Prepared Homeowner Defends Himself With AK-47

A man credited an AK-47 for saving his life last week when he stumbled upon two burglars inside his Memphis home.

The anonymous homeowner said he shot and killed the men — 17-year-old Demond Barnes and 28-year-old Azell Witherspoon — after retrieving the gun from a hall closet during the incident Friday.

“I don’t know what’s going on but I know I’m going to defend my life to the best of my ability,” he told WMC Action News 5. “These boys need their father and need some type of discipline. They’re out here without any fear.”

The Memphis Police Department confirmed the deaths of the two men on its social media pages last week. Security camera footage supported the homeowner’s claim of self defense, according to police.

The homeowner said his home was shot at once before last year. He told local media he’s concerned about retaliation for Friday’s shooting, but knows “it was either them or me.”

” You never know how someone else’s family may perceive the situation, but I mean, I just have to take it one day at a time,” he said.


  • Rose Boltz

    One must protect self and home and others in the home. Doubt if this was the crooks first time but you know it’s their last. They choose to do this so asked for what they got.

  • Jim

    Good news! 2 less democRAT voters.

    • Tom

      That’s a good one.

    • Logician

      Many of these home invaders don’t have the faculties to handle a voting procedure … but I hear various municipalities are dumbing-down so they only need to make a paw-print.

      • USCBIKER

        Or a tail drag mark, LOL!

    • Janice

      Thy are even not a voter. But white collar criminals are voters!
      Your comment is from a stinky asshole!

      • Kent Powers

        Kinda proved the point that you are too dumb to be allowed to vote!

      • Jim

        Janie janie, your corrupt, anti American party has enabled illegals in Chicago and CA to get ID cards, and drivers licenses that in those states is all that is required to register to vote. I know you voted for crooked hilary, you have no regard for the rule of law, you hate America as founded and you are a member of the democRAT party that is, yes, the party of slavery, murder of the unborn, and a party that is ok with Iran getting a nuclear device. The best that you can do for America is LEAVE and never come back.

        • drew

          Jim………you are on a roll to Janice…..good one again………..what state are you from ?

    • drew

      Jim…………………..hee hee.good one

  • tomsfordcars

    He should get an award for removing 2 obvious not so upstanding citizens from the streets of America. Hats off to the homeowner!

    • Logician

      Not upstanding at all now.

  • Rodney

    The more Homeowners defend themselves, the more the criminal element will think twice about pulling their crap. This homeowner just saved the city/county/state a lot of money in legal fees and incarceration costs.

  • scorpian

    Good for him! These thugs have to be dealt with! We law abiding citizens have the right to protect our lives, families, and homes from these brazen thugs who come from families with no parenting skills and shouldn’t have children. These two thugs are just some of many that should be put down.

    • Logician

      Let’s get technical and call it natural wastage, or built-in redundancy.

  • Bobby

    This Individual did what is expected of Anyone x There is a Right to Self Defense and No One but No One should question this because if some or Any Idiot says so – let him/her make an invite to Burglars and other Evil Minded Persons that they are welcome to their homes/ properties to do as they please

    • Janice

      Aren’t white collar crimes thugs? Worse, they are trained by their parents. Trump is a case in point. His screwing contractors, his screwing women around are learned from his father.

      • pappy450

        PLEASE Go away and IMMEDIATELY check in to the nearest mental-health hospital. you are suffering from a bad case of “Trump derangement syndrome”
        This happens when you learned YOUR “queen hitlery” LOST.. (or go back to your basement “safe space’ where you can drink hot cocoa, play with your coloring books, and crayons and scream at the moon like all the other left-wing lunatics if that will make you feel better.)

      • Kent Powers

        You are a prime example of the problems we have in this country, can’t stand the idea of criminals & illegals getting some of their own medicine! Put a sign in your yard, NO GUNS! that way they will know where to go & you can feel self righteous.

  • Ray Tripp

    You can bet your sweet ass you will not see this on CNN or ABC or other left wing news media…… It dose not fit into there agenda to dis-arm you!

    • Janice

      This story is not verifyable.

  • Janice

    Probably fake news a la Trump’s Conway. No links to verify the news. The two blue-lettered links in the report turn out to be bogus.
    Many more lives were saved by the attacker not having and using a firearm. Most B&E robbers are not wearing guns. My life was saved by a street robber not having a gun in the NE section of Washington, DC, but the robber pretended to have a gun. I with my deaf eyes was able to spot the fake.

    • randolph.poole

      What?????? You need to go back to MSNBC for your “news!”

    • Terry Butts

      just search for the words without quotes “Memphis self defense ak47” there is plenty of verification including one that links the video.

      If we rely on JUST one story and ignore its contents due to it not linking the verification then NONE of the official news sites are telling the truth as they virtually never include any kind of linked proof. Yet people who insist sites like this are only fake news seem to ignore their reasoning when it comes to OFFICIAL news sites doing the same thing when it comes to leaving it up to the reader to do their own research.

      Remember the weather man who USED his SCIENTIFIC observations to WARN that volcano was about to erupt was labeled fake news and ignored.

      We are still getting the death toll etc. from the eruption that happened just as the scientific observations showed it would. Had he not been instantly ignored because of politics and someone WITH scientific knowledge simply verified the observation people could have been evacuating before it erupted instead of after it started erupting.

      Besides if you look it does in fact list its source the very last line above the link to the category states “source:”

  • randolph.poole

    Gee, from the names of the two “alleged” miscreants I guess we speculate that the involved parties were a couple of Irish Catholic boys!

    • Rob Longwood

      Amish Mafia…..………………… doubt about it!!!

  • Chained

    One has to think that with approximately 90 million gun owners in the country your odds of encountering one or more in the process of your nefarious deeds has to be rather significant. Ask yourself, do you feel lucky-well do ya punk?

    • Proudvietvet58

      @Chained, The number of legal gun owners in the USA is over 350 Million Sir. This does NOT count those owners who bought before the 4473 forms were initiated nor does it count those who inherited weapon from their Fathers, Grand Fathers or, other friends/family members.

      • Chained

        We’re probably both wrong. There are only about 320 million people in this country give or take 10 mil then subtract those under 18 and the elderly who couldn’t use one even if they had one. The last I had read or heard was around 30-40% of the population owning firearms so that’s roughly 90-120 million gun owners and the avg number owned is around 3 I think which would come up with close to 270-360 million guns in this country not counting all the illegally owned weapons by the criminal element.

  • Oinkle Tom

    I just LOVE a story with a happy ending.

  • isaiah

    This story is not verifyable.


    Good shooting two less thugs to worry about.

  • Proudvietvet58

    The Media should be made to publish ALL the stories like this one! There are more “Good Endings” like this one than most people can imagine!