As Gun Sales Have Gone Up, This One Thing Has Gone Down

Despite what the anti-gunners want us all to believe, recently released information shows otherwise. With gun sales on an unprecedented rise, thanks to multitudes of new shooters entering the market, the gun control crowd would love for the nation to collectively raise our hands and fall into a spiral of ever-worsening panic, as we wait with baited breath for gun crime levels to also rise exponentially.

This has not happened. In fact, since the FBI began tracking gun crime back in the 1960’s, gun crimes are at their lowest.

Likewise, accidental and negligent gun deaths for both children and adults have consistently declined year over year, as have crimes committed with rifles including semi-automatic rifles that the mainstream media has constantly and intentionally mislabeled as “assault rifles.”

There is a deep level of satisfaction that comes hand in hand with proving the anti’s are, once again, lying about guns. Sales will continue to rise, and it would seem likely the current trend of gun crime actually falling shall also continue. Nice job, shooters!