NJ Adds More Gun Restrictions

Newly-installed Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy announced plans last week to reverse a policy of outgoing Gov. Chris Christie that allowed more people to carry guns legally in New Jersey.

Murphy, flanked by state Attorney General Gurbir Grewal and addressing a crowd of gun control advocates last Friday, said that Christie’s previous guidance was wrong for the state, which has some of the toughest restrictions on legal firearms in the country.

“New Jersey cannot, and must not, become part of the race to the bottom on handgun carry that we are seeing across the country,” said Murphy. “My position on handgun carry has been clear and unambiguous. There already are too many guns on our streets, and adding more into the equation will not make New Jersey communities any safer.”

Murphy’s move would short-circuit a regulation from the Christie-era that allows a local police chief reviewing handgun carry permit applications to consider evidence of nonspecific “serious threats” as part of the strict “may-issue” process for granting a permit. The Republican had established the guideline last March, sparking a row with state Democrats over the slight relaxation on how the Garden State issues permits.

Grewal said his office would move to tighten the rules as soon as possible, contending, “private citizens should not be able to carry weapons based on mere generalized fear.”

The step by Murphy, who was backed in his election bid last year by gun control advocates from across the spectrum, was acclaimed by Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, among others.

Second Amendment groups in the state slammed the move, which they herald as the opening broadside by a Governor who vowed on the campaign trail to get “tough” on guns.”

“The Right to Bear Arms necessarily includes the right to self-defense with a firearm outside the home,” said Scott Bach, executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs. “The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly held that police have no duty to protect individual citizens, which means you’re on your own in an emergency. It is an outrage that the same government that abandons its duty to keep us safe is also working to prevent us from protecting ourselves.”

source: guns.com

  • tomsfordcars

    N.J. is now, just as in the past been the worst state to eliminate the Second Amendment from the Constitution. Who in the hell does these so called public officials think they are anyway? This stupid horrible State should team up with Ca. and then be disconnected from our Great Country. We do not need these leftwing, liberal, bias idiots trying to change the long established laws of the U.S.A. What is so hard to understand with the wording of the 2nd. amendment that states “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed”?

    • Larry Cece

      very well put

      • tomsfordcars

        Thanks Larry!

  • rick meek

    NJ has always been a chithole and always will be…..I told the turban that pumped gas into my cars tank……

  • rick meek

    NJ just trying to subvert the citizens…..

  • Bernie

    Hey Murphy,
    Driving drunk is against the law, but people still do it….
    It’s so easy making libs look foolish!

  • pappy450

    Just another DEMOCOMMUNIST stomping on the Constitution and bill of rights to better serve his CRIMINAL FRIENDS.
    When LAW ABIDING citizens cannot protect themselves from the SCUM, they can be easily robbed, raped and murdered, just what the DEMOCOMMISTS want. They do not want the “VOTING BASE” HARMED.

  • BruceB

    Oh, right. And just who should the people rely on when confronted by an ARMED MUGGER, THIEF or RAPIST ? ? Certainly not the POLICE … They will never get to you in time to prevent the crime, injury or murder. The places in New Jersey where guns are rampant, is where the criminal element is. Think of Newark, Elizabeth, Jersey City, Paterson, Trenton .. These are the areas of the state with highest crime rates and criminal element.

    • Larry Cece

      bring a bill up that takes away the security they have ,if we cant have it they cant haveit from murphy on down ,no security what so ever

      • Terry Butts

        These politicians seem to keep forgetting that the POLICE, and BODY GUARDS they hire are civilians any law that they pass on the subject that results in “PREVENTING SELF DEFENSE” or restricting what they are allowed to do to protect themselves or others applies to those same CIVILIANS they PAY to be armed and protect them. Otherwise those laws can be tossed out on the grounds they unjustly discriminate against some civilians based on their occupation.

    • jtintx2

      If you kill someone robbing you this Gurbir Grewal will lock your ass up!!

      • testbench

        Pretend you are Mexican and you found the gun, didn’t know how to fire it and accidently kill someone with it and get probation while you are here illegally and walk away protected by the Demwits!!!!

    • testbench

      I think you missed the worst one… Camden

    • Ron

      Camden, Orange, East Orange, Irvington…

  • mousekiller

    Generalized Fear??? Wait till they are mugged, molested raped robbed then go for a permit. but the dems ( unamerican bastards) will then say it is past so no worries no need for a permit. You can not fix stupid. when will voters learn criminals do not care if your a democrat or republican or none. If they are un apposed they will take it if you have it. Point a gun at the them they will stammer beg for their life even tho they were ready to take yours and ask you to let bygones be bygones.

  • Paladin

    Why don’t they outlaw fists as lethal weapons??? They’re a bunch of stoopid ‘mufkers.’!!!

    • Terry Butts

      The way they act they seem to think that only a “gun” can kill even without the aid of the criminal or that the CRIMINALS will obey their restrictions on what rights the people have.

      So listing the literally thousands of everyday objects including fists that have been used to commit crimes and harm even kill people does nothing to dissuade them from this delusion that they SAVED lives by disarming the victims of crime.

      In fact they keep pointing to the suicide by gun rates out of foreign nations to claim their total ban saved peoples lives despite the fact they have the same suicide rate when they count total instead of separating by method showing they still died no one was SAVED by not having a gun they just used one of the other methods so their claim it saved people was false. They still ignore actual facts and figures.

      • Paladin

        Great summary!!!

  • Wolfy

    The constitution means nothing to the leftists. “…the right of the people to keep AND BEAR ARMS shall not be infringed”. This criminal, and all others who deny our rights granted by God, must be impeached for attempting to overthrow the constitution of the United States. He lied when he took his oath of office.

    • cynicalman

      hey, nutsack–you people voted him in…WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???

      • testbench

        Didn’t say HE voted for the IDIOT!! Cant blame every body who lives in that shithole!!!

      • Wolfy

        I most certainly did NOT vote for him. I live in Kentucky. We were smart enough to vote in a conservative governor in the last election and he’s cleaning house here.

  • Terry Butts

    So basically the crime rate was going down so he wants to REVERSE what caused this and have it go up again?

    Like when Florida out of fear of losing federal crime fighting aid money (the crime had dropped to essentially airports and other gun free zones) changed their law to force people to carry concealed so criminals would no longer avoid them and they could keep that federal money.

  • avlisk

    More bad guys carrying guns and committing crimes. Fewer good guys carrying guns to protect themselves, their families, and their property. Yes, that sounds like a good plan. This NJ idiot of a governor is dangerous, and a friend to criminals and traitors. NJ has been on a downward side to the bottom which California has occupied for a long time. A race to the bottom, indeed, Mr. Murphy.

    • testbench

      Yes he is an Idiot but so are all the IDIOTS who voted the Idiot in!!!!!

      • PC US Army

        Unfortunately, I live in this f….d up state…it’s mostly the North Jersey libs, who are either are NY city transplants or have the same mentality as NY city residents that vote these liberals in along with their screwed up laws…I live near Camden, NJ, which is like a war zone, as are Newark, and Trenton (the capital by the way)….these cities are just a great example of how effective gun control is..

        • BruceB

          I used to live there, in Wayne, NJ but we say this coming, along with very, very high property taxes. We sold and relocated to North Carolina

          • PC US Army

            Good for you Bruce…wish I could do the same, but unfortunately my wife won’t leave although I ‘ve tried to relocate to Florida…she needs to be near the grandkids..know how that goes…wish you the best down in NC.

  • cynicalman

    hmmmm…NJ basically deserves what it got…cut off your nose to spite your face…christie was an embarrassment to the state, so you elected a democrat…talk about overcorrection??…ok, deal with it…the state can not/will not protect you NOR will it allow you to protect yourselves…well, THIS should bring crime to its knees, eh?…just great…the criminals will SURELY obey THIS law which will make EVERYONE safer…NOT!!!…”the criminals have enough guns…no sense adding more guns to the mix by allowing law-abiding citizens to carry, also”…hahahahaha…i just WISH they would try this in texas…we’d burn the state capital to the ground and hang the lawmakers AND the governor…or, more likely, just ignore the law, which i hope the the citizens of NJ will do, anyway…

  • George Rowe

    New Jersey has shown that it is another hell hole for honest citizens to avoid.

  • randolph.poole

    Murphy is your typical White liberal! White liberals firmly believe that they are by far, smarter and morally superior to anyone else, including, humorously, to other White liberals. Has anyone seen a gaggle of White liberals in action? They sanctimoniously pontificate about anything and everything because, well, they are also the most knowledgeable and well informed people they know! White liberals don’t really listen to one another because, well, each one believes that they are the smartest person in the room! So, as a consequence of being smarter, morally superior, and way more informed than us “common folk,” they feel it is their ordained right to make sure they look out for everyone else. To bad there isn’t an open season on White liberals!

    • sargentrage

      they would mess up a white dream

  • theicecube

    States such as N.J. and most all Demoncrat controlled states and citys are protecting their citizens from robberies so firearms are no longer necessary. By taxing everyone into the poorhouse they have nothing left for anyone to steal so that threat has been graciously removed, so no worries they will be fine.

  • greg

    needs a 308 headache for sure

  • lummi

    Go ahead Governor Goofball! But just remember one little thing. Those who will abide with your worthless edicts are not the ones you should be concerned with. Your concern should be with those who are inclined or fully intend at the outset to use guns illegally and criminally, and will blithely tell you and your laws to go to hell. But you simple-minded liberal doofusses never seem to get the picture.

  • Irma

    New Jersey has shown that it is another hell hole for honest citizens to avoid.George

  • JDW

    Until people ban together, like the democraps and say enough is enough. Stop being the nice guy! If you want your constitutional rights, fight for them! I know conservatives and most repubs do not resort to such methods. The leftest liberals no or understand any other way! A second thing that needs to be done, since the US S.C. said the police have no duty to protect the citizen; demand that the phrase “to serve and protect” be removed from the police logo!!!!! Instead, it should be read as “to arrest and convict”.. That is their job!

  • Jay Hanig

    Surely a governor who holds such positions would choose to lead from the front and return his protection squad to duties on New Jersey’s highways. Certainly he can’t give way to fear! If being gun-free is good enough for his citizens, why should he deny himself the pleasures of being unprotected as well?

  • hcool

    I bet the Governor has an armed detail to guard him and his family! Give them up and lead by example! Oh I forgot, you will never get all of them and someone may shoot you.

  • BruceB

    Agree, Camden should have been on my list of the most crime ridden areas of New Jersey

  • leonc

    Didn’t say HE voted for the IDIOT!! Cant blame every body who lives in that shithole!!!

  • Ron

    The Peoples’ Republic of New Jersey…at it again!

  • Dave Hinkle

    People in NJ have a short memory. I have an acquaintance who lived through the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Up until then, he held firm anti-gun views. But he said after watching people brawling in the long lines to buy gas and food, he wished he had a firearm for protection. He was forced to spend a couple of weeks holed up in his house fearing for his and his family’s lives. He bought a pistol as soon as he was able but it was after the power and services had been restored and the mass hysteria subsided.

    Next time there’s a natural disaster affecting NJ, will the citizens abide by strict no-carry laws?

  • David German

    I didn’t know abou this “The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly held that police have no duty to protect individual citizens“, so why do we have a Police Dept. In every city, and if the Supreme Court does nothing to protect a citizen, why do we have to pay their salaries and Pensions?

  • BruceB

    Murphy is a jackass. Let us see him give up his private, armed security guards and travel to destinations in the state say, Newark, Elizabeth, Camden, Trenton, Paterson if he thinks these areas are safe for everyone with out protection. In any state or city, the Police can not get to you in time to prevent you from being maimed or killed, sometimes as part of Robbery, Assault, Rape or in many cases, just as an innocent bystander in drive by shootings.