Governor in This State Promises to Support New Gun Bills – One of Which is Absolutely Brilliant

South Carolina is a state known for its commitment to constitutional values and American freedoms. That, along with its natural beauty, is one reason so many military members retire in South Carolina. Now lawmakers in the Palmetto State have proposed legislation that would rescind some of the state’s existing restrictions on gun ownership, and they have the full support of

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Do This Before Obama Gets His Hands on Your IRA or 401k

Obama Proclaims “8 Years Is Just the Beginning”… He’s Already Seized Healthcare… Now He’s Targeting Your Retirement Accounts… “Eight years is just the beginning.” This is Obama’s new slogan for his post-presidency work. Not only is it shocking, it reveals his TOTAL COMMITMENT to ramrodding his policies down Americans’ throats. It should now be clear that Obama will stop at

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