Second Amendment Rallies Held In State Capitols

Gun advocates across the country rallied at state capitols over the weekend in support of the Second Amendment.

The newly-formed National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans encouraged its member organizations in each state to assemble Saturday afternoon, in part, as a rebuttal to the March for Our Lives rally hosted last month.

“Modern thinkers feel the need to strip away our natural born right to self-protection by limiting the available weapons that are at our disposal,” said the coalition’s Matt Johnson on its website last month. “They blame mental illness without documentation. They blame everything except the sole responsible party, the person involved in the action.”

Advocates in at least 20 states obliged, organizing on the steps of state capitols, some waving “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and others carrying rifles, in what would be dubbed the “Americans for America” rally.

“We had a huge shooting at a kids school, and that got national attention. People get scared and they start giving things up, and they don’t realize that’s a right that was guaranteed to us by our forefathers in the Constitution,” Wendy Depaoli, 49, told the Sacramento Bee on Saturday. “We don’t want that fear factor to trample on a document that was put in stone.”

Depaoli organized the event Saturday in which roughly 200 people gathered on the steps of the California state capitol building in Sacramento.

Nicki Stallard, a spokesperson for the LGBT gun rights group Pink Pistols, told the newspaper the rally unifies gun advocates of all stripes and offers an opportunity to create a “responsibility movement.”

“I’m a transgender woman, so self-defense is extremely important. I’m in the demographic that has the highest rate of being victims of violent crime,” Stallard said. “I feel that the state of California is on its way to eliminating our right to self-defense.”

The Associated Press reports hundreds of supporters turned out at capitols in Maine, Massachusetts, Indianapolis, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New York, Texas and Iowa, among others.

“We’re sympathetic to the fears of … the people who want to take guns away, who want to ban things, but when you look at the details of what the actual proposals are, they aren’t going to do what people think they’re going to do,” said Bill Slike III, during an interview with the Indianapolis Star. “There’s a great, huge misconception about what the proposed laws actually would do.”

Slike organized the event in Indiana, according to the newspaper. About 500 supporters showed up, all in opposition to proposed gun regulations gaining traction in state houses after 17 died in a school shooting in Florida in February.

More than 1 million participated in the nationwide March for Our Lives rallies last month. Organizers called for bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines and wanted Congress to enact universal background checks.

“Obviously in society we do have problems with gun-related violence. So while I promote rights, I promote responsibility,” Stallard said. “I would like to motivate the firearms community to take the lead to partner with people on things that we do agree on … to reduce gun violence across our state.”

  • Brady Harness

    The Dumbocrats/Socialists will always attempted to remove Our Right to bare arms so their take over attempts would be easy !!! Thus we the American Patriots must never surrender Our Right to Arms !!!

  • Brad

    Funny, never saw any of this via the media??? Go figure.

    • JohnGaltTexas

      You won’t, not on the communist DNC Media Propaganda Ministry.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    When I was in High School, students would bring their rifles in their trucks to go deer, wild pig, quail and or duck hunting after school. There was no school shootings. I blame the unlawful activity of the Supreme Court for all of these school shootings.

    After the Supreme Court in 1963 made us a Secular Nation, unlawfully,
    crime and violence increased by 544%. Jefferson never intended their
    Danbury Baptist letter interpretation.
    Anglicans had fined, persecuted, jailed and even killed Christians who
    were not part of the state-established church, but Jefferson, a lifelong
    fervent advocate for the rights of religious liberty and religious
    conscience, had worked hard to protect and defend those Christians.
    hear that Jefferson was a zealous defender of the rights of Christians
    may seem unusual to those who know Jefferson only by today’s errant
    portrayal as being a secularist who desired “a separation of church and
    state.” Jefferson definitely was not a secularist, and furthermore, his
    definition of separation of church and state actually was to keep the
    state from becoming secular!

    Jefferson started church services in
    the capital in 1800 and even paid the Marine band to provide the music.
    He attended these services every Sunday he was president and these
    services lasted 60 years. The Supreme Court broke the law.
    Freedom Day is celebrated in America each year on January 16 — the
    date of the 1786 passage of Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute of
    Religious Freedom. That measure ended the state-established church in
    Virginia, finally protecting religious rights for all denominations.

    of the remarkable beliefs held by Thomas Jefferson not only on
    religious liberty but also in many other surprising areas are set forth
    in the popular book The Jefferson Lies by David Barton.)
    rights of religious conscience that Jefferson and other Founders had
    contended for were subsequently enshrined at the federal level in the
    First Amendment of the Constitution. Jefferson made numerous bold
    declarations about these precious rights:
    No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience.

    [O]ur rulers can have no authority over such natural rights only as we
    have submitted to them. The rights of conscience we never submitted.

    • Virginia Ping

      I went to school when teachers actually taught it seems to me that all the teachers do now is see what student they can sleep with so glad my kids are out and I passed history

  • Herbert W. Love, Jr.

    Finally… Left-Wing Socialist Democrats understand we will PUSH back when necessary! – “Just like the election.”

  • Herbert W. Love, Jr.

    Notice the left-wing puppet MEDIA will not cover real Americans who care about our Country!

  • Sandi Freeze

    Thank God we where able to tell the Dems. how the our Rights won’t be taken away from us. Did anyone see it on the news not me and I look. You can bt if it was the other it would have been on ever station over and over again.

  • Virginia Ping

    This is the first that I have heard about this but this doesn’t surprise me it’s all about rating and votes I think it is sad that the politicians only go along with what gets them votes they don’t care about American citizens rights

  • G Man

    What news? You should not expect this to be reported on by US Pravda, which seems to have infiltrated almost every “news” outlet across the country. I weep for our children and grandchildren.

  • karolh

    When the corrupt evil puppets of the demonrats/socialists come busting thew the doors of these simpletons, they will wish they had truly understood our 2nd Amendment and will pray that God will somehow place neighbors close by with weapons who can stop the corrupt evil puppets from taking their kids to one FEMA camp, the mother to another, and will shoot the father where he stands if he tries to protect his family. These simpletons do not yet realize the only reason this evil plan has not happened so far, is because we true American Patriots are armed and they know we will fight for everyone. This is not a JOKE, they will eventually try to take our weapons. They just do not want to die yet. God is listening to our prayers and HE is standing with us, we must remember to pray constantly for HIS protection and guidance, also praise and worship HIM every chance we have. God bless all Patriots, America and President Trump. PLEASE wake up the simpletons and the corrupt evil puppets to the truth.

  • Rich-D

    Gun Free Zones Are Free To Kill Zones!

  • Alan404

    Think media will give Pro Gun Rights Rallies coverage equal to that given to Anti Gun Rights Rallies? I would be very surprised if they did.

  • genedodaro

    First of all… just because we believe in the 2nd Amendment doesn’t mean we’re gun advocates! We want freedom for everyone to own or not own a ‘gun’! Freedom!! Get it!!??

  • Dan

    They (the anit-gunners) put the blame everywhere except where it should be — on the individual(s) using these firearms for bad!

  • marcus J

    The Modern National Democrats are Utopian Secular Socialists , Arrogant , Angry Hateful Control Freaks Lacking any Ethical or Moral Boundaries , Every Dictator , Tyrant , Socialist ,Fascist and Communist in History has controlled and murdered his own population after first disarming that population , We must not repeat history and allow the Demonic Rats to slaughter us after taking away the right to defend ourselves against their Tyranny

  • Sharkman

    When Jesus was carrying the cross and the women were weeping he said, “Weep not for me, but weep for yourselves and your children.” The future proves the past.