NRA changes Carry Guard policy on 1911s

The NRA revised guidelines for training courses provided by Carry Guard, its self-defense insurance policy, to include 1911 pistols and revolvers.

“In response to clear feedback surrounding the NRA Carry Guard Level I course announcement, we have modified the required firearm platforms as well as our site language to clearly articulate how firearms will be used in the class,” said Jason Brown, NRA media relations manager, in an email to

“Bottom line: our decision to not include 1911s and revolvers as primary firearms in our initial Level I course was a mistake, and we appreciate the feedback we have received from the firearms community,” he added.

The program will now permit users to bring “all safe, reliable handguns with a capacity of six rounds or more,” Brown said. The course descriptions on the Carry Guard website have also been updated with similar language.

“In response to the clear and overwhelming demand for these firearms to be used throughout the entire course, our instructors have decided to accommodate all safe, reliable handguns with a capacity of 6 rounds or more,” Brown said. “Firearms with less than 6 rounds of capacity will still be allowed as secondary platforms.”

Brown said the Level 1 course — the beginner’s course — will begin in July. Course prices are listed as $850 per student.

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