Would-be robber shot by victim

The victim of a robbery outside a Myrtle Beach church last week had a stroke of luck when the suspect’s gun jammed during an exchange of gunfire, according to reports.

The suspect approached the victim — a security guard — at the Grand Strand Baptist Church around 11 pm on Thursday as people inside prepared for a weekend event. The suspect asked the guard if he had change for a $20 bill, but as the guard reached for his wallet, the suspect trained a gun on his stomach and then took the wallet.

The guard pulled his own gun as the suspect began walking away. In response, the suspect fired a shot, which struck the guard’s car door. Then as the guard returned fire, the suspect attempted to fire a second shot, but his gun apparently jammed. The guard then seized the opportunity and emptied his weapon, striking the suspect multiple times.

The suspect ran to a nearby restaurant and told employees that he was attacked and needed medical attention. When police arrived, witnesses pointed them to the injured man and the area they saw him ditch his gun. They also spoke to the security guard, who identified himself as the shooter.

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source: http://www.guns.com/2017/10/05/would-be-robber-shot-by-victim-after-gun-jams/

  • Gary D Flatt

    Having a gun in the hands of citizen, once again saves how many lives. Thank God we don’t have to find out. Proving once again that guns in the hands of honest law abiding citizens SAVE lives.

  • 2broke

    these stories will NEVER MAKE NATIONAL NEWS, its against the Ideology of the Lieberal MSM, to disarm the citizens..

  • johnz

    Thank God the guard didn’t get hurt and was allowed to do a good deed by help this evil find peace where ever it is.

  • Don F. Estle

    The Revolutionary War soldiers had the most modern rifles known & if they were writing the 2nd amendment today they would NOT have any limitations on weapons you could buy as they knew that is the only defense against a tyrannical government equipped w/latest weaponry !

    • Mikey’s

      Touché brother


    Strikes him with several shots and the POS is still alive, WTF??!!

    • Mikey’s

      Bad shot.

  • Mikey’s

    But these stories only make local news not nationally because it doesn’t fit the gun grab narrative that all the false flag events are pushing for. America please wtfu it’s being played right in front of our face what more you need?