New York Strips More Gun Rights

A gun control measure praised by some but criticized by others for being too wide in its scope passed the New York legislature.

The measure, S 8121, would amend New York’s laws that trigger a ban on firearms possession to include a number of “serious” misdemeanor offenses if they occur in a domestic situation. These range from such crimes as fifth-degree arson to contempt of court in the second degree and third-degree tampering. Some argue the provisions are too sweeping.

“You let the air out of the tire of somebody’s car. That’s grounds to lose your Second Amendment rights to have any guns?” asked Assemblyman Andy Goodell, R-Jamestown in debate on the bill Saturday. “There’s no violence involved at all, it merely created inconvenience. That should not be grounds for losing your Second Amendment rights.”

The bill, which passed both the Assembly and Senate last weekend, would greatly add to the list of misdemeanors that, when taken in conjunction with a domestic abuse situation, would trigger the loss of gun rights following a conviction. Once determined, the prohibition would be sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation so the record could be added to the national database that background checks for gun transfers are checked against.

At the end of 2017, federal regulators had 58,316 active files on prohibited firearms possessors reported from New York to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System due to protective orders in domestic abuse cases, a figure not bested by any other state.

The language of the proposal would also force those surrendering arms to give up rifles and shotguns as well, whereas current state law only applies to handguns.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo welcomed the news of the proposal’s passage. “New York is once again leading the way to prevent gun violence, and with this common-sense reform, break the inextricable link between gun violence and domestic violence,” said Cuomo in a statement issued over the weekend. “This legislation builds on our gun laws — already the strongest in the nation– to make New York safer and stronger.”


  • Harley157

    Safer and Stronger? What a joke.

    • Terry Butts

      You have to remember when they say “SAFER AND STRONGER” they are not talking about the individual US citizens they are talking about THEMSELVES (the government). After all the second amendment is about the STATES/CITIZENS being able to defend themselves should the government become tyrannical ie going full “hitler like” on its citizens. Something many in government have VERABABLY stated they want ie everything from POPULATION CONTROL to if you can close your own business when it becomes unprofitable due to the high crime in anti gun cities/states.

      • Harley157

        Absolutely agree.

  • Ron

    Safer and Stronger. I don’t think so. It may be a moot point because the net out flow of population due to tax laws may soon diminish the place to no one living there.

  • shooterg

    Weaker and less free is more like it.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      True, Democrat, communist, want us weak so they can control us, ie; slavery.

      • RC

        You got that right. All we need to do is look at the statistics in London. A gun free area but the murder rate is skyrocketing. Personally, I’d rather have someone shot me than carve me with a knife.

  • keith silva

    What else can you expect from commucrats!

  • jack

    gun rights yes the 2nd amendment . will the bad guys still have guns when they enter your house and maybe take advantage of your family and all you can do is stand there . the 1st amendment and the 2nd amendment are they almost the same ? they protest by burning the flag , rioting , destroying buildings and cars , and carry protest signs that they do not know what they mean ? they can show their right by the signs , burning and who knows what else , I want to show my freedom of speech by showing my gun and holding up the flag same , think about it

    • Terry Butts

      If they interpreted the second amendment as liberally as they do the freedom of speech part of the first they would require everyone be armed with nukes.

      Think about it when they can claim an ACTION especially vandalism is somehow PROTECTED speech how can they claim an amendment worded nearly identical to the first allows them to RESTRICT who can and can not exercise that right or to what limits they are allowed to do so. They actually allowed a group of environmental terrorists to claim burning suv’s at the car lot was PROTECTED as FREE SPEECH protesting the pollution the vehicles would produce.

      The POLLUTION they put in the air burning them exceeded what the suv’s would have produced in the expected lifetime of the vehicles under existing emission control laws of the time to claim it was free speech protesting the minimal compared to the pollution they created by burning them is nonsense especially when we count that produced by making the REPLACEMENT vehicles that would never have been built if not for their criminal act of vandalism that did damage of over one million dollars to the car lot and burned plastics in the vehicles that the EPA would fine others thousands of dollars for pollution if they deliberately burned them.

      To many politicians and judges can not seem to understand the difference between speech meaning words, pictures, newspaper, magazines, movies, TV, and games and physically actions that harm others. As has been said for generations ones right to swing their arm ends where another persons nose begins. They even tried to TWIST that saying as if there is a right to “FEEL SAFE” that is somehow above the right of people to ACTUALLY be safe thus allowing them to disarm people so those so PARANOID that they think the GUN is going to jump up and attack them on its own no matter who has it “FEEL SAFE”.

  • Brian E

    New York is leading alright. Just like the blind leading the blind. The next thing you know if you say “bang” you will be arrested for unlawful utterance of a “gun sound”. Use the existing law and prosecute the law breakers instead of making up nonsensical laws to promote an unrealistic agenda.

    • Terry Butts

      I would not be surprised if they do not already have such a restriction we have seen how they overreact at schools when someone simply points at another or bites the corner of pastries. They even had one school that REQUIRED students bring dissecting kits to their biology/science class then SUSPENDED the ones who did for having the kits that contained a “WEAPON” as they now define them. If they really want a WEAPONS FREE ZONE they would have to immobilize all the people to ensure they can not even use their own bodies. After all HANDS, FEET, even one’s head can be used as a weapon and harm others if they are intent on harming someone and that is before we go down the long list of BLUNT objects the school requires.

      • Sidney S Graubard

        Vehicles have been used as weapons to commit murder. Do we now create vehicle free zones.

        • Terry Butts

          If we foolishly follow the same logic that made the “gun/weapons free zones” we would have nothing but padded rooms and require that people wear straight jackets etc. to ensure that nothing that has ever been used to harm another was able to be used to do so.

          So long as politicians and those who simply want to set a legal precedence in court were they can void a constitutional right by claiming it is about “FEELING SAFE” ignore the criminals and focus on the object they chose to use the horrific tragedies that have happened will continue. This was most blatantly proven in France where a mass shooting took place in a nation with nearly a 100% nationwide ban on civilian gun ownership by criminals that infiltrated the nation as refugees.

          I recall a political cartoon from years ago when the mainstream media started pushing the anti gun agenda.

          It was set in the old west depicting the bank robber ridding off into the sunset with the loot while the townspeople were to busy hanging the gun he used.

          I think it pretty much sums up the anti gun attitudes of the politicians promoting the lie that the gun is the problem rather than the actual person who committed the crime or actual reason they committed the crime.

  • Joseph Morgan

    Unless we stand up to these liberal socialist communist dictators now in some critical offices we will soon become slaves to the “ELITES” and all our freedoms under the Constitution of the United States will VANISH and we will not be allowed to do anything unless those in charge give their “blessing”. OUR FOREFATHERS FORSAW THAT A WELL ARMED CITIZENSHIP IS THE ONLY WAY TO GUARENTEE OUR FREEDOM FROM A TYRANCIAL DICTATORSHIP FORM OF GOVERNMENT.

    • Rubendlct

      I believe (I know) it reads “a well armed MILITIA”…

      • safari1024

        That is only a few words of the 2nd. The 2nd Amendment basically affirms the ability of the government to raise and regulate a militia, while at the same time guaranteeing the people the right to “KEEP and BEAR Arms”. The right, “shall not be infringed”. The wording is clear and the vast majority of legal scholars through the years have come to that same conclusion.

        • Joseph Morgan

          Hurrah! Here is someone who fully read and understood the exact meaning of the 2nd amendment.
          THANK YOU!

          • safari1024

            Your welcome, I always try to present only facts, or opinions based on those facts.

  • Deadbad

    Just ask any convict….being by yourself in a jail cell makes you feel very safe. There’s not much freedom but maybe freedom is overrated.

    (kidding of course)

  • Bernie

    Let me see if I have the straight.
    The same schmucks that believe Trump is a danger to our democracy and Constitution are the same schmucks that want to take away your guns and “right to bear arms”.
    The logic, or lack thereof, of the left never ceases to amaze me!

  • Gilbert Boggs

    Round all the David hogg’s and the rest of the democratic bastards and run them out of our country the Call for the American Patriots to take America back!!!OUR FOREFATHERS FOR SAW THAT A WELL ARMED CITIZENSHIP IS THE ONLY WAY TO GUARANTEE OUR FREEDOM FROM A TYRANNICAL DICTATORSHIP FORM OF THE DEMOCRATS GOVERNMENT.

  • pappy450

    This COMMUNIST DICTATOR that thinks he is a “KING” needs to be voted OUT, thrown in a 6X6 Cell for CORRUPTION and ignoring his oath of office and stomping on the Constitution just like that gay, fraud, half-black, MOOOSLIME OSUMBAG did for 8 years.
    This is an INFRINGEMENT on OUR 2nd amendment right, and against the Constitution. (but what is NEW? DEMOCOMMUNISTS/RINOS are doing this all over the country and getting away with it because they are “government ELITES” and believe in their own twisted minds they do NOT have to follow the LAW like we “common” people do)

    • Steven

      no they buy votes by giving hard working peoples money away (Welfare) and other things (illegal alien amnesty) or voter fraud. They will not stop until we are as helpless as sheep. Dumbacrats are the new Communist.

      • pappy450

        Not only THAT, but “king andrew” not only “allowed”, but “encouraged” ILLEGALS to vote in the last “presidential election” as well as “king”deblasio. “moonbeam brown” in mexifornia did the same and OSCUMBAG “encouraged” the illegals to vote in a speech. (many other states did the same, I have read) SO, in short old HITLERY did NOT win the “popular vote”, like the DEMOCOMMUNISTS keep pushing, because many of those DEMOCOMMUNIST “votes” were ILLEGAL, and MUST be considered null and void. (but never will be)

  • Alan404

    The electorate there bought into the crap he was selling, now they will pay, and pay and pay for their foolishness. By the way, the foregoing applies to members of the state legislature too.

  • Gary D Flatt

    “Gun free zones” are killing zones. NEVER go in them, unless there are metal detectors and armed trained people present.

  • Joe

    Take it to the People. Not the Corrupt politicians who pass laws without hearing from the people, their elections are all fixed and they know it.

  • mousekiller

    How long is it going to take before some of these politicians are found laying in the street? it worked for Clinton, Why not the voters and honest citizens.?I am not advocating it .But It is just the right political temperature for it to happen now. by some that are fed up with the liberal Anti America mentality in government. The Boston tea party, the revolution, getting rid of British rule.

  • bahndon

    time for gun owners to move out of NY.

    • Steven

      Time for anybody with half a brain to move out of New York

      • safari1024

        It is very difficult for people from NY State to have to endure what is handed down from NYC. While only forty percent of New Yorkers actually live in NYC, about 2/3 of the population of NY State is found in the metro NYC area. So what the people from the north of the state want from their state, they generally can’t have.

  • Grant1959

    The Democ…. no strike that… The Communist agenda alive and at work in Liberal urban centers across the nation. The really sad part is that republicans and conservatives have sat on their hands for decades as the communists have infiltrated and basically have taken over the country’s education system. Now, like never before we are seeing the results, the extent of the damage, it’s appalling. There have been numerous man on the street type interviews performed by many sources that clearly show the ignorance that is so pervasive amongst the protestors. They don’t know what the Bill Of Rights is, they don’t know what the second amendment is, they support repealing the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech as well as the second amendment, the right to bare arms, you can throw in the 4th and other amendments as well. Truly shocking.

  • Betty Sakai

    Lawyer political gymnastic band-aid laws are playing around with the (1) responsibility of the citizen, (2) to be moral, (3) to be educated about their rights and the processes required to change a Constitutional Amendment like the 2nd Amendment, and (4) respectful of the rights and responsibilities of others. America’s problem is not guns. It’s the insanely ignorant people driven mad by lawyers who control every facet of government at every level. Fact: state and federal laws cannot alter the U.S. Constitutional or the Amendments. At the federal level, 3 separate houses of government — Congress, Judiciary, Executive — originally set up to balance each other, now are occupied almost entirely by the brotherhood of attorneys. It’s like a legal mafia running and ruining this country.

  • Steve

    We can always vote these people out..

  • James Hopkins

    Boycott NY!!! do not have anything to do with NY.

    • Rubendlct

      Hogwash! Your kids demanded it and for a damn good reason! Stop being the puppets of the NRA; they are making money from our kids blood! How insensitive can you all be? Are yo blind or just plain ignorant?

      • Stop being a liberal hog your self . My children demand protection and with out a weapon I can not so up yours . You can give up yours but NOt mine moron .

      • safari1024

        My kids are just out of school, and none of them are naive enough to engage in follow the crowd thinking. They understand that when you take firearms away from law abiding citizens, then the criminals have free reign.

      • IntelU

        Are you really that stupid?When your Queen O’bama was in office the exact same thing would happen,Never let a tragedy go to waste.As for the “spontaneous” protests, can you say with a straight face that they were not orchestrated by people with an agenda that we have seen many times in the past? I’m not an NRA member by the way so,you people need to stop your scripted dialogue about just look stupid when you try and talk about them when you know only what your liberal media, who, know nothing about guns also. It’s funny when you call NRA supporters “Puppets”..when you liberal zombies all use the same talking points and we can predict everything thing you are going to say before you actually open your megaphone people are just ridiculous..every time you get up on your soap box and say the same old crap repeatably.about your self rightous beliefs. get control of people have a really hard time controlling your emotional outbursts and to be honest, your behavior is really disturbing. See your doctor for gods sake, you really need some professional help for your mental state.

  • James Hopkins

    Tell the Governor he can no longer have armed guards, it is illegal for them to carry guns!!!!!


    Anti-Gun Media Campaign Backfires again..Instead Drives Up NRA Membership
    Second Amendment

    U.S.A. –-( The media missed again. We saw a coordinated media campaign thrown against legal gun owners immediately after the horrible murders at the school in Parkland, Florida.
    That campaign wasn’t spontaneous.
    The media went into action even before the crime scene was cleaned up or the facts were known. The prepared scripts were dragged out. We were lied to, and the usual well-worn bromides were used in order to make us feel a particular way. The public relations campaign to make us feel guilty cost millions of dollars..yet it didn’t work. We not only rejected the PR campaign, we threw their lies right back at them. We’ve learned many lessons as we’ve been lied to time after time by the mainstream media.
    Here is what happened this time and what we did in response.

    • The media said we suffer from an epidemic of mass murder. Because of this epidemic, we needed to disarm the people who didn’t do it. In fact, we were lied to about how often schools are attacked. (Though both are tragic, someone committing suicide at a school that has been closed for months is not an armed school rampage.) We know that licensed concealed carry holders are more law abiding than even the police. We rejected the idea that the hundred million gun owners in the US committed the murders in Florida.
    • The “news media” served up crisis actors in a scripted soap opera. This “news” was sold to us as a “Town Hall discussion.” I’m sure some of us believed it was real. Many of us didn’t. We saw “students” attend “spontaneous grassroots demonstrations” funded by political operatives.
    • We were told that the real murderer in Florida was the organization that trains most firearms instructors. This same organization, the National Rifle Association, is also involved with the largest firearms safety programs in the world.
    • We saw Hollywood hype rise to new levels. There were hundreds of armed guards at the Oscar awards ceremony while actors said that the rest of us should be disarmed for our own protection. We were told that we’d be safer if the government was armed and we were disarmed.
    • Democrat congressmen proposed a bill out outlaw most guns. These dangerous firearms are too much for an 18 year old to own..but people 18 years old and younger are mature enough to drive a car, have an abortion, get married, join the military, and to vote. No wonder I’m confused. These lies don’t make sense.
    What did we do in the face of these lies? We joined the NRA and other firearms organizations.
    Over the last two weeks, the rate of new memberships has jumped 10 fold at the Second Amendment Foundation. We can only speculate what happened with NRA membership, but I suspect it increased..a lot.
    How to Join the NRA
    Acquaintances who don’t own guns told me they resented the media propaganda and joined the NRA. People from outside the US joined the NRA..I assume for the same reasons. The NRA did not release its membership numbers when I called and e-mailed them. We know that the number of people searching to join the NRA went up almost 50 fold.

    • Gary D Flatt

      The local weapons training facility just 2,000 people in their four day handgun course, this past weekend.

  • Jim Graves

    Until the people take a stand together and if that means civil disobedience then this crap will NEVER STOP.
    The Constitution is very specific. The Constitution is the SUPREME law of the land, ANY law Specific ( ANY ) law
    that is in contrary to the Constitution is NOT withstanding and therefore is not law. The people have to take a stand until that time it will continue to get worse until you have no rights or a civil insurrection takes place.
    The founding fathers provided the means and right according to the constitution to remove such government that would deny ones God given and unalienable rights and affirmed by the U.S. Constitution. The founding fathers took far less than what is
    being shoved and forced upon the people in this day and time.

    • Rubendlct

      God given??? I have not seen that in ANY Bible, but, I am willing to learn, could you please enlighten me?

      • safari1024

        According to the founding fathers, our rights are not given by man, but by God. This can be found in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. Does this help you?

  • Ed Deno

    Remember, sometimes “common sense” isn’t-especially when Democrats & Liberals are concerned.

  • GotURnumber

    I only wish the solution was as simple as more gun laws. And what will they do next when crime continues to climb in New York? Maybe they will ban the victims of these crimes. Then, the criminals could live and conduct their business freely without having to kill their victims. No victims left means no crimes committed. Makes as much sense as these stupid New York freaks making up these laws.

  • Bill

    just more control by the people that shouldn’t have a personal key to the rest room. If they are left unchecked, they will have U.S. living like NOKO. WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA.

  • gnracer

    Did not the governor read the news that a major city in his state (NYC) has less murders than London in the same time period. London will need to pass knife control laws in order for them to say we did something. Meanwhile here in the good old USA more school children / teanagers are dying from overdosing on illegal drugs that make it through our open borders. They want gun control but not border patrol. More gang related crimes that are being done with guns etc. are over the sale of illegal drugs. These politicians with all their college degrees could not figure their way out of a paper box.

  • JoeFratz

    The state of new york is a good place to be from, FAR FROM!

  • Michael Santarsiero

    A lot of infringement happening by the left in many states but no push back from the right in any of them. They will just keep infringing until we say stop.

  • lostproton

    The term “gun violence” is giving that inanimate firearm human qualities. The term “violence” has to be committed by a living being, be it human or animal; therefore the term “gun violence” is a politically incorrect way of placing the blame of violence by a human being on an inanimate object such as a gun. Read the Declaration of Independence together with the Constitution and you should understand the First Amendment and the Second Amendment’s place in defense of the God given rights defined in the First Amendment and the rest of the Constitution.

  • David Simmons

    Time to lock and load, and place a bounty on Quomo queer 😁🤣😂😃😄😅😆🤗🤔and his bed fellows!!!

  • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    With leaders like this we do not need no other enemies. Men that have no backbone.

  • HCUA

    Cuomo should have said: New York is once again leading the way to restrict our citizens from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.

  • RobertLaity

    Unconstitutional on it’s face!

  • David Frank

    It make you a target for criminals plus do you think that the people breaking the law cares about your gun laws or life for that matter I will keep my guns