Parent Keeping Teacher Hostage Turns Fatal

A more than six-hour long standoff involving an angry parent holding a teacher hostage at a California elementary school Tuesday ended with police fatally shooting the suspect.

Riverside Police Public Information Officer Ryan Railsback said the teacher is safe, but they do not have a motive for the suspect’s actions yet. “We’re going to let our detectives figure that out,” he said, adding, “Just like every officer involved shooting we had or every critical incident, they will conduct their investigation.”

Riverside police received a 911 call around 11 am regarding “a disturbance and altercation involving a parent” at Castleview Elementary School, according to a statement. There, officers found Luvelle Kennon, 27, holding hostage Linda Montgomery, 70, who has taught at the school for several decades. It’s unclear if Kennon’s daughter was in Montgomery’s class, local media reported.

Stephanie Zolfaghari, the principal’s secretary, told The Press-Enterprise that Kennon was visibly angry when he entered the office. “When I first saw him I knew it was probably the most upset parent I’ve had,” she said, adding, “Somehow I knew he would try to force his way in,” which he did, despite Zolfaghari’s efforts to stall him. Zolfaghari immediately called the police and placed the school on lockdown, but Kennon, who was carrying multiple backpacks, was still able to get to Montgomery’s classroom.

As officers were en route, additional calls were received stating the incident escalated with Kennon barricaded inside a classroom and holding Montgomery hostage. A substitute teacher was left with facial injuries, including a broken nose, when he tried to stop Kennon.

Multiple agencies responded to the scene, including SWAT, the bomb squad, and emergency negotiators. Students and staff were evacuated to a nearby park for safety and to reunite students with their parents.

Hostage negotiators were able to make contact with Kennon – off and on – throughout the standoff. However, during this time, no communications were made with Montgomery, and her safety and well-being remained unknown.

After more than six hours, the decision was made for SWAT to breach the classroom. During this time, an officer-involved shooting occurred and Kennon was struck by gunfire. He was rushed to a local hospital, where he died.

Montgomery was also taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. Railsback said the incident was “very traumatic” for her and they are “trying to give her a little space to recover mentally” before they press about details of the incident.

Authorities recovered the backpacks carried by Kennon, but did not disclose their contents and it’s unclear if Kennon was armed during the standoff. Railsback did confirm that the investigation is ongoing and, although details remain rather scarce at this time, more information is expected to be released.

“I want to begin by thanking the Riverside Police and Fire Departments, the City of Riverside, and all RUSD staff and administrators who have helped bring this situation to an end,” said Riverside Unified School District Superintendent Dr. David Hansen. “Safety is our number one priority, and in this case because of the quick work and collaboration of our first responders and RUSD staff, all students, and now all staff, are accounted for and safe.”

The school will remain closed for the remainder of the week, and crisis counselors will be available for students and staff.


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      Don’t disagree. Then again, it is Mexifornia and the teachers are probably nuts as well.

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      We should wait and see what the teacher did that UPSET the parent to that degree before we can decide what side of the isle the parent was on though going by the history of previous incidents you are probably correct.

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        Upset Luvelle where he barricaded himself inside the teachers classroom after beating down another male teacher that tried to intervene?????????????? Are you kidding me you whackjob??

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          So if your child was in imminent danger you would just do nothing?

          As I stated WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH INFORMATION to know what happened it is irrational to jump to conclusions based on MEDIA CREATED EMOTIONAL responses based on barely any information about the incident.

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    With the items the teachers are currently teaching in CA I am sure the parent may have gone off the deep end with some thing that wasnt what use to be considered basic teachings of read, writing or math. Now a days its islam, transgenderism, and teachings of the left at least in CA or some parts of it.

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    Much more info required, before “jumping the shark!” Primary question being was this whack armed? Article is woefully short on “facts.”

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    I’d like to know why the parent was so upset with this teacher. Clearly something happened that made this parent target her. Was their child in her class? Sometimes unfortunately people snap over legit things.

    Due to the teachers age I’m thinking she has tenure which means she could have been horrible towards a student/s and nothing was being done due to this stupid policy.

    A teachers tenure makes it very difficult to fire them allowing poor teachers to continue teaching.

    Being an elementary school teacher makes it that much worse because kids are taught to do what the teacher says and their actions are right. If a child does inform their parents of wrongdoing and a complaint is made it would be brushed under the rug and sadly that behavior can continue until the teacher retires.

    I had an issue with an elementary school teacher that had tenure. She was known for being a monster. I did become well known by calling and showing up at the school constantly with complaints and rants. I never got to the hostage stage but If I thought it would accomplish something and I could get away with it I would have done so and much worse!

    Too little information. We need more.

    • Terry Butts

      I agree we have to little information to come to a logical decision about this incident.

      Especially considering some of the leaked information about what other schools have been imposing on children in the name of educating them the parent may have been trying to protect their child from something horrible the school was doing nothing about or even promoting. Especially in places like California.

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    They don’t even know if he had a weapon, then why is he dead, why was he shot

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    Sick bastard. He got what he deserved.

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    So if your child was in imminent danger you would just do nothing?As I stated WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH INFORMATION to know what happened it is irrational to jump to conclusions based on MEDIA CREATED EMOTIONAL responses based on barely any information about the incident.

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