Trump To Speak At NRA Meeting

President Donald Trump will address the National Rifle Association’s upcoming 147th Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas this week.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Trump will be in the city on Friday, a day after visiting Sutherland Springs, Texas, site of a church shooting that left 26 dead last November. The meeting, set to run through the weekend, is expected to see over 80,000 attend and 800 exhibitors spread across more than 20 acres of convention floor across the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

The occasion will be the fourth time Trump has addressed the group’s Leadership Forum in as many years, coming on the heels of a 2017 address as president and two previous visits while on the campaign trail to the White House. Other speakers confirmed for the event are Vice President Mike Pence, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts, and both of the Lone Star State’s U.S. Senators — Ted Cruz and John Cornyn — all Republicans.

As at last year’s forum, the U.S. Secret Service will have jurisdiction at the 7,400-seat Convention Center Arena and have banned all weapons as well as backpacks, drones, large bags and other items. The latter has stirred calls of hyprocrisy from some gun control advocates despite the fact that the practice is standard at most high-profile events where the President or presidential candidates are in attendance.

Anti-gun groups long with actress Alyssa Milano plan to hold a rally on Saturday at Dallas City Hall followed by a “day of action” at the Oak Lawn United Methodist Church designed to train new activists and a fundraising gala that night. Milano and the NRA’s media arm have been swapping broadsides over the past few weeks with NRA TV’s Grant Stinchfield urging members of the gun rights group to pledge new memberships in the actress’ name while asking her on his show during the meeting in Dallas.


  • generalJed

    The NRA’s best revenge is the number of new members that these anti-gun fanatics have stirred up. I have pledged myself as a Republican Central Committee Delegate from my County to fight for the Second Amendment and the Right To Life at our Nevada State Convention On June 22-23. Thanks, Alyssa!

  • Suzu M

    Then 2nd Amendment is for ALL Americans. But, I wonder what the reaction would be if we agreed to a Gun-Control law that banned every single Liberal from owning one.
    What would their reactions be?
    I understand that NRA members have not been mass shooters, so they don’t need gun-control, they are law abiding citizens…

    • coolman11

      But to the anti gun groups the nra has blood on it’s hands many in this country have lost their sense

      • Suzu M

        Yes, They haven’t even analyzed facts before they had their conniption fit.
        If they could take a step back, not be influenced by gun-grabbers, but think and analyze for themselves, they would realize that the NRA members are not the problem. The will learn that the NRA isn’t only for a particular group of people, it is there to protect EVERY AMERICAN’S Right to protect themselves.
        This is really why I’m concerned about colleges and universities. They seem to be the only people who are making a scene about this. We must ask why? We must ask them where they got their ideas. And then we need to show them the facts.

        • coolman11

          Facts don’t matter sad to say, especially when the politicians spew such
          Misinformation and to them they should know what they’re talking about right? I like how they use the “style” as in military style like it’s fashionable now, I had a bb gun that looked like an ar-15 that was military styled you want to ban that too!

  • disqus_sTpvkg7Dzr

    I’m very disappointed with president trump and his stand on the 2nd amendment at this point. There has Been no help for the 2nd amendment out here in California. In fact things are getting worse by the day and there is no end in sight, and no help from the federal government to support federal laws and our rights

    • donl

      Get a new Governor, things will change.

      • coolman11

        All them illegals are being told to vote democrats there won’t be any change

      • disqus_sTpvkg7Dzr

        A little hard to do when the democratic government in office now passed a law, without a vote from the people, that allows illegal aliens to get California driver’s licenses. And at the same time automatic voter registration with the DMV. The federal government has given up on California which is a shame since we are one of the largest States in the Union and over 25% of us are not Democrat. In the last federal election it was pointed out when the numbers came in 110%, yes 110%, votes in LA city were for Democrats only. That means in the entire LA city area there is not 1 single Republican including myself and my family members which voted Republican