Is This State Allowing Carry Without Licenses?

A study committee to consider whether Indiana should no longer require a license before you can carry a handgun in public issued its findings on Monday.

After a summer of meetings, the Joint Committee on Judiciary and Public Policy voted 15-5 in favor of urging the General Assembly to “remove hurdles that restrict the ability of law-abiding Hoosiers to exercise” their right to bear arms. While the panel urged keeping the current system of concealed carry permitting in place “for reciprocity purposes” it did not outright endorse permitless concealed carry. However, some on the panel see the recommendation as a victory.

“I believe it’s wrong to require a license to exercise a Constitutional right,” said state Rep. Jim Lucas, R-Seymour who plans to introduce a measure next year to bring constitutional carry to the state. “The only people who would be affected by this would be those innocent people that currently have to fill out lengthy forms online, take time off work to get fingerprinted and pay a fee of up to $140 to get a card to prove their innocence — all to receive a license.”

Lucas wants to eliminate the law requiring a lawful person to obtain a license to carry a firearm. People who have felony convictions are under 18 years of age or otherwise not legally permitted to carry a firearm would remain ineligible.

Not all agreed with the committee’s recommendations, which are non-binding. “We wasted our time,” said state Rep. Vanessa Summers, a Democrat from Indianapolis who voted against it. “I think we should have a defined line. I believe that in our city and state we need to have licensing for guns.”

Gun control advocates chalked up the committee’s findings as a win as it included a recommendation to keep the state’s licensing scheme running, refrained from outright championing constitutional carry and suggested better tools to identify people with mental health issues.

“After taking a close look at this issue and hearing from Indiana law enforcement, our lawmakers stood up for public safety and refused to give the gun lobby what it wanted,” said Beth Stringer, with Moms Demand Action, in a statement. “Indiana’s license requirement for carrying a loaded handgun in public is a popular, common-sense law, and law enforcement officials have made it clear that it helps them protect our communities.”

According to statistics from the Indiana State Police, the state began the year with 776,379 active licenses in circulation, up from 661,364 in 2015.


  • John Gillis

    Excellent if Indiana enacts Constutional Carry . It is time mire states followed suit. Obviously, gun control only works against the law abiding

  • Robert Floyd

    One area the extreme gun control crew fails to acknowledge is the fact that these laws unfairly limit the financially stressed segment of the population, who must pay high fees for training and licensing, from exercising a constitutional right.

    • JDW

      I saved for a year or so to afford a new pistol. I saved again to afford training and licensing. Every penny I had was earned from work, hard work. It gives more value to what I have without social aide in any form. It is the same argument that voter id hurts the poor. If you can afford a six-pack, you can afford those things.

  • Godswitness

    Every state should be open carry.

  • Steve Harper

    Will Indiana ever become a constitutional catty state? Maybe as soon as we voters start vetting the candidates and find out what they believe about our rights and our constitution!

  • bahndon

    A license is a right taken by government and sold back. The Constitution says SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, only liberal judges screwed it up.

    • JDW

      You are so correct!

  • Mike Hill

    Maybe the crooks will get a license too! Not!!!

    • JDW


  • Kent Powers

    From the reports we’ve seen, the documented attacks, the mentality of the terrorists, etc. looks to me like only democrats should be restricted, or do they automatically fall in the mental problem category? Over 90% of the attackers have been liberals & left leaning, ban them you’ll stop the majority of the problem, except you can’t let them have a car either.

    • Tom

      Kent Powers, or a truck or maybe even a drivers license, because of that man that just rented a truck from Home Depot and ran over all those people on the bicycle trail in NYC.

  • Rob

    There should be a test to be a politician. And when you lie about your beliefs or refuse to enforce the will of your constituents, or are proved to be a moron, you should be immediately removed from office.


      The procedure is called, Recall. It should be used more often.

    • George Cullen

      Wouldn’t that be sweet?!?!

  • johnny r

    All you have to do is come over to The United States of America, and get your carry permit, for semi automatic or for automatic as there is no 1968 Gun control, and there is no NFA limiting automatic or silencer weaponry.

  • Excalibur

    Excellent if Indiana enacts Constutional Carry . It is time mire states followed suit. Obviously, gun control only works against the law abiding

  • tmsassoc

    Actually the “Right of Self Defense” is a Natural Right (some of us refer to it as a God given Right) and the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America simply recognizes that Right. “Natural Carry” without any government restrictions is what prevailed until into the 20th Century. In fact, if you dig back into the various State Constitutions and Laws most of the States initially had a requirement that “all able bodied men in a defined age range” were required to own a firearm and set forth the terms of when they were to meet for militia drills. At what point those State Constitutions and State Laws changed is not something I have yet given time to dig out. Would be an interesting study and curious to know if it was in the State Constitution has the Constitution actually been amended and when or if the state law was repealed.

    While open carry is nice I would rather have the option to carry either way without a licensing requirement. I lean toward concealed carry as I see no reason to advertise I am armed.


      Good logic. Put yourself in the place of a mass shooter/killer. Who you going to get first, RIGHT.

  • jack

    it is said that Colorado is an open carry state ? I live in Colorado and have not found that true , I have not myself run into a problem , however I have not carried my gun out in the open . I have a concealed weapons permit and from I have heard you cannot carry open if you have a concealed permit . why not ?

  • JDW

    There is too many gun laws which defies the Constitution, so I applaud state Rep. Jim Lucas. What we really need is criminal and politician control. Distinguishing between the two will be a hassle. Which one is which? Oh! They are the same!

    • George Cullen

      Sooo true!

  • kzig

    Let’s outlaw guns and pick them up like the UK did. Only trouble is that crime is now up 27%! I’ve got it, lets outlaw crime!!!