Trump to address NRA members

President Trump will speak at the National Rifle Association’s leadership forum during this year’s annual meeting later this month, the gun lobby said Friday.

Trump’s appearance at the show will mark the first time a sitting president has appeared at the event since Ronald Reagan.

The NRA was one of the few mainstream organizations to endorse Trump for president. The group’s leaders named Trump over other Republican candidates during primary elections at last year’s meeting. The group would go on to spend more than $30 million last year supporting the billionaire businessman’s campaign.

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  • Howleyesque

    Wait for it… the leftist paranoids will be here soon with their whining and crying about the very death rate the hypocrites contribute too with their innanity


    Finally a President who respects the Second Amendment and believes it’s constitutional purpose.

  • dennis legassie

    yes…keep our homes/business/family/ safe. Life with Second Amendment. amen

    • I’m sure glad we have President Trump attending and not Hillary or Barry.

  • supergun

    Remove all the judges that are violating their oath to uphold the Constitution; especially the 2nd.

  • jim jones

    I love my guns and the 2 ND amendment, but I also love my environment, fuck Trump and his ignorance and his idiot EPA guy pruitt.