New Revelations about Draconian Gun Control Law: You Won’t Believe How Many People Are Affected

In the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo spearheaded passage of an expansive package of new gun control measures. Best known for its ban on assault weapons, the law also forces mental health professionals in the state to report any patient who might be a danger to himself or others. Now, thanks to reporting by The New York Times, it has been revealed that more than 34,000 people have been banned from owning guns in New York.

Laws like this one have been of great concern to 2nd Amendment supporters, who worry that people who pose no threat to the community might have their rights abridged. Even Sam Tsemberis, the former director of New York’s City’s involuntary hospitalization program, is shaking his head. “That seems extraordinarily high to me,” he says. “Assumed dangerousness is a far cry from actual dangerousness.”