Strange Pro-Gun Signs Pop Up in Hollywood – Mayor Freaks Out

After the tragic attack in Orlando, FL, the LGBT community in West Hollywood, CA is making a stand and encouraging others to fight back and not be victimized. This train of thought has highly disturbed the Mayor and other politicians in CA, leaving them preaching to avoid fighting back and to learn to love one another. Let’s all join hands around the campfire now and sing while we are at it.

Naturally, politicians in the area are wringing their hands over the idea of citizens defending themselves. The mayor of West Hollywood, Lauren Meister, said, “We don’t believe in an eye for an eye, and we advocate against gun violence.” This is a good example of completely missing the point—unless it’s a deliberate attack on the concept of self-defense. “Shoot back” implies that someone else has started the fight. Perhaps I’m reading the hashtag the wrong way, but I don’t see, “hunt down the person who wronged you and kill the bastard” contained therein.

Stand and fight back, America.