New Jersey Demands Gun Control After Shooting

Although the deceased gunman was a felon convicted of homicide-related charges and had been released from prison early, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy joined gun control groups to urge for stronger gun laws in the aftermath of a weekend shooting that left 22 injured.

Multiple gunmen attacked the Trenton Art All Night festival early Sunday morning in a gang-related shooting. Police identified at least two suspects: Tahaji Wells, 33, who was killed during the shooting, and Amir Armstrong, 23, who was injured. A third suspect, currently unidentified, is hospitalized in critical condition.

Wells was sentenced to serve 18 years in 2004 following a deadly shooting and had picked up a six-year extension for gang-related racketeering while incarcerated, but he was released from prison earlier this year. Nonetheless, Murphy went on the offensive for more gun laws just hours after the shooting.

“These are not inappropriate times to talk about gun policy. These are the most important times to talk about gun policy,” said Murphy, a Democrat who has signed more than a half-dozen new firearm laws into effect since taking office five months ago.

Murphy supports shorter prison sentences while at the same time cutting job training programs designed to curb recidivism and keep former inmates from returning to a life of crime, Fox News reported.

Murphy’s words on gun violence were joined by statements issued independently on Sunday by the Brady Campaign, Giffords, and Moms Demand Action. In each, weak gun laws, milquetoast lawmakers and a powerful firearm culture were indicted by the groups as the root of the issue.

“The ‘guns everywhere’ agenda pushed by the gun lobby doesn’t create a safer America — it creates a more violent nation where art festivals, schools, movie theatres, concerts, nightclubs, and almost every public venue are no longer safe,” said Brady co-president Avery Gardiner. “There’s no other public health epidemic that we would choose to simply ignore, but gun violence is absolutely an epidemic blighting our nation. These tragedies simply cannot continue.”

Trenton Mayor Eric E. Jackson extended his sympathy to those injured in the city in a statement before railing against guns.

“All shootings — whether multiple or singular, whether in a city or a suburb — are a crisis,” said Jackson, like Murphy, a Democrat. “In Trenton we have been tackling this issue for quite some time. This can’t be discarded as just random violence; this is a public health issue. We have to work cooperatively and collaboratively with parents and law enforcement to end this gun violence and destruction in our towns.”

Elected in 2014, Jackson has in the past promised to take what was reported as “drastic measures” on guns crime ranging from “buyback” campaigns that netted 1,735 unwanted guns from the community and prodding Trenton police to form a Violence Interdiction Team focusing on aggressively working to combat crime.


  • snuffum

    Jersey, another shit hole state with asshole citizens

  • ChiefH

    Seems like the perp should have been kept in jail for the remaining 10 yeard of his sentence (2028) and maybe he would not been able to kill people. Don’t need more gun laws just need to enforce the laws on the books now.

    • Terry Butts


      He was given 18 for the shooting in 2004 then they added six for crimes he committed while in prison so he should not have even been considered for early release.

      The media and politicians keep spouting that early release is only done for those on good behavior who were sentenced for non violent crimes.

      Here is the proof they lied a man in prison for a homicide related shooting in 2004 who even got time added to that for crimes he committed while in prison yet they let him out early.

      Under their existing gun restrictions he was not legally in possession of or able to legally purchase a gun.

      So no new law disarming even more potential victims for him would have prevented his crime.

      Frankly how he only got 18 years for a HOMICIDE related shooting in 2004 and was given early release is what should be addressed not who can and can not legally own a gun or the type of gun they can legally purchase.

      Contrary to the false propaganda from the anti gun crowd not every gun started as a legal purchase or was even manufactured by a legitimately licensed under existing laws arms manufacturer. In fact they recently sentenced a man in California to 46 months for making and selling guns from basic metal and yes that included full auto capable guns.

      Had they kept him in prison for the entire sentence it may not have stopped the crime since he was not the only one involved but it would have definietly kept him from participating in the crime.

  • 1John_Galt2

    Again blame the tool for criminal activity. This is a bunch of baloney. New Jersey residents should get rid of the politicians who obviously are weighing in with their emotions rather than common sense. This is a gang/thug/people problem. Democrats don’t want GOD in their platform so there is no sanctity of life. If you don’t care about life, you don’t have a problem taking someones life.

  • Alan404

    The late Mr. Wells was released EARLY from prison, where he had been sentenced for a crime or crimes of violence, not simple theft. He had also received an additional sentence for criminal acts while in prison. WHY was such an individual released early is a question demanding an answer. What does Governor Murphy offer in the way of explanation, his standard song and dance, his beating the drum for Gun Control is less than convincing, as it the double talk from assorted Anti Gun/Anti Civil Rights types, and their office holding henchmen.

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    Lets see now we have a felon that isnt suppose to have a fire arm in a state that its almost a gun free state, how did your gun control work for that? IT DIDNT!! Maybe if you had more law abiding citizens packing maybe this shooting would have been a lot less on the victim side. YO anti gunners, stop with the stupidity of removing items that can save lives and if you want to ban any thing try banning your self from the human race (oops I said race, guess that will now make me a race baiter too).

  • Joseph Morgan

    I feel very sorry for the good people of NJ for having such a POS for a governor. The good people had their state stolen by the slime infested social liberal scumbags. It shows that this governor supports the criminals and their actions, over the rights of the innocent and law abiding citizens, by punishing the innocent and preventing them from protecting themselves with their asinine gun laws.

  • Richard Lofgren

    We need more criminal control.

    • Popetal

      Need to reinstate the death penalty nationwide with appropriate provisions to protect those unjustly accused. Require DNA evidence, Eyewitness evidence from 2 or more persons and/or video footage, etc

  • Jim Nasium

    Murphy is a social justice puke and all democrats are criminal parasites. Their voter base is comprised of debaucherous sub-human illegitimate mongrel scum. We need to sterilize that voter base because their progeny are murderous animals like this Trenton shooter and the MS-13 gang animals whom Murphy has stated that he has their back. They want to take the firearms of legitimate responsible citizens and hogtie our rights so we cannot defend ourselves even if we have the means to. This low-life could have been stopped by an armed citizen but then that is what cuts into the democrat voter base…self defense. They want to take our rights leaving the legal citizenry defenseless to the illegitimate low-life swine and at the same time allow all of the illegal sub-humans in to kill or otherwise replace us. Democrats are a pestilence that needs to be eradicated and that is, I fear, unfortunately coming. With their hatred of republicans and conservatives as well as our President…Trump Derangement Syndrome has become a severe health crisis in that it is a psychosis cured only through civil war. I also believe that democrats release swine like this Trenton shooter to kill and make just to bolster their position…which is to create a police state. NJ isn’t far from that now.

  • Terry Butts

    “Wells was sentenced to serve 18 years in 2004 following a deadly shooting and had picked up a six-year extension for gang-related racketeering while incarcerated, but he was released from prison earlier this year.”

    So basically he was NOT LEGALLY eligible to buy or own a gun under the existing laws (especially in an anti gun state like NJ). He was RELEASED EARLY from prison by liberals DESPITE HAVING ALREADY SHOT SOMEONE and yet this individual thinks that GUNS were the problem that MORE LAWS the criminal would have simply IGNORED as he did the EXISTING ONES that he would suddenly somehow obey the new laws unlike the existing laws he broke that were passed on the same FALSE CLAIMS they would PREVENT crime and save lives.

    Laws DO NOT PREVENT CRIME they define what is a crime and what punishment one could receive if they commit that crime.

    When criminals think

    1) they will never get caught

    2) they won’t be punished because of their age

    3) they get a better life in prison than they have outside of it.

    (because of liberal lawyers and the “rights” above basic human rights they force to be provided to prisoners things like cable TV are not a right they are a luxury if you can afford to pay for it).

    4) Are mentally ill and do not care if they even survive committing the crime.

    Then NO GUN RESTRICTING LAW past present or FUTURE will save anyone of their victims.

    • Gemynygrl

      It also states he has signed a half dozen more laws since he was elected and yet none of those new laws did anything either. Honestly how many more laws do they need 1, 10, 50, 1000? If the half dozen new ones did nothing it’s safe to say a hundred more wont either. These people really are tools

    • Tomcat01

      Excellent point

  • john

    I would ask, Would new gun control laws heve stopped this sensless act of killing?

  • Patrick Feeney

    New Jersey wants to punish decent, honest citizens for the actions of the criminals and crazies that New Jersey allows to run loose in their state!

  • Big Ed

    The New Jersey governor, Murphy, wants much stronger gun control laws than New Jersey currently has. By getting stronger laws, like those in Chicago, he hopes to lower the violence in his state. It didn’t work in Chicago, it didn’t work in Baltimore, it didn’t work in Detroit, but maybe it will this time. What did Einstein say about doing the same thing over and over and looking for a different result?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    How about stronger criminal justice laws instead?

  • George Reed

    All you hear is gun control, gun control I have no idea what gun control is can someone please clear this up for me.

    • tomsfordcars

      I can clear up your question. Gun control is a firm grip and steady aim! Guns do not kill people, people kill people. When are the stupid dumbocraps ever going to understand that?


    Well here we have another politician whom fails to realize that GUNS do not have the ability to do neither good or bad left to their own abilities. Giving human traits to non-human objects makes no sense to me. Quit barking up the wrong tree, you have to control the BAD weapons operators. TOO BIG a task, tuff crap it is the task that must be undertaken to manage crime. Quit playing with emotions and get to work doing something positive to correct the situation.

  • Popetal

    This makes me wonder how many of the 90 pardons Obama gave out before he left office are perps already accused of additional crimes.

  • 45N90W

    Let’s see. Murph is in favor of shorter prison sentences, but at the same time cuts funds for job training for these intellectually and morally challenged, likely products of the historic Democrat thinking about the 20th/21st century continuation of the plantation system of Murphy and his tyrannical friends. Interesting that the guy is left handed just like his left-handed, leftist presidential idol, that stinker, BO.

  • jon

    WOW how can a criminal killer with a record get a gun? so more gun control is going to stop a person like him from getting a gun not in a million years!!! now with nut job criminals in office removing the ability of honest law abiding citizens from defending themselves from the lawless criminal killers is it any wonder the killing keeps happening in the gun control gun free zone states

  • Jmanjo

    New Jersey needs a new governor not a new gun law!

    • Carolann313

      One-term governor dipshit commie will not prevail !!


    I don’t know why the democrats are so stupid no gun law is going to stop violence with a gun as long as the black market exist.

    • Conservative and intelligent

      CBUJAN, and most other people who posted here. I couldn’t agree more. Gun control laws only hurt the law abiding citizen from defending him/herself and their families. I was born in, and have lived my entire 60 years in NJ. The problem here is a microcosm of most of the country. The vast majority of land area and counties, owned by tax paying, hard working Americans, the vast majority being conservative, gun loving, law abiding conservatives, are out voted, by redistricted city areas, populated by Blue, non-working welfare recipients, who vote democrat to have their freebie handouts increased. Historically, the DemonCraps redistrict to ensure the 10% of the land area can outvote the rest of the state and keep it Blue. It took me just over 8 months to get my firearms ID, (FID) and permit to purchase 1 hand gun. By statute, it’s supposed to take no more than 30 days. The rest of NJ, and the rest of the country needs to WAKE UP, and get rid of ALL DemonCraps, to straighten out this country. Trump’s off to a good start, but he’s being fought at every turn, by both democrats and RINO’s. We need to become as vocal, and organized as ANTIFA, and the rest of the Left, to fight, and I DO mean fight to get our constitutional rights back. Before we lose them ALL for good. Once the 2nd goes, the rest will follow, at an accelerated pace.

  • antimarxist

    They get it wrong again. The milquetoast lawmakers they are referring to are the ones that allowed this piece of s–t out of prison early instead of locking him up and throwing away the key. They want “gun violence” so they can use it to further their marxist/communist aim of disarming the proletariat.

  • mousekiller

    NY NJ is not well known for making pro active decisions. Instead that are always no matter the situation making REACTIVE decisions. One day they might get some intelligent legislators . Until then Oh well.

  • Patrick Feeney

    New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy is a pro-criminal puke! He wants to take guns away from decent, honest citizens. The criminals will still have guns!