New iPhone App for Concealed Carry Holders – You Won’t Believe What It Does

In this age of technology, it seems as though everyone is connected somehow via smart phones and other bits of technological wonder. Recently, the iPhone offered up users a way for legal gun permit holders to be able to connect, by logging into their new app, known as HALOS.

The app, launched in late June on iTunes, allows concealed carry permit holders to broadcast their legal carry status to other users. Displayed on a map, it’s a virtual networking of good guys using location based smartphone technology.

While exact locations are kept under wraps by buffer zones of 25 to 50 yards, an update scheduled for early next week will alter that to 50 to 100 yards. These buffer zones are an approximation of location and aim to keep app users safe by not pinpointing where they are.

Also included as a safety measures are the use of dark zones — regions where the app will never broadcast. Designed for home and work, these settings give a level of anonymity when needed to protect concealed carry permit holders.

Some consumers are leery of this option, voicing concerns over the over-sharing of information, while others are encouraged and see this as possibly a great deterrent for threats.