Obama Wants to Tests Smart-Guns, So This Police Chief Volunteered His Officers

President Obama recently called for research into smart-gun technology, and San Francisco’s Police Chief Greg Suhr has volunteered his officers to test out the resulting products. Feeling that there is a significant number of tech-savvy officers on his force, he would like to see volunteers step up to test the new tech.

“Officer safety is huge, so you wouldn’t want to compel that upon officers…….But we have so many officers who are so into technology, I am all but certain there are officers that would be willing to do such a pilot.”

With biometric technology still fraught with bugs and glitches, one must wonder how many law enforcement officers would be willing to potentially risk their personal safety in order to test the new equipment.

The technology would operate similar to the fingerprint scanner that unlocks iPhones. However, incorporating that into a firearm might just prove to be significantly more of a complicated challenge. Utilizing an iPhone is not generally a matter of life-and-death, where an officer having to draw their firearm and use it is.