Officers Shot To Death Transporting Inmates

Two sheriff’s deputies died last week while transporting inmates in Kansas City, Kansas. The Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the shooting deaths of Deputy Theresa King, 44, and Deputy Patrick Rohrer, 35, while escorting detainees to court Friday morning.

“When they pulled into the parking lot and readied to transport these inmates, they were overcome,” Maj. Kelli Bailiff, a spokeswoman for the Wyandotte County sheriff’s office, told reporters Friday. “It is very possible that with their own firearm they were both shot.”

Rohrer, who joined the department in 2011, died from his injuries Friday at the University of Kansas Medical Center, police said. King, a 13-year veteran, died early Saturday morning.

Keeley Hanson, a bartender at the local Chicago’s bar, a popular hangout for law enforcement, told KHSB the incident left the community “heartbroken.”

“I knew it wasn’t going to be good because I know every single one of them and it’s just heartbreaking,” she said. “Hearing it was her, you’re lost for word. She always had a smile on her face. She was always just a sweetheart and always been super nice to me.”

The Kansas City Police Department is leading the investigation. So far, no additional information about suspects has been released.

Gov. Jeff Coyler said news of the shooting left him “deeply saddened.” “Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line each and every day to protect the public and their selfless service deserves our highest honor,” he said.

Mayor David Alvey called the officers heroes with “spirits of self-giving” in a news release Friday. “And so, as we work through all of our emotions, as we try to find answers to all of our questions, we must look to the sacrifices of Deputy Rohrer and Deputy King and believe what they believed: that the fight for goodness and truth and justice is worth our very lives, every day of our lives, and we must be ever-vigilant for the battle,” he said.


  • Alan404

    How did the prisoners obtain firearms?

    • Skyhawk

      Read the article.

      • Alan404

        I did. Only thing mentioned is that the deputies “were overcome”, at least that was the gist of the article I saw. DId you see something else?

        • Michael Galey

          Shot by their own weapons it is surmise.

  • jack

    what is going on in this country ? I will tell you , with all this media talk about Hitler and Nazis and putting a child in with pedophiles and blowing up the whit house what do we expect . number one that idiot actor should go to jail for what he said about the Presidents son . if he does not go than our judicial system and the protection of our government officials has gone to hell .the left has gone way way over the line this time we must act to put these people in jail , now not later

    • Skyhawk

      If anything happens he can run but he can’t hide. I will deal with him personally.

  • Gordon Raymond

    The Democrats are so Liberal that they have LOST all their “Common Sense” or didn’t have it in the first place.

    • Bill

      Can’t loose something that they don’t have to start with. Time to take OUR country back…get the hell out and vote, get rid of the thieves in office who only care about themselves.

  • Bud William

    With the little bit of information I have read, maybe the police did not secure them with their hand behind their backs. How many were being transported? Sound like a change of operation to transporting inmates. Sorry for the loss of life prayers to the family and department. PS if it is not policy to cuff behind the back, it should be.

    • Terry Butts

      without more information we will not know.

      Though something was obviously done wrong for one thing I always thought they were supposed to have at least 4 officers while loading or unloading prisoners from a buss to help ensure such a situation did not happen at least two on the buss handling the prisoners others present at the loading and unloading locations guarding them.