As NYC Honors Two Fallen Officers, Take a Moment to Watch This (VIDEO)

In light of the tragic killing of two police officers in New York last week, we wanted to share with you a favorite essay and video. Paul Harvey, the famed radio broadcaster, was the son of a policeman. His dad was killed in the line of duty when he was just three years old.

In 1970, Paul Harvey wrote a newspaper column entitled “What Are Policemen Made Of?” Later he recorded the essay for his radio audience, as simply “The Policeman.” Over the years, it has been shared thousands of times. More recently, it was combined with a video and shared by Web Art.

This is a powerful reminder of the extraordinary job done by our nation’s police officers. They stand in the front lines to defend the rest of us, and the vast majority of them are worthy of respect and honor.

  • Roberta Crawford Morency

    A gun has only one goal: to kill

    • dog491

      You are right. That is why I carry one all the time. If someone atempts to kill me they will find it no easy task. I do not carry it to kill anyone. I carry it to keep from being killed. I’m sure some day you will wish you had one, just before you die early.

      • Dan

        You carry a fire extinguisher? Must be one big holster!!!!

        • dog491

          No Dan not a fire extinguisher, a Smith and Wesson M&P 40 caliber pistol loaded with 16 G2 RIP rounds.

          • Dan

            Sounds like fun time at the range.

      • Brent Hamby

        Early?? Did you see her pix??

    • Todd Driscoll

      A gun is a tool to defend yourself with, it doesn’t wake up in the morning and say “I want to go kill somebody today, that would be fun”. Guns don’t have goals, people do. I can beat someone to death with a fire extinguisher, would that be the goal of a fire extinguisher?

    • RetiredTpr

      I have a gun safe full of pistols, shotguns and rifle. They have never killed anyone. If fact, one day I was doing my periodic cleaning of them and the safe door was open. If you are wondering, they didn’t kill anyone then either!

    • Tom Wittlief

      Ummmmm, sure they are. Just like an airplane’s “goal” is to drop bombs. Just like a hypodermic’s “goal” is to make junkies high. Just like an automobiles “goal” is to run over people. Just like the Titanic’s “goal” was to drown passengers. Just like the “goal” of the camera is to deliver pornography. Just like the telephone’s “goal” is for delivering nuisance calls. Just like a bank’s “goal” is to encourage robberies. A firearm is just a machine. Selfish, evil, destructive humans CAN use it for selfish, evil, destructive purposes. You really think prohibiting decent folks from owning them will end the existence of bad people and their acts ? No. People of bad character are held BACK from committing crimes BY knowledge of the average citizen owning firearms, and the development of a “Police State”. You really think if Amendment II is removed, that ALL THE REST of citizen’s rights will not follow ? You really think you will retain a right to publically speak your mind ?

    • Steve Williams

      The gun is not a living thing it is a tool used for self defense if used by an honest person. For those that intend on hurting people for self gratification or to achieve a financial end they are called criminals and they are why honest people need them. See Criminals do not care about laws, gun laws only hurt honest people. But those of you who think that guns have feelings need to get back to reality. Guns are are steel and do not have a pulse.

    • mac12sam12

      There must be something wrong with my gun, it hasn’t killed anybody but would if I had a home invasion. What would you do during a home invasion? Call 911, Pickles?

    • mac12sam12

      Guns don’t kill, Pickles, people kill.

    • Brent Hamby

      Guns don’t kill. I’ve had my shotgun exposed in my room for days. No one has been killed yet. Its assenine people that kill. They pull the trigger. Its not the gun. A firearm is an inantimate object.

    • david of tampa

      A fool has only one purpose. To be a fool. Have a nice day Roberta.

    • coolman11

      Not so, I use mine for shooting targets which is a sport so not just killing and if the need arises to defend, but yea they have killed a tv, numerous bottles, milk jugs, a stereo, toilet……….

    • FRANK


    • James

      That’s true-but it’s a VERY BASIC truth. I carry mine because I can’t fight as well as I did as a youth,and I’m getting too old and brittle to recover from a mugging;also,criminals will always have guns,because THEY don’t comply with all the stupid laws put in place to keep us law abiding people from being easily able to utilize our Second Amendment RIGHT. And it’s TRUE that the only thing that will stop a BAD guy with a gun is a GOOD guy with a gun. MOST people are inherently good;therefore,I think EVERYBODY should be carrying. That would improve the odds immeasurably for the GOOD people. (Any criminal who tries to rob a convenience store at gunpoint,knowing everyone in it ALSO is armed,deserves what he gets.)
      And THIS was told to me BY A COP. “We have a LOT of area to cover and not enough Sheriff Deputies in this County; We KNOW we can’t be everywhere all the time,so it’s really up to YOU to protect yourself until we CAN get there. ” Elko County is one of the 5 largest Counties in the US,so I understand what he’s talking about. Many times,when called to a disturbance,the closest responder may still be 100 miles away.

    • Howard Last

      I have a .50 caliber percussion rifle mounted over the fireplace. It has been there for several years. In all that time it has never loaded itself, aimed and fired. It must be the worlds stupidest firearm.

    • rifflizard

      What an ignorant statement. Really? Lets see how many ways you are wrong.
      1. How about to protect?
      2. How about to hunt?
      3. How about to go target shooting as a sport? (it`s in the Olympics by the way)
      4. How about as a survival tool?
      You and people like you are the ones with only one goal… some day be able to see anything past your leftist, biased, NOSE!
      You need to go shooting. I`ll bet dollars to donuts, once you did, you`d change your ignorant attitude about guns.
      You don`t like them because you are afraid of them. Yes they can be very dangerous, but so can an automobile, or a pharmacy, or a skill saw, or a can of gas. I suppose we should get rid of these too huh?
      You`re not afraid of those things because you have been educated about them.
      The same goes with guns. A criminal can use any of the above articles to harm, or kill.
      A law abiding citizen gets educated first then practice, practice, practice.
      A gun has never shot anybody all by itself!
      So, PLEASE….GET EDUCATED before you and others such as yourself try taking away MY constitutional right to keep and bare arms.

    • Frank Smith

      You’re delusional. Do you ascribe human emotions and goals to all inanimate objects?

    • Becky E

      Inanimate objects are incapable of having a goal. That is left entirely to the human who is controlling the inanimate object. Guns are not evil – people are.

    • Tricia Harris

      What an idiotic thing to say. Guns are inanimate objects! They have no thoughts. They have no goals. They don’t jump up by themselves and harm anyone! It’s the people who MISUSE the weapons who have the goal to kill – and by the way the majority of the ones who have shot up schools and malls are Liberal Democrats!
      They are the ones who should NOT have guns!

  • Capt Bob

    I have listened to Paul for years. He is right we must support our policemen. Sure there are a few bad ones but they are released as soon as they are found out. I Live in Woodstock Ga and my officers are the best..

  • Ed McConnell

    Absolutely right.

  • Eddie Clark

    Suppot Police To serve and protect.

  • whoisshe?

    I have listened to Paul Harvey for years , because he made sense, common sense, I respect the job our police do and I know I wouldn’t want that job today especially when our own government is against them. I support all of our police and military , people of Ferguson and NYC must think this is all fun and games, shame on all of them and our own government, put the hands down, and if you cant breathe use your Obamacare.
    A black actor wanting to replace our James Bond, how about this a white guy playing the part of Martin Luther King, you wonder why there is racism, start reading your history books, the melting pot days are gone, its the day of the urban nomad.

    • babby660

      Skin color is not really relevant to the Bond character, who, incidentally, is a fictional one. It IS relevant to Martin Luther King, who really existed & whose mission was to secure the same rights for his black brothers & sisters that white folk have enjoyed since the country was settled.

  • david of tampa

    It’s too bad that the slum dogs who are rioting over other slum dogs justified slayings will never see this. Their pimps will collect the money, by the same fools that remain in their hoods, and by the politicians who by feeding them, and paying them. So they have all this free time, energy, and transportation money to continue this nonsense. So the more timid but now convinced of the black threat that may soon be on their doorstep. So they buy a gun Few if any will take the time and money to learn how to shoot a weapon, nor know the laws of their local areas about those same weapons.
    I have not always been a saint, and as a much younger man I ran into trouble with the police. On more than my share of times I have been arrested. I was rarely innocent, and the police were never gentle with me either. I was treated unfairly one time, but was exonerated by the same police department. The cop apologized. I did not riot. I didn’t like cops but……….Then I got married, and had kids.

    I called the police. I helped the police. I testified in court for the police. I give honor to the police. Any of the “So called Leaders” who prefer to alienate a hostile crowd towards hating the police are fools and or a danger to society. Thanks Paul for this timely advice. I hear reruns of your radio show broadcasts, and they always make me smile. :).

  • EKMcM

    One of the few non-religious items I would respond to with an ‘Amen’.

    • ron h

      How many of you illiterate idiots earned your constitutional rights.

      • Mike Lawson

        No one earns their constitutional rights unless they’ve come here from another country and become a citizen; otherwise we’re endowed with them.

  • iRay

    I don’t carry a handgun
    to kill people, but to keep from getting killed.

    I don’t carry a handgun
    to scare people, but because I know this world can
    be a scary place.

    I don’t carry a handgun
    because I’m paranoid, but because
    there are real threats in the world.

    I don’t carry a handgun
    because I’m evil, but because I’ve lived long enough to see evil in the world.

    I don’t carry a handgun
    because I want to be the meanest S.O.B. in the valley, but because I don’t want to be his next victim.

    I don’t carry a handgun
    because I’m antigovernment, but
    because I know the limitations of government.

    I don’t carry a handgun
    because I’m angry, but so I don’t
    have to spend the rest of my days hating myself for failing to be prepared.

    I don’t carry a handgun
    because I want to shoot someone,,
    but because I want to die at a ripe
    old age in my bed, and not on a
    sidewalk somewhere tomorrow afternoon.

    I don’t carry a handgun
    to make me feel invincible, but because the Lord helps those who help
    themselves and it may help me to
    take care of myself and the ones I

    I don’t carry a handgun
    because I might hate what is in front of me, but because I love what is behind

    I don’t carry a handgun
    because I feel inadequate, but because unarmed and
    facing three armed thugs, I am inadequate.

    I don’t carry a handgun
    because I love it, but because I love life and
    the people who make it meaningful to

    I don’t carry a handgun
    because I want to be a cop, but
    because I know that while they do their best to rid the streets of criminals,
    they can’t be everywhere all the

    I carry a handgun
    because I can’t carry a cop.
    Unknown author


      Love the poem. It defines our second amendment perfectly. Thank you for sharing.

    • Combatvet52

      From another Ray your right on the money……that’s why i carry I’ve been stopped about 5 times in the past 54 years that i have been carrying legal of course and the cops were very polite about it, i did exactly what they asked and all went smooth, when they say put both hands on the wheel just do it.

      • John

        Interesting, here in Texas if you have a CHI you must present it with you license if stopped.

        One time I wasn’t carrying and I got chewed out for not carrying, always
        carry now cept when going into schools and Fed buildings.

        They just ask where it is and tell you to leave it be.

        One time I had my Berta in my back pocket when stopped – the police officer gave me a hard time (jokingly) that a 22 Berta won’t do much a should get
        a bigger gun – got a 9mm and Governor (410 shot gun and 45 cal) by our beds. Got signs up and an old silhouette target with rounds through the appropriate places. Very good grouping if you ask me.

        Klutzy carrying the bigger ones – but will if things get just a big worse.

        • Combatvet52

          John, do not underestimate a 22 HP it can do plenty of damage, i carry a Walther’s 380 just perfect the 9mm and the 45 are just a bit to big, in my younger days i carried the Colt Python 357 Mag 6″ in my shoulder holster those were the days with a buddy of mine who was a NY State Trooper we did some serious big game hunting, I was there if a cop needed assistance.

    • ny2223jv

      I hope you don’t mind if I copy and send it to some people Thanks

  • Ibcamn

    sorry paul harvey,but your bias speech is outdated and is in serious need of a new 21st century outlook!…..

  • rhondareichel

    I think it’s more than 1/2 of 1% that are outlaws now….a lot of them are just not convicted for crimes…..but if our police chiefs would clean house I’d be behind them 100%. I’ve seen too many videos of rogue cops to be blind to the truth anymore.

  • lighthealer

    That was in 1970. Things have changed. Too much corruption has been allowed.

  • BR549

    Remember this: If you vote for left wing whacko liberals, they are exactly what you’re going to get.

  • Reasoniam

    Sure support the police who serve and protect NOT the ones who search and destroy who seem to be outnumbering the former.

  • jcheckler

    Let us be clear that while we should generally respect police officers as we would anyone else, they rarely protect us, and they rarely serve us. They serve the counties and cities where they work, for a paycheck. They are aware of the inherent risks involved and decide to do the job anyway. There are many other jobs which are more dangerous (such as firefighter). These risks do not give them a license to kill if someone disobeys a command; or if they see a shiny object in someone’s hand; or if they are reaching for something (such as a glovebox, wallet, or driver’s license). They murder people every day. The standard of an officer actually shooting at someone, -is (or should be according to law) being shot at, or in rare occasions where they are absolutely certain that a suspect has a gun and the intent to shoot them (i.e. is pointing a gun at them or attempting to [with the intent to fire]). There is and can be no other justified reason for an officer shooting a person dead. Someone merely having a gun (exercising their constitutional rights) is definitely not an excuse to shoot them. This is the distorted reality liberals and tyrants anti-constitutionalists have created in our nation; A modern day situation which happens frequently where cops are a threat to law abiding citizens.
    Cops are not heroes (except on rare occasion). They are in most cases agents of revenue generation and harassment in the enforcement of petty laws/crimes and the violations of 4th Amendment rights, to search for greater crimes or “evidence” such as drugs or once again, -guns. There is far too many police officers for the actual amount of crime that exists in most jurisdictions. We would be far better off as a nation under the rule of law, if more law abiding citizens had guns, learned how to use them, and had no anti-gun laws or restrictions, or gun free zones, (all infringements and encumbrances to protecting themselves and their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness). We have so many deaths in this nation not because we have so many police officers who protect us, but because we are not allowed under tyrannical laws to protect ourselves as we used to be. You are responsible for your own safety and security and no one else. Police will show up after you are dead to put you in a body bag and process the crime scene. More law abiding citizens with guns, and less harassment and revenue generation agents of the state attempting to enforce thousands of laws they are ignorant of, with many more passed every year. That is what would create a better and safer nation. An armed populace is a polite society. This has been proven when violent felons in prison were asked what it is they fear most during the commission of a crime: They answered that is was armed citizens.
    Cops are not above the law, yet even the best cops sometimes act like it. Every cop commits many crimes every year. A crime is an unconstitutional denial of a “suspects” rights. A crime is a violation of their oath of office to protect, defend, and uphold the constitution. A crime is knowing they don’t have probable cause to conduct a search and/or seizure but they do it anyway.
    They falsify police reports all over the nation on a daily basis. Even the best of them are rarely “good”.
    So let us not be politically correct any longer and say we blindly support police officers or troops (knowingly or unknowingly) working for the banksters in illegal wars in sovereign nations and killing, maiming, harassing, and destroying the lives and families of innocent civilians. Trust and respect is earned, not given. It is earned on an individual basis. If it is known that a police officer has committed an unjustified killing, and the local DAs office exonerates the officer from wrongdoing, there can be no trust of the police or that DA’s office. This is common sense, and I’m, not referring to Michael Brown or Eric Garner. Police kill Americans every day all over America and 99%+ of those murders are unjustified. So we need to hold those officers accountable and pass Federal legislation using the hallmark or benchmark I detailed above as to when it’s acceptable for an officer to use deadly force. I don’t condone the killing of those two NYC police officers or any police officers, but hopefully it will send a message that the people aren’t going to take it anymore. In that sense, maybe that murderer will not have died or taken lives in vain; and of course I feel sorry for the officer’s families. Let us speak out honestly and use our 1st Amendment rights with precision and clarity to convey the truth on a given subject and not politically correct misinformation/disinformation. Happy New Year.

    • Loretta

      You’re an idiot jc heckler

      • jcheckler

        Care to elaborate why rather than just name calling?

    • donl

      Cops saved me from death and or robbery twice. Once in key west fla. and once on jeckle Isl. Ga. That’s why i like cops.

      • jcheckler

        That’s great. I don’t care, or know if I believe you, but if true, then they did the job they were paid to do. I have two very negative experiences with law enforcement and the Criminal Justice System, including one that destroyed my life. Since then I began researching it, and have discovered that cases like my are commonplace and happen every day all over America. In my case (and in the vast majority of cases), it isn’t about cops shooting people dead. It is about being an innocent victim of the Criminal Justice System for a crime(s) you didn’t commit, and then being denied Due Process, falsely arrested, falsely imprisoned etc. As cities/counties grow bigger and bigger, so does government, government bureaucracy, and criminality/crimes against the people.
        Our nation has been corporatized. The USA, the Federal government, States and State governments, cities and counties, -they are all corporations. They are all involved in criminal revenue generation schemes at all levels to fleece American citizens and fill their coffers. Most people aren’t really aware of this, and they think it’s all legitimate and lawful. In most cases this is not true, but people pay their parking ticket and forget about it (to park on streets their tax dollars paid for in the first place). There never used to be “paid parking” on city streets, but once criminal politicians in city/county governments saw it as a potential revenue stream, it’s now in almost every city in America (lawful or not, and of course the Supreme Court will sign off on it as being legal and constitutional).
        We are victimized and fleeced by capitalist criminal corporate America and then we are victimized and fleeced by government and under the color of law. Just like our Government, Military, and Military Industrial Complex commits heinous crimes and gets away with it, so does the Police Industrial Complex, Criminal Justice System, and Prison Industrial Complex. Most people are never affected by it, or are hardly affected by it, so they don’t know the extent of the problem. It affects millions nonetheless, and is among the greatest threats to our freedom and liberty. If there ever is an economic collapse, and martial law, and/or disarming of Americans (such as in New Orleans) your local police department will be working right along side FEMA, the NSA, the Military etc. I’m merely trying to convey to people how the tyranny is no longer just at a Federal or State level. Local government tyranny is the tyranny which affects people the most.

        • Steven Webster

          I also had my life destroyed, decades ago and now again the IRS has targeted me and my wife. Good luck

    • rita

      if your stupid enough to move your hands while being detained by police…duh!….your asking for a reaction!….when you get it ….it should not be a surprise. Did not read your whole letter as your too freaking longwinded with the bla,bla,bla!….Never learn to use a “BRIEF SUMMATION”? Hey! next time your in trouble handle it yourself and leave the police alone’ after all they are only “maintance workers”..Not paid enough to die for freaks like you”!

      • jcheckler

        Yeah you’re just another stupid ignorant clueless liberal fool. Some people are just reaching for their wallet, or glovebox, to get their driver’s license, registration etc. as they were asked by the officer for them, and they are shot dead. My comment is long because the problems we face are not simple. They are very complex. They require discussion and debate. If a website is going to allow comments, or discussion, they know that some people are going to make longer comments; and they allow that because they understand it is necessity. What good is a comment section, if people are only going to leave one phrase or one sentence comments? It has no value in that case.
        If you had bothered to read my whole “letter”, you would have understood, the fact that in most cases (95+ of the time or so), you have to handle it on your own. You are responsible for your own safety and security. The cops will not be there to help you. They are several minutes away (if you are even able to call them) They will show up after a crime has been committed to take a report or maybe look for a suspect; after you are dead, to put your body in a body bag. Sometimes they never show up, but since our rights have been removed, you cannot defend yourself or take the logical, moral, necessary measures to handle a situation where a crime has been committed against you on your own. You are not trustworthy. You are guilty until proven innocent (or in this case “capable”. You are no longer trusted by the government as used to be the case. You can be charged with some B.S. crime for defending yourself or taking proper steps.
        So in most cases when “I’m in trouble” as you put it, I would prefer to “handle it myself and leave the police alone”, but usually that isn’t an option, because they have made us dependent on the police (government). Cops are not heroes, they almost never die “for freaks like me” or anyone else; but they do an inordinate amount of killing (murder) of innocent people for no reason, and then they are not prosecuted. This is one criminal protecting another. Cops know there are risks but they do the job anyway,
        because the risks involved are very minimal (being a firefighter for instance is about 100 times more dangerous). They are not heroes. They are not heroes when they get killed on the job; No more a hero that the innocent people they kill whose family will never see justice, and people will slander.
        They can be a hero while on the job, as can average citizens, and it happens every now and again. Cops do a job for a paycheck and that’s it. They get paid quite well, for a job 95%+ are not qualified to do. They are not knowledgeable enough to do the job, and worst of all they violate the law they are sworn to uphold practically every day. They violate the oath they were sworn to uphold and protect. I know what I’m talking about, and I have experiences on both sides to prove it. So next time you go spouting off, make sure YOU know what you’re talking about.

        • rita

          Duh! I was a “GHETTO COP” so fuck off!

  • rifflizard

    Let`s see, this guy is saying LESS than one half of one percent. Ok, that`s only 1 in 200. So, he`s saying that only 1 in 200 police officers overstep the boundaries of their authority, or abuse the power they are entrusted with. I don`t know what mountain top he lives on, or how many hundreds of years back he`s speaking of, but realistically speaking it`s probably ALOT more than that. Even if it`s something trivial like “SIT DOWN and SHUT UP or your going to jail” I`ve heard this almost every time I`ve disagreed with an officer. Let`s face it, cops in general have become power hungry. This country has turned in to a police state. I`m not saying it`s an easy job. You almost have to be super human to be a “GOOD” cop, but that`s the truth. Does a society need cops? I think so, but saying this, cops are VERY RARELY there to prevent crime. As a matter of FACT, the Supreme Court has ruled that the police have NO obligation under the law to protect ANYONE! So I ask again….do we really need them. Well, someone needs to go out and get the bad guys and bring them in. I mean the “BAD GUYS”, not some guy that owes the court $45.00 for some broken windshield wiper fix it ticket. There`s too much of that crap going on. Cops should be used to stop crimes IN progress if they are present, or to bring in VIOLENT OFFENDERS, MURDERERS, or RAPISTS! PERIOD! They should not be used as tax collectors for the city, county, or state.

  • alfred e newman

    police are ok in my book

  • larry

    look i support the job they have to do. but some things need to change the no knock raids are a big one excessive force is another the way some of these cops act is outrageous the guy in new york did not need to die the fool in Ferguson did no call on that one think the cop was justified

  • jillocity

    Paul Harvey has the right of it.

  • dragon6actual

    I am generally a strong supporter of law enforcement. That being said, there are a few thongs I find troubling.

    1. Equal protection under the law. An officer must be held to standards at least as high as the rest of the populace. If police officers miss the intended target and hit an innocent man, the city/county/state pays damages. If a citizen hits an innocent person, his life is over. This double standard needs to end.

    2. A free society DEMANDS that any hardware available to law enforcement must be made available to the citizen. Absolutely screen the background of the individual, but screen officer and citizen by equal standards.

    3. Reserve no-knock raids for violent criminal activity only. Credit card fraud does not warrant no-knock raids.

    4. The us-vs-them mentality adopted by so many in law enforcement needs to come to a screeching halt. LEOs must understand that the average, law abiding citizen is his/her greatest ally.

    5. Every LEO must remember that they are NOT the law, they simply enforce it.

  • Irvan

    Paul Harvey will remain the BEST among all of the news men. He has always impressed me with his commentaries.

  • Paul Brown

    I have always loved the news commentary by Paul Harvey with the news. I listen to Paul when I was only in my teens and was the best then, here it is now 50 years later and the best is still at it. My brother retired after 25 years on the force and retired as the Chief and then went on to the FBI for many more years. It has to be in someone to do this kind of work, I tried to follow in his footsteps after doing two tours in Nam, but I ended up taking a test in a crooked town, where out of 300 people to the test, they said only three past, and they had a record as long as your arms.

  • loosealiberal

    I was a pizza deliveryman and was held up thrice. I had no gun and was at the mercy of the criminal. The officer has a gun and also has a right to defend himself when attacked.

  • Frank Gavere

    If You follow the POLICE commands & DO what they say, there IS NO problem..The Police Officers job IS to go home safely ; so IF you ACT Out expect him to protect HIS LIFE<& SAFETY.If you look at these cases, CRIMINAL ACTS, caused the problems. Sharpton & DeBlazio are guilty of incitment, & are complicit in the police killings in NY.I support THE COPS, not the criminals.

  • the Burns

    Don’t mean to be getting all religious on ya but. The Bible says in the last days Lawlessness shall abound. You see they laughed at Reagan for trickle down economics.However with Obama its trickle down lawlessness. It started big time in Ferguson mo 1st Obama put his stamp of approval right on it.He through the police, and all of saint Louis under the bus boom. That was just one domino. Not to mention Obama scare ,and all the other scandals. There’s way way more to this but just a thought you guys are very intelligent take care.