Vermont To Sign Gun Control Bills

Lawmakers in the Green Mountain State passed a pair of gun confiscation measures Thursday, sending them to a Republican governor who is prepared to approve them.

The two bills, S.221 and H.422, would remove guns from those thought to be “at risk” and from those arrested or cited on domestic assault charges. Both proposals passed unanimously in the legislature this week and join a third, S.55, already on Gov. Phil Scott’s desk.

“As I’ve said, I strongly support the second amendment and all Constitutional rights,” said Scott in a statement about the legislation. “I support S.55, S.221, and H.422 because I believe these bills uphold these rights while taking reasonable steps to reduce the risk of violence.”

S.55, which would restrict magazine capacity to 15 rounds on handguns and 10 rounds on rifles, ban bump stocks and raise the age to buy guns in the Vermont to 21, slid past the state Senate last week by one vote and triggered a magazine giveaway from gun rights groups who rallied to oppose the measure.

S.221 would add a mechanism to Vermont law to allow for so-called “extreme risk protection orders” which would allow family members or authorities of a person thought to be a threat to themselves or others to petition the court for an order to seize any guns possessed by the individual pending a hearing. Similar measures have been adopted in California, Washington and Florida and have been characterized as “red flag” laws by supporters and “turn in your neighbor” bills by some civil liberty and gun rights groups, pointing to due process concerns.

H.422 speeds up removals of firearms from those charged or cited in the state over some domestic violence or abuse accusations. It would allow officers responding to a report to seize guns in plain sight or discovered during a lawful search. A judge could order the guns returned pending the outcome of a trial unless they are being held for evidence or the defendant is barred by the court from possessing a firearm.

With the pressure on in the Statehouse to pass gun restrictions, Vermonters have been reaching for their wallets to stock up on firearms, ammunition, and accessories in recent weeks. March proved to be the busiest month ever for background checks on gun transfers in the state.

  • sammy smith

    The beginning of the end…… these are to broad.. and they will be abused….. by neighbors…. and ex spouses…..and ex girl friends…. just to get even in a dispute….. and cost thousands by the gun owners to get them back….. you just wait and see……..

    Pretty soon were going to be a nation of sticks and clubs

    • Bruce Walters

      Next, they’ll ban knives

      • cccarr

        Banning knives as they are trying to do in the uk.

      • SeventySeven

        No one would ever legislate knife ownership…. Meanwhile, in the magical realm on Londonistan, Parliament is working on extreme knife legislation because, as Saddiq Kham says “NO one needs a knife!” Liberals are idiots and forget the old adage ‘Learn from the past or you are doomed to repeat it.’

      • FBAshplant

        After that it will be hammers, unless you can prove you are an accredited carpenter, and then anything that can be considered a weaponized blunt instrument. I thank God I lived 83 years as a free man.

        • jtintx2

          Then cars!!

      • hcool

        Likely so. It seems that the mayor of London is looking to control knives.

    • John Hawk

      Well said

  • R. Glidewell

    The State of Vermont, among others now, is sitting in the warm water of the caldron. They didn’t react when they watched the libturds shoving split lumber underneath it. Anyone care to predict what happens next?????

    • Bruce Walters

      Socialism 101 “Un arm the people so they have no choice but to comply”

    • VT Patriot

      We did react to it, massive rallyes, but the rino gov signed it anyway. Remember, this is the home of Bernie and leahy.

  • Bruce Walters

    Assaults and gun crimes will skyrocket with no one able to defend themselves. “An armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man is a victim”

  • Gaylie Blake

    And so…what happened to the provision in the Vermont Constitution requiring every household to possess a firearm for protection?

    • VT Patriot

      Article 16 of that document is word for word the same as the 2A, Written in 1787, 3 years before the bill of rights, The soon to be ‘ex rino gov’ signed it.

  • keith andrew bounds

    All I have to say on the subject of gun control is “Grrrrrrrrrrrrr”!!!

  • cccarr

    The biggest issue with these new laws is the word of whoever to accuse a gun owner as unfit or having a mental problem. This is a license for unbelievably unfair and unsubstantiated accusations.


      Hence, the accuser should bear all responsibility/accountability for the speedy return of ALL confiscated weapons if accused found not to be the declared risk.

      • Larry Shriver

        The sad truth of all this is that any guns confiscated will magically ” disappear ” and become lost, whenever the time comes for them to be returned to the lawful owner.

  • Phoebe Isley

    Bad mistake Virginia…first this then here comes the rest. Get real and get right…do NOT go along with this abuse of our 2nd Amendment. Mark my words this will not stop here if this goes through. NO NO NO!!!!!!!!

  • Al Granata

    I do not disapprove of preventing ill people of getting guns. Age of 21 years old could also help but a test and questions why your purchasing this firearm. Plus three days to review test. Delay would be more important than age .Criminals do not follow laws they will always get guns even if outlawed! But preventing one death or shooting should make anyone feel good. We also have to be able to protect our selfs and our country. Rich people do not care,actors do not care, politicians all can pay for security and protection!

    • John Hawk

      If people are ok with raising the age to 21, then raise the age of the military draft to 21! Lord, we can’t have soldiers under 21 carrying guns!

  • Do you really think people are going to say oh I need to go turn in my 30 round clips? Not!

    • GotURnumber

      takes 3 secs to drop and reload a 10 shot clip. Woopee….. Order a case of 10 shot clips. Problem solved.

  • Gene Pratt

    So much for Republicams fighting for our 2nd amendment right, I voted Republican because demoncraps are total socialist assholes, now I am beginning to have doubts it seems all the career politicians are ganging up on the responsible gun owners instead of taking guns away from criminals which is never going to happen because our Police are being hamstrung by these political jerks!! The police do not have the power necessary to take guns away from gangs like MS13, CRIPS, BLOODS, they will still have guns to attack us with, but our right to have guns to protect us and our families are slowly being taken away from us!!!

  • pappy450

    These are UNCONSTITUTIONAL “LAWS” that are ripe for abuse. If this “governor” signs these bills he might just as well kiss his “career” goodbye. It seems we have yet another RINO in office, that has “caved” to the liberal communists that are trying for complete disarmament of LAW ABIDING CITIZENS for easy takeover when they feel the “time is right”.

  • Alan404

    Re”thought to be at risk”, thought by whom, and in what basis. Also, where is the demonstrated expertise of would think required to draw such conclusions? Is a reading of tea leaves sufficient? One wonders. By the way, I have no,connections no with Vermont or with any other states mentioned. I do find myself curious however.

  • Medic RN

    Very slippery slope.

  • buffalobob826

    The party that accuses someone of abuse or violence should also have there guns seized.

  • Ira W. Cotton

    Guns are property. If property is seized, doesn’t the government need to provide compensation? After all, in the circumstances where guns could be seized, the owner didn’t actually break any gun laws, but the guns were seized because of a potential threat. Time for a civil suit to recover just compensation – as when land is taken by eminent domain. Maybe the cops won’t be so eager to seize guns if they are forced to pay for them.

  • metheoldsarge

    It is starting to seem that the only difference between the Democrats and Republicans is the name of the parties. The American Communist wanted a socialist America. The Democrats want a socialist America. Now more and more RINOs seem to be pushing for a socialist America. The only difference is that the Communists were up front about it.

  • GotURnumber

    Every lawyer in Vermont backs this type of activity because they know when passed they will be bombarded with business by innocent gun owners trying to prove their innocence on trumped up false charges while their accusers go free from any and all charges. We are now living in a world where the fraudulent criminal accusers inflect permanent and severe damage to the reputations of innocent people minding their own business. And they get no form of enforcement actions against their fraud.

    • VT Patriot

      Nah, the gov in VT is made up of Burlington, and 95% of the rest of the state. Like NY, one city overrides the majority of the state.

  • George

    It is the bringing of the anti-Christ in those states who ban our rights. Those young people and politicians have no idea what they are rolling around together with and it can only bring hatred among friends and relatives.

    • GotURnumber

      You are right. Our most serious threat comes from State and Federal Judges that will be sending their law enforcement to implement these foolish laws. These Judges are mostly renegades themselves and highly biased politically which allows them the full authority of final power to abuse these laws and they will. Strictly at their discretion and unchecked. The World is going to be a much worse place for our kids.

  • GotURnumber

    It’s plain to me that the next Civil War will be over and between Progressives vs Conservatives. George Soros is leading the charge and our entire Government is allowing it to occur. There is not one Government official that does not fully understand Soros’ dooms day agenda he is implementing for this country. Yet, they do nothing. ISIS is a much less threat to our way of life than Soros and the Liberals.

  • Bill

    The libturds are up to no good . they are trying to disarm the citizenry for some reason that they will keep to themselves until the they pop the question of taking over the country.

  • jtintx2

    No Sammy we will not give up guns in this country. Get ready for a huge fight.

  • Ronald Hagler

    “The two bills, S.221 and H.422, would remove guns from those thought to be “at risk”’ is the one phrase that proves those who passed the bill did not read it. All this bill needs is for some “anti-gunner” in some obscure legal position to declare a “gun-owner” to be “at risk” and BAM, here go that persons firearms; along with several Constitutional rights! This bill just nullified the “illegal search and seizure” clause in the Constitution and people are rejoicing in their accomplishments; too ignorant (or stupid) to realize they are culpable in the ongoing quest to destroy the Constitution and strip each of us of all rights and privileges guaranteed therein.

  • john

    I do have to wonder if these so called Law Makers can read and then understand what it is they have read????They do not see(The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed) I sometimes think all they see Is the first words on the 2nd amendement and look no further, The first words are(A well regulated Militia, Being necessary to the security of a free State.And they assume it is a right to a well regulated Militia the 2nd amendment is refering to !!!!

  • Popetal

    A person bringing unfounded charges under this law should be forced to pay triple the expenses incurred by the defendant party including the value of any weapons that are not returned.