Pulse Victims Take Police To Court

Some 31 Orlando police officers face legal action over their response to the Pulse nightclub massacre, according to a federal lawsuit filed last week.

Attorneys representing 34 victims of the shooting said city cops left 49 people to die inside the club for more than three hours on the morning of June 12, 2016, before killing gunman Omar Mateen and rescuing 58 wounded.

“While people, unarmed, innocent were inside a club getting absolutely massacred by a crazed gunman there were a bunch of people … with guns, with the training and capability to take that shooter out,” Solomon Radner, attorney for the plaintiffs in the case, told ABC News during an interview Thursday. “Instead of doing their job, they worried about themselves, they stayed outside, they worried only about their own safety, knowing that people were literally getting mowed down by the dozens just a few feet away.”

Witnesses trapped inside the club during the attack were then held for more than 10 hours for questioning — a violation of both the 4th and 14th amendments, according to court documents.

“Virtually every victim they could get their hands on who wasn’t shot or dead, they basically arrested them,” Radner said. “They were not free to leave, they were not free to call their loved ones, they were not even free to go to the bathroom or to get water.”

Court documents identify only one of the 31 officers on duty that night — Adam Gruler, a security guard at Pulse who allegedly “abandoned his post” just before Mateen scoped out the nightclub, returning minutes later with a semiautomatic rifle and handgun and opening fire. Court documents state Gruler stayed outside, even though he knew of the ongoing attack.

“Gruler demonstrated a total lack of concern for the dozens of patrons inside the club, whom he was personally charged with protecting,” the 24-page complaint reads.

The plaintiffs in the case, including the estates of six of the deceased victims, seek attorneys fees, punitive and compensatory damages.

“We are asking for compensation for the victims for what they went through at the hands of law enforcement,” Radner said.

The City of Orlando and the Orlando Police Department declined to comment on the case, according to ABC News, but released a joint statement supporting first responders.

“Nearly two years after the horrific act of hate inside the Pulse nightclub, our community continues to mourn the 49 lives taken and provide support for all those impacted,” the statement read. “On the morning of June 12, 2016, federal, state and local law enforcement officers and first responders put themselves in harm’s way to save as many lives as possible.”

source: guns.com

  • Alan404

    One wonders as to the limits of the city’s insurance coverage.

  • Trust No One

    Why not sue those truly responsible, the Libtards who made sure the club was a “Gun Free Zone”.
    This is so typical of Libtards.

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    killing a member of a lesser protected species (Non-Muslim Gay) with relative ease because the successful Libtard assault on the Ultimate Evil (Christians who cling to their GUNS and THEIR GOD), and who do they blame – you guessed it.

  • gordon hoyt

    It does seem like 1st responders have a different set of rules of engagement in Florida. From what we have seen they don’t have a fight or flee response but a do nothing till everyone is dead response. Respect for police,…. just not in parts of Florida including Dade.

    • Terry Butts

      They followed standard protocol had they rushed in under the circumstances of that incident they would have died and saved no one had it turned out to be another false call by some anti gun nut instead there is the possibly of them killing some innocent person because they REACTED instead of following standard protocols put in place to protect both police and civilians.

      In several cases those who just RUSHED in on false calls have done exactly that because some anti gun nutcase called in a false report of a mass shooting simply because they saw a LEGALLY carried holstered gun on someone.

      In one case the man that was killed by police was just looking at the STORE MODEL of a BB gun they were selling but because they RUSHED in like you seem to think they should without actually investigating what was going on they killed him for nothing more than holding an EMPTY BB GUN with a price tag hanging off of it because they REACTED to what the caller claimed was happening instead of following the protocols that are in place to prevent such tragedies and finding out what was actually going on first.

      • gordon hoyt

        Terry, how do you know standard LEO protocol? Also, they knew it was not a false call or swatting. The calls and the scene showed this to be so,.. the dead bouncer at the door showed this. Also an officer wnet in and unloaded 3 magazines and exited when he was out of ammo. Please explain.

        • Terry Butts

          The same way anyone who pays attention does.

          Besides TV interviews conducted with LEO personnel after such incidents there is SEARCH ENGINES that give results one can look and read for themselves it is not like these protocols are classified.

          Fore example.



          With correct search words you can even narrow it down to the specific jurisdiction in question.


          • gordon hoyt

            OK, I was getting from the horses mouth. But what about the officer who went in and left after expending him ammo? Did he not follow protocol during an active shooter event?

            How long did they wait? Was it several hours? Would it not be safer to just wait a day or two. If 2 hours is good, 6 would be 3 times as safe right? Here in Texas we like our LEO’s to stand tall and fight the good fight not hide and seek safety. What a bunch of girls. (sorry to you warrior ladies out there, I didn’t mean to demean your courage.)

          • Terry Butts

            That would depend on the protocols for the jurisdiction. Personally if he spent his ammo the shooter should have been dealt with or he needs better training. They should never fire blindly at an attacker it wastes ammo and could likely harm some innocent bystander. That goes for anyone who has to defend themselves not just the police.

            The fact is this is not like fictional TV shows the good guys can not just rush in dodging bullets and save the day. They need a solid plan to take down the criminal with as few causalities as possible that includes among the victims of the criminal as well as the police.

            As I understand the shooting position the criminal had if they had simply rushed in as they arrived the shooter would simply have had more victims and most likely a clear exit before others could arrive if he had any intention of escaping.

            As for the waiting time that is up to how fast they can assess the situation and form a plan to stop the criminal. To my knowledge from the footage the only one that hid was the one that was supposed to have been the security for the place and prevented an armed person from entering the place to begin with.

          • mousekiller

            A hand gun that distance from the shooter against a rifle.. ?Yeah right. Jeeze, Another squeek from the unknowing.

          • Terry Butts

            Get better information about the situation the location and the guns involved.

            Hand guns have plenty of range in that situation someone who knows what they are doing and is not panicked can be accurate that distance.

            The weapon the ATTACKER has does not have any effect on the accuracy of those responding outside of their emotional response to being shot at or media induced paranoia about the weapon.

            I see nothing in the photo’s or other information about the club that would indicate the area of attack was the distance when a rifle gains the advantage over a pistol in accuracy.

            The story says the attacker used both a rifle and a pistol since the attacker could not use them simultaneously that leaves an opening for a properly trained response.

            At no time ever is BLINDLY shooting till the gun is empty a proper response no matter what weapon the attacker is using. It simply wastes ammo and puts other bystanders at more risk of getting shot.

      • mousekiller

        All due to piss poor training and more training. Far too many officers get little if any additional training for circumstances like this. Beat cops and traffic cops seems to be the mentality of many officers.It won’t happen here. No city police dept wants to spend the money in proper training of its officers.

        • Terry Butts

          Yes though it more the politicians than the actual police dept when it comes to the cost. The less they give a police dept. the more they have to waste on political nonsense people do not need or want in most cases.

          Modern officers do not even get the kind of training they used to in how to deal with the public. Today everything has been reduced to what it costs vs what the government thinks they will face.

          Since most places the most an officer will ever face is handing out tickets or arresting some drunk that gets out of hand that is all the politicians in those areas are willing to fund in the way of training.

    • mousekiller

      Do you think the first officer on the scene of an accident calls the Capt and asks permission to give first aid or to even check on the welfare of the victim? Hey Capt can I go see if the driver is still alive or wait until the ambulance arrives? Response- It may be an hour or two , You had better wait for them ,they are better equipped. We will have to review the situation first. ad nauseum.

  • banjoman15

    so then, if we can’t depend upon the police, then please allow us to defend ourselves. Banish all gun free zones.

    • gordon hoyt

      Thank you!

    • That would be so very smart but the idiots won’t let that happen !

  • Rodney

    As I remember and understand the circumstances of that night, Mateen had secured higher ground and basically had an open field of fire. Sadly, it would have been suicide to rush in not knowing something of the lay out and position of the shooter. In my opinion, this is just another case of greedy liars…er…lawyers looking for a big paycheck.

  • John H

    It’s a way for this attorney to get money it won’t work .

  • John H

    This is a loser lawsuit they have to prove that the police willfully let this happen .

  • Terry Butts

    The club denying even CCP holders their right to be armed while having no means in place to protect them from actual criminals who ignore the law would be more at fault than the police who followed the standard protocol of finding out what was going on and where the criminal was before acting.

    When they do not follow those protocols innocent people can accidentally get killed by the police as happened in some cases where they just reacted without finding out what was going on first.

    The courts have ruled in numerous cases that the police are there to protect the public at large not individuals.

    • gordon hoyt

      State law prohibits carrying in clubs or as we see before we enter an establishment a “51” sticker shows us we have to leave our arms in the vehicles. For good or bad the state does not want booze and guns to mix as seen with our FBI dancing star who had a negligent discharge in the bar,… stupid! WHere are you finding your protocols? I am asking LEO in Texas how about you?

      • Terry Butts

        They were discussed in a television interview some time back after one such incident.

        According to the answers given during that interview.

        They are supposed to assess the situation and see what is going on (not blindly take the word of the caller)

        They are supposed to then determine how to proceed with the lowest possible casualties among the victims and police responding to the call.

        In some states they are even required to secure the area and wait for special response teams.

        We get a lot of confusion among people, media, and sometimes even the police because of the various differences in each state.

        In fact I recall several years ago one officer that got fired for the way he was trying to enforce a knife ban from the place he was previously employed while working in an open carry state. It was bad enough he did not learn the new laws of the location he was then employed but he took it to the point that while off duty he actually pulled the legally carried knife out of the persons sheath and waved it around in a dangerous manner while lecturing him about the “ban” that did not exist in that state, all while in front of the store’s security camera.

        While I will agree if someone is drinking they should not be using or having their gun on them for the same reason they should not drive a vehicle or use other dangerous if misused tools.

        However the state or the bar should provide proper security that will ensure everyone obeys as it stands they allow criminals or in the case you cited an off duty FBI person to get away with ignoring this. Until someone gets hurt they continue to leave it up to the individual to obey the restriction on their own then demand more restrictions when they do not as if they will suddenly obey the new one any better than they did the existing one.

        • gordon hoyt

          Still believe that LEOs should be heroes not zeros, even in deep blue Sand Francisco the protocol at UCSF is to leave the wounded and stop the shooter. Basically saying you are to be at least a distraction for the shooter if not the focal point and to engage said shooter. We are both conservatives and I don’t want us to tear each other down; we will have to agree to disagree on the appropriate response of the police at the Pulse. As my son said, the protocol has changed dramatically since Columbine where the police literally maintained a perimeter while the shooters shot fish in a barrel. Be well.

          • Terry Butts

            True we simply disagree about if the response was proper the fact is not being present I can only form an opinion based on what the media has reported as the facts about the case and the protocols that are in print that the LEO are supposed to follow.

  • Nice try, but there is no duty for the police to protect individual citizens. The remedy is to vote the entire city council out of office, and demand the resignations or firings of the city manager and the chief of police.