Texas Governor Talks School Safety

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott held his first ‘roundtable’ discussion on improving school safety and security in the wake of the Santa Fe High School shooting. Tuesday’s meeting allowed school officials and educators to speak openly about current and budding policies.

Although the meeting was closed off to media, Abbott shared a list of ideas that resulted from the nearly three-hour discussion. The concepts focused primarily on preventative measures like student engagement, implementing a student reporting system, and early mental health evaluations, CNN reported.

Dallas County Schools Superintendent Dr. Michael Hinojosa, who attended the meeting, told NPR they focused on “deterrence, mitigation, intervention and prevention.” He said a useful tool that was discussed was an award system for students who report potentially dangerous peers. “The students are the ones who give us the tips more often than not.”

Hinojosa applauded the governor, a pro-gun advocate who has supported arming teachers, for not trying to force an agenda. “It was a genuine dialogue instead of trying to convince us of their ideas, they wanted to hear what we had to say,” Hinojosa said.

Hinojosa added the concept of arming teachers wouldn’t work in his area, but may be more appropriate for rural communities. However, that topic will likely be addressed during Wednesday’s meeting when the governor hosts pro-gun and gun control advocates.

Hours after the shooting, which left 10 people dead, state officials explained the school had done everything right as far as school security — emergency response plans and armed security — but the attack still ensued. As a result, Abbott proposed hosting a series of meetings to ensure another tragedy never happens in the state.

source: guns.com

  • walden zen

    Offering “rewards” to students for reporting other students who are suspected of being “potentially” dangerous is a horrible idea. Rewards are given for extraordinary acts not acts that are expected of any human being. Talking with the students about personal responsibility, and the importance of reaching out a helping hand to those they see as troubled…possibly even speaking with the school counselor…should be promoted but not rewarded.

    • Tom

      If the award system is the only way to find out about possible school shooters it might work. At this stage of the game, I’m open to anything that will stop this carnage, we can’t let this go on, these are children that are being murdered, just because of a sick mind. I do believe that if the teachers will allow themselves to be armed, I think that after it is realized that the teachers are armed, the shooters will think long and hard about being a school shooter. And I do believe that school shooters might mention the fact that they want to be a school shooter, I read that Christopher Cruse in the Florida school shooting, mentioned on YouTube that he wanted to be a school shooter, and it was reported to the FBI (but as screwed up as the FBI is right now), they didn’t follow up on it. What ever works needs to happen, I just can’t imagine these school shootings happening.