Unusual Outcome During First Weeks of Texas’ New Open Carry Law

While California makes moves to restrict its citizens even more, Texas took steps in the opposite direction, allowing her citizens additional freedoms with the option to openly carry their firearms.

Those opposed, such as law enforcement agencies, feared the worst would happen with gang members, criminals and the like carrying openly without consequence.

However, reports from across the state are clearly showing the opposite. Instead of blood running in the streets, all has been… oddly quiet.

As of Thursday, Dallas police say they have received zero 911 calls concerning open carry since the new law went into effect Jan. 1. Similar reports from the West Texas border hub of El Paso, suburban Katy, Austin and Houston filtered in throughout the week.

The biggest changes have been various businesses posting signs stating no open carry allowed. One area Wal-Mart has staff dedicated to “pistol patrol.” Wal-Mart spokesman Brian Nick stated that staff members have been directed to request whether or not the customer has a valid carry permit. This has been done to err on the side of caution, in hopes of preventing a mass casualty incident.

Databases are being created by both pro-carry and anti-gunners, on where or where NOT to patronize. The local Moms Demand Action chapter is encouraging its members to leave any establishment should they see another patron openly carrying their firearm, with a stop to discuss why they are leaving with management. Pro-open carry participants are reporting no incidents, and are also taking note of businesses who would prefer their patrons to not carry.

Congratulations Texas, on joining 44 other states on enjoying the right to openly carry your guns.