Why The NYPD Is Getting Sued

A Texas-based news and entertainment website sued the New York Police Department to adhere to a Freedom of Information Act request to release President Trump’s concealed carry permit information.

The Daily Dot, which specializes in covering a variety of easily digestible pop-culture subjects sandwiched in a flurry of ad pop-ups, said they think the release of the information will reveal “a great deal about the president’s stance on firearms.”

The outlet filed a lawsuit in conjunction with law firm Davis Wright Tremaine. Specializing in media and entertainment law, the firm argues that, due to the Trump family’s position on gun rights issues, the NYPD should make the information on the family’s gun permit and license applications public.

“The president is the chief law enforcement official in the country and has said he is reviewing the current gun laws in the wake of the school shootings in Parkland and elsewhere, and his sons serve as advisors to him on gun-related issues,” said Jim Rosenfeld, a Davis Wright Tremaine partner. “In light of their very public positions and many public statements on these issues, we don’t believe any of the exceptions the police department claim to the general presumption of openness enshrined in the law are compelling or legally valid with respect to the Trumps’ own gun records.”

The 11-page filing in the New York County Supreme Court requests the handgun license applications for Trump and his sons, Donald and Eric. First requested in February from the NYPD, the agency declined to disclose the information citing that it was an “unwarranted invasion of personal privacy” and would “endanger the life or safety of the applicant.”

The senior Trump, who has reportedly enjoyed a notoriously hard-to-get NYC handgun permit since at least the 1980s, was outspoken on his support of carry rights while on the campaign trail. His son, Donald, Jr., has held a permit since at least 2007 and recently obtained one in Pennsylvania as well.

It costs $340 to file an application with the NYPD for a handgun permit, not including an $87 fingerprinting fee, and only about 35,000 are in circulation for a city of 8.5 million. The process for obtaining such a license is seen as daunting by many as it includes a host of training and vetting requirements as well as a “proper cause” test for carry permits. This has driven a number to seek the help of attorneys and niche handgun licensing consulting companies, which has sometimes led to scandal for the department. In 2016 a “fixer” who charged as much as $18,000 for his help obtaining permits was convicted in a bribery scheme that included three members of the NYPD’s licensing division.

source: guns.com

  • Moe

    This is news worthy, at least HuffPost writes stories about his brand of toilet paper which is almost as important as his families applications for small arms carry permits.

  • Jimwolf

    Another “Stupid Is, As Stupid Does” liberal story..

  • Alan404

    The Sullivan Law should never have been enacted. Ditto for the “special provisions/applications thereof”.

    As I recall, FDR, while governor of New York State vetoed repeal of The Sullivan Law. Big mistake. Additionally, the state lgislature failed to override his veto, an even bigger mistake.

    • conservative since 1962

      Is a New York City permit required for someone who is temporarily in New York City and has a concealed carry permit from another county in New York State ?

    • Joe Fratz

      NYC is a great place to be from, FAR from!!

  • Patrick Feeney

    The Demoncrats want to disarm decent, honest citizens. If that happens, the criminals and crazies will still have their weapons. The citizens will be defenseless!

    • Only if you let that happen your self many ways to hide your guns including burying then in air tight containers !

  • marieke mulder

    Another “Stupid Is, As Stupid Does” liberal story..

    • Rhiannon91991

      Agreed. Or Dumb and Dumber works too.

  • Big Ed

    How in the hell is it anyone else’s business who has concealed carry permits? What’s the point of having a concealed carry permit if you have to wear a sign around your neck that states “beware-carrying concealed”?

    • Terry Butts

      The mainstream media is of the mistaken opinion that ccp holders and other lawful gun owners are the ones committing crimes.

      Even suppressing stories like the ones in California, Canada, China etc. who were arrested for MAKING guns from nothing but metal anyone can get at a salvage yard or scrapping any number of non gun items.

      The one in California had over 200 guns they made at the time of his arrest and who knows how many made and sold before that.

      Yet the anti constitution politicians continue to maintain the lie that every gun used in a crime started as a legally purchased one and that they can eliminate crime just by disarming the law abiding citizens of this nation.

      Even when we have entire nations that are “gun free zones” to look at and see this has already failed in those nations. In many cases even resulting in the overthrow of those nations by the armed criminals the laws had no effect on in the first place.

      This is not helped by prosecutors and politicians who think the tool used to save ones life is what determines if it was self defense or not. They ignore the fact that if it is self defense when a bat is used it is still self defense if a gun was used instead.

      But due to illegal restrictions they have made it suddenly becomes murder if a gun was used or if the criminal attacking or breaking into the home in the middle of the night turned out to be a police officer using a no knock warrant illegally issued for some non drug related reason.

      The courts only ruled no knock warrants legal in cases where the normal constitutional warrant process allowed drug evidence to be destroyed before the police could retrieve it, searching for fugitives is not covered by that ruling yet is now nearly if not the most common reason they are issued.

      • Big Ed

        It’s refreshing to read about guns from a body who has actually read about them and know what they’re talking about. Thanks!

  • jon

    at the same time the demoncrats arm the criminals and their supporters.

  • Kent Powers

    If you were president would you want a carry permit? Scuhmer has one, so do many, many democrat Congressmen. Scuhmer also attends gun ranges to fire AR-15’s. All liberals & democrats should be disarmed, crime would drop 75%, throw in the illegals we can all rest quietly. Over 80% of inmates are members of the democrat cartel.

  • William Burke Jr

    Screw the liberals.

  • Alan404

    As a matter of history, and general interest, note the following. In the fall of 1967, there was proposed and enacted in NYC the following legislation. New Yorkers who owned long guns, rifles and or shotguns, who were so outlandish as to maintain these legally acquired and owned items in their city homes were required to register them with the police and pay a fee, as well as themselves being “registered”. At the time, the TOTAL fee amounted to $5.00, no great amount of money, the principle being of much greater import. By the way, the fee came to be one hell of a lot more that was originally charged. I testified in opposition to the legislative proposal at the Dog and Pony Show that public hearings amounted to, calling a couple of proponents, including two NYC PD Detectives on flat out lies they were peddling. Facts notwithstanding, the proposal was enacted. A bit after the above referenced fiasco I departed NYC, where I had been raised and lived for years, never to return. The forgoing offered for general and historical interest.


    I wonder what the “Daily Ditz” would do if a bunch of CCP holders showed up at their door,
    they are in Texas after all…