Protection order bills advance to Nevada Senate

Two protection order bills designed to restrict gun rights in cases of domestic violence passed a Nevada committee last week, ensuring the proposals’ survival for the remainder of legislative session.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Senate Bills 124 and 387 with amendments Friday, just in time for the state Legislature’s committee deadline — meaning any bill not voted out of committee in its originating chamber dies for the 2017 session.

Sen. Julia Ratti, D-Sparks, sponsored SB 387 as “one of the most important bills this session” and “a common sense public safety measure” of last resort.

“When we have folks who are in crisis and have access to weapons, we have terrible, terrible outcomes,” Ratti said while testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the proposal earlier this month. “It gives law enforcement another arrow in their quiver. It’s a tool that will be used when all other tools have been exhausted.”

Specifically, Ratti’s legislation allows family or other household members to report high risk individuals to law enforcement, who can then seek a court order to remove the individual’s firearms temporarily. The bill defines a high-risk individual as someone who owns a firearm, poses a danger to themselves or others and has threatened violence within the preceding six months or behaved violently.

Courts can issue three different types of protective orders under the proposal: emergency, ex parte and extended — the latter of which could strip a person’s gun rights for up to a year.

“The bottom line for me is too many families are coping with too many tragedies and in a very narrow few cases where the current law enforcement and judicial system doesn’t provide tools, this bill could save a life,” Ratti said.


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  • ClarenceDeBarrows

    Another bleeding heart, politician sponsored, attempt to “boil the frog” in an attempt to gut the Second Amendment. The gun isn’t the problem! If there’s an out of control individual in one’s home deal with THEIR propensities. Don’t blame it on the gun. Would you remove all the knives from your kitchen to protect yourself there from the nutcase you are living with?

    • Deplorable Robert

      England has , from what I heard, restriction on certain CUTLERY. China needs that too! Most of their “mass assaults/ killings” is with knives, since it is very hard for common folks to obtain guns there. Palestinians use cars, and trucks, then jump out and start stabbing to kill!

  • Deplorable Robert

    Mental Health is what needs to be dealt with. When the Government closed all those facilities, the education Administration had no where to vacation to work out their “problems” or where the general population would have protection from the evil Liberal Left Mental Midgets.
    Guns are just a piece of metal and plastics. Just like a hammer, or a screw driver. Both can be USED as a weapon, but it is ultimately a CHOICE of human thought, not a mean evil looking gun.

  • pappy450

    Any time a SCUMOCRAT spouts the “common sense” talking point, more freedoms for Law-Abiding AMERICANS will be on the chopping block. This is how the scumocrat communists roll.

  • Dannie Poe

    If someone wants a weapon they will get a weapon. This has been proven in all the States and Cities with the highest gun violence. It would be much easier if a person had a weapon to shoot back. Everyone should be allowed to conceal carry. When we take away all the guns from law abiding citizens all it does is put a target on their backs. Think about it! If you were a criminal with a gun and no one else has a gun then wouldn’t you feel freer to commit a crime knowing no one will shoot back? As a criminal this answer is YES. What is my answer to gun violence? Follow our US Constitution and allow citizens to protect themselves. If we can not put a policemen on every corner , then let the citizens decide if they need a gun or not. When the man killed their ex-wife and students where did this violence happen? In a no gun zone. This should speak volumes.

    • Terry Butts

      Not to mention in the nations that have 100% bans on civilian ownership but have to deal with CRIMINALS that still manage to smuggle guns into the nation and arm their gangs/terrorists.

  • Terry Butts

    do these bills restrict their right to have any of the other weapons used to harm and kill people during such disputes? (knives, bats, cars, etc.)

    do they require a COURT to decide it the one is actually GUILTY of anything before their right is RESTRICTED/REMOVED?

    If not then these are nothing more than another veiled attempt to impose vague restrictive laws that can be imposed on the opinion of a single person in the FALSE belief it would save lives.

  • Larry Cowden

    And what will be their next step when those victims of abuse are now murdered with bats, knives, set fire to, beaten to death or harmed in other ways? Democrats refuse to understand or believe that criminal behavior will always find a way and no laws will stop them!

  • Samuel Stephens

    Another bleeding heart liberal who could care less about families in crisis as long as she can further the DemocRATic agenda of attacking the 2nd Amendment. All the DemocRATs can think about is how to rob you of your Constitutional Rights in the name of public safety, BS. Same old blah, blah, blah, blah, nothing new or exciting. DemocRATs equal control freaks and Communists.

  • Jackson Brannon

    These people need voted OUT!!!

  • L Cavendish

    and yet they take/restrict no other weapons…just guns.
    They leave the knives…the bats…golf clubs…etc etc etc