NY Forces Firearm Surrender

An array of gun control groups have allied with New York lawmakers in a push to establish Extreme Risk Protection Orders, forcing subjects to surrender their firearms.

The proposal, S7133/A8976, allows police, or a member of a subject’s family or household, to file a petition with the court that could lead to an order prohibiting firearms possession for up to a year if it is believed they pose an imminent risk to themselves or others. Proponents feel the move, already law in California, Oregon and Washington, would save lives.

“Five years ago, New York enacted the NY SAFE Act, making our gun violence prevention laws among the strongest in the nation,” said state Sen. Brian Kavanagh, a Manhattan Democrat and sponsor of S7133. “But even though we have the 48th lowest rate of gun deaths in the country, gun violence is still hurting New Yorkers — and we have a responsibility to act.”

The avenue to implement the protection order system advocated by Kavanagh would be the court system, which, upon being presented with a petition that contends an individual’s possession of guns in his or her current state could pose a general danger, could authorize an order to confiscate the firearms involved. The subject could then seek a hearing to respond to the petition and present any evidence to have their guns returned. Kavanagh backed a similar measure last session that passed the Assembly but stalled in the Senate.

Second Amendment groups have blasted the ERPO process in other states, arguing it provides no structure for those deemed at risk to receive help, or for those who are dangerous to be taken into custody. Further, they point to due process concerns and cite that people who are not mental health professionals or have little contact with the subject can make a statement that triggers a lengthy suspension of gun rights.

The New York bills are backed by a consortium of gun control groups to include the Brady Campaign, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Everytown, Giffords, Moms Demand Action and Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, the latter founded by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.

“Extreme Risk Protective Orders can save lives by preventing an act of violence before a shot is ever fired,” said Vance. “When family members or law enforcement identify a person at great risk to themselves or others, removing guns from the equation is just common sense.”

source: guns.com

  • pappy450

    There they go with that USUAL DEMOCOMMUNIST “buzz-words”….. “common sense”
    “Common sense” would be to VOTE OUT our COMMUNIST DICTATOR so-called “governor” that thinks he is a “king”, and do a “PRESIDENT TRUMP” and DRAIN THE N.Y. “SWAMP” of these crooked money-grubbing, overtaxing, DEMOCOMMUNISTS. We are NOT your “sheeples” to be pushed in a corner, disarmed and helpless so your CRIMINAL “friends” can easily “take over”.

  • Alan404

    True, there are a concentration of votes in NYC, where I grew up, and long since departed from. I presume that there are a lot of votes in the rest of the state, the question being for whom did the people there vote.

  • robert sanders


    • Roy T

      Nobody knows ”there ass from a hole in the ground,” but some folks know ”their ass from a hole in the ground.”

    • Lonewolf

      There is a city in Georgia that requires everyone to be armed…. Their crime rate is low…… The crooks are afraid to enter the house because they’re afraid they will be shot….. That can happen anywhere…. Enter a home and “BANG” you have been shot

      • Knarf

        I live near this city. It’s called Kennesaw Ga. and crime is non-existent there.

      • Terry Butts

        I recall several years back the media tried to make some big deal about it but dropped the story after people pointed out the low crime rate compared to cities of the same population showing that the cities that restricted or outright prohibited the people from being armed had more crime while having the same population.

        Remember their excuse for the higher crime rates in states after those states passed restrictions on gun rights is the “HIGHER POPULATION equals more criminals” not the fact the victims were disarmed.

        Had they proceeded with the story more people would have seen and understand that excuse was bogus when they had two cities who’s only difference was the gun restrictions and the higher crime rate was in the city that restricted gun rights.

        Basically it was another attempt to make out the city that not only allowed people to be armed but requires it would have the higher crime rate. Apparently they think the guns are committing the crimes on their own so more LEGAL guns equals more crime in their minds. They of course dropped the story after they found out the opposite was being shown by the actual statistics from each town.

  • Jeanne Hogg

    Bloomberg in action. What about due process? What about a vengeful spouse. What about evidence and witnesses. In my mind this is infringement.

    • Terry Butts

      They ignore it.

      It was not that long ago they had the story where in NY under one such idiocy they took the guns and pistol license of an individual because his SON mentioned using a WATER PISTOL over an incident of school bullying. So they felt that gave them the right to TAKE AWAY the mans guns until his SON no longer lives at the residence.

      I tried to find the link again but it seems the official news site has taken down the very old story all that I found was a few places that mentioned the story.




      Few if any of them mention the fact the BULLYING had been ongoing and the school refused to do anything about the bullies. Yet one incident were the victims talk about using a water pistol against the bullies and suddenly the POLICE have the right to REVOKE the NOT INVOLVED IN THE INCIDENT mans NY required license and confiscate his gun(s). As if that was needed to PROTECT the bullies from his son.

      Remember most schools have been pushing the false propaganda that there is no VALID use or NEED for private gun ownership for years despite the REAL FACTS and the number of people alive today only because they had one to use to protect themselves when it was needed instead of trying to HIDE for 5 minutes to 3+ hours waiting for the 911 people to decide to send the police and them to arrive.

      Remember it was not that many years back that a person was MURDERED on the steps of a NATIONAL LANDMARK CHURCH after a ball game while the 911 operators continued to REFUSE to dispatch police because people only new the places NAME not its street address and could not tell the RACE of the victim and perpetrator and when they finally did send it to the police they flagged it as LOW PRIORITY under all the vandalism that had been done because people said he was being BEATEN to death not shot. People were calling 911 for HOURS reporting the crime and they kept doing the same thing DEMANDING the RACES involved, the WEAPON involved , AND STREET ADDRESS instead of the CHURCH name while not even notifying the police about the crime.

      The fact is the police KNOW the address by the same name as the rest of the people because its a NATIONAL LANDMARK, the RACES involved was irrelevant to the crime being committed as is the WEAPON type being used by the criminals the 911 operators appeared more concerned about PROTECTING the criminal if they were a certain race vs the victim’s race and did not want to MENTION the churches name so they DELAYED by trying to get the street address and the RACES involved then ignoring the fact that a criminal does not need a GUN to kill someone they flagged it low priority as if the BROKEN windows and other crimes committed over the BALLGAME were more important than the life of the man being attacked on the steps of the Church that happened to be a NATIONAL LANDMARK.

      • Jeanne Hogg

        Bloomberg funded money in the one party Crat State of Wa. known for their pedophile Seattle mayor and Crat control of just about everything. This law is dangerous as it has no due process—they can confiscate your guns by their own judgement and you have to go to court for a hearing if you have any hope of getting them back. The Crats are trying to take law abiding citizens guns with gun laws that are not the problem. Meanwhile Seattle has gang related shootings just about everyday. But they keep the criminals and reasons sanitized on the Crat News. The 3 main local networks are extremely biased and very negative about anything good about conservative thinking. We are well on our way to becoming just like Ca. They just passed a law in Seattle City Council that doubles the amount of cost on pop energy drinks and fruit juices. They punish people by taxes that they waste away. The Governor Inslee a DC hack is taxing us a carbon tax in 2019. The property taxes are horrendous in this state. They do not even give the elderly or the veterans a break. We have the largest base in the nation they make lots of money off but they do not give any breaks to disabled vets. You have to have an income under 40,000$ per household (they just raised it from 29,000$) in order to get your property taxes frozen. Most people with this income couldn’t even afford a home let alone pay property tax. They are the ultimate Nanny State that lets the universities student vote in all this garbage. They make sure they vote for only their ideas too. On campus they set up registration booths and make it easy for students to vote. The Cascade Mall killer up north of Seattle voted in elections and he wasn’t even a citizen. There are so many comrades in arms stories in this state. They only want Crats who believe in doing away with the Constitution. I believe this with all my heart. The AG of Wa. Who is fighting Trump is engaging in free publicity for his run as Gov. in 2020 along with not caring for anyone American.

  • paul

    So, the gun control advocates and politicians supporting these bills and the NY (Un)Safe Act believe that everyone is “guilty until proven innocent” and don’t believe that a defendant is “precsumed innocent until proven guilty” as stated in Article 11 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights which says “Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.” Gee, what a surprise!!

  • bahndon

    Common sense would to arm every able body person in NY.

  • bahndon

    Time for ALL firearm manufacturers to stop selling to NY police departments,

    • Terry Butts

      Since police are in fact CIVILIANS any law restricting or prohibiting them from selling to civilians would apply. To many people in government seem to think the police are above civilians somehow being exempted from the same laws.

      So any law that DISCRIMINATES against civilians by restricting their rights based on employment such as stating that only those employed as x are allowed to be armed is unconstitutional.

      • gnracer

        True. No more guns or private security firms that cater to the Hollywood elitists anymore. Also no guns for politicians. They are supposed to work for us and not the other way around.

  • johnny r

    Wow, you guys over there in the U.S. Mason court mud still having your communist privileges taken away…have you determined yet the bankruptcy courts of commies dissolved that constitution so Mason work in its name only – yea right. You may consider moving your residence or Nationality over here to the Original Republic government brought back, No republican fasces Roman curia,
    No British American Union, No British Israel Kasarian’s forced to you, No Kings or esquires, no communist, No common purpose fascist, no Stalinist, Leninism, No commie parties of Democrat Internationalist aka communist, No Mason/Illuminati running the country, No ponzi schemes to retire on $400 a month to starve aging parents, no Trafficking us offshore into fake IRS territory’s violating human rights, So have you’in had enough yet….

    Gun license

    Claim Nationality and Welcome back

    drivers License

    Notice to Trafficking

  • johnny r

    Wow, you guys over there in the U.S. Mason court mud still having your communist privileges taken away…have you determined yet the bankruptcy courts of communist from 1930’s dissolved that constitution in 1970’s, so Masons work in its name only – yea right that legal. You may consider moving your residence or Nationality over here to the Original Republic government brought back by abandonment with No republican fasces Roman curia, No British American Union, No British Israel Kasarian’s forced to you, No Kings or Esquires, no communist, No common purpose fascist 5th Columns, no Stalinist, Leninism, No commie parties of Democrat Internationalist aka communist, No Mason/Illuminati running the country, No ponzi schemes to retire on $400 a month to starve aging parents, no Trafficking Americans offshore into fake IRS territory’s violating human rights, So have you’in had enough yet….?

    Gun license here for show only for U.S. untrained police operating in government of mason working under Association in corporate private with Public capacity acting as government.


    Claim Nationality and Welcome back to Republic from The King Oligarchy


    drivers License for show only for U.S. untrained police operating in government of mason working under Association in corporate private with Public capacity acting as government.


    Join the Union in Commerce. Everyone is a Militia.
    Get out of Trafficking by Foreigners

  • gregory alan johnson

    It seems those leading municipal corporations on New York City are tired of waiting and have decided to just declare war on their populace. That won’t work well for those prosecuting the war.

  • Lonewolf

    No form of law will stop the criminal, having a weapon to harm any New Yorker or any other state……. Today it is necessary to be armed and defend yourself….. No matter what happens during a crime,,,

    • Artemis

      ALL of the so-called “gun” laws are Unconstitutional including the “State” permits! The Second Amendment IS the only “permit” that Americans need!


    Ok, NY, Why did you not jointly institute this into the criminal element and disarm them first, TOOO HARD you say.

  • All the more reason not to move or visit NY. Just a mad at you member of family or so called friend can cause you to be required to surrender your weapons even antiques which will never be returned.

  • Bukmiester

    It’ amazing Governments around the world have killed 262 million people in the 20th. century. But they say only the Government should have guns. Wake up, it’s not about gun control it’s about people control. If we lose the 2nd. Amendment we lose the others. Communism or as the indoctrinated kids want a Bernie Sanders and Socialism. Even though they can’t name one country that tried it and made it work. A disgruntled New Yorker soon to leave the state.

    • Terry Butts

      Add in the fact that in every case of government mass “EXECUTIONS” without due process they preceded the event by first registering then confiscating all the LEGAL civilian owned firearms.

  • Mr. M

    New Yorker’s are just as stupid as Californians. When SHTF they will die within 3 days because their so stupid.
    God help the people with a brain.

  • Leon Barber

    Is it going to take another civil war before the liberals, socialist, and progressives learn how to live by the Constitution? As long as Americans have their guns, we will have a Constitution, and not communism.

    • jedsalls

      It will.

    • Artemis

      Leon….It’s sad, but it looks as if they are going to “force” us to respond. “We the People” have them outnumbered and out gunned. It’s not like they haven’t been fore-warned…..

  • Leon Barber

    And by the way New York, do you really think gangsters will turn in their guns?

  • Bob101st

    Just another typical way for Democommunists to take your guns away. I hope New Yorkers, understand that if you loose your 2nd Amendment Right, then politicians like Como, and the other left wing radicals will chip away at all of your other rights, until they control, everything you do. I want to see you leftist take the guns from criminals, gangs and organized criminal groups. I know you will not attempt that because they will tell you to come take them and dare you to try. You want to go after people who, by your Bill, may not have the capacity to stop your unconstitutional seizure attempt. Democommunists do not care about Due Process; the care about CONTROL. Just look at what Schumer and Senate Democommunists have done to shut down the government. In this case the Dreamers, who are not US Citizens take precedence over our military and their families, children’s aid, etc. The Democommunists want everything their way. They are like spoiled brats, but many Americans don’t see down the road effects of surrendering government to leftists and communists.Take away your defenses to dictator style government programs, and you are nothing more than a pawn for the Democommunists to control. For you left wingers, take away funding and priority for illegals and refugees, get back to a government that abides by the Constitution and stop trying to eliminate the 2nd Amendment and seal our borders. People should never surrender guns or anything else to the government. Give away your Constitutional Rights and you will never get them back. God Bless our Great Nation

  • Terry Butts

    “common sense”

    Strange how this is considered somehow an ERROR to follow when used to refer to tax reform or numerous other attempts to restore the CONSTITUTIONAL limits on government power yet they can not even apply it correctly when they try and use it to push their political agenda after all common sense would look at things like.

    1) Criminals that STILL HAVE OR MAKE THEIR OWN GUNS even in nations with a 100% ban on civilians owning them. (what guns used in the shootings in France were LEGALLY owned or possessed by the terrorists?)

    2) Nearly every single criminal who committed a crime using a gun VIOLATED at least one gun restriction that already exists on the excuse that it will PREVENT THE CRIME that was committed.

    3) Many if not all the “MASS SHOOTINGS” (in some cases the media calling one involving only three people as such) the criminal was on one of the list of very few “MIND ALTERING DRUGS” used to treat mental issues.

    4) Ignore the actual motive and refuse to even investigate the ACTUAL reasons given by the criminals or shown in their social media statements about who they hate or why.

    In cases where the CRIMINAL did admit their motive it has always been around some IDEOLOGY they had either imposed by government propaganda such as the columbine one where the shooters were upset by the MORALITY of the christian reading group that was meeting in the library and the refusal of one female member to do something they wanted her to do (that the “sex ed” class says was acceptable) or such as the ORLANDO shooter where the criminal stated his ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS BELIEFS and support of ISIS as his motive the POLITICIANS ignore these things and attack the TOOL they chose to misuse to commit the crime if its a gun otherwise the do not even mention adding new restrictions to the tool they misuse for example if they chose to use a BOMB (bombs are already so restricted only PERMITTED use by trained personnel, usually government agents or demolition experts, are even legally allowed one) or used a VEHICLE to carry out the murders they planned.

    5) Refuse to even accept the real statistics that clearly show that LEGAL guns and LEGAL GUN OWNERS are not responsible for the CRIMES they claim taking them away from LAW ABIDING CITIZENS would somehow STOP.

    6) The media will harp for months about LEGAL guns and how to PREVENT LEGAL OWNERSHIP in order to save lives after a shooting even if there was a car accident that killed far more people the same day.

    In fact they have SUPPRESSED stories about such accidents until they finished the PROPAGANDA campaign about such a shooting if it happened the same day because it blatantly shows their ANTI GUN BIAS that they would talk for weeks about a shooting with 9 victims (if we count the criminal as one like the media did) but barely even mentions WEEKS LATER that on the same day 13 died in a traffic accident.

    There was no campaign to make VEHICLES SAFER not FURTHER RESTRICTIONS are NEEDED to see that it never happens again in fact NONE of what they claim would SAVE LIVES when it comes to gun ownership is even CONSIDERED when it comes to auto ownership after nearly identical or higher death tolls when a vehicle is involved. Their excuse “we already LICENSE DRIVERS” as if that restriction that only serves to ensure that the government gets a fee to ISSUE the ID card/PERMIT to drive ever stopped people from ILLEGALLY driving without one or PROTECTED anyone from CAR THIEVES or TERRORISTS using a stolen vehicle to commit crimes.

    Remember the woman killed by the ILLEGAL that was allowed off even after changing his story at least 3 times was not LEGALLY purchased by him nor was it stolen from a private citizen that legally owned it the gun was stolen from a government vehicle that to my knowledge the fingerprints were from the theft were never compared to the shooter to see if he was the one that stole it in the first place.

    7) Always blame NEIGHBORING states for gun crimes claiming that they must have the SAME LAWS as the restrictive state for theirs to work. Sorry but the COUNTRIES that NEIGHBOR France also prohibited the sale, ownership, and possession of those guns by civilians so the excuse that the NATIONWIDE ban they have somehow failed because of a NEIGHBORING states LOOSER gun laws fail. By the way FRANCE and the neighboring countries protect their borders better than the US does its own.

    Common sense states that if the majority of survivors of a shooting state they could have STOPPED the shooting within seconds had they DISOBEYED the same law the criminal had and brought their gun as well it was not the fact the CRIMINAL somehow got or had a gun it was the fact his VICTIMS were disarmed by a law passed on the grounds that it would PREVENT such a crime from ever happening. The SURVIVORS that testified before congress DECADES ago virtually all stated exactly that if they had BROKEN the same law they could have stopped the criminal within seconds. The ANTI GUN politicians ignored them in fact they did not even show any emotion until the IGNORANT of the facts individual came in with his child whining about how the GUN took away his wife leaving the child without a mother. (The facts in that case are it happened in California where they had already PASSED the restrictions they were now pushing to impose nationwide and the RECEPTIONIST was so ignorant about guns she did not even call the police when the man walked passed her holding the gun and opened fire through the wall of the office down the hall , she actually TESTIFIED that she thought he was just setting off fireworks, yet that was also illegal at the time and place and should have resulted in her calling them anyway)

    Perhaps the biggest PROOF that anti gun groups do not even know what common sense is was when they tried to use a post office shooting in their attempt to get the seven day waiting period for hand gun purchases past into law as if that would have had any effect on a MILITARY PERSON CHECKING MILITARY RIFLES OUT OF A MILITARY ARSENAL then misusing them to attack people at that post office.

    NO CIVILIAN gun law applies to a MILITARY BASE or to MILITARY WEAPONS in a MILITARY ARSENAL. In fact when the incident occurred the media even STATED that no civilian gun restrictions would have stopped the man from getting the MILITARY weapons for “training purposes” from the military arsenal yet a year later (as if we would all forget what was said at the time) that SAME MEDIA PERSONALITY stated the exact opposite as they claimed the “BRADY BILL” would have saved the people at the post office if it had been passed before it happened.