What Will Happen After Bump Stocks Are Banned

The Department of Justice’s recent ruling effectively banning bump stocks has left many in the gun industry pondering what bump stock maker Slide Fire will do now?

In the face of an all-out ban on its products, Slide Fire is seemingly marching on. The company recently announced both an Easter discount in addition to a re-stock of the SBS-308 bump stock.

While Slide Fire remains mum on the topic, the rest of the gun world has had plenty to talk about. With the Justice Department bringing the hammer down on bump stocks in late March, the gun world has been a buzz with speculations, concerns and outright rage against the recent ruling. Under the new regulations proposed by the DOJ, bump stocks would inhabit the same realm as “machine guns,” thereby being removed from retailer shelves and placed on a no-go list for everyday gun owners.

The bump stock banter first began in October 2017 after a lone gunman gunned down 58 concert goers and causing injury to about 850 others in Las Vegas. Shortly after the shooting, prices soared on the devices as gun owners looked to snag up the devices before they went M.I.A.

“I don’t know whether people want to buy them because they’re forbidden fruit or because they think they might go up in value if they’re banned,” Larry Hyatt, owner of Hyatt Gun Shop in North Carolina, told CBS News.

Gear retailer Optics Planet posted a notice on its website noting that demand on the SSAR-15 Bump Fire Conversion Kit has been on the rise. “Demand for this product has just increased dramatically, and we want to let you know that we have no (estimated time of arrival),” the notice said. “We are in constant communication with Slide Fire and are working to secure as much inventory as quickly as we can.”

Though retailers like Optics Planet are hanging on, moving inventory as they get it, other stores and shops have stopped selling the devices all together. Online store Atlantic Firearms told Guns.com that after the first wave of bump stock ban panic, the company’s Slide Fire inventory was annihilated.

“We have not sold the bump stocks for the last five to six months since we got wiped out after the Las Vegas shootings,” Brad Rush with Atlantic Firearms told Guns.com in an email.

Big-name stores like Cabela’s and Walmart pulled the products from their shelves and websites prior to the DOJ’s proposed ban. Walmart issued a statement at the time of its bump stock removal stating that the stocks, which were sold by third-party dealers, were in violation of company policy. Cabela’s, on the other hand, issued a simple statement explaining that the company had “initiated the process of discontinuing the sale of these devices at all retail locations and online,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

Guns.com reached out to both Walmart and Cabela’s but received no comments prior to publication.

In the wake of so many retailers either pulling the plug on Slide Fire products or simply choosing not to restock, the question remains what will happen to the company built on bump stocks?

While Slide Fire did not return Guns.com’s request for comment, it’s safe to assume the company isn’t done with the fight. At the very least, pro-gun organizations like Gun Owners of America have publicly stated their intent to rally against the ban.

“Gun Owners of America will seek out other pro-gun organizations to join us challenging this illegal executive action in court,” said Gun Owners of America Executive Director Erich Pratt in a news release. “And we predict that an honest, constitutional and legal analysis by the courts will result in this regulation being struck down.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives opened the public comment period on the rule banning bump stocks last week, announcing the comment period will close on June 27.

source: guns.com

  • Dean

    Since a bumpstock still equals one pull one shot. It is an extreme stretch to equate it as creating a machine gun. The ban is a poorly disguised assault on the 2nd amendment.

    • Alan404

      That sounds just about right. If Bump Stocks are “administratively banned”, the following question stands out in my thoughts. Aside from the fact that we maintain, in rather grand atyle, a body whose job it is to legislate, assuming that legislation is at all appropriate, how come their legitimate function has suffered from “administrative creep”, or would “administrative gallop” be more accurate? MIght congressional inattention be the culprit? Then there is the possibility of legal action directed at checking the above mentioned “administrative” action, be it creep, gallop or charge.

    • e.push

      they ought to ban the FBI a/c of the mistakes they made over the last 10 years . we still haven’t found out about the vegas shooting and was it a conspirety, their f–k up in the school shooting in fla., the boston marathon bombing and the bullshite on the trump collusion. plus how many more…

    • RC

      I agree, and I’d be willing to bet someone somewhere is right now working on an idea for a little electric motor that will pull the trigger very fast. Might sound ridiculous, but think about it. It ain’t impossible. Not the thing for me, because I’d rather fire one round at a time and hit my target.

  • pappy450

    More “BANS”= more “rights” are being taken away one “false flag” at a time, which brings the whole CORRUPT COMMUNIST scheme closer to achieving their “plan” of complete disarmament of LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS, and the END of our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC….”Deep state government” TYRANNY will not be far behind, crime will increase, and “elimination” of the people that will not blindly follow the COMMUNIST DICTATORS. This is history repeating itself if the PEOPLE do not STAND UP against the DEMOCOMMUNISTS/RINOS that are hell-bent on the destruction of our country.

    • jwright673

      Right you are. There was just an item on FOX news about a city in Illinois instituting a $1,000 per day fine if you don’t surrender your weapons. I believe this is how it started in Germany, Russia, China and elsewhere when citizens were disarmed, then rounded and exterminated by the millions (20 million in China alone). I’m sure the gang members in Chicago will happily surrender their guns. America is coming to an end…

      • pappy450

        SURE I’LL SURRENDER MY GUNS! (but they will get them BULLETS FIRST)
        They MAY get ME eventually, but I will take a few of them with me before I GO DOWN.

      • TheMADGun

        Their ban on semi-auto firearms is, 1st of all, ILL_LEGAL ! They should be informed that it IS Infringement on a Constitutional Right! They could be prosecuted under 18 USC 141 & 18 USC 142 ! WE need to put a stop to the liberal rant against our Constitutional rights !!!

        • Juanito Ibañez

          430 ILCS 65/13.1(c) Preemption – Illinois General Assembly

          (c) Notwithstanding subsection (a) of this Section, the regulation of the possession or ownership of assault weapons are exclusive powers and functions of this State. Any ordinance or regulation, or portion of that ordinance or regulation, that purports to regulate the possession or ownership of assault weapons in a manner that is inconsistent with this Act, shall be invalid unless the ordinance or regulation is enacted on, before, or within 10 days after the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 98th General Assembly. Any ordinance or regulation described in this subsection (c) enacted more than 10 days after the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 98th General Assembly is invalid. An ordinance enacted on, before, or within 10 days after the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 98th General Assembly may be amended. The enactment or amendment of ordinances under this subsection (c) are subject to the submission requirements of Section 13.3. For the purposes of this subsection, “assault weapons” means firearms designated by either make or model or by a test or list of cosmetic features that cumulatively would place the firearm into a definition of “assault weapon” under the ordinance.


      • bjensen

        Actually, more correctly you have to remove them from the municipality, not surrender them. If you have property elsewhere (it’s a rich community a lot of folks do have weekend “cottages” elsewhere) you’re free to keep them there.

        You could also conceivably rent a storage unit across the street from the border of the town and keep it/them there as well. They will also have a hard time in finding out if you’ve moved them out or not (just look at CT and NY as examples)

        Don’t get me wrong, not saying I agree with the idea of the ban because I don’t, all it does is make otherwise law abiding citizens criminals (if they don’t “comply”) and does absolutely zero in the realm of improving safety.

        • jwright673

          The article clearly stated that Deerfield, IL is going to lodge $1,000 daily fines is owners of semi-automatic weapons do not surrender them to government agents. It said nothing about removing them.

  • Paladin

    The matter will not die… too much emotion in the electorate!!!

  • Bob101st

    The Bump Stock is just another innate object that the left, Democrats and other stupid individuals, believe will stop some deranged person from wanting to kill people. Ask any Democrat, celebrity or other person leaning toward anti-2nd Amendment rights, how any firearm fires without the help of the real problem, a person! What makes anyone think they have the right to tell others what they can or cannot own? That thought process is predominate in the thought process of the left and Democrats. America, understand that the left and Democrats don’t want to ban just bump stocks and extended capacity magazines, they want to abolish your 2nd Amendment Rights entirely. You see, progressives, of which the Democrats are, are really communists in disguise. They operate by chipping away at your Constitutional Rights, a little at a time. If you give in, even a little, on items such as bump stocks, magazine capacity, ammunition or any other item associated with your 2nd Amendment Rights, you will eventually be asked to give up something else, then another something else, until the communist left has reached it’s goal. If you loose your 2nd Amendment, you will loose your other Rights, in Time. The communist left already wants to take your 1st Amendment Rights also. The left doesn’t want free speech, if it disagrees with their agenda, of full communist control of the American people. Remember, the best way to enslave a people, or take complete control of a people and country, is to take away their firearms. Anyone who is willing to sacrifice freedom for security, deserves neither. God Bless America.

    • Sal Petoia

      Bob101st: Excellent comments! Too bad so many “Americans” won’t/don’t comprehend what you have posted.

      • Bob101st

        Thanks Sal. We hope America wakes up and sees what is really going on in our country. God Bless.

    • marten5

      The Constitution as we know it came under assault in 1787 right after it was signed by people who wished to have a society similar to that of Old Europe. The drumbeat became more strident as the years rolled on and at the end of the Civil War, gun laws were enacted to keep former slaves from defending themselves and their families against the Nightriders of the Klan. In the 1960s the Democrat Party co-opted the Communist Party, USA and have never looked back. Now the Communist Party (formerly Democrats) are being bankrolled by folks like George Soros, Tom Steyr and others who have made fortunes in The United States and think that they can tell you how to live your life (with them in charge of course). Bob101st is absolutely correct when he states that the American People should wake up, stand up and push back because these people are not only coming for your guns, they’re coming for ALL of your Rights.

    • TheMADGun

      Comment to the ATF @ NO BAN on bump stocks ! You can utilize NAGRs website to do so! I personally don’t have one, but I don’t think they should be banned! They could be a legitimate tool for the MILITIA !!!

      • bjensen

        Not really, they degrade accuracy so much as to be almost worthless to a Militia if the need were ever to arise.
        They’re noting more then novelty items that are “fun” for a bit (and blow thru ammo quickly), nothing more, nothing less.

        That being said, a ban on them is still ridiculous, especially in light of the fact that it has been used (supposedly) in One crime….if we’re going to go down that road then there are LOTS of things that should be banned as they’ve been used more frequently during the commission of a crime

  • Dean

    The police and the FBI have proven repeatedly that they can’t or won’t enforce the gun laws we already have. What clear thinking adult believes more restrictions will stop violence? Chicago is all the proof needed that more gun laws have no effect on violence.

  • Guns2A

    Today bump stocks, tomorrow AR 15’s AK 47, give the Government a inch they will take 10 miles, stop them in their tracks, this ban would start a down hill snowball effect”””’LONG LIVE THE SECOND AMENDMENT

  • keith andrew bounds

    I will NEVER EVER support ANY form of gun control – PERIOD!!

  • George Reed

    Not one damn thing.

  • I guess we will have to go back to rubber bands.

  • Charles Emig

    They are after our rights….They will have one party running the County. “DEMCROTIC ” If we don’t change they will line us up against a wall…. .

  • Chuck Beshears

    So drunk drivers get a slap on the wrist, and abortionist kill by the millions but those bump stock are the “real” issue in America today. From what planet are these hypocritical cabal?