This Unexpected Group Seeking Education – Not Gun Control – As The Answer

Knowledge is power and it weighs nothing. This seems to be the format a group based in Philadelphia, PA is based upon, as they strive towards proper education, an increase in carry permits, and being positive ambassadors for the gun industry. Black Guns Matter, not affiliated with the BLM movement in any way, began when community leader Maj Toure realized what an extreme need there was for proper education.

“You know, our information base started to look as if – to us, it looked like this was deliberate – like there is a deliberate attempt to make sure that people in the hood don’t have firearms,” Toure said. “And then doing a little bit of research we start to see that all gun control laws come from right after the emancipation of newly freed African people. So that being the case, instead of complaining about we just came up with something that could address that ignorance and it’s Black Guns Matter.”

The Black Guns Matter group is taking an active role in their communities, encouraging people to educate themselves on use and storage of guns, gun safety, and guns laws.