Does Texas Want Their Teachers Armed?

A survey of 961 Texas voters last month found a majority support arming teachers and security guards in public schools.

Five in 10 survey respondents with children under 18 in public schools support arming teachers, while 87 percent favor arming security guards, according to Quinnipiac.

The survey found Texas voters divided 49 percent to 45 percent in favor of stricter gun laws, just weeks after the state’s deadliest school shooting in more than 50 years. Nine in 10 respondents supported universal background checks, 64 percent favored safe storage laws and 50 percent agreed with a nationwide “assault weapons ban.”

“The tragedy at the Santa Fe school south of Houston changed few opinions among Texas voters about gun control,” said Peter A. Brown, Quinnipiac’s assistant director. “Support for gun control in general is down slightly, while support for background checks for all gun buyers is virtually unchanged.”

Lawmakers converged at the state capitol Monday to discuss ways to make schools safer before reopening in August, according to a report from the Texas Tribune, including installing door sensors and beefing up mental health training for teachers.

More controversial ideas, like hardening schools via metal detectors, failed to win over everyone on the Senate Select Committee on Violence in Schools and School Security.

“No one wants to talk about metal detectors but that’s the only way to keep guns out of the schools,” said Sen. Joan Huffman, a Republican from Houston.

The meeting comes just days after Gov. Greg Abbott released a 44-page school security plan he described as “a starting point, not an ending place.”

“The strategy that I most strongly encourage the legislature to consider is greater investment in mental health, especially in crisis intervention counselors,” Abbott said. “As long as mental health challenges trouble our children, there will never be enough safety barriers that we can build to protect our students. If, however, we can address mental health challenges faced by our students it will do more than just make our schools safer.”

  • flashy0ne

    There are really TWO sad FACTS. First, the NEWS SERVICES PLAY UP “selected” school shootings (If they can criminalize their choice of weapons) KNOWING that such emphasis will trigger additional shootings by mentally unstable individuals. Second, arming volunteer teachers and other school members would POSITIVELY DISCOURAGE school shootings BUT would run counter to their (hidden) intent to DISARM AMERICAN CITIZENS. The REALLY sad part about all of this is the callous attitude exhibited by those who are using this calamity for their vindictive ends.

  • sargentrage

    Get rid of free gun zones, it just makes targets of kids, I also believe that the anti- guns are setting up these kids

  • BBush0712

    Armed and ready—these terrorists coming to schools have crossed the line. Time to put liberal weenies in their place!

  • Cleavis Nowell

    The NRA and other Gun Rights groups will help train teachers for safe discreet concealed carry to protect from antifa and islamist minded psychos.

  • Dan

    With the right training, this could very well be the only answer to the “active shooter” incidents. It would definitely reduce the number of casualties at the end of this horrible crime.

  • Eagle Nest

    Teachers that can qualify and are capable should consider carrying concealed, perhaps give them a bonus incentive. This along with paying attention to the word on the street through the students and community should be coordinated with the police department. This could go a long way to saving lives of our children.

  • e148

    Teaching teachers to be psychologists is problematic. A course in psychology will not qualify anyone to judge the mental stability of a person at a glance. They cannot psycho analyze people. They are not qualified. Even doctors do not make snap decisions on a person’s mental stability.

    Schools are already like prisons what with drug and bomb sniffing dogs, armed cop on campus and surveillance cameras everywhere. I do not want to see armed cops or security guards but teachers yes.

    Most schools are not shot up. While death is sad changing the whole system for a relatively small number of occurrences is just plain wrong. We should not let our hearts rule our heads. Anyone that would sacrifice liberty for security deserves to have neither. — Ben Franklin.

    The true price for freedom is not dying on some foreign battlefield. It is to occasionally take it on the chin here at home. Security is an illusion. Talk to any security expert (personal, Internet, group, etc.) and they will tell you that there is never enough. They are correct because it is not achievable.

    Metals detectors won’t catch plastic guns. Again, with every security measure schools are becoming more and more like prisons.