Woman shoots another woman after dropping purse

A 58-year-old woman was arrested Thursday after she dropped her purse, causing a gun inside it to accidentally discharge and shoot another woman.

The incident occurred while Debra Romedy McQuillen, of Philadelphia, Mississippi, was in the waiting room of a doctor’s office at the Lakeland Family Medicine Center on the University of Mississippi Medical Center campus.

The injured woman was struck in the leg and rushed to the emergency room, but her injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

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source: http://www.guns.com/2017/06/01/woman-accidentally-shoots-another-woman-after-dropping-purse/

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  • Shannon

    Is it possible for a gun to fire while cushioned inside a purse, if the purse is dropped? Sounds crazy to me. Also, if she is carrying a gun in her purse, shouldnt the safety be engaged?

    • 2broke

      some guns dont have safety’s.. like single or double action revolvers …….

      • I have a Davis Derringer it has a breach safety and is about 30 years old . Its a 22 mag most have a safety she probably didn’t know who to use it !

        • 2broke

          the .22 magnum I seen back in the 80’s, I cant remember if it had or not, I just dont recall seeing one.. it was a belt buckle Derringer..

          • Most did have the breach safety so if it was dropped it couldn’t fire but not all came with one .

          • 2broke

            I do know one thing, I wanted one and the coworker/friend that owned it said it still has a hell of a kick for a .22 magnum.. another coworker went out and bought a .44 magnum Derringer to do him one up, they went and shot them, they both came back with cut and bruised fingers from shooting the .44 mag.. all of us at work did, is laugh at them .. freaking idiots acting like they are toys or cap guns..

          • The 22 is as big of a derringer I wanted after trying a 9 mm it was only good if you could press to a body . Yes the cuts and bruises but the 22 is not near as bad .

          • Jeff Warner

            The old belt buckle derringers did not have safeties! In fact, of all of the derringers class of pistols, only 10% or less had safeties, and those are the newer models!

          • 2broke

            thanks, getting too old to remember small trivial things, such as safeties.. until the gun goes off.

        • Jeff Warner

          As a Master Gunsmith, I know of many derringers that do not have safeties, or that do not have good safeties!
          Since she carried in a purse, it was probably just floating around, and without a good safety, dropping it could have triggered the round to go off! Many people will pocket carry derringers, loaded, with the hammer on the round. They never consider a hit on the hammer enough to fire off the round. Very unskilled and untrained.
          She is lucky the bullet just hit the other lady in the leg! I can see a criminal charge, and possibly a civil suit over her lack of gun handling education!

  • Alan404

    What sort of handgun, pistol, revolver or some other variety. Nothing said re this.

    • 2broke

      it was a .22 caliber Derringer…

  • Lonesome Wolf

    The “possession of a stolen ” didn’t help her any either.

  • jim jones

    Gives gun owners a bad name. If you are too stupid to carry safely, you should not carry at all.

  • Elfriede Campbell

    1st off she should NOT have had it in a doctors office…..If you have a round chambered, safety must be on.