What Washington Just Did About Bump Stocks

Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat who was among the first to call for a ban on the devices last year, signed legislation Tuesday to outlaw bump stocks in Washington.

Inslee applied ink to SB 5992, which makes it illegal to manufacture or sell a bump stock in the state after July and sets a one-year “buy back” program into effect before possession of such devices would become unlawful. The bill passed the Democrat-controlled Senate 31-18 and the House 56-41.

“Devices that turn legal guns into weapons of war have no place in the hands of civilians in Washington state, and sensible gun regulations, including banning these devices, can help reduce violence in our communities,” Inslee said in a press conference attended by state lawmakers and gun control advocates. “I applaud the Legislature for passing this bill, and I encourage lawmakers to continue to work to fight the scourge of gun violence.”

Under the guidelines of the new law, a bump stock is defined as a buttstock that, when attached to a semi-automatic firearm, effectively increases the rate of fire by using the energy from the recoil of the firearm “to generate reciprocating action that facilitates repeated activation of the trigger.” Unlike some recent bans, such as in Massachusetts or New Jersey, it does to target trigger devices such as cranks and binary trigger packs.

Starting July 1, selling or making bump stocks in the state will be illegal, subject to a class C felony, which is punishable by up to five years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. The Washington State Police is authorized under the measure to purchase bump stocks from owners until July 1, 2019, at a price of $150, a further departure from bans in other states which offer no compensation for turned in devices. For reference, maker Slide Fire currently sells such stocks for $179-$329. Possession in Washington after the expiration of the grace period would be a felony.

On the national level, while at least a half-dozen bills regulating or outlawing bump stocks are pending in Congress, the Trump administration has mentioned the possibility of both actions by federal regulators and executive orders in banning the devices, a hot-button political item since their use in a mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas last October. Just two days after the incident, where a retired accountant killed 58 and injured hundreds, Inslee called on lawmakers in Washington to ban the once little-known devices. Of note, Inslee is the first Democrat to sign a ban into law in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, with Republican governors signing prohibitions in Massachusetts and New Jersey.

source: guns.com

  • Steven Earle

    Anyone that want’s a machine gun can apply for a class 5 licence to get around the bump stock ban I believe.

    • greg

      not easy to do and the yearly cost also for class 3.. Look they can do this, they will have to stop making belt loops.


    • RC

      That’s something most people don’t know. As far as bump stocks I personally don’t see a need for them other than home defense. And if a bunch of trash comes down the street flying the ISIS flag I like to think I could take them out with my old 1943 M1. One round at a time.

      • Steven Earle

        It’s not something that’s advertised at all plus it’s expensive ant takes a long time. But if you can afford to have one and the ammo it will consume then the price is not a big deal. Now as for the trash with the flag my M1 Garand will reach out to 300 yds and put holes in silhouettes so too will it the freak show. Inside 150 yds I’ll switch to a larger capacity mag weapon.

  • pat

    Anyone who believes that this is going to make a difference other than penalize law abiding citizens is dumber then he has the right to be.

  • pat

    Another ash hole who doesn’t have the balls to admit he wants to disarm America,land of the free and home of the brave at least it used to be.

  • William Burke Jr

    I think that no civilian should be able to own an assault rifle like an AR15. These weapons have a very high muzzle velocity that does terrible damage to human tissue. They should only be in the hands of the military and the police. What’s a civilian going to do with one, hunt rabbits with it? Regular hand guns (I own a Smith & Wesson .357 magnum revolver for home defense) and rifles or shot guns are perfectly ok for hunting or defense. But assault rifles should be banned for good. If you are shot by an AR15 you are probably going to be killed.

    • sailor

      An ar-15 is not an assault rifle. Please get your facts straight.

    • coyote3

      More likely to die from heavier hunting rounds. Your comment evidences you know nothing of the subject. The type rifle doesn’t affect the performance of the cartridge. Longer Barrel length usually accounts for increased velocity, however . Hunting rifles often have longer barrels than AR15, so velocities are greater given the same cartridge

    • Steven Earle

      Well Bill I really can’t think of any bullet I would want to get shot by. The .223 bullet you speak of is only slightly above the power of a small game cartridge and is generally only 55 gr. The high velocity is to achieve range and accuracy not massive wounds. Compare that to the 7.62 Nato the previous military cartridge which was 165 gr with a velocity of 2700 fps and has far greater range and power. Not that being hit by the .223 at 3300 fps is any pick nick but is not especially more or less lethal then most rifle rounds designed for hunting or the military. The miss named “assault rifles” used by anti gun extremists are not military rifles though they are made to look like them which has no effect on function. They are a medium power semi automatic (means self clambering) light carbine. Thought you should know something about what you are talking about. So no, we are not going to outlaw AR rifles ( which by the way does not stand for Assault Rifle,) because the 2nd amendment forbids the infringement of (SCOUS ruled individual right) to keep and bear arms. But have a nice day.

    • Texas Eyedoc

      The second amendment is not about hunting.

    • Larry Hunner

      I don’t see any reason to ban the bump stock, if this country was ever invaded by another country, your going to wish you had a bump stock,being most people can’t afford class 3 or 5 licence ,this is the middle class full auto weapon,and if shit hit’s the fan your going to wish you had one, so don’t outlaw them.

    • Tom

      There is only one fault with your assessment, if we are ever invaded, you’ll be eating your words. Now I not saying we will ever be invaded, but you never know for sure, and for that reason I wiil never give up my AR-15, I think that anyone that has a concealed handgun permit should be able to own an (assault) weapon as you call it, after all people who have a CW Permit are vetted pretty well, by the FBI.

    • So your a firearms expert from reading your BLOG you know O about weapons and just maybe you should find a subject you know something about ! I hunt wild hogs with my AR !

    • blackwingA520

      The 2nd amendment doesn’t have anything to do with hunting, it was put in the constitution so common citizens would be able to defend themselves against a tyrannical government that would try to enslave it’s people. People in other countries like China for example have no “rights” and are at the mercy of their governments. The AR has been around since the early 60’s and not until recently has there been a problem with mass killings. It is our “liberal” society, and the “thug culture” that has made people that way, not the guns. How do you explain the 3 bombings in Texas recently, NO GUNS were used. Let’s ban bombs, oh wait! they’re already illegal…., huh, imagine that!, but somebody still managed to kill with them.

    • Larry Hunner

      you are so stupid and it shows by your reply William Burke Jr. ,your are a fucking idiot,you don’t get it do you, you let them get away with this and then next they will come for your .357 then what, that,s when you will say ,i think maybe i made misjudged the this, and i have been shot by your so called assault weapon and i am not dead, so shut the fuck up, your a stupid fuck.

  • keith andrew bounds


  • Cosmic

    Ok I have to admit I did not understand what a “Bump Stock” is or how it works. I have automatic weapons and a rifle. Frankly a bump stock in my opinion is a waste of ammo. It does speed up the rate of fire. However, the accuracy of the gun goes out the window. I can fire much more accurately in the semiautomatic mode. A bump stock would not be anything I would want. What is the point to make the rifle non accurate? Let me add that I think this is a silly argument. Semiautomatic firing rate is fine. LOL some just want to turn a semiautomatic rifle into an automatic firing. Cleaver device, but a total waste. Making it illegal is also silly. People will have what they want on there guns. Laser sights and bump stocks if the want them.

    The 2nd Amendment allows us citizens to have and own firearms. For our pleasure or protection. Yes, the Left does want to confiscate our fire arms. They are on a futile errand. As long as the Constitution stand we have the right posses and own fire arms, and it will NOT BE INFRINGED!!!

    • hpinnc

      What they really want, is to keep chipping away at the 2nd amend. until they can render it null & void, then their next move would be to confiscate our firearms. Why do they want to confiscate our weapons? Because the leftist/marxist/socialist/globalist/OWO commie ding-bats knows they cannot start a revolution in this country with all the weapons held by the general public. That is one of the first things dictators & despots do, before a revolution is confiscate ALL WEAPONS from the people. I cannot believe there are idiots who thinks life will be glorious in their wonderful utopia. Everyone will be equal, the elite will slit the money with all the working class. Life will be so grand, when the populace has their Mom & Dad government to meet their every need. When they have a need, just go the gov. These “idiots” actually believe this crap, & they are growing in numbers, because they are being taught this B/S more & more, in our schools & colleges. I am 80 yrs. of age, I never in my wildest dreams, thought we would have to fight communism right here in our homeland. The young ppl. aren’t old enough to comprehend, we have watered down our history to meet the requirements of the commie doctrine. I will not live to see it, but I fear my children & grandchildren will. I agree with Patrick Henry, who said,” Give me liberty or give me death.”

      • Fred

        You forgot to mention those who refuse to relinquish their weapons often just disappear quietly without a trace!

        • Tom

          That will work, as long as they are never caught using the bump stock, plus when the law goes into effect, they will probably try to confiscate the records of any company that sold the bump stocks.

      • Tom

        I agree wholeheartedly, the liberals have definitely turned communistic, we need to do our best to do away with the Democratic party, we did away with communism decades ago, and now the Democrats are trying to bring it back, the reason I know these things is because like you are now, I will be 80 next month

    • blackwingA520

      The second amendment won’t be around if we don’t fight for it, we have to want to keep it MORE than the left wants to abolish it.

      • Cosmic

        I do now. Speeding up the firing rate of an AR-15 type weapon is questionable. But I would prefer a different weapon that an AR-15. AK-47 is more my choice.

  • Alan404

    The people comprising the state legislature had to act first, right? With this in mind, and assuming that the position of legislators on this subject was known, or could be ascertained, there is plenty of room for dispersion of blame.

  • Paladin

    Libs don’t have sense enough to pour pee out of a boot with the directions on the heel!!!

  • papi lombardo

    There is only one fault with your assessment, if we are ever invaded, you’ll be eating your words. Now I’m not saying we will ever be invaded, but you never know for sure, and for that reason, I wiil never give up my AR-15, I think that anyone that has a concealed handgun permit should be able to own an (assault) weapon as you call it, after all people who have a CW Permit are vetted pretty well, by the FBI