACP has been working towards, for a long time.

  • Michael Valgos

    NAACP gun manufactures do not control who buys guns, the laws do. The thugs that have the guns that the NAACP is talking about are not purchased at gun stores. They are not purchased at any store. These thugs that the NAACP is talking about are not able to buy guns. So the NAACP needs to clean up their own backyard before they start running their mouth. They talk a good story, but they can’t, and don’t even try to get the guns out of the hands of blacks. So why would anyone in their right mind even consider listening to them?

  • Albert Nygren

    I would expect this from the NAACP. It used to be a good organization many years ago but not now. It’s too bad because although I am Caucasian I love African Americans as I love all of my Brothers and sisters in Christ. They deserve better than the NAACP and Al Sharpton! I long for the days of Martin Luther King Jr. He promoted harmony between the races but I don’t hear that message any more from African American organizations.

  • madmemere

    The NAACP is also communist and muslim “connected”, so what would you expect them to say? Certainly nothing “useful”.

  • dodah

    Outlaw Firearms and only Outlaws will have firearms and since most crimes/murders are committed by the Race the NAACP represents is the reason for their actions .The legal people will be defenseless against outlaws which NAACP backs….

  • ABBAsFernando

    NAACP are Useful Idiots of Communist/Fascist Puppet Masters! A FACT OF LIFE!

    All dictators steal the weapons of citizens in order to enslave and murder those they hate.,

  • the nat.assoc. 4 the advancement of the communist party can kiss my you know what! [ i changed their name b/c they have betrayed what they were orig. founded for & what they now stand for]

  • Patriot47

    Liberalism is a mental illness.

  • Sprit of 1776

    In the wake of the recent shootings of two New York City police officers, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has issued a press release calling for stronger gun control laws. It
    also called for greater attention to the problem of mental illness.

    You know how they never state anything about what to do with blacks killing other people like women, children and small baby whose skin is not black?

    Like total maroons this is not the first time the NAACP has taken a position in favor of gun control. In 2003, the group brought suit against 45 gun manufacturers. They believe that any manufacturers should be sued for making a tool, yes a gun is a tool in the hand of a person and how they decides to use it. It is the same if a ball-bat was use to bash in the someone
    head, a person being ran down by a car, stabbed with a kitchen knife, struck with a 2×4 or pipe, drowned in a bathtub forcibly.

    You see if a person really want to injury or kill someone there are so many “TOOLS” out there to use to get the job done one way or the other. But idiots like NAACP, Obama, Bidden, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and the rest of the Socialistic FOOLS believe that you can only kill someone if a gun is used, they all have the mentality of 6 year old child running this country in the GROUND.


    They can’t control their own people, ie; the bloods , the crips, murder for hire, murder for money and on and on with black gangs running around like wild animals through our major cities. These blacks run the streets and set up criminal enterprises with drugs , prostitution, stolen car rings, home invasion gangs and any other illegal activities they can get away with. So white people buy legal guns under Constitution and the Second Amendment to protect themselves from these animals and now the blacks want more gun control? Why so we won’t shoot back when they try to break into our homes or try and kill us when they try and car jack us? These colored animals are turning my country into a third world African country and as long as they are allowed to roam the streets like a pack of wild animals I will arm myself and my family and take any measure to defend myself against these animals.

    • Sprit of 1776

      RIGHT ON

  • matt ridgeway

    the revolution is at hand! SHEEPLE like janice are the cause of the freedoms we have no more. police are arrogant and think they are above the law. this country was founded on christianity that has all but been taken away. the law makers no longer listen to” we the people” they swear to uphold the constiution but have they ever read it?like those before me the government can take my gun when they pry it from my cold dead hands!

  • old_salty_dawg99

    The NAACP should be OUTLAWED which would be one of the best Gun control laws ever. See they like all other IDIOTS who blame guns instead o the person using the gun are the worst thing when it comes to people being shot by others and even themselves. See a gun can do NOTHING without the influence of a human and it is the Humans intent that decides if a gun will be used for good or BAD(EVIL). Those who call for the removal of the Second Amendment so only Criminals who do not care what other laws they break when committing their crimes. So if the gun haters get their way only Criminals will only have guns while all others are made into helpless victims. I for one say to the IDIOTS of the NAACP SHUT UP we are sick of your IGNORANCE and LIES like we are of Obammy’s LYING by Breathing. The NAACP like Jackson, Sharpton, and their ilk are the BIGGEST BOGOTS the world will ever see and need put out of America along with throwing out those who spew LIBERAL IGNORANCE which means all Democrats and many in the Republican party who call themselves moderates. All who support gun control of any kind support MURDERERS and other of the VILEST of CRIMINALS.

  • ny2223jv


  • brabbie2002

    Molon Labe, you bunch of mental dipsh–s! If you think I am going to give up my defenses so your “such nice young men” can rob me blind, you have a totally different idea of reality than me. Given the opportunity, I will shoot to kill anyone that I do not know entering my home uninvited or trying to carjack, steal my purse, whatever. Tell your “such nice young men” to go to school, get a job, and do something legal for once in their lives like BUY their own “stuff”!

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I give a couple times a year to Wounded Warriors and hope all of my money went to help our VETS.

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  • Bob

    Get a clue! Its the responsibility of the ATF to ensure laws are being followed. Are they are too busy hiding facts from Congress and the public on such illegal acts as Fast and Furious to do their job correctly???

  • I’m getting tired of the NAACP moaning and groaning then when a brutha or sista commits a crime with a gun,, all they do is say that person was such a good person they was changing there life around,,what a joke.

  • Texmex32

    I just had a gun stolen, and guess who stole it. One Guess. A Obaboonite!

  • daveveselenak

    This is all part of the communist concerted strategy to disarm AMERIKA! They are shrewd, rude and evil as hell! They are playing AMERIKA like a fine fiddle. REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  • Dwimby

    Before they start lecturing all the rest of us for the 1000th time, the NAACP should be looking into black on black crime. It’s a huge and very real issue. Solve THAT problem affecting your own brothers every day then maybe we could proceed to discuss (seriously) other problems, no matter how sad, no matter how unfortunate.

  • JohnnyCuredents

    Since we know these liberal lunatics are out there and well-funded, let’s take action now. Either join the NRA or, if you already belong, send along a small contribution to NRA-ILA. Don’t let the limo liberals impose their will on us. United we will stand, but divided we most certainly will end up kissing the pantywaists a$$es.

  • Peter Smith

    The NAACP and other progressive, liberal organizations, including the Obama administration (Yes, I consider the Obama administration an organization and not leadership) want more gun laws that will prohibit lawful citizens from gun ownership. Their gun laws will never work.
    To all liberals in the cheap seats, CRIMINALS don’t obey laws, hence the title of CRIMINAL. The are over 300 million firearms in private ownership across this great land. If you want to cut down on crime, have more concealed carry permits and responsible gun owners EXERCISING this legal right. Thugs don’t want to have to work hard for their take and they damn sure don’t want to get shot.
    Gun control is using two hands and excessive force is reloading after the criminal is down.

    • snap ruggie

      We need more over sight of Gun Dealers. More then a quarter million guns go MISSING form Gun Shops each year. But congress contuinues to cut funding for the inspections. Less then 19% of gun shops each year are inspected. The GOP has blocked legislation for the last 14 years that would require Gun Dealers to inventory their stock each year and report it. Illegal guns are the problem. Not my hunting guns. We need to stop the flow of guns into the black market. We all know that criminals don’t follow laws. So more gun laws on us the people will not work. We need to SHUT DOWN THE FLOW to the criminals. But the NRA lobbyists continue to resist logical thinking. If we put MORE REGULATIONS on the sellers and leave us legal buyers alone, we could cut the flow down considerably. They way to a safe America is to find where these illegal guns come from. Many are straw sales in states with lax laws. Then shipped to major cities. But if the gun dealers can’t sell out the back door less guns will be sold. Supply and demand. Less guns demanded less guns manufactured. Less profits for gun manufactures. We all know that gun manufactures are the life blood of the NRA. So please America stop believing that any party wants to take away your guns. Most Americans want legislation that will help stop the flow of guns to criminals. Not come and take mine away.

      • Peter Smith

        There are background checks on all legally obtained weapons purchases. My own background has been checked dozens of times.

        “The GOP has blocked legislation for the last 14 years that would require Gun Dealers to inventory their stock each year and report it.” How is this possible when from 2009 to 2013, the Democrats held a near “super majority” in Congress? They could have passed laws regardless of Republican sentiments. The liberal Democrats passed no bills to curtail gun sales. Why not? The Republicans could not have stopped the vote.

        Law enforcement has been trying to “SHUT DOWN THE FLOW to the criminals” for years, regardless of which party was in power at the time.

        “They way to a safe America is to find where these illegal guns come from. Many are straw sales in states with lax laws. Then shipped to major cities. But if the gun dealers can’t sell out the back door less guns will be sold. Supply and demand. Less guns demanded less guns manufactured. Less profits for gun manufactures. We all know that gun manufactures are the life blood of the NRA. So please America stop believing that any party wants to take away your guns. Most Americans want legislation that will help stop the flow of guns to criminals. Not come and take mine away.”
        Do you have any idea just how ignorant this statement is? If not, you should try researching a topic before you just spout off. The progressive liberal left has been ACTIVELY trying to ban not only the sale but the ownership of guns as well. When that tactic failed, the Federal government figured what is a gun without ammunition? A paper weight. Why is it that the IRS, the FDA, and other government agencies have been using portions of their annual operating budgets to purchase huge amounts of ammunition? The Federal agencies now own more ammunition that the US military. The facts of this are easy to obtain. So, go ahead and believe the smelly offal of your posts. I choose not to and a lot of my fellow American patriots concur with my assessments.

  • Steve Skipper

    Per the Wounded Warrior questions. As a retired government Natural Resource Conservation Service guy I used to contribute annually to the Combined Federal Campaign or CFC. They have an extensive booklet listing most major charities and non-profits with contribution codes so you can auto donate right out of your electronic paycheck.. THE COOLEST THING is that they also list the administrative costs or overhead for running each organization.. Minus that, is what you actually end up giving to the end receivers. Keep in mind that larger charities may be more expensive to run BUT if they are going over 15% or so, they are probably pocketing some of your dough. Check for them online and see if the annual list is available. As for my guns…Cold dead hands…

  • Bruce Bourget Sr.

    Vietnam Guntruckers Stand Up for The Constitution, Always, Frenchie

  • 1S-1K

    Well, we of the NAAWP, demand all the people of color ( Felons included) give up their firearms, drugs and pull up their pants and start acting like civilized people. That alone would take care of most of our common problems. At least our (FIREARMS) are legal.

  • Oscar Pearson

    Your problem is not with guns. Your problem is that you have no leadership in your communities. No father figures taking responsibilities for what they produce. And what little leadership you do have is Al and Jesse who lead you astray and break the law themselves but blame everything on everybody else. It is called accountability and too many of your folks won’t accept that.

  • Sandy Bethel

    maybe the blacks should raise their children better. when a policeman ask you to do something . do as he says. the incident will probably be over before it gets to the bad parts.
    just for the record you people are protest for criminals. you know that don’t ya???????
    just for the record have you noticed that if a white cop shoots a black it is depicted as that.but if a black cop shoots a white they don’t mention the race.
    JUST SAYING!!!!!

  • Chamileon

    OHHHHHHHHHH here come all the gun nutts again

  • Chamileon

    They should have also said STOP COVERING UP FOR CROOKED RACIST COPS good cops have got to step up or everybody will suffer. The defiance of logic has harsh consequences .

  • figmo

    Since the NAACP under no circumstances will ever admit a black person is responsible for any wrong doing they must deflect the responsibility to the guns they shoot or some other nonsensical BS. They do not hesitate to blame a white police officer for shooting some black felonious jackass however.

  • Doctor_M7

    The NAACP doesn’t want white people shooting their “babies” while robbing us.
    This “mental illness” is just a scam to disarm whites, because blacks all steal their guns, which aren’t accounted for.

  • Anna

    Gun control will ensure that the law abiding citizens will be the only people that WILL NOT have guns. Criminals will ALWAYS find a way to get guns. Law abiding citizens go through the proper channels to acquire firearms and we will not let anyone take them away from us. How about taking the guns away from criminals first and after this is accomplished THEN let’s talk gun control……….BUT not until then.

  • Jim Terio

    These racist fools are total idiots. They are less relevant than Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder. Just a dark age for this wonderful country.

    All that it takes for evil to prevail is for good men (and women) to do nothing. But good men and women, of all races and religions, are waking up to the racist progressive communist-liberal threat to our nation, and we will NOT sit back and do nothing.

  • Finder1009

    I have a great idea for these morons. Find a solution to the actual problem, Lawless thugs. Its NOT the cop’s fault that they have to defend their own life because an ignorant thug attacks them. Its not the cops fault that looters destroy towns. Its not anyone’s fault but the THUGS, that they get arrested, convicted, jailed or shot. If the NAACP wants to help solve the problem, they need to get their heads out of the Liberal Propaganda Machine and seek the Truth. Liberal enabling is a prime example of fault for these problems.

  • Barney Mc Fife

    Only one reason groups such as this and their crooked socialist cronies want to take guns from the law abiding citizen–that is so they can have their devious way with us without the fear of resistance.

  • TEK61

    cars kill people, are going to take cars away too,you can take all the guns and gangs will still get them.

  • TEK61

    you fuck up people wake up you naacp fk basterds

  • Isaac Pentlin

    The Demonstrations have a lot to do with 3 million prison releases by Eric Holder in aliance with Black Panthers , Nation of Islam an ISIS.

  • kjenkinsaf

    The hardcore attacks on our Constitutional Liberties are only just beginning. The perfect storm has occurred. We have a Marxist President, Communist former CIA Director (Panetta), a racist AG, the most liberal Supreme Court ever, prior to Americans slightly rousing during the mid-terms we had a Congress that will go down in history as allowing the dismantling of all America holds dear. The laws placed on the books, the personnel placed, and the pending slow destruction of America is a long term plan. Obama and his Marxist/Islamist handlers, and those complicit in our Congress and education systems are fomenting war within and without. Weakening us all to make it easier for us to be subjugated. Prepare folks. It WILL get worse, much worse.

  • Oldshooter

    Hmmmnnn…There is a simple “supply and demand” issue involving guns here. When the “gun industry” increases its production and sales of guns, they are doing so to fill an increased demand from the American public. This demand typically increases in places like Ferguson, in the aftermath of rioting and mass violence (which has recently been perpetrated almost entirely by black people), or in response to efforts to restrict public ownership of guns (by the likes of our President and Attorney General – and the NAACP). Additionally, since the vast majority of gun crime today is being committed by black people, against other black people, it is, in significant measure, the behavior of the NAACP’s primary constituency itself, that adversely impacts the lives of those innocent blacks who become victims of “gun violence.” Maybe the NAACP would be better off advocating better social values, leading to better control of the black community’s behavior, rather than better control of guns. Guns don’t commit crimes, their users do…and those (criminally inclined) users will commit their crimes with whatever else is handy when guns aren’t available (seems I remember the “hammer murder” of an East European immigrant by some black folks recently). Since the NAACP is an organization that advocates for the welfare of the black community, and is generally well regarded among them, they might be able to exert significant influence on the popular black gang culture and values that are most likely responsible for much of this “gun violence,” not to mention the underlying cause of many of the shootings of black people by police, which typically seems to occur – as with the Brown and Garner cases – while they are engaged in criminal behavior and resisting arrest or even attacking the police officer(s) involved. Being responsible often involves telling others, including friends and supporters, that they may be wrong, or at least part of the problem. By focusing on guns, rather than the violent behavior and antisocial “gangsta’ values,” now so prevalent in the black community, the NAACP is just avoiding their responsibility to their constituents.

  • OldPatriot32

    The NAACP is the enemy of a free America. “When owning a gun is illegal, only criminals will own guns!” Black conservatives will agree.