Sig Sauer hit with $7M personal injury lawsuit

Amid increased scrutiny, Sig Sauer was named in a $7 million personal injury lawsuit by a Connecticut police officer who was injured when his holstered P320 pistol discharged when it hit the ground.

Vicent Sheperis, a 34-year-old police officer in Stamford, Connecticut, filed the case against the New Hampshire gun maker in a New Haven federal court last week. The lawsuit alleges his injuries were the result of a defective safety mechanism in the P320 design, which has also been a growing topic among firearm enthusiasts.

According to the complaint, Sheperis, a member of Stamford police Special Response Team, was injured in January when his department-issued P320 pistol fell as he loaded equipment into a vehicle. The pistol discharged when it hit the ground and the bullet struck him in the leg and knee.

“The weapon’s internal and external safeties all failed to prevent it from discharging and shooting Officer Sheperis,” the lawsuit says, adding the trigger was “incapable of being touched or of any movement” because the gun was inside a holster.

“At no time before, during or after the incident did Officer Sheperis place his finger on the P320’s trigger or touch the holstered firearm in any manner,” the lawsuit says and cites a report filed about the incident that reiterates those details. Stamford police then “shelved” all the P320 pistols issued to the SRT operators, the lawsuit says.

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  • Alan404

    Interesting. More data than I’ve seen needed prior to comment other than the following question. Given that the pistol was holstered, holsters are usually belt mounted, though there are other designs, how did this holster and the pistol therein happen to “hit the ground”. as mentioned in the article?


    The cop was careless in leaving his pistol so unsecured. No weapon should fall out when you’re carrying boxes, cops sometimes have to run after a perp and the weapon stays in place. that said, no pistol should discharge from dropping, alone. Sig Sauer needs to correct that and will probably pay a big sum.

  • George Rowe

    The cop was careless and negligent. However to produce a gun that defective is
    totally and completely irresponsible. And maybe criminal. I am a gun guy.

  • tiredofcrookedcops

    How do you even know if he had the safety on or off. Off there is a chance it could fire depending how it lands. Also why wasn’t it on his person?? Sounds like maybe it was then he didn’t have it on his person in a safe and secure way. Also with complaints it makes it easier for people to sue the company even if it was their fault, Anyone can think of an excuse and open a lawsuit. This was his fault either way and I hope the jury sees that.